====February 7, 2014
==== Mayte, K'vvan, and Atzi
==== Mayte and K'vvan meet up in the Cantina and start making plans for a quick get-away before Atzi comes to take their order.

Who Mayte, K'vvan, and Atzi
What Mayte and K'vvan meet up in the Cantina and start making plans for a quick get-away before Atzi comes to take their order.
When First day of the 12th Pass
Where Dustbowl Cantina

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Dustbowl Cantina
//To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze. //

At the end of a long day, one might think a Vintner wants little to do with the product she dabbles in most. Rukbat has sunk beneath the dusty horizon, and the Cantina is slowly livening up to a busy place. Fortunately, Mayte has gotten there early and secured a table for herself. The young woman has a nearly empty glass of wine in front of her, but no wineskin, so perhaps she's procured it from the bar. There is a second, full glass of white before her, and Mayte is slowly taking notes intermittently before looking up at the ever increasing crowd, though her brows occasionally dip into a glare at anyone looking to carry off the chair in front of her.

"Sharding cold." K'vvan mutters as he enters the cantina. Sand is dusted off in the general direction of not-on-his-body as he enters. "No, we'll drink here tonight," the green rider says to nobody before allowing his eyes to wander around the bar itself. They alight upon the blackhaired female and after a moment's hesistation he's moving towards her. "Mayte." That's hi, right?

Mayte, on her part, looks quite comfortable in the warm embrace of crowds, sipping up the end of that first glass of wine. That gets set out of reach for any waitress to carry off (hint hint), and the second glass picked up to eye suspiciously. It's through that bold red that she espies a familiar-enough figure, the wine glass lowering from eye height to blink: "K'vvan." That's a welcome, right? "How are you?" is her bright second line, with a follow-up of, "I… haven't seen you in a while. It's been pretty busy." Excuse? Explanation? Mayte's not sounding too guilty, so probably the second. Probably.

"Been busy." K'vvan confirms, perhaps taking her answer as a question itself. The greenrider grabs a chair and turns it backwards so he can sit across from the vintner apprentice and lean against the back of it with his arms folded as a rest for his chin. "The shop okay?" It's K'vvan's attempt at conversation, and he eyes the glass in front of the vintner. "What're you drinking?"

"The shop's doing really well," Mayte answers with a little grin, easy and calm. The glass is lifted as if to take a sip and the Vintner pauses, "Oh! How rude of me to drink when you have nothing to sip." A little wrinkle of the nose there at herself, but it smoothes away quickly, "Are you looking for spirits tonight too?" Such culture! Such elan! Mayte must ruin it when she mentions, "It was really quiet all afternoon, so I left the shop to the boys to get away for a little. And people watch." A nod to K'vvan, and Mayte asks, "How is Arroyo doing? Are you enjoying WingSecond?"

K'vvan is eyeing the vintner with a bit of confusion. "Are you okay Mayte?" Any questions in his general direction are ignored, though if a server comes around he'll order whiskey rather than his usual pink-wine with a few simple gestures of a hand before returning a green eyed gaze to the vintner lass.

And with that, the salesperson facade breaks a bit more: "Yeah, I'm okay. Just…" A furtive look to the crowd, and Mayte leans in: "I haven't been getting away from the shop much. Y'know, having a break." It's a miracle she's not wearing a dress, one hand waving over her standard clothes. "With Eollyn out of action, it's been hard. Good thing," a slight snort, "That we got that other Journeyman around." Despite working on her second glass, Mayte is observant enough: "Whiskey tonight? WingSecond is that bad?" Yup, that's concerned-voice.

K'vvan's whiskey is delivered and he reaches out one hand to pick it up and bring it to his lips. The usual drink all-at-once tacit is abandoned as he for the moment in favor of staying sober enough to carry on a conversation with his friend (?). "You need help with that? Nadeeth doesn't like the cold and wouldn't mind a trip to Southern or something. Wingsecond isn't that bad just," and K'vvan tails off as he shrugs his shoulders with noncommittal movement.

