==== December 14, 2013
==== Nevelyn, Renalde
==== Renalde has found an escapee, and returns him to Nevelyn.

Who Nevelyn, Renalde
What Renalde has found an escapee, and returns him to Nevelyn
When There are 0 turns, 5 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Playroom

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An open room, the walls coated in fainted colors of whimsy. It's creepier than the others… maybe due to forgotten children's toys that remain half-seen: the side of a doll's face, worn building-blocks scattered.

A quiet giggle proceeds the opening of the playroom doorway. Into the room walks the tall Southern headman, a towheaded two-year old holding his hand. Usually loud, Renalde's voice is quiet as he finishes a story about a firelizard who stole a pie from the kitchen, and how the cook finally caught it. "Funny!"

The room is eerily silent today as there aren't any children roaming about. It's just Nevelyn in here right this second. Her workload doesn't seem to have lessened much as she wades into the disaster the children made earlier this morning. Though it's made easier by the absence of the little mess makers. She kneels down to scoop up an arm load of toys and rises to cross the room and dump them into a toy box. The childish giggle alerts her a moment before the door opens and she turns 'round with a smile. "What have we here?" She asks and eyes the toddler holding onto the hand of the Headman no less! Oh dear. "Good day Sir."

"Nevelyn!" The toddler coos, slipping out of Renalde's grip to totter towards the nanny. Renalde allows the child to escape his grasp as he looks around at the disaster. "The kitchen staff caught him prowling around the fireplace. Do you know how he got there?"

Nevelyn bends down and scoops the child into her arms. Deftly settling the babe on her hip while never breaking eye contact with the Headman. "No sir. I most certainly don't." Finally she looks over at the child with a grin. "You little stinker. Did you get away from Loselle? You're supposed to be outside playing with the other children." She lifts little hands and turns them over to check, and pulls him close to peer down his back as well. Finally satisfied that he's unharmed she returns her eyes to Renalde. "I'm afraid it wasn't my afternoon to watch the children. I was to clean up the mess made this morning." She waves to indicate the variety of toys scattered about and little table in need of a good cleaning.

"He was caught before any harm was done." Renalde smiles just briefly before he returns to look around the room. "Let me help you-" With that he bends over and begins to gather up toys into his arms. As for the toddler, he wiggles in Nevelyn's arms, looking up at her. "Down! Down!"

Nevelyn is just happy the tyke is alright and smiles happily. "I'm grateful for that I'll tell you." She blinks in surprise when he offers to help her clean up. There's something she hadn't expected at all!! "Thank you, sir. It's most appreciated." She's not about to turn down a helping hand. "You are with me now. So you wander off an' it'll the corner for you. Understood?" She sets the child on his feet and lets him toddle off. Walking across the room she shuts the door to keep him penned in. "I'm not allowed ta watch 'em all the time of course," she remarks off and when she goes back to working on the mess. "Wish I could an' had the energy. They mind me better'n they do a couple of the other girls. Poor lasses anyhow."

"They were allowed to run wild before you took a hand. That woman," here Renalde's disapproval is clear by the slight twist he puts on the word, "had very little control. You have brought much more structure, which has only done the children well." As Renalde speaks he kneels, and begins to stack blocks back into their container. They pile easily, his eye for how things fit allowing him to stack them so that none peek out.

Nevelyn has her own opinions about 'the woman' in question. And her humph of sound says a lot about how little her opinion is. "I let the older children more room to roam than I do the younger ones." She nods toward the little boy who has made himself busy with a stuffed 'lizard toy. "I do my best to keep a close watch on 'em all. Is why I got Loselle to volunteer to help. There's a couple drudges who do a lot in that regard." She falls quiet for a few moments while stuffing children's books into a little bookcase. "It's my opinion that women with no children of their own shouldn't be minding other folks babies. Experience comes with motherhood." And she's a prime example of that opinion, though granted she's young to have a son of Nevach's age.

"It is a skill, one which plenty of mothers do not have." Renalde counters as he places more of the blocks into the box. He is working quickly, and soon enough the blocks are all returned to their place. The toddler, stuffed lizard in hand and one thumb firmly stuck between his lips totters back towards Renalde, watching as the blocks disappear into the box. "Do you need any other helpers here?

Nevelyn had never thought of mother's not having the skill to do what comes naturally to her. "I suppose raising a young child on a ship will make a person vigilant," she says and looks up to smile at Renalde. She watches the little boy totter toward the Headman and chuckles softly. No doubt those blocks will be right back on the floor in no time. "I've two drudge girls who take shifts watching the children. What with the two infants new established in the nursery it's been a tremendous gift to have their help." She wouldn't mind another actual Nanny around here, but doesn't dare ask for one. No doubt heads would butt if anyone were to question her in her little domain here. "What I'd really like is to spruce this place up a mite. Make it a bit more inviting for the children."
Nevelyn giggles girlishly when Renalde keeps the child from claiming the blocks. It's surprising that no wailing ensues from the toddler. "What? No mine, today?" Her voice is teasing and it earns her a big wet grin from the little boy. "You're learning. I'm proud of you." She takes care to be sure the children are aware of doing something right. She rises to her feet and eyes the walls when Renalde straightens up. "If I could get the paint I'd be happy to do it with little help." Meaning she'll by golly do it herself if she as to. She drops her eyes to find the Headman tucking an armless doll into his belt. "I tossed out the three with no heads. They struck me as macabre."

