==== October 26th, 2013
==== Sara, Kyara
==== Kyara passes on some Oldtime Harper records that were entrusted to her.

Who Sara, Kyara
What Kyara passes on some Oldtime Harper records that were entrusted to her.
When Afternoon. There are 10 months and 18 days until the 12th Pass.
Where The Handsome Harper, Igen Weyr


The Handsome Harper
A long window reaches across the front portion of the store, with strong folding shutters on each side designed to close the view when needed. Instruments of all various sizes and shapes hang from carved hooks. Smaller instruments are laid neatly upon tables that run the length of the window. Dark wooden walls showcase pieces of art, each signed with the name of the artist. In one corner sits a shallow desk with pen and paper neatly piled to one side. A pair of hard chairs sits in front of the desk. The farthest corner holds a table with instruments in various states of disrepair, and small wooden boxes holding the most common fixing materials. No obvious counter exists, and unlike many shops, this one has no exit onto the backside of the Bazaar. In the center of the room sits a trio of softer chairs. Music, written neatly and ready to be plucked up and used, is on a single shelf right next to the door.

The slowdown in the Bazaar has affected every business, and the Handsome Harper is no exception. Sara sits in one of the comfortable chairs, playing a lap harp softly, the music wafting out of the cracked open doorway. The chill is kept off by a small fire in the fireplace as Sara awaits any who would venture into the small shop, her music the invitation.

The faint sound of harp music slows the purposeful strides of the young greenrider approaching, and Kyara stops, simply listening for a moment before pushing the door open gently. Bells above the entry tinkle twice, softly, as she slips inside and helps the door back settle back to where it was before. "Hello, Sara," she greets, adjusting a rather large leather satchel on her back and coming a little further in. "I was wondering if I might talk with you for a moment."

"Kyara." Sara's hands pause on the harp, stilling the vibrations till the echoes fade in the shop. "Come on in, my dear; we're hardly overwhelmed with customers at the moment. Please, have a seat." She gestures towards the other chair across from her and sets the harp aside.

"Thank you," the greenrider returns with a smile, though Kyara's quick glance around the shop is slightly troubled at Sara's words. "Yes, well, hopefully something will happen that changes that soon," she murmurs with a slight shake of her head, slipping the big satchel from her back and taking particular care to avoid pressuring her left shoulder with it. "I know things have been strained in the Bazaar, and the Weyr proper is starting to feel it too, I think. Little things, here and there…but maybe things only a Harper's eyes and ears would catch, for now." She smirks knowingly along with that last, pulling the bag into her lap and unbuckling the straps that hold it shut. "Anyhow, there's something I've been meaning to show you for quite some time, and now that I have a moment…" She slides a heavy stack of several hide and parchment folios from the leather case, setting it aside and gently brushing a hand over the topmost cover. "It's important. But not something I ought to have charge over, now that I'm a rider."

"Hum," Sara says very non-comittally to Kyara's remarks with regards to the Bazaar's troubles seeping into the Weyr. The balance between the wellbeing of one and the other is delicate, and a line which Sara has no desire to struggle between. She tilts her head just slightly as she holds out a hand to take what Kyara is offering her. "From the oldtime?" she inquires.

Kyara starts by passing two of the folios over to Sara, carefully opening another as she nods in response to Sara's question. In this folder, broad, tall sheets of pale parchment bear scores for small instrumental ensembles on the right-hand pages, while paragraphs penned in a bold, flowing hand expound on what's being looked at on the left sheets. "Yes. Before we jumped, the composition Master I worked with before being sent on journey had me helping him archive composition techniques and purposes along with fully scored examples. He sent them with me, hoping I could pass them off to the Hall here. I don't know when or if that can happen - at least not yet - but regardless…" A fleeting, wistful regret crosses her features, though the smile she regards Sara with is warm. "I was wondering if you would take charge of them. I'm not a…proper Harper anymore, but you are, and you would know best when or if these things could be used and re-taught."

Sara takes possession of the scores, carefully shifting through them, each being read briefly. She smiles as she comes across some of the tunes that she had learned as an apprentice. "I will care for them as well as I would my own notes from the oldtime. If the Hall here is too stubborn to accept the old knowledge, then I'll find a way to get it down South. I know Vezre would love to have them."

Pushing the leather satchel across the floor to rest beside Sara's chair as the Journeyman takes the folios, Kyara nods, looking relieved. It isn't that she expected anything less from the Harper. She's just happy to finally have this knowledge handed over to someone who can do something with it. "Ah, I thought I spotted her down there," she says of Vezre. With a sigh, she leans back into the chair, almost seeming to purposely put more distance between her and the scores. "Long as someone learns from them. Some of the music goes back to at least the Ninth Pass." A slight shake of her head is given as she eyes the stack. "Is it odd that I feel like I'm giving up the last shreds of an old life and purpose, giving you these? I love being a rider - most of the time - but…I came here as a Harper. I don't feel like I can ever stop being one. Even when I have to."

"If you ever need a musical respite, the door of the Harper is open to you, Kyara." Sara lays the music into her lap, one hand resting protectively over it. "How fares your guitar? Is the bridge holding up in the cold?"

Kyara nods appreciatively, blinking away the slight sheen of moisture that's jumped to her eyes. "Thank you, Sara. And if there's ever anything I can do for the Harper, you have but to let me know it." She grins at the duality of that - for the shop, for the Harper running the shop; she means both. "Oh, it's holding up very well," she chuckles. "As are my other instruments. Keeping them a little closer to the hearth has helped quite a bit, though I still have to tune everything a little more often. Speaking of musical respites…" She stretches a little, lacing her fingers and getting her knuckles to pop slightly as her gaze lands on Sara's harp. "That was lovely, what you were playing earlier. Would you mind if I played with you a bit? Before I have to go back to doing what a rider must do for a while?" From a deep pocket in the jacket she's still wearing, she produces a small set of octave-and-a-half reed pipes. Yes - even as a rider, she always carries a means for music.

Sara's face brightens into a smile as she takes up the harp again. "It would be my pleasure, at least until Journeyman Peaston gets back from his teaching stint." Sara's hands stroke the blond wood for a moment as she ponders. "Perhaps something different, though, a bit more upbeat." She begins to pluck out a tune, which Kyara joins in swiftly enough - a dancing song to perhaps draw customers to the Harper.

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