Mayte shrugs a shoulder non-commitally: "I… I'd love to but," but before she finishes that sentence, Mayte realizes what she's saying, looks around furtively, and leans in: "Really? For, like, a day? Just to see it?" Those are young-girl-starry eyes staring at K'vvan right now, though as Mayte raises the glass to her lips, it only rattles in her hand slightly. Then, like she's asked this all the time, Mayte leans back and tries to be cool, "I mean, I'd have to clear it with the Journeyman and all…" However, that grin is not repressable: "I'd so love to see Southern. And, and, talk with their Headwoman, or Headman, or whatever." Whatever indeed: "Y'know, I saw one of their goldriders here the other day, and I got to strike a tentative deal with her! Isn't that awesome?" and from the slight flush on Mayte's cheeks, it really is. To her.

That is more the Mayte that has broken through K'vvan's grumpy facade. The briefest flash of a smile breaks across the greenrider's face and lifts the glass to his lips and allows the amber liquid to disappear within. "Next rest day then. I'll claim having errands and you claim business." The goldrider comment gets a shrug. "Be careful. I hear the southern goldriders are crazier than Sadaiya is." And everyone knows that the little sprite of a goldrider is utterly insane.

Mayte nods enthusiastically, brushing little claims aside: "I could go to see the Headperson on business, drop in with the local vintners to check 'em out…" Stars in her eyes? Maybe. Maybe Mayte's planning something: "Well, you do have an errand," she proclaims with a cheeky grin, leaning back in her chair, fingers toying with the wine glass stem on the table, "To help," and here comes that professional tone again, "facilitate economic ties of the Vintner industry between Igen and Southern Weyr." That gets dropped by the wayside when she grins and proclaims, "I like the Weyrwoman. She's just crazy enough." That's… a compliment, right?

"That's a load of bulls*it." K'vvan says abruptly, "the business. But if it'll get you down to Southern and keep that smile on your face…" Despite the swearing slipping into his comments K'vvan is actually smiling just slightly. "We'll do it. Next rest day we share. Business." He half snorts as he lifts the drink to his lips, this time allowing all of the amber liquid to disappear in one large mouthful. "Goldriders are like that. Good till they do something sharding insane. Then you're lucky if you can get the hell out of the way before they run you over."

Well that certainly doesn't help her smile much: In fact, Mayte's face goes a bit slack with surprise, then colours, lips pinching, "You're… saying that my business isn't business?" She gives him a moment to clarify but that snort has her hand reaching for the wine glass - whether to drink or to throw isn't clear. After a pause, Mayte does take a large sip from it; alcohol soothes furrowed brows, right? Clearly ignoring any further commentary on the goldriding aspect of insanity, though one finger taps on the table while Mayte watches K'vvan with a raised eyebrow.

K'vvan watches the smile disappear and blinks. Mind turns as he tries to figure out what exactly he said to annoy the female. "No…." But perhaps for once he'll actually keep his mouth shut rather than make things worse. Time for a subject change. "Um. Has Eollyn had her baby yet?"

The way that Mayte is eyeing K'vvan belligerently across their shared table, one might imagine that he's confessed some illegitimate child somewhere. Her hand is slowly flexing around the bulb of a glass of red wine, while K'vvan is slowly draining his whiskey: "That's good," is Mayte's curt reply before someone comes over and asks how the wine is, leaving Mayte with an utterly befuddled look on her face. Customer Service at the Cantina? Like, tip-worthy customer service? "Uh, fine, thanks." And thus is Mayte's cranky demeanor broken a little, and she tries to salvage the conversation after a moment: "Sooooo. Next rest-day. Southern. You and me."

Atzi tramps down the stairs into the Dustbowl's common room, rubbing her eyes from sleep or grit or something. She eyes the room, tossing a loose braid over her shoulder as she peers about the busy room. Getting a feel for the temperature - the mood, not the warmth or coolth. With a nod to the bouncer she makes her way towards the bar, eyes falling on two familiar faces, Mayte and K'vvan. Sitting together no less. They knew each other. Who knew? "Evening Wingsecond. Mayte. Is that one of yours, Vinter?"

