====September 13th, 2013
====Jedi, Cerise, Renalde, Nika, Nathanael, Sytin
====There's something spooky going on in the jungle…or is there?

Who Jedi, Cerise, Renalde, Nika, Nathanael, Sytin
What There's something spooky going on in the jungle…or is there?
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where There's something spooky going on in the jungle…or is there?

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As the clearing is left behind, a deep silence permeates and soaks into the very ground that towering trees grow out of, accompanied by the humid heat of the enclosed rainforest. The silence is broken by the chittering call of wild firelizards, the chirruping of distant avians, and the ominous rustling of large, feline predators that stalk the deeper, heart of the jungle. Vines drape from the trees, falling to the jungle floor, which carries the hint of decay. Water drips from the canopy above, the soft sound almost musical against the echoing call of the jungles denizens. Westward, with the tangled overgrowth and the shadows of the deeper rainforest, the forest looms dangerous.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Rukbat sets tonight~. No, really, it is nearing sundown, and yet there are people still out in the jungle. As evidenced by - "Stupid. Piece." Grunt! "Of shit." WHACK. "Someone will win here and it won't be yooooou!" Let's just face it at this point, Oldtimers are probably crazy, right? Which is why Jedi is out here sans lifemate. With a spear. Talking to…the jungle? Or perhaps to that long-fallen tree she just embedded the spear into. "Faranth's fucking crotch." At last! The spear comes free, which leaves Jedi actually looking a bit surprised. Using it as a leaning post, she takes a moment to wipe some sweat off of her brow while looking at her surroundings consideringly.

"My brother's always been fond of "Faranth's flaming nipples"," comes helpful advice from behind. The tone is bright and amused; one can practically hear the dimples in it. And that means? It's Cerise, of course! The entertainer is in her adventurer's costume again, complete with (gasp!) trousers, boots and a pack over her shoulder. The only addition to this attire from last time, at the ship, is a broad basket she has propped against her hip. It's filled with the brilliantly hued flowers that only the jungle can provide. Someone is out here to gather, instead of assault poor dead trees. Oh, wait… "Ma'am," she tacks on, in afterthought.

Looking way too clean to be out wandering the jungle, Renalde appears from behind a tree. Hands are held behind him as he walks towards the angry sounds of the woman assulting the poor plants. Cerise gets an aprasing look, before he continues towards the dragonrider. "I've been told hunting is done better when silent ma'am."

"Oooh, that's a good one." Jedi replies to Cerise cheerfully enough, despite her earlier anger. Mad they all are - either that, or as good of Players as Cerise can be. "How long were you…" And then there's Renalde, which causes Jedi to jump a bit. She's at the disadvantage today because of Llioramasith not being here! "Headman Renalde. Darling." Flutter flutter. "If I was actually trying to hunt, quiet would have been a good thing, I'm certain, yes." She laughs, and shakes her head a little in amusement. "Come to bring order to the disorderly jungle?" And then back to Cerise, "I had meant to check back with you again, but wing things ran away with me. How have you been, since….that?""

Aaa, Headman ambush! Cerise cranes a look over her shoulder when Renalde's voice is heard. Her expression? Well, to her credit it doesn't change. She even manages a civil, "Headman," before deliberately focusing again on Jedi. Who…is fluttering. That gets a look that rests somewhere between bemused and "wut". "At least we can be certain you've likely scared off anything in the immediate area?" The question sees her shifting the basket against her hip and glancing in what she presumes is the direction of the river. "I've been well enough. It's funny how you come to appreciate life a little more after a nice brush with death, aye?"

Off to the left, a sudden rustle of bushes answers the young woman's words.

"The jungle is right as it is." Renalde says a bit dryly, drawing more close to the rider female. His eyes brush the wild expanse, looking a bit like a ghost himself in the dark white. "Did you manage to displeasure the forest's leaders girl?" Is there a hint of disappointment there as Renalde twists his gaze to rest on the brightly colored female.

"Isn't it though?" Jedi's reply to Cerise's question is almost cheerful….except it falls flat at the rustle in the bushes. Jedi actually levels her spear at the nearest bushes in question! "If that's your brother Cerise he'd better stop now." Just as a heads up! Because Jedi will not hesitate to throw that spear! "Is it, Renalde, with the felines that lurk herein?" The question would have been teasing before, now it's a bit more..well, terse. If there weren't creepy things happening, she'd be, well, more flirtatious! And then, to Cerise, "why is it every time I encounter you, someone get pissed off, or something bad happens?"

