==== September 27th, 2013
==== Sienna, Shea, Kyara, Mayte, K'vvan, I'yn, Vashae, Syteran, Sara, Sadaiya, N'thu, Ayla
==== Ex-weyrlings, now-riders and other weyrfolk celebrate the graduation.

Who Sienna, Shea, Kyara, Mayte, K'vvan, I'yn, Vashae, Syteran, Sara, Sadaiya, N'thu, Ayla
What Ex-weyrlings, now-riders and other weyrfolk celebrate the graduation.
When There is 1 turn 1 month and 15 days until the 12th pass. After Joining the Ranks.
Where Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore
Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Down by the lake things are ready for a party! A bonfire is going, food and drinks are plentiful, and there are Harpers already playing on a smoothed spot that will serve as a dance floor. Time to PARTY.

Sienna has changed out of riding leathers into a nice dress, ready to party. It has a long skirt with a jacket, similar to the one she wore to the T-tourney, only in a deep shade of blue and without the beading. Instead, there's a silver sash around her middle. Her small(er) middle. She goes first for the food, sampling this and that while she waits for W'rin to arrive.

"You did a good job," says a voice right by Sienna; there's Shea, grinning a little. She may already be slightly buzzed, but who would be surprised by that? Her own clothing is also dressy-dress mode, rather than dress leathers, but in her case it's more a green knee-length swingy-skirted slinky thing that probably still traumatizes some of the Nowtimers. Whirlwind's mostly gotten used to it. "I mean, with the graduation and — everything."

Kyara returns from her brief trip back to her weyr…looking extremely different. Because this is a celebration, and even formal leathers just don't feel like they'll do tonight. No - this is a look Kyara will pull out very rarely…and it is half because it's fun to see how people react. The dress she's wearing is full-length, long-sleeved, empire-waisted, rising to a mandarin type of collar - totally acceptable by Nowtime standards, save for maybe in how close it fits in places. The fabric of it is shimmering and flowing, fading from amber gold at the neck to forest green in the skirt, and fine golden thread seems to flicker just at the edge of sight. Her hair is down, brushing long at her shoulders, and she can even be seen to wear just a hint of makeup. All in all…well, Kyara would maybe concede that she looks nice. But a more apt word might be the one her lifemate used - stunning. Yes, she can do that, when she puts her mind to it. And it's her lifemate who gives her a mental push of encouragement forward, to go mingle with everyone else now, and don't be self conscious! So she chuckles, and does as instructed, first seeking out We'bey and Vash.

Iiiiiiiit's party-time! Mayte shows up in…very different garb than usual, her arms crossed shyly over her chest. A shawl covers her shoulders now, and she's tugged the corners close. Looking about, Mayte is trying to find someone, anyone familiar in the midst of this sea of strange faces. Oh phew, it's a Sienna, and the vintner apprentice starts to make her way over to the Weyrlingmaster.

Sadaiya is still dragging around a Sara, laughing every so often at something her companion says. "So has this helped at all?" she asks, crinkling a smile upwards at the Harper as the two make their entrance. Sadaiya hasn't changed. I mean, who wants to disrupt perfection? Bam — she is delicious. "Hopefully with the application of some music and some good food, you'll be able to relax some."

Back there, off in the shadows, is a K'vvan. He's lurking at the moment, just waiting. Perhaps he is looking for someone in particular, or perhaps… Whatever it is that he had been looking for is completely forgotten when Mayte hits the scene. His eyes follow her from the shadows, not at all lurkystalkerish like.

I'yn is — here. He is still wearing his dress leathers, though he's opened the top two buttons of his top and re-combed his hair so it's back to Floppy Default Curls (they are growing out a little bit!). He is, however, also himself — and so is utterly, completely failing at mingling. Much like his dragon does, the newly-tapped Mirage rider has fallen to observing more than joining into any interaction. Perhaps he's sticking close to Teya, who must be around somewhere, while her wingleader is busy mingling and congratulating his new riders.

Sienna turns to grin at Shea. "Thanks," she says softly. "They did most of the work though. They and K'ane. But thank you, I appreciate it." Gazing around, she spots Mayte to wave, and then she blinks at Kyara and beams. "You look fantastic," she calls to her mentee - ex-mentee and friend. "You look great too, Mayte. How are you?"

Vashae ran back to her weyr as well; she may have minimal fashion sense of her own, but thankfully someone got ahold of her about tonight. Probably Kyara or We'bey. Or perhaps both! And so she's in a modest, if attractive, dress in a deep shade of purple that contrasts her just enough to be quite attractive. This is likely as close to anything fashionable as her friends could have gotten her - sometimes with her lack of regard for fashion, you'd think her better set for being a boy (excluding We'bey, of course)! Spotting Sienna and Shea, she approaches the two with a quick little grin on her face, and a salute for Sienna. "Thank you," it's said to both of them, but Vashae's gaze is on Shea, her now former-mentor. And then she spots I'yn, and with another quick grin, heads over to her friend.

And there, suddenly, in a flash of green (belonging to a shirt), look! It's a Healer! Because there ain't no party like an Igen party, 'cause an Igen party ends in wrenched backs and sprained ankles. Something like that? Anyway, Syteran is grinning, is dressed up somewhat fancier than usual, and is carrying a small basket with two smaller bundles tucked in it, guarded over jealously by his gold firelizard. So, of course, the first person he actually sees is…his cousin, Sadaiya. Eh, she'll do, for a start to his mingling; over that way he heads.

The large smile on Sara's face and the hint of color show more well being then she has had going for her in many days. "Thank you Sadie, yes, this is exactly what I needed. I think I'm going to scandalize some people by offering to help with the music… just to put a cap on the evening." Sara wraps her arms around her friend once in a thankful hug before she moves off to slip through the crowd towards wherever the music happens to be happening.

So many people! Mayte doesn't spot K'vvan in the background though every so often her eyes flick to the edge of people. Sienna gets a tentative smile, "Oh, thank you, Weyrlingmaster," though Kyara's outfit gets an unusually admiring look - perhaps because Mayte understands that underneath these trappings, they're very capable. "You look wonderful too, Kyara! And congratulations on Whirlwind!" Speaking of Whirlwhind… "I do hope you'll like it there - I know a couple of riders there." Maybe it's the light, maybe it's the autumn air, but maybe Mayte is blushing a little too.

"Don't sell yourself short," is Shea's — not really advice, but observation, for Sienna, "because you did amazing work in a tough situation." As for Vashae? She gets a finger-waggle and a beam. "Hey, Parhelion. I'm sure you're going to rock that boys' club. Get used to drinking a lot, though!" That's her only connection to that wing, besides Teya. And M'yck, to some extent, in that she is frequently attached to Zeyta.

