==== January, 2014
==== W'rin, Erissa
==== Erissa reports in after sweeps, with news that isn't so great. (Delayed by RL)

Who W'rin, Erissa
What Erissa reports in after sweeps, with news that isn't so great. (Delayed by RL)
Where Weyrleader's Weyr, Igen Weyr

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It is Evening
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It is the sixtieth day of Autumn and 85 degrees. The night is clear, the wind stirring.

Erissa pauses outside the Weyrleader’s Weyr, giving her head a shake and running a quick hand through tousled white-blond locks. Having just come off sweeps there was no help for it though. Between helmet and wind, looking presentable was questionable at best. Giving her opened jacket a quick tug she stands straighter, lifts her chin and steps forward.

Time to report in.

W’rin rarely has any meetings in his weyr, the council chambers where the man normally lives between sweeps and meetings elsewhere. But with the goldriders having a meeting there at the moment, he is working at the formidable desk in his weyr, formations spread out before him. It might be his home, but he is no less business. Starch like jacket wrapped round his massive chest, not a crease to be found. And though there may be no one around to see he posture is as formal as his attitude. As one of his riders approaches, Valiuth sends word and the man lifts his head to the entrance. “Come in already!” There are things to be done and little time to do them.

Erissa keeps her eyes straight and arms at her side as she practically drill-marches into the weyr and up to the desk. A sharp salute is perfectly executed in a flick of one hand at her temple.

“Erissa, Sir. Reporting in from sweeps,” she barks in officious greeting, gaze pointed at a spot exactly one hands width over W’rin’s head.

W’rin watches the female as she proceeds into his inner war sanctum, her perfect salute is met with a grunted affirmation and the snap of his arm as he returns it. “Rider.” A hand is waved idly at the chair across the desk, “Sit?” The questioned a gnarled tone which suggestion more order than offer, but perhaps it is simply habit. The bluerider’s pronouncement causes the weyrleader to lift his eyebrow, and finally set the stylus down. “And was there something to be reported?” The recent incidents at the Oasis have been a cause of concern for the man.

Erissa takes the offer and folds herself into the chair, long legs tucked beneath it and spine straight as a board. Chin held just-so, she keeps her hands folded neatly in her lap.

“Sir, there was an unusually large group of boar in the second valley to the west. I was afraid they could be a danger to the cotholds out that way so we landed to get a better look. I wasn’t sure what they were at first because they were darting around in the brush and all, but then they actually took a run at me all snorting and waving their tusks. I made it back to Danorath and he scared them off with a blast of fire.” There she stops, something giving her thus far crisp report pause. Pale lashes lower as gray-shadowed blues slide to one side. Full lips are still parted as if to speak, but she stops there.

End of report?

W’rin’s eyebrows lift slightly at the description of the boars, “Very well. Thank you for the report. After drills tomorrow take a few riders from Whirlwind and cull the problem.” The comment of fire, however, draws the tell-tale signs of the weyrleader’s famous temper, the red sweeping across any skin not covered by hair. “You took firestone?” The question in no way intended to be answered, “Why the fucking- Bloody hell! Firestone is for threadfall only. You do realize that is coming soon? Fucking dragon can hunt can’t he?” The tirade dies off with a hand smacking heavily on to the desk. The anger having subsided he’s left with only a low growl, “After drills tomorrow. You’re in charge. No firestone.”

Despite her attempts to remain at stone-like attention, Erissa winces at the sharp reprimand. Lips press tight, pulling slightly inward, as she breathes in deeply through her nose. Knowing she might as well get the sting all over at once - like pulling off a quick bandage - she braces herself to tell him the rest of it when he drops what is apparently her punishment. The air gushes from her lungs in a sharp burst, dark blue hues widening beneath the drop of pale brows.

“I’m in /charge/?? But…but… that’s Cha’el’s job. I… I’m new and….” Words taper off as she can’t bring herself to voice the rest of what is typically the excuse given whenever she tries to reach out for more responsibility. She’s a woman. On a fighting dragon. Though it rankles down to her bones to hear it, she’s heard it enough that it throws her off kilter not to get it for once.

W’rin has spoken, and the female’s hesitations draws a growl from deep within the man. “You know the beasts, you said you watched them, you understand their attack strategy from first hand experience.” His fingers tap with agitated energy in an exact pattern on his desk. “I would be sending Cha’el in blind, no matter how well you explained it to him, he wouldn’t be able to know it the way you do.” The tap-tapping stops long enough for him to jab a finger in the general direction of the rider, “Therefore, you are the person for the job. Take a few riders. Deal with it. Unless you incapable for some reason? Are you not good enough for it? There is no harm in knowing one’s limits.” The slightest of quivers marks the weyrleader’s eyebrow as he assesses the bluerider’s reactions.

“Yes, Sir!” Erissa automatically snaps, but then realizes what he asked. “I mean… no, Sir!” Wait, wasn’t there a second question in there? “And… yes I am, Sir!” Fingers curl into fists in her lap to keep herself from palming her face in frustration. Good Faranth, girl, get a grip! She wanted to make a good impression on the man, not have him think she’s a babbling idiot!

Sitting up straighter she sets her shoulders back and lifts her chin slightly.

“I’ll get right on it. No problem.” End of story. She almost lets it go at that but with the way her luck seems to go she has a sickening feeling that he’d find out the rest anyway - and then she’d really get her ass handed to her on a silver platter. Lifting one finger she clears her throat before speaking.

“Um, there’s….just one more thing,” she starts, followed by a brief pause to insert a reassuring little smile. “When Dano breathed fire it, well, it sorta caught the brush and it was windy but we immediately tried to put it out and did manage to keep it contained but it kinda got away from us. Good news though! It reached the stream and fizzled out.” Way to end on a positive note!

Moving quickly before W’rin can explode further she gets up and backs away.

“But as I said, no problem! I’m on it! Right now! Immediately!” At the door she pauses for a quick, “In fact, it’s practically done already!”

And she’s gone.

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