==== September 20th, 2013
==== Kyara, Mayte, A'lory
==== Mayte doesn't get what the deal is with no girls rule on the latest clutch. Kyara and A'lory have some thoughts.

Who Kyara, Mayte, A'lory
What Mayte doesn't get what the deal is with the no girls rule on latest clutch. Kyara and A'lory have some thoughts.
When There is 1 Turn, 2 month, and 3 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Galleries, Igen Weyr

Though occasionally cleaned by ambitious (or neurotic) drudges or weyrbrats being disciplined, the lack of Eggs over the last several Turns has led to the Galleries falling into a state of disrepair. Sand can be found…well, everywhere. On the benches, under the benches, on the railings and walkways. There is also the random tidbit leftover from people who've wandered into the gathering place since the last cleaning. A random bit of cloth here, a bit of something that might have been a carving-in-progress once there.

The ruddy sunset of a desert autumn filters in through the wide entry to Igen Weyr's Hatching Cavern. Halfway up the Galleries, for the moment alone in the vast space, sits the weyrling Wingleader, her little gold queen firelizard lounging indolently nearby in the much warmer air. Kyara sits with her back against the wall, her knees bent and propping up a large notebook filled with music staves, which the former Harper is busy filling, the snippet of a melody leaving her on a hum every now and then.

It's into this placid little scene that a Vintner apprentice appears, hands empty but moving through the stands, so as to see Ofrovth's eggs better. A small huff escapes Mayte's lips, not quite a sigh, and she claims a seat near Kyara, looking over in near irritation until she recognizes the greenrider. The very female greenrider. HMMM.

Kyara doesn't notice Mayte right away, for all her head is wrapped up in this little project of hers. It's the huff that catches her attention, and she glances up a little quickly at the sound, blinking as if she just came out from ::between::. "Hey, Mayte," she greets softly, as if she might break the sanctity of the space. Just like when she was a Candidate. Her eyes drift to the clutch on the Sands - a point of frustration for her at the moment, as much as she'd rather it wasn't - and then flick back to the Vinter curiously. "Come to get a look at the eggs?" She gives a sigh, a bit resigned. "It's…a really good clutch." Too bad Corelle isn't letting girls Stand. Shardit.

Mayte totally wasn't staring. Well, she wasn't meaning to stare. But maybe she was. Oh dear. "Hi, Kyara," the apprentice replies in roughly the same tone, though with a curl of grin. "Making music?" A chin jut to Kyara's page and then a little nod. "Ya know," she says with a one-shoulder shrug, "Just… thinking." Those really aren't stars in her eyes. Not this practical girl. "S'big," Mayte allows, "So…d'you think you'll be the only new female fighting group at Igen?" Addressing the elephant-like creature in the room.

Nodding in answer, Kyara sweeps a hand gently over the page she's been working on, clearing away a bit of dust. "Yes. A few tunes I'm trying to finish up before we graduate," she says, smirking lightly. Surveying Mayte's expression a little further - Kyara's pretty sure she can read what might be going on there; she's seen it before - she quietly closes the book and sets it to one side, sitting more upright. The issue that obviously hasn't escaped either of them draws a mild scowl from Kyara, and she shakes her head. "Faranth, I hope not," she replies, nearly whispering. "In spite of what the Weyrwoman says about this clutch…I have to believe it won't last. The dragons know who they're meant for, and I believe in that very strongly." She gives Mayte a mischievous smirk. "Imagine baby dragons crawling up here to get at who they belong to! That'd shake up a few ideals, I'll bet." Sighing, she draws a knee up and rests laced fingers atop it, with her chin atop those. "What're you thinking, Mayte?"

The conversation about songs, however polite, largely escapes Mayte; her eyes are drawn to the eggs. Kyara's strong response gets a near grin from Mayte, and a giggle. "Shells, they'd probably cause a large stampede…" Pressing her lips together, the apprentice sighs, "I just… I don't understand, I guess." And this is huge on the confessional scale for Mayte, eyes slipping back towards Kyara. "I thought Igen would be the site of new, fantastic ideas. Girls could wear pants. Girls could Impress. Girls could… y'know, do things other than get married." A credit to the history that raised her; Mayte's voice doesn't rise over a hush. Kyara's question takes a few moments to respond, "I don't see why not."