The hug is returned, Sadaiya giving Sara a grateful squish. "I might even join you later. Y'know, make everyone jealous." She laughs, releasing her friend to the wilds of her craft and turns on her heel, ostensibly to make her way to the celebrants. Then, BAM: "Syteran! I didn't know you were HERE. Like, at all!"

Unfortunately for Vash, I'yn is still not being interesting, but when someone walks up to him he is at least going to smile. "Hi," is all that actually comes out of his so-eloquent mouth, soft and gentle. "Did you actually want Parhelion?" 'Because I knew they wanted you' does not actually come out of his mouth, but that can probably be guessed: if Teya knew it, I'yn probably did. He's just making sure.

Sienna smiles at Mayte and then turns her attention to Shea again with another murmured, "Thank you." Then she spots the Weyrleader, and she's politely breaking away from her little group to go snag his arm in hers. "Dancing. Now." And she tugs him to the floor so the two of them can /finally!!/ have a dance.

Sienna's call diverts Kyara in that direction, which also happens be where Mayte and Shea are, and she approaches with her chin dipped a little modestly, though she is grinning. She'll get over to Vash and I'yn in a bit; the night's just starting! "Thank you," she says a little quietly to Sienna. "So do you. Mayte, thanks." She extends a hand to Shea, her grin going lopsided. "Glad to be your wingmate now, Shea," she says, turning her attention back to Mayte for a moment and noticing her blush. She knows what that is; she does it plenty herself. "It may take some time to fit in, but I'm sure I will. Which riders do you know?" Does Kyara know about Mayte and K'vvan? Maybe not directly…but maybe she's heard a thing or two. Then Sienna's off to dance, which gets a chuckle. Guess she'll have to wait a little to have Sienna's full attention for a bit.

Anyone who was hoping for a rematch between Harpers like the one that happened at this group's hatching is going to be sad. When Sara approaches the pair providing the music they willingly make room for her, and even offer up a flute for her to join the music with. "Dancing for a while, aye?" Accord is quickly reached and the music bursts forth from their corner. It's a fast paced song, one which encourages feet to get out and move, and leaves little room for those who want to dance to talk.

Syteran grins, then outright laughs at his cousin. "What, did you think I'd gone off to Southern with everyone else? Or had you just forgotten that you gave me a ride in the first place?" he teases Sadaiya, reaching up with no respect for the fact she's, you know, a weyrwoman and all that, and ruffling her hair. "No, I've been here the whole time — doing my thing, losing apprentices to Search and then to baby dragons. The usual."

Mayte gives Sienna a little smile as the older woman (not by much, of course) makes her way off to dance with W'rin. That should be interesting. Using her extra heel-added height, the apprentice tries to find the food and wine table - surely someone had the sense to have this thing catered? But Kyara's talking, and she grins back and replies, "Um, I know Weyrsecond A'lory, and Wingrider K'vvan. They're very nice…" Well, on this end of the Bazaar at least. Mayte gives Kyara an apologetic, slightly strained look, "Sorry, there's just a few too many people around, I'm just gonna…" A headnod to the edge of the crowd, "Get a little bit of air?"

N'thu's mingling SHOULD be focused on his new wingriders, and to some extent it is; he has been talking to a couple of the male blueriders they'd picked up, not wanting to interrupt Vashae and We'bey, who appear to have friends they're with instead. But now his migratory path — and his wine flute — have taken him in the direction of Sadaiya. How timely that Syteran mentions Search just as he walks up to the scheming goldrider whose plans he is privy to. "Siraji's friend, yeah?" is the only thing he can remember about the Healer — except that he's a Healer. Names? What are those? "And a friend of yours too, apparently?" is for Sadaiya, who he would've gotten a drink for if he didn't figure she already had her own.

K'vvan moves in those shadows a bit more, watching, waiting… And then there it is. Mayte is moving towards the edge. The skittish about touching rider slips to where he can intercept the vintner. "Mayte…. you look amazing."

"Yes. No. Maybe?" Sadaiya's face darkens with a flush, but she can't remain TOO grumpy, and it's with a dippy, off kilter smile that she makes her introductions. "Syteran, this is Parhelion's Wingleader, N'thu, rider of bronze Itzquintlith." The dragon name is pronounced syllable by syllable, but managed without biting her tongue! Amazing! "Wingleader N'thu, this is my cousin, Syteran, Senior Journeyman Healer." Even as she speaks, her hands come up to pat her coiffed hair back into place, tucking strands back behind her still-glowing ears.

I'yn is interesting just in being himself! Or well, so Vashae would say. She smiles back at him, and then shrugs a little. "I didn't really think they'd want me," she confesses with an ironic little smile crossing her lips. "I know the no-girl policy broke a while ago, but even so.. I wanted them, though." Them or Mirage, but she doesn't say that. Her lifemate's desires are just as important as hers in this respect, and Vashae at least seems reasonably happy with what's happened! "Congratulations on getting into Mirage, I'yn." Because that's what he wanted, right? Raised eyebrows ask that question for her, surely.

Syteran says, "Wingleader," Syteran greets solemnly, with a respectful nod that has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he's still laughing at his cousin and that's blatantly evident in his eyes. "And yes — we met previously in Siraji's company, whether or not it's safe for any mortal man to claim he's her friend, and I can more safely claim a relationship to this one." Shoulder nudge. Hey, at least he isn't still messing up Sadaiya's hair, right?"

Oh sweet breathing space! Mayte is quietly taking some gulping breaths once she makes free space. Thank gooodness. And then… Mayte doesn't quite shriek as she whirls around but her eyes are quite wide. "K'vvan!" One hand presses dramatically to her heart-area, "Sorry, you startled me." And wait… was that a compliment? "Thank you…" The shawl is drooping a little until Mayte straightens it over a collarbone, hair left to fall loose. "Did you see the ceremony too?"

From I'yn, first, a quiet nod; it is what he wanted, an answer to the unspoken question. "Yeah. Guess my interest in dragonhealing was — noted. And Vazirynath's, uh. She's not actually interested in fighting," is said in a softer voice. That's his dragon's secret and not one he wants spread to EVERYONE. "She's kind of funny like that — not interested in Thread or mating flights. She processes 'em both as duty and that's all, whereas so many other dragons seem to enjoy it. Them. But, no, Parhelion definitely wanted you."

Kyara nods at Mayte, smirking as she watches the Vintner take off for the edge of the crowd…toward a dark figure that she's reasonably certain is K'vvan. Yep! She chuckles, giving a little nod to Shea. "Excuse me for just a bit." Moving a little closer to where the dancing is happening, she suppresses the urge to go at least attempt to join the Harpers for the moment as she waits for Sienna to come back around, subtly attempting to catch her eye as a foot taps the beat.

Sienna gets two dances out of W'rin before they have to part ways, and the Weyrlingmaster manages to not look /too/ disappointed. She knew what she was getting into. As the dance finishes she moves breathlessly off the 'floor', passing by Kyara with a grin.

