==== September 18, 2013
==== Sienna, K'vvan
==== Sienna and K'vvan have a discussion about trust.

Who Sienna, K'vvan
What Sienna and K'vvan have a discussion about trust.
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Weyrling Training Grounds

Weyrling Training Grounds
Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

Whirlwind has long abandoned their practice, leaving only K'vvan behind in the general area where training happens. Having drifted away from where another wing has taken control of the area, K'vvan paces the edges of the training ground an intense frown on his face. He seems to be thinking deeply, and is occasionaly glancing upwards to where a green speck hides from the rain under their ledge overhang.

Sienna walks out from the barracks under the shelter of Kehemath's outstretched wing. One hand holding her cane and the other pressed against her dragon's shoulder, Sienna moves with slow purpose through the soggy ground towards the northern bowl. Kehemath scents K'vvan first, through the scents of mud and dragon, wind and rain, and she rumbles a greeting to him while seeking a gentle touch to Nadeeth's mind. "K'vvan," Sienna says with a nod and a salute as her path takes her towards the greenrider. She's too cumbersome to take any long way around - social interactions can't be avoided unless the other person steps out of the way. It's like the slowest, most lame game of chicken ever.

The gentle touch is returned with Nadeeth's ribbons, a light blue for today, and contented. K'vvan, having not noticed as Sienna waddled closer blinks once up to where Nadeeth is, then focuses his eyes on Sienna. "Sienna, erm, Sir." He corrects himself quickly and salutes.

Sienna smiles, letting her hand drop onto her massive belly, taking the conversation as a needed moment of rest. Winded, despite the short walk from the barracks. "This weyr is too big," she admits with a little smile. "How are you? Nadeeth? Settling into the wing well?" At least he already knows how W'rin works - there's no surprises there?

K'vvan shifts a bit, leaving the way clear to a bit of an overhang that offers some protection from the rain for the pregant woman. "She's tired, and it's… different." K'vvan runs a hand through his hair, his frown more confused then anything.

Sienna waddles over to the overhang, leaning against the wall and letting Kehemath fold her wing against her side with a low rumble. "Different?" Sienna asks, closing her eyes for a moment before they open once more to focus again on the young greenrider.

K'vvan shrugs. "I can't quite put my finger on it…" K'vvan resumes his pacing, but stays in easy talking distance as the rain patters down onto his unprotected head. "Just.. a feeling, like everything is different."

Sienna watches him pace patiently from the sheltered area. "Huh," she says, before she smiles a bit. "Well…Whirlwind is the best. You can count on your wingmates." Maybe that's it? Not waiting for the next fuck up?

"That's just it, what has anyone done to deserve that?" The agitation is clear and K'vvan rounds on the woman, crossing his arms across his chest. He's not angry, but the agitation is clear when he cannot even hold that stance for very long, his arms dropping to run through his soaking hair again.

Sienna blinks, brows lifting in slight surprised. "To deserve what?" she asks, a bit confused.

"To be counted on. Or anything else. I mean, it's just… strange." K'vvan lapses into silence again, biting his lip. "They trust one another."

Sienna ahs, with a slight nod and a little smile. "Quite a switch from Sandblast." She'd know. She was in Sandblast for a while there. "Or at least how they used to be. Don't know how they are now… But yes. Whirlies trust one another. They've got your back and they trust you've got theirs. And not just in the sky, either."

"But why?" The concept is so foriegn to the Bitran born, recent transfer. "How do they know that it isn't misplaced?"

Sienna tilts her head a bit and then smiles. "Because you're Whirlwind. W'rin only takes the best. And then you train. And train. And train to /build/ that trust. And if it's misplaced…" There's a shrug. "I'd imagine you're not on Whirlwind anymore."

This really shouldn't be news to K'vvan, but the look on his face shows that it clearly is. "Did… everyone on Whirlwind choose to be there?"

Sienna grins widely. "Sort of. I mean, with W'rin's approval, but yes. Everyone is there by choice. Either by asking and proving themselves in another wing, or W'rin inviting them in. At least as far as I know. He gave the same spiel to me, to Nell…" She grimaces. "That you would work harder than any other wing. That Whirlwind is the best because they /work/ at it. And gave me one last chance to say no. Haven't heard anyone say no yet."

K'vvan ponders this for just a moment, mention of Nell only getting a tightening of his lips for a moment. "No, I guess I can see why no one would say no. But it's damned unnatural. Are the twins always like this?" Slight pained voice for the exuberance of the Whirlwind pair.

Sienna laughs, and it's a fond, wistful, and then sad sound. "Yes. Yes, they are. And it's not unnatural. That's how wings are supposed to operate. Tight. Close. Trust. You'll need that up there," she says with a gesture skyward.

