==== February 23, 2014
==== K'vvan, Sienna
==== A rather confused K'vvan gets some advice from Sienna, and then makes her a promise.

Who Sienna, K'vvan
What A rather confused K'vvan gets some advice from Sienna, and then makes her a promise.
When After Cheeseballs
Where Sienna's Weyr

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Sienna's Weyr
Sienna's inner weyr is accessed through a tunnel which is just wide enough for the small green dragon to fit, should she wish to visit. The weyr inside is built around a central sandstone pillar, giving the main room a circular setup surrounding that floor to ceiling pillar. To the right is a sitting area, beyond which is a small kitchenette complete with a small hearth, smoke drawn up through a fissure in the rock. To the left of the entrance there is a small desk and area for her studying and crafting supplies, boxes of things piled for the moment as she has no real place to store her things. In the back of the weyr there is a narrow doorway leading into a small tunnel which opens up into her modest sleeping quarters. Bed, dresser, and wardrobe are about all that can fit. The decor of the weyr is rustic with a few softer, more feminine touches. Some plush rugs cover the sandstone floor and a few pillows add that softness and grace to the rough sandstone walls.

Sienna has a day off today, a rare and blessed thing. After spending the morning in the cheese cave, she's now up in her weyr puttering around, tidying things up, swapping out clothes…working in storage, essentially, while nibbling cheese and crackers and sipping a bit of wine. If this were old Earth she'd have some crappy soap opera on or the radio going, but it's not, so she works mostly in silence. Kehemath dozes on the ledge, the darkly hued green napping with the remains of her latest chew-tree strewn about alongside her.

Nadeeth spirals out of the sky to alight upon Kehemath's ledge, tip-towing around the remains of tree as K'vvan slides off of her back. "Sienna?" the greenrider calls out after eyeing Kehemath on the ledge- after all, there was usually a better than not chance that Sienna wouldn't be there as busy as she is. He's dressed in riding leathers and moves towards the inner weyr.

"K'vvan?" Sienna's voice echoes through the tunnel, surprised. "Come on in!" Outside, Kehemath rouses herself at the arrival of another, a happy warble and then a slow, languid, all body stretch + yawn greeting her friend. Then she offers a nuzzle and a spot to rest, or that little bit of tree to chew, her mind a hazy, drowsy misty woodland morning. Yaaawn. Naps are good.

K'vvan carefully steps over the remains of Kehemath's toys to enter the weyr proper. "You can tell that you don't actually live here any more. It feels empty somehow." K'vvan was never the best conversation starter, but it's something. Nadeeth nudges at that profered toy, not quite ready to relax but not willing to bother Kehemath with her energy just yet.

Kehemath stretches again and flops over onto her side, belly towards Nadeeth. As she awakens, her mind-self prowls through that forest, curious, ears up, tail out, seeking the other green's ribbons and familiar mind. Inside, Sienna looks around with a nod and a smile. "Yeah. It's so…clean. Too clean. How are you? Want anything to eat or drink?" she offers, "Still have plenty of /that/ up here." Grin.

Ribbons twine themselves around that forest mind, bright and unclouded by darkness for the first time in ages. They tickle gently as they dance around in intricate patterns for her friend to watch. K'vvan leans against a chair with a half-smile. "Sure, if you have some of that cheese of yours. I'm actually hungry but not sure I want to hit up the living caverns just yet." He doesn't quite answer the how-are-you question, dodging around it just a bit as he's not completly sure how to answer. "How have you been?"

Sienna dips her head and gestures for him to sit, turning towards the kitchenette. Small balls of that fresh made creamy cheese, some more slices of the hard, yellow, aged wheel, some crackers, some fruit. She pours him a small glass of wine and one of water, bringing it all to the table and serving him like the proper hostess she is and loves to be. Then she sits, stretching, pushing fingers through her curls. "Alright. Busy. Very busy. Nervous, not sleeping well." She glances upwards. Y'know, cuz' death is falling from the sky now and all that.