"Welcome to the club," Shea tells Kyara, "and then the smaller club, Whirlwind's ladies." That's when she raises her wineglass. Technically, she was the second — but the first Oldtimer, though now they number — two — three — four — three — she isn't quite sure, now, where Sienna falls, and they did just recently obtain Ada. "It is a very welcoming club, I promise! Tough but — good. Go dance," she adds in good cheer, waving her hand, and occupies herself with more drink sampling. Typical when off-duty.

"And you lived to tell the tale!" Sadaiya marvels, dramatically pressing a hand to her heart. "I'm impressed. Once I had to break up a fight between her and her brother. It wasn't pretty, I'll say that much." Her smile is wistful, memories all bubbling up to bring sadness to her dark eyes. "But new wing members, how exci-tiiing!" Insert a few claps and a bounce in place. "I was shocked to see that We'bey got tagged for Parhelion, but glad. You have a good eye for hidden talents, N'thu. He's a good kid." Insofar as she knows anyway! Bwa-ha-ha.

A small smile breaks onto K'vvan's face as Mayte jumps suddenly. "Sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up on you, just, don't like the crowd, you know?" He gestures vaguely in the general direction of PEOPLE OVER THERE. His gives her entire outfit a look, then blushes all sorts of red. "No, though I did want to maybe see D'reize…" He shrugs though, apparently that isn't important.

Oh, they're cousins. Right — N'thu sees the resemblance now that he looks for it. "We're full of surprises," is all he says as far as Parhelion's tappings go: a girl and We'bey. Surprises indeed. "I'm not sure it's what he wanted, but we got the recommendation and there was no sense in not taking it. He's got the street smarts for this place. The ins with the bazaar — same as me, only he's been closer to it these past turns. Practically grew up with my little sister, too." Webs and Ixtli being the same age and her wearing his work and all. "Nice to properly meet you, though, sir," is for the Healer. "Sorry about the loss of apprentices. Hopefully it'll be over soon enough."

Following after Sienna at an easy pace, Kyara chuckles as she glances between Weyrleader and Weyrlingmaster. "He does dance!" she comments with only slightly-feigned surprise; Sienna did say so, after all. Still walking, Kyara's hand goes to the pouch at her hip (even with the dress, it's there!), slipping inside to feel for something.

Sienna laughs. "I told you so," she teases her /friend/, reaching out to try and give her a tight and sudden hug. "I'm so proud of you," she whispers. "Whirlwind. Congratulations." She /did/ recommend her for that wing, but who knows what W'rin was going to do. Not his weyrmate!

Vashae smiles at him, and nods. "I'm glad you got what you wanted, I'yn." It's said with complete sincerity, and a quiet nod at his comment about Vazirynath. "I can't imagine all of them do." She won't comment on her lifemate, but well, it's Jovianth being mentioned. He's a peculiar factor! "So long as the two of you are happy about it, that's what matters." Right? The comment about Parhelion wanting her definitely is met with a half grin from the bluerider. "Still kinda surprised they did, but well. Not going to look a gift runner in the mouth." Because that's a saying on Pern, right? "Hard to believe it's been long enough."

Mayte is, on the other hand, totally not blushing. Not at all. "Yeah, it's kinda busy." Pause a beat and then Mayte starts to relax, letting her arms uncross a little. "D'reize? He's on … green, right? I think he got Mirage." It's hard to remember everyone's new wing, though Mayte tried. "I haven't seen him recently, though." Two-inch heels only brings her to 5'7", ya know. "Um. Do you know if there's food or drink here?" Cheering is thirsty work, afterall.

Most awkward couple on Pern? Yeah, right over here. K'vvan rubs a hand on his arm, gaze moving away from the little vinter in a bit of emarassment. "Um, I think they have some things over there." He points in the general direction of food then PAUSES. "Uh, want to come with me to get some?"

From the crowd, inexplicably, Jesha cheers "WOOO GET SOME!"

Kyara gets caught in Sienna's hug with enough abruptness that she laughs. "I…hah! Thank you. It scares me some, but it is what we wanted. I wasn't sure if it was too much to hope for, but…" Finally finding what shes searching for in her pouch, she gives her friend and gentle smile. "Sienna, I…wanted to give you something. Well, two things, technically." First to appear in her hand is something circular and green - simple, at first glance, but when examined closer, there is a stylized dragon in flight carved in relief in the richly hued jade. To follow the image is to eventually reach two moons over a forest, the last tree of which melds right back into the dragon's tail to make the picture continuous. The other thing is a corked, non-descript tube; there's music in there, if Sienna looks, which will warrant an explanation, since Kyara knows she doesn't read. She first gives Sienna the bracelet, then the tube. "Just…a thank you. For everything," she says quietly.

Sienna looks downright startled by Kyara's gifts, cradling them both tenderly in her arms. Who says green is an unlucky color? "Kyara," she whispers softly, "You…wow. You didn't have to. I…thank you." Awed no doubt, she then opens the tube to see what is inside.

"Aww, did you see that? Kyara gave Sienna a gift! Wonder what it is?" Bracing herself with a hand on Syteran's arm, she stands on her tippy-toes, ballet style, craning her neck. "Can you tell, N'thu? I can't see from here. You're, what, eight foot ten?"

If they're not the most awkward couple on Pern, then Pern is going to be in a lot of trouble in about 20 Turns… Mayte smiles a little and nods, "That sounds wonderful. And yes, I will." GRRR says her stomach. She totally will. A little smile and Mayte daringly, nearly tauntingly flips one end of her shawl, "Are you hungry too?"

The people get looked at with a bit of wariness, but the vinter wants food… K'vvan shoves his hands into his pockets and leads in a round about way to the food. "No drink for me, but uh, here." He snatches a drink from someone who had just poured one for someone else, and passes it off to the vintner.

Syteran shrugs philosophically, and then leans his elbow on top of his (shorty mcshortshort) cousin's shoulder — the one that doesn't result in his obscuring her knot, naturally. "It's not the first time, and I doubt it'll be the last — but I'yn, at least, is going to go into dragonhealing. So they're not completely lost to me."

Kyara just shrugs a little; she knows she didn't have to. She wanted to. As Sienna opens the tube, she clears her throat a little. "Now, I know you said you don't read music," she explains, "but this…music is how I say things best. It's in my blood. Always has been. I'll play it for you, tomorrow or whenever else there's a chance. But I wanted you to have the written music, too. I'm looking forward to playing it for you." She shifts a little from foot to foot, smile lopsided as she watches Sienna's reaction. "How you've helped me is worth the time in the music, and more. You've been my mentor, my Weyrlingmaster…my friend. It's the least I can do. I…hope you like it."

