==== December 15th, 2013
==== N'thu, Kyara
==== The problem? N'thu and Kyara are both having a less-than-ideal night. The solution? Each other.

Who N'thu, Kyara
What The problem? N'thu and Kyara are both having a less-than-ideal night. The solution? Each other.
When Late night. There are 5 months and 17 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Star Stones, Igen Weyr


Star Stones
The climb up here on foot is steep, narrow stone steps carved high into the sandstone, and from the top the precipice-drop to the jagged-craggy stones far, far below is treacherous. It's a wide sweep of ledge, a dragonlength and a half jutting out from a rough cliff wall. The wind here is ceaseless, dusty-dry during daytime and biting at night. But for those who brave the climb to this lookout perched high above the Weyr's bowl, the view from these sandy-red rocks is breathtaking. Igen stretches wide-wide-wide around, a vast expanse of deep blue lake and lush green swamp and the myriad rust-rich colours of desert and rock. The real purpose of this spot, though, is highlighted not in its view of what is below but its view of what is above. Three tall rocks stand, one balanced across the tops of the other two, at the focal point of the ledge, perpetually framing one slice of the desert sky beyond.

What's sleep, again? It is not, apparently, something that N'thu knows tonight. He and Itzquintlith have come up to the star stones relatively late, attempting to make an escape from some recent bout of family drama. Whatever the issue, his own weyr isn't someplace he can apparently rest. He's actually sitting on the edge of his dragon's paw, the bronze perched in a sitting position that has him all the way up on his haunches, sitting tall, proud, and at high alert. If for some reason Thread were suddenly to start to fall, nobody would miss the memo, that's for sure. "You're not a watchdragon," N'thu points out softly, punctuated by a yawn; Itzquintlith simply mimics him, opening his jaw biiiiig and wide and then snapping it shut.

Kyara had a grip on sleep tonight…and then had it ripped from her. Rather violently, in fact. Liareth helped, of course; the greenrider made it out to her ledge, rather than Lia trying to force her way inside this time…but the young dragon became particularly insistent about doing something else about the issue. Kyara thought Lia meant to take her flying for a bit; now she finds herself above the Star Stones, and she's protesting as Liareth circles down to land. It's late, she doesn't want to bother people, she's not even dressed for being out, really - she's in the loose white linen capris and tank she wears to sleep in, as well as bare feet, but Liareth doesn't seem to care. And so Kyara finds herself deposited at the other side of the Star Stones, across from Itzquintlith, and sighing sharply in resignation. Spying the silhouette of the bronzerider on his paw, Kyara folds her arms and silently makes her way in that direction, reluctantly. "Hi," she says softly. "Sorry to…interrupt or anything. Lia was insisting I come up here." Because she meddles like that.

"Hey," N'thu says softly, voice sounding a little hoarse; he clears his throat, coughs, starts again. "You're not really interrupting anything. Just sitting. Trying to be less awake." And another yawn. Itzquintlith makes one of those feline-esque low throat clicking noises at Liareth, a welcome, and curls his tail out invitingly. She can come closer, if she wants. He's got room. Especially since he isn't going to lie down. "Having a bad night?" the bronzerider asks, gently — while he's not exactly dressed for being out either, in a tank top and torn up pajama pants, he at least intended to be. And wasn't dragon blackmailed into socializing.

Liareth doesn't mind if she does, whuffling a little at her rider as she pads over to park herself beside Itzquintlith with a quiet croon. Her eyes whirl a slow yellow-orange, however - an indication of Kyara's state as well as her own concern over her rider, and she keeps one eye on Kyara even as she fills the bronze in a little bit. "Yeah," Kyara replies in a half-whisper, hugging herself a little as the breeze tickles skin unused to feeling it. In the short silence following, she turns her face away from N'thu, even though he likely can't see whatever's written on it in the dark. "I just…" Her voice halts, strained, before returning in a quiet rasp. "I had a nightmare. About Thread. It's always the same…and I never get used to it. I thought I'd come tire myself out somehow or something…" She trails off, turning away even more as she fights tears back. Just when she thinks she doesn't have any more left, it never turns out to be the case.

Silently, N'thu extends an arm — there's no need to actually ask verbally if she wants a hug, is there? Declining's always welcome, but it becomes up to her to shake her head or move away. While he won't actually touch her without an invite, he will extend one of his own. "It might be," he suggests, for all that he doesn't know anything about how nightmares work (and likely never has them), "that you'll need to actually see it to get past it." Itzquintlith has by now joined Liareth in the watching-over, his own eyes beginning to reflect a little bit of yellow.