A dark shadow overhead sweeps over the group before disappearing eeriely.

"I'm just that lucky I guess-" Cerise might have said more, given the accusations that are coming left and right, but the thing that goes by overhead takes precedence. Given that she ducks and drops to a knee when that shadow ripples by, she doesn't get a good look at it. Wide eyes do turn upwards, however, after it's gone. "…I don't believe that that was Dimitri," she remarks, voice carefully pitched low. So low in fact that they may well not hear what she's said.

"Unless your brother has learned to fly, it is unlikely." Renalde's eyes peer out into the green darkness, hands moving to rest on the small knife he wears. "It would be prudent to head back to the weyr women."

"Faranth's Flaming Crotch." It's a perfect marriage of Dimitri's favorite swear, and Jedi's favorite. Or well, perhaps not favorite. "Naaah, why would we ever want to do that, Renalde darling." Jedi's voice might be a touch sarcastic - or is she serious? "It's just the jungle at night. And it's creepy." The bushes get poked at a little in experiment, with the spear of course. "You're welcome to goooo though~"

In the far distance - or is it so far as it seems? - something screams.

Standing makes her a target, though! Cerise is quite comfortable on one knee, though she's set the basket down and slipped her hand towards the knife she has sheathed at the small of her back too. "I don't know, ma'am, prudence is actually sounding like a good idea for once," she says- but that might be because she doesn't have the spear! Any hesitation she might have felt, however, goes poof when that scream is heard. Out comes the knife, snikt, and up she goes onto both feet. "Right then, shall we?"

The scream is cut off abruptly, plunging the jungle into deep silence.

Elegant eyebrow raises. "Foolishness is unbecoming dragon rider, a firm respect for the jungle is no shameful stance." His eyes sweep across Cerise, suddenly ready for trouble. Faint approval there, and he pushes a branch out of the way from the path, gesturing the women to move a before him.

"What would be foolish is if I didn't track you down next time there's a Flight." Jedi retorts sarcastically, though she was visibly spooked at the scream. "I would have laughed at prudence before, but…mm. There weren't screams before." But instead of doing the Smart Thing (tm) Jedi goes the opposite direction! "Maybe it was a person, not a feline. I'm going to check it out; Renalde, make sure she gets to the Weyr safely!" And then off goes Jedi charging into the forest. Spear and all.

Why can't people stop talking about Flights? This here is a spooky situation and Cerise's eyes still flick in Renalde's direction. "Before?" That's the other thing that really stood out about Jedi's comments. This has happened before? "Ma'am, I don't think…" But no, she's gone, leaving the performer to stare at the hole in the underbrush created by her passing. "…and here I thought men were bad when you gave them a pointy stick."

Resigned, "Dragon riders are foolish in many things girl." He nods backwards towards the weyr, "I for one have no desire to find out what is moving in the bushes." He wiggles the branch a bit, is she coming or not?

A shadow crosses the hole where Jedi has disappeared, disappearing into the darkness.

Cerise might have gone, she's gathering herself to do just that. But then… "I don't know that we should leave her alone, sir." Because good manners always sweeten the pot, when one is suggesting rampant stupidity? Perhaps. Her eyes are locked on that one spot, her entire body gone tense. "Her dragon isn't here to help her, if something happens, the canopy's too thick for anything that size to get through and carry her out."

Aaaaand cue Jedi's return, looking amusedly foiled. "It wasn't a person." Is all she says. But she doesn't say it wasn't a feline that's really reassuring. Of course, she didn't see the shadow, either! That stalked her. She'd probably be more spooked if she knew about it. "Lli says you're a sweetheart for worrying," is added to Cerise, as a most likely far less hostile shadow crosses overhead. A massive shadow. But again, she didn't see that other shadow. "Alright, alright, I'm coming already! You big shadow you."

Renalde sighs slightly, muttering something under his breath. "Let us go ladies." Impatience strokes his words, his eyes on the last place the little shadow had passed. "I'll want not to explain why a rider and the weyrwoman's favorite plaything are studdenly no longer with us."

That the brownrider doesn't look worried should be reassuring. And yet. Somehow it isn't! Cerise is happy to shuffle backwards when Jedi reappears though, not wishing to linger. Why? "Not that I'm eager to ruin my reputation with your lifemate, ma'am, but something was following you," she points out before turning to venture down the path Renalde is waving them towards. She picks up her basket on the way. "…wait, plaything? Did you really just say that? Really?"