Grumble mutter mumble. Steam almost roils from Sadaiya's increasingly flush-darkened ears. "You DO realize that I have my own flamethrower now, right, cousin dear?" she grates, every inch the youngest relative. Her head turns and she glares pointedly at the elbow next to her ear, then sighs. Then overhears Kyara and gets all weepy-eyed. "O-oh. That's just lovely. I hope I can hear it sometime. Kyara's such a beautiful person."

Sienna looks over the music and exhales softly, blinking moist eyes that then need to be dabbed at with the edge of her sleeve. "Kyara, this is so sweet of you, I'll treasure them always, thank you so much. And I can't wait to hear it. Thank you." And she offers her another tight hug. "We can go back to being friends now," she whispers softly.

N'thu might not actually be taller than Syteran, but he is somewhat more lean and spindly, so if he stands on his toes he's generally got a good view. "Ah — jewelry. And. Something else," is his belated report, though Sadaiya and Syteran are actually able to overhear faster than he can parse visual cues. "Very sweet of her," is his soft observation.

Ayla strolls to the lake shore, whistling loudly. She waves and smiles at those who greet her and keeps on moving. She strolls through the crowd, making small talk, having a drink here, a drink there, until her eyes spot….Sadaiya! Ahh, these days it's nice to see a familiar face. SHe walks up behind Sadaiya and places her hands over her eyes. "Boo Sadie! Guess who?" SHe asks in a sing song voice and giggles after.

Mayte has been handed someone else's drink. She stares at it, a little dumbfounded and blinks. "K'vv… Um, I wasn't really…" Is there a way to say this politely? "What drink is this?" If you can't explain the contents, you probably shouldn't hand it to your nearly-sorta-maybe girl. An apologetic look to the person who's glaring at the back of K'vvan's head. "How's Nadeeth doing?" Let's find a new, unstealable topic!

If gift runners were not a saying, they are now. I'yn shrugs a little, but he seems pretty nonchalant about — well, everything. This is likely due to keeping emotions in check, as opposed to a lack. "Yeah. They got old. She got pretty," is referring to his ugly duckling dragon, now gorgeous and maybe even slightly, distantly hint-of-glowy around the edges. "Which I can't say I was expecting at all."

If anyone else has spotted the fact that Kyara has been gifting Sienna with things, the newly-minted Whirlie isn't taking any notice. Kyara tears up a bit herself, returning Sienna's hug just as tightly. "Good," she says of the fact that they can go back to being friends now, chuckling a bit. "I'm glad." And for the moment, she just smiles, unsure of what else to say. Letting Sienna go, she swipes at her own eyes a bit before glancing around. "Well…I've got to find a few more people, but…I'll be back around," she tells Sienna, spotting her next victim.

Briefly, Syteran is shrugged off, and Sadaiya's eyes alight at the approach of the older brownrider, her happy tears dashed away for the moment. "Ayla! It's wonderful to see you. I'm glad you made it out for the party!" Her voice strains, slightly, to be heard over the Harper-played dancin' music. "Come, join us. The wingleader, my cousin and I were just discussing the wing choices. Did you HEAR what greenrider Kyara got for Sienna, the weyrlingmaster?"

"Jewelry, hm?" Syteran murmurs thoughtfully, glancing around and making use of his height — and just as he gets nudged out of the way by someone grabbing at Sadaiya's eyes, he spots I'yn and Vashae across the room. Another laugh, as someone else takes the duty of pestering the goldrider off his hands, and another nod to N'thu — and "Excuse me, if you would," mutters the senior journeyman healer, before recollecting his basket and heading over to hara— er, visit with his two former apprentices, while they're still in one place.

"I think…." K'vvan looks at the drink, "It's wine. Don't you know that?" The vintner is given a /look//, usually she's much quicker at Spot the Drink game. "She's fine. Do you want some food?" yes, food right, this time K'vvan doesn't steal the food, he offers her a redfruit.

Sienna grins at Kyara and nods, tucking her gifts into the crook of her arm. "Enjoy yourself, Kyara. I'm going to head back to the twins." And with that, and a few other congratulations given to other Weyrlings as she passes, the Weyrlingmaster heads back to her children.

"No," says N'thu good-naturedly to Syteran; apparently he likes the guy well enough to tease him, now, though he is almost immediately reverting to Polite Wingleader Mode and giving Ayla a polite nod. "Hopefully we'll get to literally hear it, if she'll be so kind," he adds.

Sienna hugs K'vvan! K'vvan twitches away from your touch.

Vashae is the same way, so if his lack of emotion bothers her, she's not showing it herself! "They did…it's hard to believe it's been so long already." Granted, it hasn't been that long, but it's been long enough. Long enough that their dragons are all but? Completely? Grown up now. And they've all grown with them. "She really did. I'm not really sure anyone expected that." She offers him a half-apologetic look with her little grin. "You two will fit in good with Mirage."

Ayla chuckles and hugs her friend. "I did not hear my friend, why don't you fill me in?" She waves at the others, and snags a drink from someone walking by with a few. She sips at it and smiles happily when it has liquor. "What did Kyara get Sienna?"

"No, I'm sure no one did," I'yn says, in re: Vazirynath's coming out attractive. The last person to expect that? Him, unless it was actually her. "But I'm — proud, I guess, even if she doesn't like the fact that people notice her now." Syteran's approach is noted, and I'yn offers a quick, shy wave in his direction. They're still here. Getting used to not being wingmates.

Mayte will have you know she is really good at the Guess the Alcohol, but usually said alcohol is gained through trade… the person whose drink has been stolen has marched off under a dark cloud, so Mayte just lets the drink sit in her hand, accepting the much more honestly gained redfruit and lifting it to her mouth for a nibble. "Mmm… You're doing well too?" A dark-eyed, inquisitive look, "You've been busy recently."

Brace yourselves, I'yn and Vashae, because now there's a group hug in your personal space. Syteran is grinning fiercely at both of them, and effortlessly balancing hugs, basket, squawking fire lizard, and the empty glass of actually-that-was-just-water that he liberated on his way over from N'thu and Sadaiya. "Just look at the two of you!" he crows. "I suppose I'm supposed to be proud of you, too."

"Well, as Wingleader N'thu just informed me — my cousin here was… just here… a second ago…" Sadaiya looks back and forth, baffled, until she notices her tall relative retreating towards a knot of healery types. "Ahem. Anyway, jewelry, AND she apparently wrote a SONG for her. Oooh, yeah, that WOULD be wonderful, N'thu, but Sienna just darted off. I can't imagine what it's like to have twins, especially one as huge as the boy. Definitely the Weyrleader's kids, I'll say that much. I'm glad she was able to, um, fire them out? Birth them? In time to fill her duties. Sienna's a wonderful rider. It's good. This mood, I'm glad. It's nice to see people so happy."