Kyara smiles sympathetically at the Vinter, allowing a quiet chuckle to escape. "It still can be, I think," she observes of their home, sighing heavily. "I certainly don't understand, myself. Where I came from…when I came from…girls could wear pants, Impress, did all sorts of things, and did them on a regular basis. And you know? They still can. Just not without repercussions. But how has change ever happened without people making ripples first?" She gently jabs a thumb at her chest. "Me, Vashae, the other women that Impressed? We ended up being ripple-makers, whether we meant to or not. What's happening with this clutch…I can't help but feel as a reaction against that. But that itself has made even more ripples. Subtle ones. People questioning," and here she pokes Mayte's shoulder lightly, "is a ripple all its own. These things add up." She sighs again. "Thread's coming. Pern will have to adjust, if we're going to survive. But," she shrugs, her expression wry, "that's just the view of one female weyrling on a fighting dragon."

Finally the workload has let up long enough for A'lory to get a view of the eggs lying on the sands. And so he makes his way up the stairs to the galleries, pausing when he notes the two young women on the benches, discussing things of import. And the subject is one near and dear to his heart. He moves closer, falling back on a habit as old as he is: moving quietly, setting his feet with care. "Change is frightening," he offers, softly, when he is close enough to be heard. "It's often a threat to the status quo."

Mayte thinks about that for a little, nodding. "Consequences," she mutters darkly, and then, "Just because you Impressed, they won't allow it again?" That logic is plainly screwed up, according to Mayte's incredulous tone, only slightly louder than her conversation with Kyara. Accepting the poke with grace, she grins and nods a little. "Thread does sound terrible," she replies, "And…why would it matter if I'm a girl, if I can fight it? I mean, I'm a vintner and I'm much better than any other vintner apprentice here at Igen." Go suck on a non-dragon egg, Kalligon. She's so entranced in the conversation that A'lory is only spotted when he says something, and that elicits a startled 'eep!' out of her. "Oh! Weyrsecond," Mayte says, with a nearly sheepish smile. "Um. Why is that again?"

The bronzerider's words have Kyara twisting around quickly to snap off a salute. "Good evening, Weyrsecond," she says, still keeping a quiet tone. She gestures to a spot near them. "Would you like to sit, sir?" She looks between A'lory and Mayte, nodding. "As he says," she agrees. "People fear what alters the familiar. Did they not allow women to stand for this clutch because the others and I Impressed? I think it's rather more because us Impressing," she gestures to A'lory, again affirming his words, "went against the traditions of the status quo. And you're right." She smiles widely at Mayte. "Thread won't care if a man or woman rides the dragon flaming it. If we can fight it, and fight it well, then why shouldn't we have a chance to?" The look she has for the Vinter is approving. If the girl has a notion to Stand…she certainly hopes Mayte will have the chance at some point.

A'lory settles himself into a comfortable sprawl, fully at his ease. Absently, he picks at a tiny hole in his trousers, wondering where it came from and if fixing it would be worth the trouble. "It matters in the sense that women hold the key to replenishing the population, which is why some of the…" And imagine now, if you will, the quotes he draws in the air surrounding his next word like a blanket. "…' traditions' now in place. You ladies are important to the future of Pern. So men will try to keep you where that future can happen, without regard to the depth and breadth of your other talents. They forget that it may be to the detriment of this world to do so." His point is made in a philosophical manner, with no indication as to whether he truly believes this or not.

Oh wonderful, Mayte will now be sentenced to having BABIES for the rest of her life? "Greeeat," she drawls. "Ya know, that's what I was partly avoiding when I went into a Craft." Shaking her head at Kyara, "That's my point…and why would anyone want to stop it?" Mayte is the embodiment of feministic misunderstanding. Not even A'lory's in-depth examination of the situation helps much. "I just don't get why another woman would support that, though." O hai, unnamed Weyrwoman, we're talking about you. "And then she seemed so nice," Mayte grumps, arms crossing almost childishly. “Seemed” being the operative word. Hrmph.

"Mmm, never mind that we're only half that key, and that men are just as important to our future," Kyara says with a light snort, shaking her head. She nods at Mayte's assessment of Corelle, but doesn't voice her opinion for safety's sake. "It's…infuriating sometimes, I know," she murmurs instead. "I know very well. But I still believe things won't stay like this. I always hope. Change is always going to be slower than we'd like it to be. But it'll come." And is Kyara willing to stand right in the middle of the forces that affect change? If she isn't already…of course she is. Subtly.

A'lory smiles wryly at the pair - so young, these two, and full of rebellion. He rather likes it. "Some women happen to prefer raising children, and don't understand your preference not to. Isn't better to allow the choice?" He wonders aloud, eyeing his niece sidelong before shrugging at Kyara. "Slightly less. Ultimately, you as a woman can control birth, by natural infertility if nothing else. Women are not always able to conceive or bear. No matter we men can flit about…" He waves a hand, dismissing the thought ere it starts. "No matter. I would prefer a woman be allowed a choice, even if I don't like it on occasion."

