==== February 15, 2014
==== Kultir, Rhydian
==== Late night under the Southern stars, a deal is struck between two newly-met men.

Who Kultir, Rhydian
What Late night under the Southern stars, a deal is struck between two newly-met men.
When It is late night of the twenty-fifth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Southern Weyr Craft Complex.

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Craft Complex
Expansive and airy, this space, now adorned and decorated with the pride of well over a hundred crafters. A vaulted cavern encompasses two levels, fit with clever skylights from innovative smithcrafters that illuminate tapestries displayed from the bannister of the second-floor: Healer purple, Harper blue, the yellow of the Farmcraft — all the colors and all the crafts are upon display, proudly. The lower level is given to tables and chairs and a hearth stocked with klah; it is brightly-illuminated and a place to study and congregate socially both. The upper level is given to residential rooms, lending the whole atmosphere a pleasant, if somewhat supervised, aura.

Kultir strolls into the crafting complex and sighs heavily. The humidity doesn't seem to bother him though he does look rather weary and worn out as he wanders slowly through the area. His eyes are turned upward toward the darkened sky, his hands clasped behind his back as the stars shine down into the open courtyard.

Weary and worn out is a look that Rhydian knows well! The Starcrafter is also meandering down the walkway between crafting outlets, eyes upwards, studying the stars - but then that's only really natural for one with a knot such as his. Kultir's sigh brings his attention back down to earth and he stops before the two of them can collide. "Oh dear," he says with soft warmth, pushing his glasses up his nose. "That's a, um, heckuva sigh there."

Kultir comes to a halt, surprised that someone else was around since he wasn't paying attention which is rather unusual for the hunter/tracker. "Oh, my apologies. I hadn't realized anyone else was around." He shrugs slightly in answer to the comment and stares up at the sky again. "Just can't seem to sleep tonight." He peers at the young man and frowns, searching his memory of people he knows and peers at the other's knot. "Don't think I've met you, have I? I'm Kultir."

Rhydian tends to step lightly - perhaps because his head's often in the clouds? - so he shrugs off Kultir's apology with a smile. "That's alright. It's late, there aren't normally many around at this time." Unless they're nightowls who stare at the stars like Rhyd! "We've, um, not met, I'm quite sure." He holds out his hand, running the other over the wayward curls that have escaped his ponytail. "Rhydian. Starcrafter. Well met, Kultir who can't sleep."

Smiling at the other man, Kultir nods slightly. "I'm usually up before dawn so I'm not so much a nightowl unless I'm out on the trail." He grips the other man's hand, shaking it amiably. "Well met, Rhydian." Glancing around, he spots a pile of logs waiting to be split and leans against them. He chuckles softly at the greeting and shrugs. "Starcrafter, huh? What sort of things do Starcrafters do?" He's barely thought about the different crafts around the Weyr, though he has friends in several.

Rhydian's handgrasp is warm and solidly friendly - just like his slightly dreamy smile. "On the trail?" Now /that's/ piqued his curiosity! "Oh, I'm… well, I'm sort of in a bit of a sub-craft - no, not craft, ah… a sub-/sect/, I suppose? I do navigation," he points up to the stars, suggesting navigation by them, "but recently I've been studying storms. They're signs of thread returning, you know? So we were trying to find patterns to, um, help with the beginning of the next Pass. With the prediction of it, anyway."

Kultir nods slightly indicating he is listening to the older man in the convoluted explanation of what the man does. "Hmm, sounds interesting. And yes, I knew Thread was coming back." With a greenrider weyrmate, it'd be difficult not to know, right? "Knowing the signs of impending storm is a good thing and I sorta had to learn how to find my way with the stars on my own. I don't think I did too badly since I don't get lost most of the time." He glances over at the older man briefly before returning his gaze to the sky and the sparkling stars.

"Oh, you know how to navigate too?" This fact seems to interest Rhydian, and he nods eagerly at Kultir. "Storms interest me more than stars. They're… so big. Powerful. Boomf." His hands spread like he's miming an explosion of sorts, with thunder-like noises to accompany the charade. "Where do you go that you might get lost? I didn't think you'd need to navigate around the Weyr - it's /big/, of course, but you learn it soon enough."

Kultir nods absently at the older man. "I learned when I was on my own up north and just had to learn the stars down here when I got to the Southern continent." He chuckles at the man's enthusiasm at the storms. "I like to watch storms, generally from my mate's ledge, but being out in them is a bit more immediate and frightening." He watches the miming motions the other's hands make before the man's questions percolate through to his brain. "I'm a tracker and hunter. I don't stick close to the Weyr all the time. I go on long hunting trips for several days at a time and there's not always a lot of landmarks where I go so I have to depend on the stars to find my way. Of course I'm going to have to curtail those once Thread starts falling and the ones I do go on, I'll have to carefully schedule to miss the Falls."

