==== December 15, 2013
==== Sara, Mayte, Zalara
==== A sandstorm blows up just in time for a pair of apprentices to find shelter in The Handsome Harper.

Who Sara, Mayte, Zalara
What A sandstorm blows up just in time for a pair of apprentices to find shelter in The Handsome Harper.
When There are 0 turns, 5 months and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Handsome Harper

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The Handsome Harper
A long window reaches across the front portion of the store, with strong foldable shutters on each side designed to close the view when needed. Instruments of all various sizes and shapes hang from carved hooks. Smaller instruments are laid neatly upon tables that run the length of the window. Dark wooden walls showcase pieces of art, each signed with the name of the artist. In one corner sits a shallow desk with pen and paper neatly piled to one side. A pair of hard chars sit in front of the desk. The farthest most corner holds a table with instruments in various states of disrepair, and small wooden boxes holding the most common fixing materials. No obvious counter exists, and unlike many shops, this one has no exit onto the backside of the bazaar. In the center of the room sits a trio of softer chairs. Music, written and neatly ready to be plucked up and used sit upon a single shelf right next to the door.

A few sandstorms into the season and The Harper is finally beginning to get into a routine. Secure the shutters, bring down the hanging instruments, muffle the bell over the door. It is this last step that Sara is completing. A stool has been drug over to the doorway and she stands on tip-toe, fitting the leather thong to the clapper to keep it from ringing too loudly as the wind buffets the bazaar. "At least Peaston is up at the weyr right now," she mutters to herself, even as the darkness outside growds.

Zalara was here for a delivery, a harper asked the smiths to make something for them and it was assigned to Zalara to deliver it. She hears the sandstorm going on outside, "Is it bad out?" She asks as she has her scarf with her."

The sandstorms are at it again, and Mayte, though she was so close to the wine-store, has decided to pause for breath in the nearest open doorway. Or at least open the nearest open door, go through it, and shut it really fast. Hopefully no one's in the way, but once the door is shut behind her, Mayte coughs out some apologies. "Uh, sorry, Journeywoman Sara." A look over at Zalara, one-eyed as Mayte tries to scrub some sand out of the other, saying merely, "It's bad."

SUDDEN COMPANY. Sara is more than a little surprised as the two girls slip through her shop's doorway. She fastens the last knot on the bell and then steps down from the chair. Just as her feet hit the ground the final edges of the storm hit and engulf the bazaar. "Well ladies, I do hope you are not expecting to be somewhere else right now." The chair is picked up and the journeywoman begins to lug it back to her work desk. "I'm sure neither of your journeyman would be pleased if I attempted to send you back out in that."

Zalara smiles brightly at Sara, "Hello, I'm here with a delivery for one of the harpers from the smiths." She looks out and nods, "It's gotten worse then when I started out."

Mayte is busy hacking up a bit of sand or something before she nods briefly at Sara. Still, there's a worried pinch between her eyebrows, "I'm sure Eollyn's got the front of the store all figured, with two apprentices," though there's a brief eyeroll at the thought of Mayte's fellow apprentices figuring anything out. Still it's nice to be out of that sand, and Mayte huffs a little sigh, "I guess we're stuck here for a bit, then." And this is why a Vintner is always a good friend to have: Mayte pulls a wineskin out of her jacket, opens the cap and takes a sniff of it. Zalara's due diligence gets a respecting nod from the older Apprentice, "No one will be upset if your last deliveries are late." One eye flicks towards where the wind and sand howls past, "Well, no one in his right mind, I mean."

"And if they were, I would be more than happy to st them straight." Sara says firmly as she finally sets the chair down at her work bench. Mayte's opening of the wineskin is met with a smile. "Well, no need to waste that." A basket is dislodged from the mess of her workbench and Sara pulls out a trio of cups. "Since you might be here for a while."

Zalara hmms, "Well this was my last delivery. I've done all the others." She looks at the trio of cups and she shakes her head, "None for me thank you. I'll have some water or klah please."