"Thread." K'vvan's own lips twist as he sits upon the chair and waits for Sienna. "I'm worried about Arroyo. That bastard K'ane said something that has me… I don't know, rethinking on if I should keep this knot." He reaches up to poke at it then lets it drop to reach for some of the crackers and creamy cheese.

Kehemath notices that lack of darkness, and she is pleased by it. Watching is well aood for a few minutes, but soon her mind-self is leaping, snapping playfully at the dancing ribbons as she tries to work out their patterns and anticipate, happy to play. Inside, Sienna sips her wine and lifts a brow with a nod. "What did he say?"

"He said I'm going to get people killed because they don't trust me and I don't completly trust them." K'vvan nibbles on the cheese and crackers, a frown right between his eyebrows. "But he's wrong. I trust them to do what they've been trained to do- but I don't trust them to be friends. Just to have my back like I have theirs."

Sienna leans back, picking up a bit of fruit and popping it into her mouth, followed by a bite of cheese. YUM. "Do you think the wing doesn't trust you?"

"I'm not the world's fuzziest of personalities." K'vvan says, his voice more dry than normal as he raises an eyebrow at Sienna. "I'm completely sure that Trek doesn't, though why she lets me stay on I have no idea. Not that I want to give it up," he adds quickly, "But if people are that convinced… Maybe I should."

Sienna shrugs, "Neither is W'rin, but people trust and follow him," she remarks, sipping at her wine. There's a slight frown, another shrug. "Do you think you're good at it?" she asks, reaching for another piece of the hard cheese, and just breaking off corner of it to eat.

K'vvan shrugs at her second question. "I think I have an eye for seeing who is struggling, and Nadeeth being able to hold mental touches with almost everyone in the wing at once isn't anything to scoff at. What do you think?" K'vvan reaches for a piece of fruit.

Sienna hides her surprise well when he asks for her opinion. Has…he ever asked for her opinion before? "No, it's nothing to scoff at, for sure. That's a talent." Go, greens. She sips her wine as she ponders her answer. "I don't know, K'vvan," she finally says with a soft exhale. "I feel like I can't judge. Whenever we've flown together it's been so brief, and I feel a bit removed from the main wings now that I'm in Mosaic. But you have to look at the health of the wing as a whole. Reaction times, hesitations. Would someone trust you completely to have their back, or would they turn and look to make /sure/ you're there, and then make their own mistake because they were looking behind?" A potentially fatal one? "I don't know the answer to that. I know you and Nadeeth are skilled - highly skilled - but leadership, that's a far more complicated thing to judge."

K'vvan rolls a fruit around his his hand, looking at it before squeezing it gently, forcing just a beat of juice to bead out. "If it is a big enough issue I'll step down. Maybe it's just K'ane," though, thinking back to his interactions with Shea, Ada and A'lory in The past, K'vvan has little dobut that others in the wing share the bronze rider's objections. "How are you and W'rin getting on?"

Sienna watches him as she takes another sip of her wine, shifting in her chair with a small nod. "It's hard, sometimes, to accept that what you wanted to do and thought you were doing well, isn't what you're best at." She speaks from personal experience, there. Her own weyrmate demoted her. Speaking of which. "Fine." There's a little smile, but no dreamy sighs or fluttering of the hands. "He's busy, I'm busy. Lucky to see him some days, but that's okay. It is what it is." There's a shrug and she looks around the weyr, and then back to him. "Cha'el came to talk with me this morning." Why hide it? "He's worried about you."

"Yeah. Nadeeth thinks we're good at it but." His shoulders roll as he allows the conversation to drift off to other things. He's about to ask another question about the weyrleader when Sienna stops him cold by mentioning the brownrider. "Why did he go talk to you?" He asks first, puzzled, then his mind drifts backwards and shakes his head. "Never mind. I know why. He doesn't need to be worried."

Sienna pours herself a bit more wine from the skin and sets it down again. "He doesn't? He was most concerned about Nadeeth's flights. I thought those were better now?"