"You are well lucky to come to us after we found the… unfortunate remains elsewhere." Renalde keeps his tone light, and vague as he eyes the child in the room. No need to talk about dead bodies falling out of fireplaces where little ones can be scared. "Southern has many secrets still- even as we have finally made it our home." Another toy, this in better repair is picked up and put back in place. As Renalde continues through the room, he leaves order in his wake, even tugging at the rug to remove wrinkles gained while children play.

Nevelyn hums softly and nods her head. "I'm not sorry to have missed it," she says in response. Because delving into the conversation wouldn't do. "One of these days I'd like to sit down and hear of it though." Call it curiosity at best that she's interested in it. The table is attended to next by her and restored to some semblance of order. Little drawings scooped up into a neat stack and the extra coloring sticks stuffed into an old mug. "My son and I enjoy exploring Southern on rest days. We still have an awful lot left to see I think."

There is a particular dryness in Renalde's voice, "Do you know Yules- the wingleader of the new weyrling wing? You might ask her- she was one of our cooks when she first arrived, and had a particular…. talent for finding the uncanny stories and mysteries of Southern. If she has the time, she would most likely gladly tell you of what she has found." A forlorn fort made of worn bedsheets in the corner attacts Renalde's attention next. Down to his knees he bends again, straightening the sticks and sheets so they are crisp again.

Nevelyn laughs aloud when the toddler follows Renalde to the little fort and scurries around to peer at him from behind it. "Seems you have made a friend, Headman." She turns about the room and spies yet more toys left out in a corner behind her rocking chair. Well the rocking chair she'd claimed from the stores that is. "I'll have to seek her out if I ever see her in the living caverns or something. Though my meals are often eaten much later than everyone elses." She shrugs her shoulders as she straightens with an arm load of toys. "It's a task to get the children fed, bathed, and tucking into bed." She tucks items into nooks, cubbies, and then drops the rest into a worn toy box. "And I never get away with reading them a single story." Yes, she reads to the kids. They're spoiled these days.

The toddler gets a brief smile. "Why don't you try it out, make sure I did it right." Renalde steps away from the entrance to the fort, and the little boy slips into it. He plops down in the middle and Renalde allows the fabric door to fall closed, leaving only a small crack through which the child peers out. "All children love stories- and I'm sure their harper teachers are only too hapy to have another teach them of our traditions."

Nevelyn watches the two of them interact and grins. "Jithan has been a real supporter of it actually." She waves to the small stack of books beside the rocking chair. "He helps me chose stories that will keep them entertained and yet teach them values too." She shrugs her shoulders, "The feelings of the other Haper's I don't know about." Nor does she appear to care. She walks over to the chair and lifts the fabric out of the seat, careful not to jostle her little sewing kit. Reaching beneath it she pulls out a pair of wooden runner toys. "Confiscated this morning to end a quarrel," she explains and sets the fabric back in the chair.

Slowly the room is regaining a semblence of order. The todder curls up in the fort, for now seeming to be happy to watch the adults work, the sound of thumb sucking slowing. Renalde smiles just briefly at the child, then dusts invisible mites from his knees. "Will the other children be back soon? It is starting to get late."

Nevelyn stows the toys away with the others and looks about the room in surprise. "They'll be back any minute actually. Or at least they should be." She can't believe it's actually clean in here for once. "Normally I get about half done in here when they get back. Thank you again for the help, sir." The sounds of laughter are distant but it's a good guess that Renalde's question was a cue for them to arrive back. "I think I hear the lot of them now actually," she says and walks across the room to open the door.

"I will have one of the drudges come help for a space in the afternoon- there is no reason to not get this room put back in order at least once in the day." Renalde bends down to peek into the fort where the toddler has fallen asleep, his thumb in his mouth. "I do not believe he will be walking away from his watchers again, he got quite a scare when the staff snatched him away from the fire." Again Renalde rises, a quiet creaking echoing from his knees as he does. "Good night Nevelyn." He smiles quietly at the nanny before making his exit, passing by the group of children that enter as he exits.

The dark skinned boy who skids into the room first manages to halt himself before slamming directly into Nevelyn. "Hey mama! Have you seen patty-cake?" Chocolate eyes scan the room and spot Renalde looking in on the little boy. "There he is!" He stomps across the room and manages a salute for Renalde before dropping to his knees and checking the little boy without waking him. Nevelyn smiles at Renalde over the heads of the other children as they wander into the room on Nevach's heels. "I would appreciate the help sir. Good night." She waits until he's well gone and Loselle has followed the children into the room before shutting the door on the cacophony of noise children make.

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