No need at all; Kyara rather thrives off of hugs, particularly in instances like this. While she doesn't sob (that part seems well out of the way now), she does get the burning lump in her throat and buries her face in N'thu's shoulder for along moment. "I don't understand," she murmurs roughly once she's looking up again, "how I don't even know what Thread properly looks like, and it still chills me through, in the dream. I'm scared of it, but I don't want to run from it. I want to end it. But the worst part of the dream is…every rider I know is in it, and none of them make it through to the end. Every person I care about." She tries to find his eyes in the dark. "I've had to watch you die four times, now. The same way, each time."

"Please don't be a prophetic dreamer," is the first thing out of N'thu's mouth, as he catches her eye and smiles a bit sheepishly. He probably shouldn't joke, but it was one of those 'blurt it out too fast to take it back' comments. At least it was with a laugh and it was quiet? And came with a shoulder squeeze, too (the second). "Have the Oldtime dragons who've seen it actually shown you what it looks like? I know some of them were doing that — and the ones who saw that may've passed it along. The rest of that, though, sounds — well. That's awful. Maybe you should just get mildly drunk before you sleep," he suggests, such a young-man solution to nightmares. At least he's compassionate.

Even though Kyara knows he's joking, and even utters some semblance of a chuckle herself, it does nothing to quell a fresh welling of tears. "Don't even…" Her forehead makes contact with his shoulder again - lightly, and a couple of times. (It'd be a wall if it weren't him.) "Faranth, I'd better not be. It's impossible; the dream is impossible. That's what I keep telling myself." She shakes her head in answer to the Oldtimer dragon issue. "No, though I wonder if it would've helped, if they had." She manages to smile at the drinking suggestion as she brings her head back up and swipes at her eyes a little. "Maybe," she concedes, and then she's quiet again for a bit. "Why…why can't you sleep?"

N'thu pauses for a moment, looking out across the long view to consider the best way to phrase that answer. "My brother," he starts, "has taken over part of my weyr as an attempt to hide from his girlfriend and her parents, who are in turn now harassing my father, and so I was stuck shielding him. All the yelling and whatnot made me decide that some air would be nice. That, and Ahuizotl's constant tossing and turning is impossible to sleep around. We'll have to sleep in shifts for the next few days." He would never in a million turns actually kick his brother out, no matter how much hassle he brings down upon N'thu's space.

Kyara blinks up at the bronzerider, her brow furrowing slightly. "Wow. Must've been something pretty bad, if your brother's hiding. And if your father's getting dragged in. Is it bad?" There are a few different scenarios Kyara can imagine… She shakes her head again at the rest of it, belatedly sniffing a little as she clears a bit more moisture from around her eyes. "I'm not sure I'd be able to stand living with my brother. Not that he'd be interested, either, but…it would drive us both insane, if it had to be done." Not the she would kick him out, either. "So you were trying to sleep but couldn't." She sighs a bit. "Well…I guess I'm glad Lia brought me up here. Seems like things are a little unsettled for us both."

"Maybe it's just one of those nights." Igen seems to collect Those Nights. N'thu is relatively relaxed with the idea, and apparently perfectly relaxed with physical contact with Kyara, at this point. "It's got the potential to be bad, but right now is a bunch of overblown fussing, I think. The actual couple will get over it a lot faster than the parents, and Tizoc's upset that it's messing up a trade deal." If the patriarch is also concerned for the well being of his younger son, that gets left out, though the Tlatoani reputation for family above all else might indicate that he does. "We both owe Liareth, I suppose."

"Mmm. I hope it works itself out soon, then. So the tension subsides. And so you can have your space back." Kyara is perfectly relaxed to be this close to N'thu as well, as the arm the slipped around his waist at some point would indicate. She smiles at his last, and Liareth rumbles a bit smugly, lowering her nose to touch both riders lightly with a puff of warm breath. She knew what she was doing. Kyara is quiet for a long moment after that, content to just let her eyes linger on the stars beyond as she listens to the soft hiss of the breeze past stone in this high place. The last echoes of the terrible dream are fading now. "N'thu," she suddenly ventures, her tone cautious, "if you wanted…I have room in my weyr, and it's quiet. I mean," she adds on quickly, tensing a little under his arm, "I have cushions and blankets and space. And things. If you wanted to get some sleep. And I…would really like not to be alone tonight, to be honest." Stiffening further, she squeezes her eyes shut. "I MEAN. I don't mean that. Necessarily. Unless you- Faranth." She looks skyward, biting her lip but not moving away. Apparently she can't articulate things well this late at night.