Rhydian nods along as he listens, making the occasional 'ooh' or 'uh-huh' at the points that particularly intrigue him. "I came down from High Reaches Hold," he explains with a shrug - as if it wasn't quite obvious in his accent. "The stars are different here, huh? Had to learn them all new, but I bet it's quite good to see them from a ledge - a dragon ledge, I'm assuming?" The man's vocation seems less of a draw to Rhydian, though he's still polite and nods his head along with him. "Thread will be terrible when it comes. When it comes, ah, /properly/, I mean. Well… /any/ fall is… well. You know. It'll be awful."

Kultir raises an eyebrow at the information that the man was from High Reaches Hold, his sharp eyes studying the man for any familiarity before he drops that sharp gaze. "I've got family at High Reaches … Hold and Weyr." He nods slightly in affirmation. "There are stars that you see further north that you don't see down here. And it is nice to see them from a dragon ledge, yes. Less light than is down here in the Weyr so the stars seem brighter." Sighing heavily, he suppresses a shudder and nods again. "That's what everyone has been saying. I'm sure it'll be horrid and I don't want to be out in a Fall so I'll have to be real careful about where and when I go."

"I want to /help/ in a Fall," Rhydian says quietly, thoughtfully. "Grounds crew, with the, um, flamethrower… things. I think it's only right… right? Can't leave it all to the dragons." He bites into his bottom lip, and pushes his glasses back up his nose. "You saw what happened to, um… Cerise? Well, to her green? I don't want that. For anyone. I wish we could just…" Searching the night sky, his eyes settle on where the Red Star is visible. "/Push/ it away, or something." He mimes the motion, reaching up and shoving at the air. "You know? No more thread. Ever."

Kultir says, "Don't get me wrong, I want to help too, but I still need to work too and hunting is my job … I help provide for the Weyr too when I'm able to hunt." Kultir agrees softly and nods slightly at the mention of Cerise and her dragon. "I heard about it. Didn't see it though. But I understand what you mean." He glances up at the sky, his eyes finding the Red Star easily as he considers the man's words. "It would be nice, wouldn't it? I doubt we'll be able to do that though. And what would happen to the dragons if there wasn't any Thread left? Would we lose dragons altogether?""

"Don't get me wrong, I want to help too, but I still need to work too and hunting is my job … I help provide for the Weyr too when I'm able to hunt." Kultir agrees softly and nods slightly at the mention of Cerise and her dragon. "I heard about it. Didn't see it though. But I understand what you mean." He glances up at the sky, his eyes finding the Red Star easily as he considers the man's words. "It would be nice, wouldn't it? I doubt we'll be able to do that though. And what would happen to the dragons if there wasn't any Thread left? Would we lose dragons altogether?"

Rhydian's lips twist thoughtfully, and he scrubs his knuckles against his stubbled cheek. "Hrm. What /would/ the dragons do?" Then he rubs his forefinger along the side of his nose, before once more pushing his glasses up. "They get along alright in an Interval, don't they? It would just be like one big, really long interval. They'd be ok." He nods, quite certain of it. "It's important to help provide for the Weyr, I think especially so in these times." Rhydian smiles at Kultir, assuring him, hopefully, that he /does/ see the value in his work. "Aren't there, um, all sorts of big, ah, beasties? Out there in the… in the wild? I've heard stories…"

Kultir shrugs slightly at the older man's comments. "Not so sure. If they didn't have a purpose, would they keep breeding? Everyone and everything needs a purpose … otherwise, why are we here?" Glancing over at the other, he nods in agreement. "There are a lot of big beasts out there. You gotta be really careful when you're out there. Felines, wild porcine's, whers, enormous wherries, tunnelsnakes … all that stuff can be dangerous."

"Oh, but, we'd never let the dragons just… just /die out/." The very thought of it is preposterous! Rhydian tucks his stray curls back behind his ears, disturbed at the idea that dragons would just… stop being. "They'd do something. Maybe, um, less eggs? Less weyrlings. But still dragons. Always dragons. We can't /not/ have dragons… maybe they'd fight them dangerous beasties? The… felines and porcines and whers and… whatevers?"

Kultir shrugs again as he considers the man's words. "But would we be able to keep them breeding if the dragons determined they didn't have a purpose? I mean they could do messenger services and maybe do enough hunting to keep the dangerous beasts in check." He sighs as he wonders how that would work for him if he didn't have felines and whers and such to hunt or track.

Rhydian has to admit he doesn't have an answer to that. "I… don't know." He shrugs, shaking his head. "I don't know enough about dragons to… to know what they'd do." The sigh makes him turn to look at Kultir, offering him a crooked, gentle smile. "It's not going to happen though, so… maybe it's best not to think about it?" This time when he shrugs, it's to push that which can't be changed aside. "Do you, um, trade hides, by any chance?"

Kultir manages to shake off that somber mood that the conversation had taken and smiles at the older man and nods. "This is true. It's not like we'll figure out how to do that anytime soon." Chuckling softly, he shrugs. "I do, if I have any available. Most of my hides go to the Weyr though I do keep the fur-bearing pelts for a Trader to sell for me. If you need some, I can always make note of them on my papers for the Headman."