Mayte gives Sara a cheeky grin, "Nope, none at all." The wineskin is poured into two of the glasses as Zalara says no thanks, but Mayte raises a surprised eyebrow at the young girl, turning to ask Sara, "Do you have water or klah here?" Who doesn't know how a music store is run? Mayte! There's a little shrug in Zalara's direction, and the apprentice takes up the first glass tipping it towards Journeywoman and then Smith apprentice with the casual toast: "May this sand blow off, really soon."

"Always Prepared Mayte, what I wouldn't give to find a apprentice with half of your ability to know exactly what is needed." Sara has turned away and has invaded Peaston's desk. Unlike hers, it's a testament to his anal personality. Clutter free it stands. The water skin is easy to find, and Sara pours some water into the third cup. "Here my dear, do you two want to sit?" She gestures to the pair of plush chairs in the middle of the room. "The natives say that these happen every summer."

Zalara nods, "Yah it does happen every summer a least a couple of time. Like rainstorms in other places I'm told." She takes the water and smiles as she goes to sit down, "Sounds good to me."

Mayte snorts and laughs at the same time, giving her a very strange expression before she sips her glass. "There's always an occasion for a glass of wine," Mayte says, "And rare that someone says no," though the glass of wine waves in Zalara's direction, "Except, yanno, when you're too young." There's no shame in that either, as Mayte shakes her head, "No, I'm okay standing, thanks." After a slow, langorous sip of wine, Mayte adds to the conversation, "I hear Southern is really rainy in their winter. Like, they start thinking about growing fins or something!"

When Mayte turns down the offer of the chair, Sara takes it instead. The wine is set down on the small table next to the chair. "That is what I hear. Such a change from Ista, the weather was always so fine there."

Zalara nods, "I am too young for some wine. I don't want to go back to the forge with wine on my breath." She sips her water. "It'd be interesting to see other places i can't wait to be a journeyman and travel all over."

Mayte watches Sara curiously for a moment, asking, "Is that where you were, before? Did you meet A'lory there too?" Not knowing if this is a touchy subject or not, but she adds, "My family lived at Ista for a while before they moved to Benden." Turning to Zalara, Mayte nods, "Good call on that. I'm planning to stay here for a good while longer though," dark glance to the shuttered windows, "Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it."

"Aye, there was a smaller hall there, though it was destroyed when, well." Sara shakes her head and bends down to pick up a fiddle that had been placed there. She begins to tune the instrument softly, "Have you thought about what you will specialize in Mayte? Or have you already chosen? We were required to have a focus before we were given our senior knots."

Zalara hmms, "I'm sorry to hear that it got destroyed. Did they rebuild it?" She asks as she sips her water. I'm hoping to be a tinkerer."

Mayte is lost in faint memories for a moment, her voice a little lost in times gone, "My grandfather always said he hated leaving Ista, but there was just more for us in Benden." Because who doesn't love a cross-Pern family trip? She watches Sara tuning the guitar carefully, head tipping as she listens to the tones. "I specialize in viticulture," Mayte says after a moment, then turns to Zalara, "That's, like, how vines grow and make grapes for wine. You know, what grape will make which wine, and if I can mix 'em or not." A little raising of her glass, "I mix wines too - this is one of my older ones that;s finishing its aging."

"Don't be too ready to Journey girl, you'll find soon enough you miss home. Mayte, How have the vines taken the beating from the winds?" Sara inquires as she finishes tuning the fiddle. Gently she begins to play, just loud enough to drown out the hissing from the sand as it scratches at the firmly shuttered window.

Zalara nods, "Maybe I'll get to sail with Zannen, that'd be fun I wonder if a ship ever needs a smith." She listens to the song, 'That's lovely, what's it called." She nods to Mayte as she listens, "I'm sure it's good."

The mention of Igen's budding vines gets a weary sigh from Mayte; her face creases with concern that ages her a few Turns, "I… think they'll be alright," she starts, and pauses. Deep breath before the vintner continues, "I just hope the grapes are going to ripen well enough after the storms die down." Her lips pinch together and Zalara's compliment is nodded at as Mayte sips her creation, "Thanks." After a few moments, Mayte's eyes start to track the movement of Sara's fiddle.

