====December 19, 2013
====E'bert, Ivy
====E'bert has a project, Ivy helps.

Who E'bert, Ivy
What E'bert has a project, Ivy helps.
When Later in the evening, the day after the Keroon Fall
Where Igen Weyr, Weyrling Barracks

Weyrling Barracks
A cluster of small buildings punch out from the facade here, each just spacious enough to admit growing weyrlings and little else beside. Each has its own sturdy little hide covering their openings to provide a modicum of privacy to their occupants and a stone basin meant for both meat and water squats ready before each door. To one side, the Weyrlingmaster's office sits, the one large building in the space. Here, the pale salted walls are covered with various charts, maps, and informational diagrams. In the small yard before these buildings, a table and chairs is set, a small hearth against the opposite wall holds a cavernous kettle kept a-boil with various meals, while a smaller hangs from an iron tripod for klah.

E'bert is seated on his cot with an array of leather, needles, and sinew spread out before him. He seems to be unaware of the noise that swirls around him in the barracks. He's busy, and because of that he is oblivious of everything but what he's focused on. E'bert choses a bit of leather that isn't very thin, but not too thick either. The next tool he picks up is a pair of heavy duty scissors, and these are applied to the squareish bit of leather and he begins to cut a roughly oval shape out. This then is placed on a piece of wood that is balanced on his knees, and a small knife is pulled out with whch he cuts a hole towards one end that is roughly large enough to put one's thumb through. When this is accomplished it's set on a steadily growing pile of such bits of leather. Ah yes, someone's been busy.

With the tasks of oiling and feeding Udath done for the evening, Ivy wanders in with the deep brown close behind. Udath makes for his couch with a long satisfied sigh, and Ivy pauses to unwrap the scarf she's wound about her head to keep the dust out. E'bert's industriousness is watched for a moment, then, ever curious, she pipes up, "What're you doing?"

E'bert blinks as Ivy's question penetrates his concentration, "This? Oh I just figured it would be helpful if everyone had a thumbpad. It works by giving the heel of your hand a place to push the leather needle while not puncturing your hand," a trick he picked up in Telgar, "It was actually P'wyn gave me the idea. He was jabbing himself with a sewing needle, and I figured this would be a good thing for everyone to have," shrug, and back to work for a moment, "When I'm done cutting the rounds, I'll sew some cotton batting and fabric onto the leather to give extra protection. Also, great place to store your needles when not in use."

"Can P'wyn not sew?" Ivy's question has a faint tinge of disapproval to it, though she concedes, "Well, I've never sewn leather before either. It -is- harder. Though I haven't managed to stab myself. Yet." She wipes her slightly oily hands on her pants, shakes the sand out of her scarf, and wraps it back around her neck though not over her head. "You're making them for us?"

E'bert shakes his head, "Apparently not," a nod is given as he begins to measure out the batting, and the cloth, "Ravene insisted I learn to sew, then when I became a Herder's apprentice I had to learn to sew leather," so he has a bit of a leg up so to speak, "I don't mind the extra work. These don't take much time to make, and I can do them when I'm not doing anything else," so he's not shirking chores, lessons, or caring for his dragon.

Ivy holds one finger up in a 'wait' gesture…as though it isn't his cot to begin with…and takes a moment to toe her boots off and leave them by Udath's couch, running a hand down the brown's muzzle affectionately before heading back over to her fellow weyrling. She picks up right where she left off. "I had to learn to sew. You know, for when I got married. Ravene's your ma then?"

"Foster mother, she took me an my sister in after I stole some bread from her so I could feed my sister," E'bert looks up for a moment, then he's back to cutting batting and backing, "She insisted that I stay with her, but that I work off the cost of the food I'd stolen. It's really difficult to upset Ravene, but when you do there's all kinds of sparks flying."

"That's good. Some people aren't very nice about that. My brother stole a redfruit once and the vendor about beat him to within an inch of his life. And then my da beat him too, when he found out. 'Course he didn't really need to redfruit. Much." Without invitation, Ivy makes herself at home on the floor by E'bert's cot, sitting cross-legged on the floor. "Anything I can help with?"