The greenrider almost visibly wilts under the disapproving gaze of his friend(?). Downwards his gaze falls to that empty glass. Lips are about to open to order a drink from the cantina's customer service rep when they leave without even asking if he does want another drink. Rude. His glare follows him across the room before snapping back to Mayte. Her lifeline is grabbed with both hands, his tone a bit on the over eager side. "Yes. And Nadeeth. Find a beach or something she can play in." Then, another cantina worker. Still not asking to get him a drink. K'vvan glares at Atzi.

And thus are conversations saved: "Sounds good," Mayte replies, a little grin of anticipation licking at the corner of her lips. The wine glass finds its way to those curling lips again when there's suddenly Atzi right there: "Oh! Uhh, nope, not tonight," the Vintner replies and with a little grin, "Sometimes I want to taste someone else's creation instead of knowing exactly how mine should taste, y'know?" K'vvan's empty whiskey is observed and the vintner asks, "She didn't even take your order?" Huh! Mayte's glare at the back of the woman's head is obstructed suddenly by a bouncer; you don't glare at them, so Mayte subsides with a huff. Anyway. "Busy enough for you tonight, Miss Atzi?"

Atzi casts a speculative look after the inattentive waiter, head cocking. "What are you having, Wingsecond?" She looks at the wine in Mayte's hand and back at K'vvan, "I have a nice pink on hand." She smiles slightly. "Or another…?," a smooth gesture at the empty glass. "I recall that you enjoy whiskey." To Mayte, "I just came on. It seems plenty busy." Another rub of eyes, blinking. She smiles, "Understood, I like to drop into a different watering hole myself from time to time. Any food for either of you?"

"Whiskey." K'vvan orders quickly, perhaps to hurry the chatty barkeep along towards the drink. "I've only had one tonight."

Mayte fiddles with her wineglass, into the contents of which she's put a serious dent, while Atzi chats with K'vvan. then the bar woman replies to her, Mayte does grin a little: "S'good to get an eye for the competition. Yup." Indeed, yup, and that's totally not an understanding wink accompanying that. The prospect of food gets a little blink, "Ahhhh, food." The chewy stuff. "What's the special tonight?" Mayte casts an apologetic look at K'vvan, "D'you want something to eat? I'm kinda hungry."

Food? K'vvan blinks a few times as he ponders the question posed. "No. Not for me. But this." He wiggles the glass gently as if to clue the barkeep into filling the cup back up. "Don't need anything else at all. Put her food on my tab though. And that wine of hers." Gentleman K'vvan!

Atzi nods, "One whiskey, I'll be sure to bring a towel, just in case." She dimples at K'vvan's admission of having just the one drink. Her eyes move to Mayte. Atzi glances at the board, "Specials… looks like we've got caprine rolls and redfruit rolls." She looks from Mayte to K'vvan and back to Mayte.

K'vvan wiggles the glass woman!

Hey, man, Mayte's short - she can't see those fancy-schmancy-specials boards like all you other tall peeps: "I'll take a caprine roll, please." She sips at her wine again, and mmms. "Gonna have to find out where you found this wine, Barkeep," though that last is said fondly enough.

"No." K'vvan abruptly stands from his chair, pushing it away. "Send a note when your next free day is. I'll figure it with Trek." Grumpy greenrider is pushing away from the chair and going over to the bar itself. A brief demand has K'vvan getting a full bottle which he takes with him outside in the direction of the alleyway.

Atzi sends a worried look after the greenrider, the alley isn't particularly safe, especially for folks carrying full bottles of whiskey. She swallows and smiles, "Ah… a caprine roll. The wine is from Kadar's."

Mayte also watches K'vvan leave and tries to force an annoyed huff; it comes out sounding more worried than angered, in the end. "Actually, if you could put a hold on that…" A chin-jerk in the direction K'vvan left, and Mayte looks at least apologetic, "I should go make sure he's not gonna get himself hurt or anything." Because short bits of wine-making muscle is scarier than tall bits of not-wine-making muscle? Anyways, Mayte doesn't wait long before she turns to follow K'vvan out, muttering something about greenriders having the sense of runners and how that's insulting to runners.

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