==== April 23, 2013
==== Erei, W'rin , +Valiuth and Khetanaxeroth
====W'rin and Valiuth visit High Reaches Weyr and the welcome wagon shows her teeth.

Who W'rin, Erei
What Khetanaxeroth makes a vendetta with Valiuth as they share company at the lake. Their riders seem less inclined to shed blood.
When It is the twenty-ninth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
Where Beach, High Reaches Weyr


Ancient dunes have been flattened by the endless parade of people and dragons that tramp northwest across the bowl, leaving a mere skiff of sand here along lake's beaten edge. Footprints litter the curve of beach, some left turns ago and caught frozen in the heavy clay earth near the water's edge. As the sun sets, shadows invade, creeping like fingers across the gently sloping ground and darkening the distant ledges on the far side of the lake.
To the north, dust rises from the redolent pens while the flattened disc of the main bowl is just a step to the northwest.
To the northwest, you see a gold and a brown dragon and one runner.
Darting here and there are fifteen firelizards.
Bronze Ysvarth, bronze Valiuth, and green Khetanaxeroth are here.
You see Euphoria and Lady here.
W'rin is here.
Obvious exits:
Stables Feeding Pens Central Bowl Lake

The wolves of yesterday's winds had quieted to hush puppies by late morning but turbulence in the lake is still showing. Uniform muddy water isn't deterring Khetanaxeroth from slaking her thirst, the blue-sized green's front feet and face submerged. Sunset's starting and so's supper so there's ample activity in the Bowl. Just in the distance a brown is hunting the herds and stirring something of Kheta's own appetite as per the violet seen in her eyes.

The blue-sized green happens to be quenching her thirst, but just down the lake shore a bronze is watching. Watching her drink, her move, "As if the greens around here weren't big enough." The baratone voice of the bronze's rider, rings through the cooling air. He's not speaking to anyone imparticular, except maybe his dragon, and he's yet to spot the green's rider. No, they are simply watching the GIGANTIC green drink muddy water. They both seem rather mezmorized by the whole thing. "She might be actually put up a decent length flight." The man, who is a giant -at least in sheer muscle mass - in his own right, comments with a nudge of his elbow into the haunches of the brooding bronze. "But don't go chasing any greens - I perfer to wake up with a woman next me, eh?"

Small eddies follow Khetanaxeroth's feet as she moves just a little down the shoreline to see if the water tastes any better there. Her throat shrinks and expands with the intake of water, the day's travels did not include or offer much in the way of bodies of water. She's aware of Valiuth, ultimately eyeing him while her muzzle's sunk. When she's had enough the leonine green maintains her gaze, droplets leaking back to their rightful basin. Her slight migration's uncovered a woman, a firelizard at her throat. She's reading a hide, limp, it's been used many times before. What gets her to look up is her life-mate's enunciated hiss and its menace for the bronze.

Khetanaxeroth thinks to you, « I bespoke Valiuth with: Khetanaxeroth's occupancy of the everpresent draconic mind links is a door with chains and six deadbolts. She's 'not home' for the time being. Leave a message at the beep and swallow a landmine. »

Khetanaxeroth senses Valiuth enters like a storm. Sudden, unpredicted, but here. The gales are furious, blowing though indiscrimately, the smell of salt rushes up, sticking to the back of the throat. The sharp sting of sea droplets flung against the skin. The hunting boat is tilts, the boat is all encompassing, creaking as it tosses back in forth. In the background the shout of men struggling against nature. The voice which finally speaks is carried in the wind, is as forceful as the wind, is the wind. Howling, though distant, somehow near, « I am Valiuth, and you are? »

The movement of the green catches W'rin's attention only until the female human is uncovered. Surely this is a weyrmate, a friend of the rider. He takes a few steps closer, no, there is the knot. "Rider." Is said after a pause. "That your green?" He stops to turn back a moment, eyeing the green. "She sure is big. We were just - admiring - her." The male's focus returns to the person before him. "I'm W'rin. That's Valiuth." A vague motion towards the bronze. An awkward pause, "How are you?" Somewhere in his mind 'What to do with a female rider' plays to the tune of Druken Sailor.