K'vvan rescues a drink with less alcohol in it, perhaps angering another person who the rider freely ignores. He drifts away from the table, though keeps Mayte between him and the crowd. Hopefully she drifts with him? "Whirlwind is intense, so we're pretty busy if it isn't a rest day. Don't know how some of the other riders handle it…"

Will anyone besides Sienna actually get to hear what Kyara wrote for her? Maaaybe…in some form or another. Gifting someone music is a very personal thing for her, but she does love sharing it with whomever wants to hear what she writes. Will she have the time anymore, now that she's in Whirlwind? She'd rather not think about that. She'll make it work, dammit. "Alright, Sienna. See you later," Kyara says with a nod, moving off herself. Her next mark, standing right next to another intended target, is Vashae, but she doesn't call out; Vash is talking with I'yn. Except now they're both getting hugged by a Healer, so she stops a short distance away, hovering on the edge of sight and smiling to catch one or the other's eye, not wanting to interrupt.

Ayla raises her wing like brows. "Ooo! Fancy. Must be nice though." Her smile fades though, when twins are mentioned, a tightening of her face really. "Twins are a joy Sadaiya…. Sienna will cherish them both, trust me on that." SHe takes a long draw from her drink and stares at all the happy faces. "How many graduated today?"

We're walking, and we're walking… Mayte does join K'vvan in his strolling, "It does look like you'll have some new faces there," she mentions while nibbling on the redfruit. The original glass has been dropped off somewhere, and another picked up, and it's empty. Oh look! Mayte's already enjoyed herself. Look at that. "But you're handling it, it looks like?" Since K'vvan is sober, well-dressed, and more… centered? "YOu… ah, you look really good." The last of this is admitted quietly.

She probably should have expected this! The group hug, at least. Vashae laughs a little, and hugs Syteran back with a crooked grin, and tilts her head to the side a little. "Proud? Uh, I guess?" They survived Weyrlinghood, after all! That in itself, with those 'Reachians in charge at first, should probably be something to be proud of. Kyara's noticed, and waved in to their little group. Because former Harpers are just as welcome! "How have things in the Infirmary been?" She's feeling a little guilty, perhaps, that she hasn't been in to check on things in a while.

"Kids." N'thu makes a slight face. It is the face of someone who doesn't want any. "She'll be a wonderful mother, though. And I suspect W'rin will come around. To the whole parenting thing. If he hasn't already." Not that he doesn't already have a son, but N'thu is pretending he didn't hear about that.

"Oh, W'rin's COMPLETELY smitten, especially with the daughter. Not in a favoritism kind of way, mind, just… y'know, he's daaaaddy now," Sadaiya drawls, tumbling her hands together to emphasize. "Graduates…graduates… y'know, I completely lost count." She frowns a bit, looking upwards at the sky as she counts, then shrugs. "Nope, no clue. I'm sure we'll find out. Ohhh, is that K'vvan with Mayte? She's a very talented Vintner. One of my best friend's nieces, too. I'd been wondering who he'd been 'threatening' to debone. Oh! Lookit that BODY LANGUAGE!" The gossiping is done in sotto voce, though the weyrwoman's gesturing does nothing to hide WHO she's talking about. "That's so cute. What a night."

"Sounds about right," I'yn agrees, once he is done being squished. Kyara also gets a smile from him, though he's not any more effusive than he ever has been. With much of anyone. "Proud, I mean. We didn't, you know. Die. Or anything." Vash gets a look from that, though at this point his teasing her about the jump is affectionate, as opposed to the brief bitter anger that has long since dissolved. "C'mere, Kya. What's up?"

Ungrateful teenager, but if K'vvan notices the dumbing of the drink he doesn't say anything. There's a shrug at her comment, "Whirlwind is…. well, it's different. Nadeeth misses Sandblast a bit, but… she likes the challenge too. How about you? That harper given you any more troubles?"

Kyara laughs a little as she's waved in by Vashae, and then invited by I'yn. "Evening, sir," she greets Syteran, extending her hand to the Healer. "Kyara, green Liareth's. A pleasure to meet you." Now she grins at both of her former wingmates. Shells… That's going to take some getting used to. "I'm so happy for both of you guys," she says, quietly. "Mirage, I'yn! Congratulations. You and Vazirynath are going to do so well there; I know it. And she has gotten very pretty lately, by the way." Discreetly, she's poking around in her pouch again. She nudges Vashae with her other hand, trying not to seem too distracted by what she's doing. "Would you come talk to me for a second, Vash? When you get a moment."

Mayte may pose as ungrateful, but what she is is smart. Who knows what was in that drink? "But surely she's making friends in Whirlwind too?" A thread of uneasiness traces through Mayte's tone, "She is having fun?" The subject of Peaston gets a wry grin, "Funny story on that Harper actually… He's annoyed the Weyrsecond! Apparently the Journeyman kept maligning the Weyrsecond's weyrmate and…" well, according to Mayte's shrug, whatcha gonna do?

Ayla claps Sadie on the back and mianders off and ends up near Kyara. She waves at the young graduate and smiles, raising her glass to her. "CONGRATULATIONS WEYRLINGS!" SHe shouts as she walks through them.

"He annoyed the weyrsecond again? Even I know not to piss that man off." Of course, knowing where the guy came from helps. K'vvan kicks a rock and watches it clatter across the ground, stopping short of hitting someone else in the shoe. "I don't know why anyone would want to sleep with him, he's cold."

"Sure, Kyara. What's up?" Vashae casts a grin at I'yn, and at Syteran as well as a teasing salute, before walking off with Kyara. "Something the matter?" Because of course that's the first thing Vashae's mind leaps to, is that there's something with their— OH WAIT THEY'RE NOT IN A WING TOGETHER ANYMORE. WHOOPS. Definitely going to take some getting used to!

One might get the impression from this conversation that the Weyrsecond is easily irritable but Mayte has been in the fire and only landed a fortnight in a freakin' dress. "He's okay," she says elusively. The rock that K'vvan has booted is eyed by Mayte. "Stop that. And yeah, I can't imagine why anyone would be with that journeyman either." A sarcastic pfft, though her eyes cant in K'vvan's direction and the hopful grin that he can be distracted. The celebration gets a little grin. "Do you… want to dance?"

Imagine a brick wall, now imagine K'vvan walking right into that wall. The look of utter shock he turns on Mayte would be akin to the walk-in-to-wall face. "Are you kidding me? I don't dance!"

Sadaiya has long since disappeared to do her turn on the dance floor, leaving N'thu behind. She's passed from person to person until, breathless with laughter, she staggers out of the dance area. "No more, no more!" Fanning herself, she passes K'vvan and Mayte, managing to overhear the greenrider's exclamation. "Oh, go for it, K'vvan. Consider it an order if that'll help." No, she's not 'awww'ing to herself as she disappears into the crowd.

Poor N'thu. He has, at least, faded off into conversation with his wingmates himself — and, most likely, a lot of drinking.