A shadow briefly tracks Jedi and Cerise's progress, and then disappears.

"…..What. Okay, now I'm spooked. Let's go!" Because she totally saw that most recent shadow! "Cer, g'on. Renalde, I've got the bigger knife, you go first." Jedi's….entering wingsecond mode again for the second time today that doesn't involve drills. This doesn't make for a very happy Jedi - or it won't when it has the time to sink in. "Argue later, you two were the ones who wanted to goooo." She might actually…try and pull them with her if they don't come now.

Jedi's ordering him around gets an eye, but she is finally agreeing on leaving, so Renalde lets it go. However, he continues to talk. "Girl, you are an entertainer. IS plaything not the accurate term?" His voice floats back to her, steps taking her away from the women, hand holding tight to the knife at his belt.

What as that shadow following Jedi? What was the movement in the bushes? It was terrible! Horrible! It shouldn't be viewed by small children. Nika comes BURSTING out of the jungle follage. "BEERRRRIIIIEEESSS!" The echoing of the woman's joyful calls lasts long after she has run past those gathered in this part of the jungle, a few red juicy berries spilling out of her flailing arms as she streaks by. "I looovee bbeerrrrriiiieeessss!"

Cerise is fine with being ordered around! Just as she's perfectly fine with Renalde taking point, because if that whatever it is loops around, maybe he'll die first. So she takes up second place in their little caravan, basket on her hip, knife in hand and jaw set grimly. "Fine, I'll-" Wait, what? "…"

Jedi jumps a little when Nika SPRINTS past them, and starts giggling. Even as she keeps walking out of the jungle. And as she walks, her giggle turns into laughter. "Trust….Nika….to show up randomly-" Whatever else she might have said dissolves into further laughter.

Undignified, the sudden shouting has Renalde jumping, knife pulled in one swift motion. It takes a moment for him to figure out the small woman is the cause of their unease. He mutters again. "Darkness falls ladies, shall we continue to go?"

Cerise's only comment? "At least she wasn't naked this time." Oh yes, she heard about that! Perhaps slightly exaggerated. Shaking her head- and joining Jedi in some muffled snickering- she follows behind Renalde. With her knife at the ready, because she's fairly certain even Nikas can't fly.

Jedi makes her way out of the jungle with many snickers following her. Or would have if there weren't yells moving closer in the distance. And she moves to the back of the group, readying her spear again. "G'on you two, get out of here. Lli will be waiting to further discourage anything." It's said cheerfully enough, but well. Jedi's been spooked enough this time.

There is totally a stream over there, just barely hidden behind the trees. The yells grow louder and a boyish giggle echos from the water. "AHHHH!!!" Swiftly Nathanael, mud splattered and wet from head to toe is swept past, a huge grin on his face.

"We are going woman." Jedi gets a swift retort, as Renalde picks up the pace away from where they are at. As the yell breaks the stillness he almost finches, knife pointing towards the stream. Relaxation comes just a moment later, though he keeps out the knife.

Not far behind the Seacrafter, Sytin is swept along, letting out his own whoop of boyish enthusiasm as the rushing river carries them along. "Waaahooo!!!" Equally muddy the Smith zips through the thinning jungle toward the clearing, laughing and splashing the whole while. He's gone almost as fast as he arrived, however, swept along like a muddy log.

"…maybe Dimitri was right," is Cerise's lone comment, seconds after she nearly suffers a heart attack again thanks to the boys. That just about does it for her. The performer breaks into a trot after tucking her knife away, moving as quickly as she can without bouncing the flowers right out of the basket.


The rise from sea to Weyr is made serene by a charming road winding sand-trodden from beach below to stonecut entrance above. The path wanders among a surprisingly green valley where purple flowers bloom in charmingly unfettered profusion. The meadows themselves are often in high demand as picnic areas, for dragons are not allowed to land in the narrow valley itself. No trees nor cliff lies near to shadow the clearing, however, and the intensity of sun can be unbearable for those not familiar with the humid drench of Southern's summers.

Llioramasith is there waiting when they emerge from the jungle, as promised, and Jedi isn't far behind in following. "So bossy, Renalde." She teases, even as Jedi slides the spear into it's slot on Llioramasith's straps. "I bet that's a real turn on to some girls." But now isn't the time for that, and her attention turns to the other woman! "What was your brother right about, Cerise?" Idly curious, because when has Dimitri been right about anything?