Erei squints, low eyebrows sharpening the angle of her stare to the dragonriding pair. Fingers manipulate the hide to be folded back into her flight jacket. Her choice of path, sticking to drier sections of lake muck, draws out the time it takes to approach them. If Erei harbors malice she can reserve it better than her bond. "It is. That also is not an uncommon reaction," aligning herself between both dragons, "You're from outside High Reaches." Said observation delivered by a dark-haired female in red-violet leathers. "Erei, and Khetanaxeroth currently of Benden." But not always and she won't do any enlightening just yet. "Do I know you, W'rin?" Kheta's shoulders are narrowed without further harrassing sounds. But there's red ire in her eyes.

Khetanaxeroth thinks to you, « I bespoke Valiuth with: Khetanaxeroth champions the storm to convert it to one of her creations where she can turn a base to dense mud and Valiuth's ocean to blood. Pitched-high, her voice strikes. « You are unwanted. » »

"It would be very odd if you did." W'rin comments dryly, "Not from Reaches no. Igen, but not exactly the Igen here. Not now anyway." He points to the Igen colored knot with a shrug. For him, there is certainly no need to enlighten. "Benden, eh?" He nods slowly, "Just visiting Reaches then? Me too, of sorts." A lopsided grin is offered as his fingers scratch at his short beard. He pauses thoughtfully, "I -er- Are you enjoying your vacation?" Why not assume it is a trip of pleasure if nothing is being offered.

Khetanaxeroth senses Valiuth rests comfortably enough in the blood, the storm calms, as the red sludge seeps around the wooden frame. A kill, is that not what any good boat is fashioned for. The hunt, it is on. « I do not know why. Have our warnings not come true? » In the ocean sky above the comet makes an appearance. « But if still do not want us, do not worry, we do not plan on staying. » A foreboding echo in the gusting air.

"Ahh," Erei resounds, "you're one of /them/. I was wondering when one of you'd show up." A grin shows a lot of teeth, and maybe some gratification for seeing one of the future-based dragonriders popularized in recent gossip. Brown eyes procede to read Valiuth's lines. "He's… small-er. Not enough beasts in your time?" As the commentary continues she walks the distance to Khetanaxeroth to try and ease the green's disposition. Nice try. "Not a bad visit so far, I know a face or two here. Are you alone then? I'd heard there were several of you travelers."

Khetanaxeroth thinks to you, « I bespoke Valiuth with: Khetanaxeroth's storm clouds coalesce, knotting in on themselves, creating the friction and mass so fond of heat lightning. Cloud bellies are highlighted with electric fervor as incoming thunder takes on the resonance of a dragon's growl. « You are the warrrning. » »

"Yah." W'rin snorts in a half chuckle, that's the most pleasant greeting he's had in a while. "Well, you know, scouting out the place." A slight inclination of his head, "Yes, alone. For now. But there may be more of us coming over from Ista soon -" He absently touches his the split side of his lip, as his eyes assess his dragon. "Yes, our dragons seem to noticeably smaller than nows." An awkward turn of phrase. He strides after the female rider as she soothes her dragon. "No, not enough, barely enough at all the weyrs, and we are significantly short - About half of what we need." His lips pull downward slightly, "And well - with the …" He points to the sky, "You know, we thought maybe some of," A pause as he watches the WOMAN, "your riders would like to fill int he ranks, but we're still waiting to meet with the Weyrleaders."

Khetanaxeroth senses Valiuth's turns to thunder as the clouds darken, an resounding clap with each bolt that lightens the blackened sky. The storm is close, the warning is close, « Yes. But better I as a warning, than no warning at all. »

By her rider Khetanaxeroth hunches like a hellbent hood ornament. Her aura reeks of ozone and imminence and she isn't giving territory to the bronze who is doubly foreign to her. Hell hath no fury like scorned women and a defensive Kheta. She's guarding something. "Sounds like an easy plan." Is the dragonhealer's response. Too easy. Movement from the gold firelizard at her shoulder eventually leads to her taking flight. "Another one? Blue keeps losing claws when he hunts. W'rin? Pleasure to meet you." Hand trails the green dragon until the riding straps are grasped. It takes moments for Khetanaxeroth to move and when she does her posture is heavily arching towards the bronze, taking up as much space as she can get away with.

Khetanaxeroth thinks to you, « I bespoke Valiuth with: Khetanaxeroth must disagree because those thunderheads are doubling their density. The hostility meter is measured in powers now, her blood tide is rising. »

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