Mayte may not run into the same brick wall that K'vvan does, but she narrowly avoids running into him. Barely keeping herself from giggling at the look of surprise on K'vvan's face, she offers innocently, "Did you give it a chance?" And then Sadaiya's walking around them, and oops, that sounded like a goldrider saying 'thou shalt…' Um. The look Mayte gives K'vvan is part hopeful, part embarrassed. "Or… do you want to give it a try?"

Kyara walks absently to a spot devoid of people, though there are still plenty around, calling, "Thank you!" to a very loud Ayla as she passes the brownrider. She stops when she finally finds what she's digging for in the pouch, and she laughs, shaking her head when Vashae asks if there's something wrong. "Gonna have to stop that," she teases lightly, though there's a hint of wistfulness to her expression. "It's going to be weird, not seeing you in drills every day. Flying with you and Jovianth, except for…Fall, when it gets here." And even then, they'll be at different altitudes and maybe even halves. "Parhelion," she sighs, her smile growing again. "You'll be great there." She's still a little distracted by what she's turning over in her palm.

Is it just K'vvan, or does being in the same vicinity as the diminutive gold rider, always have consequences happen to the young rider? The goldrider's back gets a bit of a mournful look, but he knows he would look surly(er) if it said no. A rather pathetic look is passed to Mayte. He looks around, embarrassed and mutters.

You overhear K'vvan mutter, "If I … … how … … … … … … I know how to dance? I'll … … on …" to Mayte.

You'd think Mayte had asked K'vvan to do a fancy flamenco tango salsa waltz in tap shoes or something; his mutter to her gets a raised eyebrow and if he hadn't sealed his fate before Sadaiya walked by, he has now. THIS IS HAPPENING. FYI. The redfruit goes flying elsewhere, and the Vintner tugs on the Wingrider's sleeve. "It's not like there are any fancy moves or anything, just… relaxing. Enjoying. We can even talk." Oh, and the touching, did she mention that? "We can even do it here, we're close enough to the music." A pause and then Mayte mutters something quietly.

Oh, Sadaiya knows. And she's giving K'vvan The Smile — you know the one, all teeth and rank, all 'you have to do what I say-ayy' sing-songed? Which she totally does, traipsing with smugness over to the knot of new wingriders. "Kyara, Vashae, I'yn, congratulations. I wanted to especially thank you for what you did for Weylingmaster Sienna. Admittedly, I cried a bit. Almost had to freshen up my makeup! I'm sure you'll all bring honor to Igen's wings, though."

You overhear Mayte mutter, "… … … freakin' … … …" to K'vvan.

"We'll try," is what I'yn tells Sadaiya, for all that his confident tone makes up for his timid and non-guaranteeing statement almost entirely. Confident tone and confident expression to go with non-confident words. He's staying off to the side, not interrupting Vash and Kyara's conversation, but he seems relaxed with that: thumbs in beltloops, just chillin'. "I'm in your wing, though," he adds, and then — because while back in Ista they were friends, he now needs to use more Serious Titles still, "weyrwoman."

"Old habits die hard." Vashae quips back at Kyara, grinning briefly at her former Wingleader. "I'll break it soon enough." Or at the very least, supress it! "You and Liareth will be great in Whirlwind." It's a counter, but the kind only a friend would playfully do. Perhaps Vashae's getting over the break in trust? "Parhelion… I'yn said they really wanted me." And Kyara probably knows that Vashae wanted them too! "If nothing's wrong, what's on your mind?" And then there's a Sadaiya, and Vashae salutes respectfully. "Thank you, ma'am. I'll do my best."

"That's probably easier!" K'vvan tries one last weak protest before letting the girl pull him a bit closer to the music. Brick-face has turned into deer-in-headlights, espeically as he sees The Smile from currently LEAST FAVORITE goldrider. But look, he is moving. Akwardly. "well… where do I put my hands then?"

Kyara also salutes Sadaiya, though she tilts her head with a wry smile at the Weyrwoman. "Thank you, ma'am…though I didn't mean to make you cry, too!" She laughs, gesturing to the goldrider with a "just a moment" finger raised - hang on a sec, Sadaiya! - and finally brings up her hand, though she doesn't open it yet.

"Listen," Kyara begins, taking a moment to apparently inspect the toes of her shoes before looking back up at them, "I know I've…been infuriating and made you want to strangle me at least once in the past few months." A careful smile is given, here. "You didn't have to let me back in or trust me again…but you did, and I'm grateful. And now here we are. In spite of the rough ride - finished." Regarding Vash earnestly, she swallows over a slight lump in her throat. "I…I can't imagine how life would be without you or We'b. I mean that, truly." Opening her fingers, she reveals a diamond-shaped…pendant? Charm? Wrought in blackened silver, it's slightly larger than a mark, and within the darkly gleaming border is the painstakingly shaped silhouette of a dragon in flight. To either side of the dragon, a striking, pearlescent shell is inlaid, half blue and half purple. "Where we are," she explains, pointing to the left half; this is dragon color. Then, "Where we came from." The second half is the color of the Craft from which they hailed. Jovianth's blue and Healer's purple. She gives this to Vash along with a small, corked tube. Kyara looks up at now, nibbling at her lower lip. "It's…meant to be worn, or pinned, or sewn; whatever you want, really." Her fingers are fiddling with her own incarnation of what she's given Vashae - green and blue, worn as a pendant. "Just…a small thing. A congratulations, and a thank you. And the music," that's what's in the tube, of course, "I don't know if you read; I can show you how it goes sometime, if you're game. It's just a little tune you made in my mind - each of you did, if that makes any sense, and…mm." She bites her lips together; she's starting to talk too fast and will just shut up now. Almost. "Anyway. There you go."

Mayte is strangely not bothered by the deer-in-headlights look, because they all start that way. "Your hands go here," Mayte very properly puts them at her waist - the only way Corelle could complain is that there's actually touchings! "And mine go here," she tells K'vvan, just at his shoulders. Enough room to keep at super-arms-length, or pull in close. And thus does the awkward of junior-high-esque dance begin, the awkward shuffling of feet, the flush of dependant conversation,"So, um. D'you talk with A'lory at all?"

"I'm so proud of you all," the weyrwoman goes on, though she closes her lips on a smile at Kyara's urging for silence. The 'oh!' that slips out of Sadaiya has a little catch in it, and… yup, there's the tears. Big, crocodilean ones that hang out at the corners of her eyes and wobble her generous lower lip. Quickly, she fishes a wispy little handkerchief from inside her dress and dabs at her rapidly disintegrating make-up and a bit at her sniffly little nose.

Conversation is more then stitled for a bit as K'vvan eyes this new development. More than once he almost steps on the girl's feet, but manages to miss by mere breaths each time. "We're in the same wing now so… yeah, we do, sometimes." If she's talking about a particular instance though, he seems utterly unaware of it.