Mayte is a big ball of teenage annoyance and righteousness. "Well, I hope they do change," she huffs. She'd like to see change, and she'd like to see it now. Patience? What is that? A'lory gets a strange look, "Well, I know that." Silly grunkle A'lory. "Some of the students were just there to learn until they could marry. Whatever, right?" And Mayte is nice enough not to say anything untoward, seeing as her own mother is a stay-at-home mom (though by circumstance more than choice). "I just… Even if I never took it, I'd want to be able to," she finishes stoutly (though quietly), a cautious look over the Sands, the ovoids, and searching for the surely proud clutchmama. They're sort of hard to miss. A glance at Kyara and a little, shy grin. "I hope I get a chance someday."

Kyara blinks at A'lory's last, though Mayte voices what she was going to say, and she chuckles. She knows that, too. "Before coming here, I always thought I'd end up staying a Harper and getting married someday, though I always wanted to be open to other possibilities. But there were some girls like that, who just wanted to stay and learn until they found someone. I didn't understand them not wanting options, and they didn't understand me wanting the flexibility." She cracks a smirk up at the Weyrsecond. "Life would be incredibly boring without the allowance of the choice, I think." She grins over at Mayte, amber eyes glittering a bit. "I hope you do too, Mayte. I think it'd be brilliant if you could someday."

"It's a choice." A'lory suggests quietly. "Perhaps not one you two would make, but it's a choice." So sayeth the traditionalist in him; hard to give up the cherished things, even now. And then, he's smirking right back at Kyara. "May you live to wish for boredom." Mayte's wish to have the choice to stand has him thoughtfully eyeing the girl. "I'd rather hoped you would be eligible for this clutch." But alas, it was not to be.

See? Great minds think a like, and so on. "Man, she says dreamily, "Your time must have been incredible…" Well, until some big hunk of rock hit it. Perhaps not after that. Her gaze sharpens a little, though Kyara gets a grin. "Can you imagine me, as a Candidate? I hear they don't even get to drink!" Suspicions abound! A'lory gets a curious look. "Well. Maybe one of the other golds will go up soon," she says sotto voce. Who knows how good dragon hearing really is? (Well, A'lory might, but that's Besides the Point.)

Nodding slightly as she looks out across the Sands, Kyara folds her arms, her gaze distant as memories drift through her mind. "The past had…a lot that this time doesn't, that's for certain. Pern had come such a long way since the Ninth Pass…but no matter what you have, how can you prepare for the sky to fall on top of you? Nothing the Starsmiths or anyone else could have done." She looks back at Mayte, eyes a bit sad this time in spite of the corner of her mouth tugging upward. "Strange how things worked out - W'rin and the others from now coming back to when we were. Saving a lot of us. It was an…incredible time. But to make Pern like that again?" She sighs heavily. "It can be done. We've just got to be willing to blur the lines between old and new." Another nod is given toward the clutch. "Maybe," she says softly. "The queens should rise more and more the closer we get to the Pass."

Oh, the past: a place A'lory is unwilling to return to, even in memory. He shifts uncomfortably, staring out over the Sands. "It had its positives." It's all he'll say on that subject. "It'll be done one way or another."

Alllright, the Past is a forbidden country - or at least, not one to bring up. Mayte huhs, and gives a wry grin. "But now that you're here, you can help show…" a little murmur of thinking, "that women can do things, and that our old ways aren't exactly…old ways, ya know?" A sly look is shot at A'lory, "Besides, a four hundred year old wine would taste really weird by now." It's all about the vine sometimes. "Anyways, I for one am really glad you're here."

Kyara notices the discomfort that talking of the past causes A'lory and casts an apologetic look at the bronzerider. "Sorry, sir," she says gently, and leaves it at that. Each person that came forward has their own way of coping with that journey - the things and people they left behind. Hers is a mix of talking about it and actively forgetting it, depending on the day. Some people prefer not to dwell on it at all, which would seem to be A'lory's way, and she respects that. She nods thoughtfully at Mayte. "The best way I've found, going through weyrlinghood, is to let what I know I'm capable of speak for itself in action - alone and with Liareth. I move a little more quietly. Simply. Others do better with a more direct approach; maybe they're a little braver than me, and that works for them. Even with as…difficult as it's been here, I would make the same choice all over again, if I had to. To be here." She makes a face at the notion of four-century-old wine, chuckling a little as it brings up the thought of Mayte as a Candidate again. "If you Impress, you can't drink for a while, either, y'know," she observes. "Carries right on over from Candidacy." She gives Mayte's arm a light nudge. "You could do it, I think. You'd hate it, I'm sure, but it's not forever."