K'vvan rolls that piece of fruit in his hands again, then eats it as Sienna asks her question. He chews slow enough for him to gather up an answer. "I think it'll be beter… she hasn't gone up since the last time. We've been working on the control and mental walls though and I think I've got them. Just it's hard to know since she gets so…. loud during it. Cha'el worries too much." But there is a flush on K'vvan's face, and he rubs at his neck uncomfortable.

Sienna sips her wine, her own cheeks getting a touch flushed. Day off. Who caaaaares? "He cares," is her simple response. "Is that why you stopped staying there?"

"I was only there in the first place because he dropped an ultimatium on me about my drinking." Maybe that is why K'vvan is reaching for that water now, instead of the wine. "And I gues…" His face is now flushing a bright red as he avoids contact with Sienna. "I guess some things happened so it… just." A shrug of his shoulders rounds out his vague and mildly blundering answer.

"You slept with him," Sienna supplies, just so there's no doubt about her knowing or not knowing. "What's wrong with that?"

K'vvan runs a hand through his hair, the other rolling a piece of fruit around on the plate before him. "Nothing wrong just. I'd never… with anyone outside of a flight. I just don't do that."

Sienna watches him, leaning back in her own chair. "Why not?" she asks carefully. No judgement, just curious. Lots of different reasons someone wouldn't sleep around, she's curious what his are.

"Well, you know I don't like being touched. Or touching. It's mostly that." K'vvan doesn't meet Sienna's eyes, just continues to play with that piece of food before him. "I wasn't sure what to do anyway and there's no one I'd rally want to, or wanted to I guess."

Sienna nods, considering for a moment. "Why don't you like being touched?" She reaches for her water too, perhaps sensing she's on the verge of being tipsy, and wanting to stay coherent for this conversation. "But you wanted him." Obviously. "Did you enjoy it?"

Under the table K'vvan's boot is clicking against the stone floor. He reaches out for another craker, leaving the poor fruit sitting on his plate. "I've had some… bad experiences. And yeah. I did, since Nadeeth's last flight. But I figured it was just bleed off not you know, real." As for her second question K'vvan shrugs. "I'd never felt anything like it to be honest. I'm not sure what to think now."

Sienna nods, sipping her water and leaving her poor wine unloved and untouched. For the moment. "My first was very confusing," she admits, thoughtful and quiet, with a little frown pinching her brows together. "My second was even worse. My third…meant nothing. Fourth was long term. Fifth…is where I am now." She doesn't ask about his bad experiences. Doesn't press. He'll tell her if he wants to, whether she pushes for it or not. "He seems like a very nice guy. A real good looker, too, so at least he's not an asshole." Or ugly.

He's not an as*hole." K'vvan does allow that point through. "But there's no us. Just that one time." K'vvan seems oh-so-sure about that. "He's got too much on his palate and I don' tknow what I think about anything. I wouldn't be suprised if Nadeeth allows Sikorth to cheat though. She really likes him."

Sienna nods her head again, lifting a hand to gently brush curls away from her face, fingers lingering briefly against her cheek. Touch. "Does she?" she asks, leaning forward to take another bit of fruit. "Kehemath isn't that familiar with him yet, though…you know her. Takes forever to let someone else in."

Having moved just a bit away from the more uncomfortable topics K'vvan just nods and finally eats that cracker. "Almost as much as she does Kehemtath." He confirms, "but then again she's so friendly with most people he's hard to tell. I think, if I let her, she'd curl up with Kehemath or Skiorth every night I didn't sleep on her ledge. What was Kehemath doing to her dreams?"

Sienna smiles, glancing to her ledge briefly. "I have to say, I'm so thrilled - beyond happy - that Kehemath has another close friend. She missed her old one something /fierce/ when we came forward, I was afraid she'd never be quite the same again, after leaving him behind. She…needs it. At least one other close dragon friend, confidant, someone she can truly be herself around and let her thoughts run wild and play. She needs it. That and the cuddling. So. Thank you." Then she chuckles, shaking her head. "It's hard to explain. It's…I've always called it dreamwalking. She's done it forever. It's just…drawing the other person into her mind and guiding them through her thoughts. With me - I don't know what she did with Nadeeth, she forgets by morning - it's usually choices, or helping me work through things, or sometimes we just play. Flying together or playing tag or hunting…whatever she feels like. But there's usually some sort of meaning to it, something to wake up with in the morning and think about."