The Headman. Eurgh. Rhydian pulls a face at the mention of him, and holds up his hands as he shakes his head. "No, no. It's ok. I'll, er, find one from somewhere else, if… if it means going through him. It was just for a throw in my room, so… it's ok. I'll find a carpet. A rug. Rugs are nice. Rugs are good." Much better than going to Renalde, anyway! "I suppose I, er, don't really have enough to trade for one anyway. They're valuable, aren't they?"

Kultir laughs softly and shakes his head. "You won't have to go through him." He considers what he's got available and what will be available after the hides and skins and pelts he's taken this last hunting trip. "I've got some pelts that might work. Mel still hasn't sold the last I set aside for her from what I've heard so I might be able to come up with something." He shrugs slightly. "Yeah, relatively since they are pretty hard to get and then I have to work them so there's quite a bit of time involved. But, if you need one, no big deal. Anything specific you're looking for as far as color or thickness?"

"Oh, really? Are you sure?" Rhydian's grin grows crookedly, and he has to pause to brush his curls back out of his face again. "I mean, if it's not too much trouble, and I don't want to put you out of pocket at all - but what could I trade you? What would you take, for, um… a cheap one? Just something cheap. I don't mind about colour or anything, it's just… just something to sorta stretch out on when I've got my charts, like…" He finishes the sentence with his hands, suggesting he works on the floor with his papers all around him.

Kultir lifts a hand to rub at his jaw and consider the pelts and hides he's got packed away in the weyr for delivery to their various new homes, a slight frown marring his brow. "Well … I don't really know. Just let me know what you have that you could trade. Something I could put in our weyr for … decoration or something?" A few more moments thought makes him smile as his mental inventory comes to a close and causes a nod of decision. "I've got a couple rug type skins tucked away that no one has a claim on just yet. I can bring them by and you can make your choice, if you like."

Rhydian's also a stubble-scratcher when he's thinking, which leads to him mimicking Kultir. "In your weyr… hrm." He cups his chin, looking upwards… and yes, there's his inspiration! "I, um, I don't have much other than my, y'know, /work/ things, but… how do you like murals? I could, um, well, see, I'm good with a brush, and if you wanted, well, I could come up and maybe paint a star mural? In your weyr, I mean. Sort of like.. like a big star chart?"

Both eyebrows rise toward the sandy hair of Kultir's head at the suggestion. "Yeah. I was thinking just a picture or some such but … Kalea might like a whole wall of the weyr painted. The walls are rather uneven so it's hard to hang stuff for decoration so this would work." He smiles at the man, the suggestion growing more appealing the longer he thinks about it.

"Oh yeah, I mean, if your… Kalea? Is that her name? If she'll like it, then sure thing, I'll do it." It seems they have a deal! To seal it, Rhydian holds out his hand. "If she says yes, we've got a deal, right? A skin - your choice - for a star mural? And, um, you get to choose the wall and size and, er, you'll probably have to, y'know, see about a dragon to, um, y'know." Get him up there. Rhydians sadly don't fly!

Kultir grins at the man and nods. "Yes, greenrider Kalea of Lynx wing. I don't think it will be a problem and there won't be a problem with getting up there. Ryadranth, Kalea's green, will be happy to take us up to the weyr." The young man chuckles softly as he considers actually asking the greenrider or just having the man do it and surprising her with it as a done deal. "Yeah, absolutely. A nice skin for your floor, a nice mural for our wall … I rather like that trade." He holds his hand out to seal the deal with a handshake, his grin making him look much younger than his 18 Turns.

When the handshake's done, Rhydian gives Kultir not one, but /two/ thumbs up and a big cheesy grin. "Brilliant. You'll let me know when and where, right? And I'll come with my paint and stuff. Um… are there any constellations in particular that you like? Do you like the Southern stars more than the Northern ones?"

Kultir's grin isn't cheesy, but it is boylike in the enthusiasm the other displays. "I can do that. Probably in the next sevenday or so, I've got some pretty intense work to do on the pile of green hides I just came in with. I'll send a message or come get you when I can do it." Considering the question, he frowns and tilts his head at the Starcrafter. "Would you be able to do the summer sky above High Reaches Weyr? That's where Kalea was born … I don't think she's seen it in … well, a lot of Turns and she might rather like it."

Rhydian taps his chin, thinking. "I /think/ I've got charts for that… if not, they'll be in the craft archives here, I'm sure. I can definitely get them in a sevenday, though, no matter where they are. And plenty of paint. That's, uh, easy enough to come by." He grins, slipping his hands into his pockets. "Kultir. Right? And Kalea. I'll wait for you to call on me, then?"

Kultir nods in agreement, his grin fading to a contented smile. "Great. I'm glad to hear that you'll be able to find them." He shoves himself off the pile of logs and stretches, his joints popping audibly. "Well … I think I may be able to sleep now. Thanks for talking to me and for the trade. I've been wondering what I can do for her Turnday. Have a good night, Rhydian."

"You're welcome," Rhydian replies, clearly chuffed himself with their bartering. "Hopefully you'll sleep well, yes. Have a good night!" He himself returns to his night-time wandering then, looking dreamily up at the stars above him as he meanders through the complex.

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