"It is doubtful your brother is right about anything." Freed from the darkness of the jungle, Renalde pushes the knife back into it's holder. "Else perhaps the sky should fall soon enough."

Once free of the mood-dampening effect of the jungle, with its creepy shadows and constant screaming, Cerise fills her lungs with a full breath and exhales slowly. Hello, dragon, is she glad to see you and your five pointy ends! Let's just gloss over that kinda sorta flirting, shall we? "He theorized that Southern might be doing its best to drive us insane or kill us outright," she says, able to manage a cheerful tone of voice now that they're away from the prime source of both of those things.

"Oh well. That." Jedi shrugs lightly, and pats Cerise on the arm - or on the shoulder if Cerise is short enough. "Cerise, I hate to break it to you but — Southern's trying to kill all of us." The brownrider actually chortles at this, and then slaps Lli lightly on the side. "So, y'two have a couple choices. We could walk back to the Weyr, or we could do the epic thing and fly back."

Renalde is eyeing the girl with a strange speculation. "I do suppose you should do something useful before you die." From out of a pocket comes a white knot, which he hangs on one finger outstretched to the girl. "Take this."

It'll have to be the arm because Jedi is the shortypants in this relationship. Cerise accepts the gesture with a grin though, certainly appreciating the humor of the other woman's reply. And, contrary to the dragon-nervous creature she was upon first arrival to Southern, she lifts her eyebrows with interest when the prospect of flying appears- Between can go taking a leap off a cliff, but flying? She looks down at the basket and is prepared to toss it aside…when Renalde pulls an unexpected move. She stares at him. Stares at the knot. Stares at him. "I have Stood before, sir. Is that an order?"

"If he doesn't make it an order, Cerise," Jedi says quietly, with amusement laced in her voice, "then I will." While she waits for the two to make up their minds about this and flying, she merely leans on Llioramasith lightly while she watches.

"Yes. Take the knot woman." Renalde wiggles it slightly impatiently. "Perhaps one of those little ones will make a decent woman out of you." Wiggle again of the knot.

Cerise's eyes narrow. It doesn't even take Jedi ordering her before she plucks the knot from Renalde's hand. "Or I'll Impress green and fuck half the Weyr by the time I'm thirty," she tells the Headman. Because so there, take that, decency. And him, come to think of it. After, she tosses her hair, tosses the basket and moves towards the brown dragon. If she's going to be pressed into indentured service, damn if she isn't going to arrive to that commitment in style.

Cerise is offered both a foreleg up by the brown, and a hand up by Jedi, and once she's strapping in, Jedi turns an expectant gaze to Renalde. "Rena, sweetheart, are you coming?" She asks oh so sweetly and cheerfully.

The jungle has one last comment. In the form of a loud CRASH somewhere near the border of the jungle.

"At least then you'll have a reason to be loose." Renalde says this firmly, like being a green rider suddenly makes promisquity alright in his mind. "No rider, I'm sure you can get her settled in." Turning Renalde walks back to the wery an /almost/ skip in his step.

"I'll find you laaaaaaaater, Renaaaaa!" Is Jedi's promise, as Llioramasith takes of and disappears into the sky. Weyrward they go!


Candidate Barracks
Perhaps the safest place in the weyr, these barracks: the stonework here is old, perhaps as old as the weyr is itself, for the uncanny cleanliness of ancient stonecutters marks neat corners and perfect arches. Richly-lit by glowlight, tapestries reflect scenes of yore from the walls - dragons flaming, holders farming, and one particularly well-made that depicts the impression of a dark-haired girl to a light-toned gold dragonet, dripping and fierce. The barracks themselves are open-air, with not even a curtain to divide the space of male from female. Bunk-bed style cots line each wall, hammocks strung along the middle for those unfortunate enough to lack the privacy that an adjoining wall brings. There are privies in the back and locker-style item storage in the front, and one especially large table next to a book-case filled with basic Harper texts.

"You're familiar with the rules, Cerise, but I'll repeat them anyway. No booze, no sex, curfew et cetera. Choose a cot, and get comfortable." Jedi, having delivered Renalde's candidate, wiggles her fingers at the woman playfully…and strides off just as quickly as she brought her here!

This is going to become a memorized routine, isn't it? Cerise, looking a little windmussed, glances around the barracks with bemusement as she's shown in…and then abandoned. "Check, check, check aaand…yes ma'am." And so, it begins again.

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