====Octorber 14th, 2013
====Ravene, and NPCs Zisein and Zineil
==== After an absence of some several months, Ravene returns to Igen Weyr.

Who Ravene and her NPC fosterlings
What A quiet return to the bazaar's sidestreet bakery
When The morning of Brief Reunions where Ravene with her small brood of fosterlings returns to the Bazaar.
Where Igen Weyr



Ravene's Bakery and Sundries
The low murmur of voices are stilled to be sure, but there is signs of the baker
y coming back to life. The floors have been newly swept, and scrubbed clean. Cha
irs are turned right side too, and the dust cloths are slowly being removed. The
glass display is being cleaned, and slowly the shop is coming back to life.

Walking back into the bakery after nearly a Turn away is a bit of a shock to Ravene. The dust, the cumulative debris of small nesting animals. All of it will need to be cleaned. Though it's none of it going to be cleaned today, she has a baby to settle, and a surly girl to argue back into the shop on the side street. For now, it will wait until she's had some rest.

“I don't care! Egbert got to stay, I should have been able to stay too!” this is nothing new. Ravene's heard Zisein's complaint many times, “I already told you. He's an apprentice. He has to stay where his master is. You want to apprentice some place? Fine, tell me, where do you want to apprentice and maybe we can work something out?” this has the sound of a well worn argument. One that the baker is really getting tired of, “You didn't expect me to bring him back to the bazaar to take up with his fighting again, did you?”

The only answer that the girl has for Ravene is sullen silence. This, so far as Ravene is concerned, is better than the overly melodramatic temper fits of the day before, “Go upstairs and remove the dust cloths from the beds, Zisein. We'll start there, and get the beds made up so you can get to sleep,” because it's been a long day for both of them.

Pulling a chair off of a table top, Ravene rights it and sits down. The sling in which the baby is carried is adjusted so that both foster mother, and babe can rest with some comfort, “Soon as Zissy comes down, we'll get you tucked up into bed little one,” she says in a comforting tone. Ravene's conscious choice to not have children of her own is a shame really, anyone watching her would agree.

The baby makes a soft whimper, before she's settling back into a more peaceful slumber. The thud from overhead startles Ravene awake, the scream of, “Mama!” sends her running up the stairs, “Someone's taken the baby's bed!” was that all? Ravene laughs, “Don't worry, we can get a new one. For now, she can sleep with me,” Ravene's heart slowly returns to a normal rhythm from the scare of just moments past. Then the sight of the beds made up, earns a well deserved, “Good job, Zisein. Now off with you to bed. We'll start scrubbing in the morning.”

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