K'vvan glances skywards, his eyes drifting over to the skystones and the sight of the red planet. "Sienna… I'm not sure if I trust them yet. At all. And I'm not sure if I ever will be able to do." It is quietly uttered, eyes still on the sky.

Sienna lifts her brows, but before she gets irritated, she just asks, "Why not?"

K'vvan's eyes finally fall, green meeting Sienna's brown. "It's complicated… but I'll try to explain. First, I've never trusted someone that hasn't betrayed me eventually. Then, though it was phrased as a request, I was basiclly kicked out of Benden. And W'rin… I know I'm on my last strings here. W'rin made that clear when he shoved this at me." K'vvan reaches up to the patch on his shoulder, covering it with his hands. "I can't afford to let my guard down."

Sienna listens, nodding in all the right places and then offering him a gentle smile. "Why did they kick you out of Benden?" Has she ever heard this story? "Trusting doesn't always mean letting your guard down. You can trust your wingmate will be behind you when they need to be, without bonding over an ale afterwards."

"I… screwed up, and let it affect things there." K'vvan, full of of SECRET TELLING, doesn't say more then that. His pacing resumes, though a bit less agitated. "I just keep waiting for the other shoe to fall."

Sienna nods slightly, and then exhales softly. "So you're just waiting for people to betray you." There's a long pause and then a frank question. "Do you trust W'rin?"

K'vvan shrugs slightly. "Nadeeth says I do." It's a clear dodge of the question. "But I'm not sure. I trust that he wouldn't do anything to put the wing or weyr in danger."

Sienna nods slightly. "And he put you in his wing." Thus…

"Says he wouldn't waste "talent."" K'vvan says this more than a bit dryly, and with a bit of a shrug. "I guess you're right. And I guess, Southern is always still an option if something does happen."

Sienna nods again, though then she grimaces and pushes hair away from her face. "Be sad if you went to Southern." But before he can read too much into that, she has another question. "Do you trust yourself? To not mess up?"

"I didn't hit M'yck last time he was being an a**." K'vvan manages an almost grin at this statement. "Though if A'lory hadn't walked in right when he did…"

Sienna laughs, and she grins. "Shards, /I/ have almost hit M'yck… Well, regardless, you didn't hit him. So there's that." A thoughtful pause. "Do you think you could ever trust anyone? Or is your whole life waiting for someone to do you wrong?"

K'vvan seriously considers Sienna's second question. "I trust Nadeeth, forever and always." Firmly he says this, "but people?" He lets this drift doubtfully. "Some are better than others. Some worse."

Sienna nods. She wasn't talking about Nadeeth, but it's good he trusts /her/ at least. "Hmm." There's a sad smile. "Well…I don't know, K'vvan. I think I might have the opposite problem. I trust too much, too fast. So there's likely a healthy person somewhere between us," she says with a soft laugh, gesturing before her hand rests on her belly again. And then there's another laugh as she realizes what she said. "Hope he's healthy anyway."

K'vvan looks down at her belly for just a moment. "What if it is a girl?"

Sienna pauses, and smiles. "I'm sure he'll care for her just as much as he would a son. He's," she's so used to referring to it as 'he' at this point, "going to be fostered with the Steens, in the bazaar."

One eyebrow is upraised at that, "The ones who own The Pit?"

Sienna nods, "Yes," she says, watching him and his reaction.

Silence meets that, and K'vvan finally shrugs. "I'm sure you have your reasons." And he doesn't inquire further. His eyes are drawn back up to Nadeeth.

Sienna nods again, brushing limp curls away from her face. "They're a good family. Safe," she says, even though he didn't inquire further. She looks skyward next. "Do you have sweeps tonight? Kehemath tore up her straps this afternoon…" And the green doesn't look one bit repentant.

"Hum." Is he only thing that K'vvan says to the comment about family. He shakes his head, "No, thankfully. Nadeeth is pretty flattened these days, almost as much as when we were running twice daily drils, that stupid pipe project, and sweeps."

Sienna ohs, glancing at her restless dragon. She'll have to find someone else for Kehemath to fly with tonight. Maybe some of the Weyrlings. "Well, don't let me keep you from your evening then." It's said genuinely. No sarcasm in her words.

"Do you need help getting where you're going? I a, was hoping the rain would stop before botherin Nadeeth to let me go home." K'vvan actually offers his arm.

Sienna smiles, looking a bit relieved that he offered. "Please, if you could help me up to W'rin's weyr. The stairs…are becoming more and more difficult." Pregnancy sucks.

"Isn't that thing about ready to be born?" K'vvan steps towards the woman for her to accept his arm at some point.

Sienna wraps her arm tightly around the greenrider's and nods. "Yes, thank Faranth." Though she sounds less than excited, truth be told. "Healers say I need to stay off my feet but…" There's a shrug. She can't. Oh well.

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