Vashae quirks a little smile at the mention of feeling like wanting to strangle Kyara because, while perhaps not entirely accurate, it's close enough on the money to be the truth! But then it's Vashae's turn to be surprised by the greenrider - again might I add! - and there might be a momentary battle for composure. Which Vashae wins maybe because she borrows strength from her lifemate. "Kyara, it's beautiful. Thank you." Her friend is getting hugged tightly, and smiled at. "The symbology attached, it's.." Okay, maybe there are tears in Vashae's eyes. The smart people will say NOTHING. "I'd love to hear it sometime. When we…have the chance." Who knows when that will be, but not having been harper trained herself, well… She could probably learn how to read music, but when will she have the time! Squeeze-hug. Aaaand release, before she smothers the poor former Harper!

Yup, perhaps K'vvan is why steel-toes were invented, but Mayte doesn't feel a thing - thankfully, because he's not stepping on toes, since Mayte's not wearing those fancyfied boots. The conversation of wingmates and grunkles is dropped with a little, "Oh, that's good then." HAH, didn't expect that one! "He's … sort of my uncle. After about four hundred turns or something." Full disclosure is the best policy, right?

"He is what?!" K'vvan stops attemping to do what looks a bit like awkward teenage dancing, stepping away from the girl. "You're related to the Weyrsecond? How far back?" The tone in his voice has chanaged just slightly, having developed a slight edge to it. "When was your family at Brita?"

Kyara is not in the least worried about getting smothered; she's pretty strong, after all, though that's not to say Vashae isn't…ahem. Maybe if it were someone as big as W'rin, but she doubts that'll ever be a concern. "When we have the chance," she affirms. "You're welcome. I'm glad you like them." Yes, okay, she's getting a little bleary again, too. But she won't say anything about Vashae's if Vash doesn't say anything about hers! Except, who's she kidding - it's fairly obvious on her end. It always is. She glances over at Sadaiya again and notices her crying, opening her stance back up to invite the weyrwoman back near her and Vash. She quirks an eyebrow at Sadaiya, grinning and turning a hand outward; yes, it's the weyrwoman, but she'll totally give Sadaiya a hug too, if she wants it, because she's crying, dangit!

You know, familial relation, through time and eternity, yadda yadda… Mayte looks up as her nearly pleasant dance gets interrupted, "Um. From his brother, I think?" The shawl, which started to slip slightly gets pulled tighter, and Mayte folds her arms around chest tightly. "It was a really long time ago. I didn't even know my family was ever in Bitra. I'd only heard Benden Hold and Ista." While for a moment Mayte is staring down at the tips of her shoes, she looks up and raises her chin just a little. "I found out when my mother was sick." Okay, maybe Mayte's not above playing a bit of the guilt game.

Hugs? Hell yeah, Sadaiya loves hugs, her short, perfumed arms catapulting around the young greenrider. "You are such a lovely person," she babbles, repeating herself with a moist little giggle, then releasing the new wingrider back into her friend's clutches. "It's wonderful to see the cameraderie you all share. It's going to be key in the Turns to come, and not just for duty's sake. Why, Sienna and I were clutchmates together ourselves, and she's my best friend in the world. I was there the other day when her twins were born."

K'vvan relaxes just a touch, as if her ignorance of Brita is a good thing. Which honestly, it probably is. "When was your mother sick?" The guilt card words, and K'vvan awkwardly puts his hands back in the dancing positions she had placed them in before.

Vashae murmurs something polite and appropriate, hugs Kyara and Sadaiya both, and might just so happen to choose to flee the celebrations. But if she does, at least she did the polite thing and excused herself very politely? To flee. And go be emotional in private, or something. Those who watch carefully might notice weathered wings of blue take flight, and glide in the direction of the Bazaar. To their weyr.

Just like a cat arching its back for a fight, it takes a little before Mayte relaxes in K'vvan's hands again, "Oh, um," and Mayte's totally not going to feel guilty here! "A couple of months ago. Father sent me a letter." Her own hands returning to their original position, the apprentice finally looks up and smiles again, "She pulled through, but it was a bit of a near miss. But…" and then Mayte looks strangely around at those around them. "Don't tell anyone, okay?" A little head nod, "I don't want it to be awkward in the bazaar." Slowly people have been filtering out, and Vashae of the blue gets a quick wave - but quick. If Mayte lets go of K'vvan too long, he might disappear.

"You should have said something! I, Nadeeth and I, we well… we would have helped you out." Even if Benden is the last place in this world that K'vvan ever wants to see again. To say this he moves just a little closer to her, hand moving from her side to the low of her back. He doesn't seem to notice the sudden closerness.

Kyara watches Vashae go…not with concern, per se, but with a little perplexity. She knows her friend does tend to try masking what she feels. It's just her way, and she'll be fine. Grinning at Sadaiya, she gives a slight dip of her head. "I…thank you," she says quietly. Then, nodding, she tells Sadaiya, "We wouldn't have survived all that…went on, without it. And I know it'll be hard for all of us to do the same in the next Turn, if we don't hold onto it." She smiles at the mention of Sienna and Sadaiya as clutchmates. "I think Sienna mentioned you and she were close that way. I'm glad you were there when she was having the twins." She giggles, because yeah, babies. "Faranth, those are beautiful kids."

Mayte looks at a very still spot on K'vvan's chest for a little while. Eventually, she says, "You've been busy, with wing stuff. I'd just got the letter and found out." A little shrug, though Mayte doesn't quie notice she's being pulled more closely, until one hand slips and wraps around one shoulder. Startled, she looks up. "Um."

Releasing Vashae this time, Sadaiya is left with Kyara now to watch the dance floor and chit-chat as women… well, everyone does, really. And the mournful expression that touches her face is fleeting as she chooses to hang on to the more light conversation. BABIES. "Well the boy is ENORMOUS, though, but I mean, his father," she says, gesturing at the air. "She gets touchy if I mention that, which means I'm certain to mention it every time we get together. The Weyrleader himself is as proud a father as you'll ever see. You should have seen his face when he held his daughter for the first time. They didn't expect twins, of course, and he's thrilled, but ohhh she's going to have a loooot of protectors. I've had to shoo A'lory away from Mayte — that's the vintner over there that K'vvan … is actually touching, wow. Um, his sort-of-niece. Though hopefully he'll respond positively if THAT is any indicator of future time spent together. Now that you're no longer a weyrling, you'll be free to actually pursue things as well, if you choose. Ahhh… sometimes I miss not having a weyrmate. Not that I would change my situation!" she says, quickly shaking her head. "Tanmorand's great. Just, y'know… it's been a long time."

Say nothing little vintner, and maybe K'vvan will not realize he's acting slightly posessive. "Just, we're friends, at least, I think we're friends. You shouldn't worry about telling me stuff I mean… if it's important like that. And you know Nadeeth likes you, so we would've helped if we had known." K'vvan stumbles over the words, and he's getting a bit red.