"From old-time High Reaches actually; when we were snowed in." The irony isn't lost on Sara, playing a snowed in song during as its polar opposite rages outside. "The moans of the weyr are almost already audible at the very chance that your grapes might not ripen properly." Sara raises an eyebrow at Mayte, they both know those bronze riders, amiright?

Zalara smiles, "It's very lovely. Is there anything that you can do to protect them from the sand, like put tarps over them or something like that?"

Mayte gives Sara a wan grin, "Your words bolster my hopes already." Like the Weyr is going to build a protective wall around her grape grounds, right? Hear that, Igen? The Journeyman's eyebrow is replied to in kind; oh yeah, those bronze riders alright. Zalara's question gets a faint shake of head. "We actually do have tarps for them, but we can't leave them on too long," dark hair is shooed out of Mayte's eyes as she explains, "Or the grapes won't get enough warmth and heat at night, or they'll get too much in daytime, and burn." Le sigh. It's a balance.

There's totally a connection there, of dealing-with-cranky-bronze-riders. Sara's smile only grows wider. "A delicate balance I am sure. What projects are you working on Zalara?"

Zalara hmms, "Why don't you want to keep the tarps on them if they are protect them from the sand?" She asks as she takes another drink of her water. "Well I'm still learning so we aren't allowed to do projects on our own yet, but I did get to help make some parts for the flame throwers."

Mayte's commiserating with Sara is paused as Mayte looks over at Zalara, a bit perplexed. She even goes so far as to open her mouth, but stops after, "We can't. Scalded grapes, burnt grapes, or dead grapes." But enough on her main worry: Mayte sips her own beverage, moving to pick up the skin to refresh her glass and Sara's and listens to Zalara.

A single upraised eyebrow at Mayte, adult to adult for just a moment. "As long as they are alive there is hope for the harvest aye? The flame throwers, are they in well enough repair for when thread begins?" Sara nods thanks for teh refil, though so long as she continues to play, she cannot actually drink.

Zalara ohs, "I didn't know that covering grapes would do that to them." She smiles, "We are making sure that they will be in good working order when the Pass begins."

Mayte shakes her head, "It's not that easy," and oh dear, Mayte has her Viticulture Hat on; the one with different fruits. "The grapes need to ripen for harvest before it starts to cool down here, or there won't be enough sugar in the wine to convert to alcohol, throwing off the nose and taste and all the timings." The very thought of it has Mayte taking a stronger sip of her wine, though Zalara gets a nod, "No worries." As for those flame throwers, Mayte's eyes gleam: "I really hope my Journeywoman will let me go out on some of the ground-crews." And by that ambitious tone, Mayte totally means this will be a thing that happens.

"There is plenty of summer left for the grapes to do as they will. So long as these sandstorms do not overwhelm them." Mayte's comment about ground crew has Sara just briefly shaking her head. Kids these days. "How about Zalara, will you be looking to join one of the crews?"

Zalara listens and she hmms, "What do you do with the grapes that don't have enough sugar in them what does that turn the wine into?" She smiles, "Me too. I'm sure I'm strong enough to carry one around."

Mayte lets out a heavy breath and nods, though her expression is various shades of conviction. The talk of groundcrewing is much more interesting, "I think it'd be a great asset to know," Mayte starts enthusiastically, then cuts a teasing eye to the young apprentice: "Maybe we can find you a half-sized flame thrower to start with." Given that Zalara's a foot shorter, Mayte sizes her quickly, "Start you small, build up your strength."

"She is a Smith Mayte, I think you'd be surprised at what she might be able to lift." Sara gives a wink to the younger girl. Her song pauses and she listens. The hissing continues, so Sara picks back up the thread of her song. "Tell me more about how you imagine ground crew going." Outside the sandstorm continues to rage, bringing its heaps of dust and dirt to pile up outside the Harper. Snug inside The Handsome Harper Mayte, Zalara and Sara continue to chat about the upcoming thread- keeping the tone light till the storm dies down and each can go their separate ways.

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