"Whatever it is," K'vvan reaches out a hand to offer his palm up to Sienna, "it has helped. She's been sleeping a lot better than she had been and has a lot more energy when the sun comes up. I, I mean, if you don't mind… would it be okay if I do let her? When she wants?" Even tough K'vvan wants his own green there sometimes.

Sienna hesitates, and then she reaches out to gently rest her hand over the top of K'vvan's. "I'm so glad it's helped. It helps me too. I sleep better. Deeper. It's like…my mind can rest, afterwards." She smiles warmly at her friend. "Of course I don't mind. They can both be up here whenever they'd like. Kehemath loves it too. She's always slept best when she's with someone else." And Valiuth isn't much for cuddling. Or sleeping. "We love you both dearly, K'vvan. Whatever we can do, you've got it. You know that, right?"

His hand upon hers curls gently, giving her a slight squeeze. It's not much, but maybe he can reach out a little more than he has. "I think I'm actually greatful for Aaron telling me to not be such an as* that night at the star stones. Nadeeth and I owe you a lot, even if sometime sI act like a pissant… and yeah. I know." Another gentle squeeze as K'vvan actually manages a bit of a smile, "and it's the same for you alright? Any time."

Sienna gently squeezes his hand back as well, luxuriating in the contact. Her cheeks color lightly, and she nods. "Alright," she echoes with a small smile. "Thank you." Then an expression flickers briefly across her face. "I…actually…I was going to ask you and Kyara, and you can say no if you want to, but…" Her eyes flick skyward again. "A favor." And judging from her expression, it's not a tiny one.

K'vvan frowns a bit, and leans forward, though he doesn't let go of Sienna's hand when he does so. "What do you need Sienna?"

Sienna shifts a bit, and takes a soft breath. "If anything happens. To W'rin and I. Both. The twins…I'm not asking you to foster them," she's quick to say, "they're with their foster family, that's why we did that. But. To look after them a bit, visit, spend time with them maybe, when you can. I've marks hidden away to pay for their care if that ever becomes an issue. There's the marks and goods from the cheese business too. I…If anything were to happen to W'rin and I, I just need to know they'll be cared for. I need to /know/ that someone else has their best interests in mind." Because the thought of her only children being without, because she's not there to tend to it - be it an issue with the Steens affording to keep them (fostering is not cheap and Sienna doesn't know what would happen if those payments stopped being sent for whatever reason), or the children needing someone to talk to about their parents, or /whatever/ - is a huge stress on her mind.

Your kids would never go without Sienna." K'vvan doesn't hesitate a second to say this after she delivers her worry. "I'm not sure if I'm the one you really want visiting them, but I can at least make sure they're taken care of. But you shouldn't worry. Nothing is going to happen to you or W'rin. None of are going to let that happen." A hint of fierceness in his voice for that.

Sienna's shoulders slump and she smiles, the relief easily visible on her face. "Thank you," she says softly, squeezing his hand tightly. "Just knowing someone else is looking out for them." Her smile warms as she looks across the table at him, and she nods. "I know out of everyone Kehemath and I are the safest, but. You never know…I fear the most for W'rin."

"Whirlwind is the best. Nothing is going to happen." K'vvan says the words and he believes them. What could possibly ever touch their gruff weyrleader for too long? Where would Igen be without his rude and rough but caring way? K'vvan knows exactly where he would be without W'rin. "I have to get back for a meeting with Trek and N'cal."

Sienna smiles gently at K'vvan, nodding her head as she lets his hand go and stands. "Alright," she says, stepping around the table and offering him a hug. She needs a hug.

K'vvan only hesitates for a second before wrapping Sienna in a hug. He'll let it last as long as she needs it to before taking himself and a mildly complaining (she was playing with Kehemath's toys see) Nadeeth off and back to work.


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