Mayte isn't saying anything about that just yet, but she will say, "We are… and, we've been really busy." One shrug of a shoulder has that stupid shawl slipping again, despite Mayte's best attempts to shrug it back into place. "It's alright for now. Mother's fever broke. But, um…" And this is where those hopeful doe-eyes come in handy, "Perhaps we could visit some day?" Not that she's trying to introduce him to her folks. Nothing like that. Just… same time, same place, right? Oh great, now Mayte is blushing too.

Kyara grins at the thought of W'rin doting over his children, though when Sadaiya mentions Airnna having protectors, she laughs. "Oh, woe to anyone who takes interest in their little girl, when she's older," she quips. She nods when Mayte's pointed out. "Oh yeah, I know Mayte. She's a friend." Dancing with K'vvan, even! Kyara glances around, vainly hoping to see someone she may possibly have been hoping to dance with…but alas, he's nowhere to be seen. Actually, she hasn't seen him since the ceremony. Odd. ANYWAY. Her glance at Sadaiya for the mention of "pursuing things" is sidelong, smirked at, maybe slightly blushed at. "I…might have an interest I'm hopeful about," she admits with feigned nonchalance, eyes absently passing over Mayte, K'vvan, and the rest of the dancers.

K'vvan reaches forward and fixes the shawl with one hand, then returning it back to its place on her back. "Name the time, and I'll take you back to your folks." K'vvan delivers the promise with a note of finality. "Nadeeth would hear you if you called." His eyes are on hers, and there is a hint of intensity there. Don't look too close Kyara, you might see K'vvan's softer side!

"Right? Not to mention a twin brother that'll likely be W'rin's size." Sadaiya smiles crookedly at Kyara. "I can't imagine how many tithes we'll need to feed both of them. Oh! You do? That's wonderful. You'll have to excuse me," she giggles, shaking her head, mostly at herself. "For all the knots and duties, I sort of live for the little things like two people coming together. You can take the girl out of the Hold but it's harder to take the Hold out of the girl and all that. So… you were a Harper, I'm gathering? I spent some time as a student in Ista's hall. Nothing quite so exciting as proper apprenticeship."

Look look look look, it's K'vvan's softer side!!! Look everyone, you might miss it! Ahem. Mayte blinks a little, and nods slowly, "Um. Okay, then." She looks up from her spot in K'vvan's chest and back up into his face, "You keep… ah, you keep saying that. About Nadeeth," she says quietly and wonders, "I… could she really hear me?" Perplexed Mayte!

Hmmm? Eh? What? Kyara sees noooothing. Dancing already indicates a softer side, see. Not that it registers; she's too busy chuckling at Sadaiya's evaluation of Sienna and W'rin's kids. The weyrwoman's admission has her beaming. "Nice to know I'm not one of the only romantics around here," she comments. She happens to be the same way, where that's concerned. Nodding, she elaborates on her former life a little bit. "Junior Journeyman, posted at Ista for a Turn before making the jump. Composition focus, but I loved performing also. I had some stage player training, too. My apprenticeship was…not fun, but I made it." She shrugs a bit, sighing. "I ended up a Candidate before they Hall here could take away my knot, so I didn't have to deal with all that stupidity, fortunately. I wonder…" She taps her lip thoughtfully for a second. "I wonder how long it's been since Igen's had a Weyrsinger." She dismisses where her mind's going with that immediately, though. "Pfff. Not as if I'll try asking the Weyrleader that anytime soon; I'm just…curious."

« I bespoke Mayte with « You sense that Nadeeth reaches out to you, her thoughts the softest of silk as they brush across your mind. « If call, I will hear. He cares for your well being, and thus do I. » The thought wraps up with a simple bow and fades as quickly as it had begun. » »

There is a bit of rueful laughter as K'vvan hears his dragon answer that question for herself. Looking around, he sees that there are a lot fewer people still around then there had been before. Suddenly feeling exposed K'vvan pulls back just slightly from the vintner girl. "Why don't I walk you home?"

Sadaiya lightly smacks her own forehead, somewhat abashed. "Now that I think about it, I do recognize you! That time, when I was Senior, planning to do all of, y'know, THIS," Her hand comes out and swipes through the air, indicating Igen at large. "It barely left me time to bathe. I spent a good amount of it pregnant as well, though my son stays with his father and his Trader caravan. Hrm… you know, I'm not certain about Weyrsinger, but I'll get back to you about it. You're right about the timing being a bit off, but I'm of the mind that we could USE some organization in that regard to preserve traditions. Good ones, not, y'know, ones that dictate the length of our skirts and what-have-you."

Mayte gives a special little shiver as she hears something not her own thoughts and nods a little: message received! The lack of dense dancing population is entirely unnoticed by Mayte until K'vvan says something, and she blinks a little owlishly - she was warm, darnit! But the dancing is more tiring than she thought, and any protestation the vintner was about to make is cut off by a little yawn, and then embarrasment, "Um. That might be a very nice idea… thank you." For that, K'vvan gets a special smile!
A specially happy smile. Not a creepy one.

Without another word K'vvan hooks an arm into Mayte's. Looking upwards his eyes fall on Kyara for just a moment, having managed to not pay attention to her all night long. Maybe tomorrow he'll make the connection between the no-longer-weyrling and his own wing in the morning when they both show up for drills. He nods to Sadaiya, as Mayte waves to everyone before K'vvan sweeps her away back towards the weyr.

"You were the first goldrider I saw here," Kyara informs the weyrwoman with a crooked smile, now noting the dwindling crowd herself. "And I'd appreciate that. About the Weyrsinger thing. If you have time." She hmms a little, shaking her head at the mention of traditions. She may have had a conversation about respecting traditions with Maryam earlier today…but rules about clothing are not things Kyara thinks ought to be so strictly gripped. Sighing, she makes a slight chin gesture towards Mayte. "Sure would like to see Mayte stand," she half-whispers. "Not my place to say, probably…but it's a not-good tradition. Not fair, to them or the dragons."

If Sadaiya had a drink, she'd be spit-taking that thing all over the place at Kyara's assessment of Mayte. Instead, she laughs, quietly at first, then with more gusto. "Harper training is as good as it ever was, I see," she cackles, resting her hand on the greenrider's shoulder and squeezing affectionately. "On that very note, actually, I must attend to Jivayath and a few other things. Go. Enjoy the party. I'll see you soon." Sashaying off, she continues giggling, somewhat inanely, as she goes.

Oh, it's certainly nice to be on the same wavelength as at least one of the weyrwomen! Kyara's grin for Sadaiya is a little bit on the wicked side, and she nods as the goldrider moves to leave. "See you soon, ma'am." And so, Kyara belated goes off to find a drink or two of her own, chatting with a few others among her former wingmates - now fellow riders - until the time comes for her to retire as well. After all, she's in Whirlwind now…and they drill in the morning. Here goes the rest of their lives! On to a new day.

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