She gets a minute to not get her embarrassment addressed, because N'thu's first reaction is actually to glance up at Itzquintlith and Liareth and then back at Kyara to ask, "How much room do you have on your ledge? While he's definitely on the small side for a bronze, he takes up a lot of room when he sleeps." Everyone can imagine Itzquintlith on his side rolling around like a sleepy kitten, right? "But," he adds, quieter, "I could always just send him to sleep on his own back on his ledge. It's a very kind offer and I'd love to take you up on it." And now that he's been friendly and gentle, out comes the teasing, playful grin and all: "Unless I what?" He looks like he almost expects her to shove or smack him, and like that's okay.

Oh, right. This is N'thu she's dealing with. Kyara sometimes forgets that with his demeanor, he's not likely to be merciless, even if he does tease. Allowed to check herself a bit, Kyara glances at the dragons; Liareth is making a quiet noise that is her version of a chuckle, and Kyara makes a bit of a face. "Hush, you," she directs at her lifemate before taking a better look at Itzquintlith. "Um…he'd fit. If Lia sleeps under the overhang. Though the ledge next to us is empty, and he'd fit there, too, if he wants." Now she looks back at N'thu, relaxing a little bit at his grin and even finding it a little contagious as the corner of her mouth drifts upward. "Unless you…wanted to." It's a given that she's turned several shades darker by now, regardless of the night that makes it invisible. She gives a short, sharp sigh. "I was working my way around to asking at some point anyway; now works. I'm terrible at just saying what I mean sometimes, for all I can talk, and I'm going to be quiet now." Stream of words, that last, and she looks up at the bronzerider a little sidelong, sheepish again for the moment.

Itzquintlith certainly seems satisfied with the idea of taking up some unclaimed ledge for a night — perhaps it's politer than shoving poor Liareth into a smaller space than desired when it's her ledge. After all, it's not like he caught her. (Yet.) Kyara's appraisal of him has Itzquintlith lifting his wings a little and giving them a cursory flap, because he is being looked at and he would hate for anyone to forget that he isn't that bad looking. N'thu has to roll his eyes at his lifemate before he can give Kyara due attention, and when he turns back to her it's to touch a fingertip to her cheek. "I would probably love to," he says, small smile honest. "If I were completely sure of what you were asking. I would be happy to sleep with you again, but if you wanted more than that, you'll have to tell me plainly — I know your background's a bit different from mine, in that area, and I'd hate to misunderstand." In other words, he's not sure if she's really the type to be into having a friend with benefits. But if she is, is he going to complain? Hell no.

Kyara's teeth worry at her lower lip as she goes quiet again, her gaze pinned to N'thu's even as she turns a little more and circles her arms around his neck. She looks like she's thinking rather seriously, trying to figure something out about the set of his eyes or the way his hair rests on his head, maybe. But it certainly isn't that. It's more that she is still trying to be sure of what she's asking, wrapping her mind around the way her thinking's changed over the past months since Lia's flight. "My background…isn't something I'm finding I dwell on too much anymore, lately," she says quietly, shrugging a little. "Especially with Thread getting closer. Seizing moments is important. Just wanting to be with someone…is fine, and I'm learning that. I think… I think that's all I want, right now. Simple." Slowly, she grins. "With someone I happen to think is quite amazing." Still cautious, she kisses him lightly, then draws back a little to look at him, to see what he thinks.

"No arguments with simple," N'thu replies, with an easy, relaxed expression as he wraps his arm around the small of her back. "That's the way to do things, when you're not yet sure if everyone you care about is going to die miserably — but you also can't think about that." He's such an optimist, isn't he? Perhaps a realist. And a very firmly grounded one, too. "I got shoved into rank way too soon and have had enough of thinking about that sort of thing myself. Spending some time with a beautiful lady and her lovely dragon and not worrying about it? Seems like a much more ideal way to spend the night. Hope I can scare off your nightmares." And then it's his turn to try to kiss her — a little less than lightly.

And yet Kyara can't help but think about it for just a second, a fleeting, pained expression casting her eyes downward momentarily. It's the compliment that brings her gaze back up, though - and gets a happy rumble from Liareth. Itzquintlith isn't the only one who likes being noticed! N'thu doesn't have to try very hard; Kyara returns the kiss deeply, the flicker of melancholy immediately washed away. "I think you'll manage that quite well," she says, her voice colored in huskier tones now as she speaks nearly against his lips. It'll be nice to have a clear head this time! She pulls out of his arms then, fingers teasing across his chest as she moves away toward Liareth. "Come on, then. We're not far." He can follow her up onto Lia's neck, or have Itzquintlith take him; either way, it's a very short hop over to her weyr - a few second's glide from a very pleasant remedy to an unpleasantly sleepless night.

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