E'bert shrugs, "I don't remember my parents. Living on the streets of the bazaar here. My sister was starving, an near died. Would've if Ravene hadn't taken us in," it's really very simple in his mind, whether anyone else would find it that way or not is a different matter, "Sure, the batting needs to be cut so that it fits around the hole in the leather. Then the cloth is cut to fit over that," he shows what he's talking about as he speaks. The batting is carefully measured, then cut out. The hole is carefully fitted, and then that too is set aside in another pile, "Once I get all the pieces cut, I'll start sewing them together."

Ivy watches the process, then fishes for a bit of batting and repeats it, slowly but with the confidence of someone who does indeed know her way around a sewing project. "Sorry about your folks." Her tone is genuinely sympathetic, though she doesn't linger on the topic. "I'm glad your sister's okay though. So you're basically from around here, aren't you. I'm from around Igen River Hold. Never been here until I was Searched." She bows her head and fits another piece of batting to cloth. "So what's your ma think, about you Impressing?" Apparently she doesn't make the fosters distinction. "My family's pretty upset."

E'bert shrugs, "Don' know yet. Haven' had a chance to visit the bakery," his voice is steady, "When the riders came to where I was apprenticed in Telgar and offerred the chance to Stand, I jumped at it. I missed this place, but mostly I missed my sister and Ravene. The bazaar is one of the best places in the summer months. There's always something to see, or barter for. The Night Flight is pricy, and I don't think Gritta accepts barter," he looks up as he realized the last of the batting and cloth have been cut. He reaches for one of the leather ovals, and fits batting then cloth to one side, "Gritta's family's been part of the bazaar for ages," the leather needle is reached for and the pieces are soon being sewn together, "I don't know that Ravene will be too pleased I Impressed. I don't think she wanted that for me."

"You should go see her soon," Ivy replies with a firm nod. Advice dispensed. "This way you'll get to visit them a lot, right? My folks wanted me to settle down with someone, expand the holdings and such. Which wasn't so bad, but when the Searchriders came I just went with it. The Night Flight…I saw some of the things there once, when I was passing through the Bazaar. Awfully pretty dresses." She picks at the knee of her weyrling uniform with a small frown. "I'm still getting used to wearing pants. Suppose I'd better adjust though. Have you got an extra needle around?"

E'bert nods and hands Ivy one of the three leather needles, "Careful, it's sharp," because leather, "I'll get there sooner or later. Told P'wyn I'd show him round the bazaar when we can wander a bit. You're welcome to come along too if you like," he continues in silence for a while, "I miss my sister the most. Zisiene's roughly six Turns younger than me. She was so mad when we left the bazaar, but then when she and Ravene came back here she was mad all over again. Really it was more for her that I accepted Search. Impression meant I got to stay here," yes, E'bert and his sister are close.

Ivy takes the needle delicately and fits a few of the thumbpad pieces together, sewing them together with neat, precise stitches. "Sure. That'd be fun. My folks didn't like me hanging around there. Said it was dangerous." A soft snort follows this revelation, and Ivy tucks the end of her braid over her shoulder. "Family's important. I miss my brothers. D'you think your sister will Impress? I heard it sort of runs in families."

E'bert shrugs, "It's possible. Can't see her on gold if she did though. She'd be more likely to Impress brown or blue, bossy little thing," afection for his sawed off runt of a sister is clear in the tone of his voice, "Then again, she could surprise everyone," and refuse the honor of Search, "It's just too hard to say right now, and sure the bazaar can be dangerous. For the most part it's knowing which shops to stay away from," then again he has an early childhood of learning this lesson, "Yeah. Y'er folks are right, it's not a place for someone that doesn't know how to handle themselves. We're riders now, so we'll be left alone mostly," mostly because sometimes a rider is stupid. This stupidity leads to the rider that's being stupid being escorted out of the bazaar.

"What about green?" asks the bossy girl brownrider. "I thought I'd get green, if I got anyone. Udath was a big surprise." Literally. Ivy pauses in her sewing to cast a loving look at the snoozing curl of her dragon, then sets a sewn pad precisely on E'bert's cot and picks up more pieces. With a stubborn set of her shoulders, she proclaims, "I know how to handle myself," though her stature, at least brawl-wise, doesn't do much to back up her statement.