Mayte blinks a little and nods, "You mean, like actions speaking louder than words." Mayte translates that to, "Like my wine speaks for itself." And her wine is excellent. Wait whoa, "You can't drink even AFTER Impression?" The yelp draws several frowns and Mayte ignores them. Hah, "Oh of course I could do it," she says, as if ego is no such thing, "It's just… It kinda sucks, not getting to celebrate right away." And then, "Are you doing better with Sienna as Weyrlingmaster?" Speaking of revolutionary moves, that Sienna is Doing and Having It All? All sorts of awesome. Mayte's a little starry-eyed.

"That's one way of putting it; yeah," Kyara affirms, laughing a little. The protest over no drinking post-Impression has the weyrling pressing a finger to her lips in a shushing gesture, though she's still smiling. "It is something worth celebrating, for sure," she says, "but the reason for the no drinking is more than just because the weyrlingmasters say so or because you're supposed to be focusing on other things. The link we have with our dragons is very sensitive at first, and because alcohol can mess with the way you think, it can scare your lifemate into thinking you're sick or hurt, or even dead, if you pass out drunk. They might try to go ::between.::" The thought makes her shiver; she's truly grateful that isn't an issue now. "So you can't drink until your dragon is more mature." Mini-lesson! She nods, smiling happily when Mayte asks about Sienna. "Oh, yes. Much better. She was helping us a bit even before then," is the earnest reply. "She's firm with us, but not unfair, not by a long stretch. Everything she gives us to do has a definite purpose behind it." She glances sidelong at the Vintner, smile lopsided. "She was my mentor before becoming Weyrlingmaster, you know. That's still sort of how we work even with her promotion, but I don't think I'll ever stop thinking of her as such." Unspoken: Sienna's her friend, too, and Kyara’s quite fond of her, but the weyrling/weyrlingmaster line has to be walked diligently right now. "You want another perspective on all this business, she'd be a good person to talk to."

Mayte is caught up in thought about that for a while, then grudgingly, "That makes sense." A wry eye to Kyara's little story and then sobriety slaps like a dead fish across the face. "Yeah… Between would be bad." Thank you, Sherlockth. Mayte nods a little and stares back out over the eggs for a while. A particularly strange red one catches her eye and she stares at it for an extra second, but a golden form shifts on the sand, breaking her concentration. "Um. Any idea when this bunch will hatch?" There's a little bit of determined fire in Mayte's voice - she'll be in the Stands, regardless.

Kyara watches the eggs in silence with Mayte for that short stretch, finally letting herself smile over them. More correctly, she smiles over the memory of the Hatching and that incredible moment when Liareth looked to her… Catching the bit of moisture that starts forming in her eyes at that, she chuckles softly and blinks it away. "None, to be honest," she answers Mayte, brow furrowing a little. "I ought to, though, shouldn't I?" The determination in her voice isn't lost on Kyara, who grins a bit wolfishly. "Make sure you sit right at the front." She hops up and strides down the incline to stop front and center of the benches. "Riiiight here. Where you can't possibly be missed. I want to see one crawl up after you." She springs lightly up onto the seat with a laugh before coming back up to Mayte, though she doesn't sit down. Blaze stretches awake and flits up to her shoulder. "Alright, the heat in here's making me sleepy, and I should go get dinner. Have you eaten yet? Care to join me?"

Who can think of food at a time like this? *rrrrrrrrrumble* Is that the eggs hatching? No, it's Mayte's stomach. Looking over in embarrassment, the Vintner grins. "Um." Kyara's instructions at sitting FRONT AND CENTER, MISSY are nodded at with a sly grin. "Wouldn't that be neat?" And beneath the general cheerful cynicism of an apprentice, there's a faint gleam. Who knows, it could be hunger. "And it'd twist quite a few tails." The offer of a meal is nodded at, "Yeah, I think we should get out before I get hungry enough to eat someone here." OMHOMNOM. Rising, Mayte takes one last look at eggs and hmms. Who knows.

Who knows, indeed? Kyara certainly doesn't think that any person knows better than the dragons on this particular matter. "It'd be a needed twist," she mutters to the Vintner, swinging her jacket over her shoulders and then taking up her music folio. "C'mon, let's find some food." And with that, weyrling and apprentice head off to the Living Caverns - before Mayte decides to become a cannibal and Kyara can't think to find her melodies again.

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