E'bert snorts, "I think that would actually be up to the dragons," he grins at Ivy, "I like bossy girls," grin, tease, "I wouldn't bet against anyone shorter than myself in a brawl. Y'all have all kinds of advantages," and his legs close, and slightly cross.

"Clearly dragons have all kinds of ideas and don't care a fig about what we have to say about it," Ivy says indulgently, with another look at Udath. E'bert is graced with a cheerful freckled nose crinkle for his teasing. "Good thing then, 'cause we'll always end up in the lineup together, what with the browns, at least until we graduate." The corner of her mouth twitches as she catches his meaning in terms of 'advantages'. She did, after all, grow up with a bunch of brothers. "That's fighting dirty. I try not to fight dirty unless I have to."

"First rule of a brawl is win. If that means fighting dirty, then that's what that means," E'bert sounds very non-plussed by this. He also sounds like he has a bit of experience in street fighting and brawling, "For a while I was one of those 'dangerous' people your folks warned you about," admitted matter of factly, "Udath has good taste," grin.

Ivy knots her current length of thread and nips it off, tossing another finished thumbpad on the pile. "Are you offering fightin' lessons then?" She flashes a toothy grin and accepts the compliment…well, Udath's compliment with the same aplomb with which it was offered. "I like to think so." Ivy tilts her head to give her fellow brownrider a once-over, then teases back, "Aww. You only look a -little- dangerous."

E'bert laughs, "Me? Fight you? I'd lose," again with the matter of fact tone, "Besides I think the AWLMs would be upset with us if we did fight," note he's trying to stay out of trouble, "I was a terror on the bazaar for a while. Bad enough we had to leave," but now he's home, and looks very happy with that fact. For all the sand, and heat and wind; E'bert truly loves Igen. Probably one of the very few people who could say that and mean it.

"I'd only rough you up a little. Anyway, they couldn't get mad at us for, like, pretend fighting, right?" They most likely could. But regardless, for all the tough talking, Ivy's still settled quite comfortably on the floor. "They can't get rid of you now, can they. I miss home a little. Though I don't mind not smelling like fish all the time."

E'bert chuckles, and gives a lopsided grin as he finishes the thumbpad he's been working on then collects the pieces to start another one. At this rate the pile has been reduced by over half, "True enough. Home, love or hate it there's no place like it. I for one love Igen Weyr. I couldn't imagine being a rider anywhere else."

Ivy idly settles her recently finished thumbpad in her hand, then flicks it with her thumb. It sails towards the pile, but overshoots it a little bit. "Drat. Yeah, well, at least River Hold's not far. Not that it matters, once we can go Between. We can go anywhere!" She closes her eyes for a moment, thinking of the possibilities. "What's Telgar like?"

E'bert shrugs, "Green. It's really green," he shudders softly with his eyes closed, "I don't know, I wouldn't want to fly Thread over Telgar. Specially not where I was. Lots of nothing but green, and trees great for runners but really? No. I like my desert."

"Green doesn't sound so bad," she muses, "Though the Threads would burn right through all that, wouldn't it? It was green near the river, though desert everywhere else." She finishes off one last thumbpad, then blushes slightly as her stomach lets out an incongruously loud growl. Ivy wraps her arms across her stomach. "It's getting on towards dinner, isn't it. Sometimes I forget, when Udath's already eaten."

E'bert nods as his own stomach rumbles, "Same here. Ravene makes this really delicious bread that has thin sliced wherry or herdbeast or whatever type of roasted meat is left over from the night before, leafy greens, and cheese baked up inside of it," and as he describes the bread his stomach rumbles again, but the warring between food and sleep is answered almost as soon as E'bert has the finished thumbpads gathered up along with the rest of his sewing kit, and tucked away in the footpress at the foot of his bed. He sits down aiming to put his boots on, and instead he's curling up on his side and dropping off into sleep. Boys. Gotta love 'em, because you can't just kill 'em.

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