==== February 16, 2014
==== Reilan, Thierry
==== The boys talk quietly over evening drinks.

Who Reilan, Thierry
What The boys talk quietly over evening drinks.
When It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr Dustbowl Cantina

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Dustbowl Cantina
To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some //clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze. //

No matter who you are or where your place is in the bazaar, you've still got to relax somehow, right? And that's exactly what Thierry has dragged Reilan to do. Off-duty in his typically drab garb instead of the considerably newer recruit's uniform, Thierry lounges bonelessly in his chair, nursing whatever's cheapest.

Who couldn't use a bit of recreation and down time? Reilan certainly hasn't been one to argue at being dragged to the cantina. The teen has propped his feet up, humming just a bit as he nurses his own drink with a smile for one of the waiting girls that pass by. She's not unattractive, after all. Though after a bit his attention returns toward Thierry, head tilting just a little bit toward the older teen. "So what do you wanna do, then? You just gonna drink tonight?"

"Mmhrm." Thierry shrugs, not entirely devoid of enthusiasm, as he lifts his glass to his lips. After a swig, he changes his mind. "No. No, tonight I'm gonna drink, and I'm gonna go find Phib, and I'm gonna stove his fucking face in for being an utter prick to that whats-her-name." It's a half-empty threat, of course; when does Thi get his hands /dirty/?

Reilan pauses in mid-drink, lowering his own glass away from his face to peer at Thierry. Indeed it is quite a surprise, having the older boy suggest such a thing. He leans forward though, setting the glass down so his arms fold on the table, scooting that much closer to Thierry. "Wait a tick, what're you talking about? What'd Phib do when?"

Thierry rests his elbow on the table, cupping his chin in his hand. "Two days ago. One of the boys told me he tried that dice game," you know, the one that failed miserably when Thierry played it last on a certain goldrider, "on a girl from Rosie's. 'Cept he's Phib. He fucked it up, dragged her down the side and left fuckin' marks all over her." Something Thi doesn't condone, by the look of his thunderous expression. "It's only meant to be a fucking threat, not an actual drag'emoff deal."

Reilan sits up again slightly, expression darkening with an anger of his own. "Why just beat his face? Haul his ass into the brig. You /can/ put people there, can't you?" Thierry is a guard now! He should have some sort of authority in that manner. Even if he is just a recruit. He makes a disgusted face however, dragging his glass back to his lips with a growl. "Serve him right.."

The brig. Thierry hadn't thought of that. "Yeah, but -" He jumps when a scrawny-looking young brown firelizard appears from between in the air beside him, chittering angrily as he settles onto the table in front of Thi. "/Still/ not used to him doing that." He looks embarassed for his reaction, but, since it's Reilan who he's with, he has a moment of softness when he caresses the little 'lizard's head. "-but if I throw him in the brig, Rei, then what's that gonna mean amongst the rest of the 'snakes? They're gonna be pissed off by it. You /know/ what it's like right now."

Reilan grins a little at the appearance of that firelizard. His own is..somewhere, of course, but out of the way for the time being. There's laughter though that bubbles out of the boy, flicking a piece of leftover food across the table at Thierry. "Oh /Thierry/. Whatever are you talking about? It'll /show/ them that they'd better not cross you. That they can't do whatever they want just because you're uniform is a guard's. That you're still in /charge/. That's what it'll mean." His lashes lower just a little, raising his glass toward his friend to slosh around what little is left in it, looking through it even at the older boy. "Chuck 'im in the brig."

Rat gets to the food before Thierry can hand it to him, gobbling it down with a squeaky croon while Thi watches him fondly. "I kinda like him. Rat, I mean. Not Phib," he admits - because Rei is Rei and he can say things like that to him! "D'you think it'll really work? Throwing him in the brig? Can I even /do/ that if I don't have my uniform on?" Up goes his glass again for another swig, which is awkward as he's trying to watch his little pet at the same time. "Bastards do need to be taught I'm still in charge, though."

"Do you have to be wearing the uniform to still be a guard?" Reilan gives a little snort and rolls his eyes, before waving down one of the girls for another drink. She's of course graced with the sweetest smile he can muster. Hey, sometimes it makes for a quicker return on the drink! "I doubt they intend for their guards to look the other way when 'bad things' are happening just because they don't have the proper set of trousers on."

"I'm only a guard because I have the uniform." Thierry shrugs, stroking his finger over his firelizard's sides and wings. His dark eyes flick up to look at Reilan, and he smirks. "You're talking as if I'm /really/ a guard." Because he doesn't consider himself to be one. He pulls a tiny pot of oil from his pocket, and starts rubbing it gently into a dry spot on Rat's hide. "Hey. Rei. You had any good ideas on how I can get /out/ of the uniform and back to normal?"

Reilan shakes his head faintly, shrugging. "A harper is still one, with or without an instrument in their hand.. Whether you like it or not, they've made you a guard." They probably didn't mean for Thierry to be running around being the criminal element of the bazaar /off/ duty. Probably. He watches the firelizard though, tapping his fingers on the table top for the time being. "I don't, though. That, I think..you're stuck with for a while."

Grunting in disappointment at Reilan's inability to think him out of his current predicament, Thierry runs his fingers through his hair to sweep it back from his face. He broods silently over it for a while, paying attention to little Rat's hide. "Did you hear what was going round the bazaar earlier? There's been thread. Falling. In High Reaches."

There's a slow frown for the change in topic, and Reilan shudders ever so slightly at the mention of Thread. It's a hushed thing, really, something that the teen is loathe to talk about regularly. That /thing/ that's looming just on the horizon. He sits back in his seat a little though, dropping his feet to rest them on the floor again. "I heard.."

Thierry looks up at Rei, giving him a half-hearted, crooked little smile. It's probably meant to be reassuring, or something. "Riders'll get it. It's what they're good for." He shrugs, swilling his drink around in his glass before he takes a sip from it. There's a pause after he's done drinking and the glass is set back down, after which he asks, quietly; "Wonder what'll happen when it falls here?"

Reilan sighs a little, comfortably folding his arms across his stomach as he eyes Thierry. "Well they'd better. All this talk and these Oldtimers and everything coming.. They'd damn well better /get it/." Otherwise what's the point of it all. Alas, he just can't seem to get comfortable, moving his arms again so that his hands come up to rub his face a few times. "Is there even a /plan/ for that? I mean..they're supposed to get that stuff before it can get to ground, but..what if they don't?" Thread raining down on the bazaar, even just a little, certainly /sounds/ like disaster.

What can Thierry say to that? He's got no answer, so he just shrugs and knocks back his drink. The empty glass is pushed away, for collection by someone, and he lets out a long, sombre sigh. "Not sure I'm much in the mood for thumping Phib tonight." The teen rubs at the base of his skull, messing up his dark hair. "D'you fancy going to the ring? Maybe picking a few pockets?" Petty thievery: the best sort of entertainment!

Reilan's lips curve upward just slightly when Thierry's plans for Phib…fade away. It was always the more likely case, after all. But the teen shrugs, pushing himself to the edge of his seat with a nod. "If you're not going to thump him, at least keep him out of the way? It's hard to work with the oaf stomping about."

"Yeah yeah, I dragged him aside last time he made you run away." Thierry waves his hand dismissively, while scooping up Rat with the other. He places the little brown on his shoulder, then stands up. "C'mon, Worm. Let's go make some marks… without you having to drop your pants, pretty-boy." A cheeky wink and a ribbing follow, while he waits for the younger teen to get up.

Reilan gets up then, walking around the table with a little narrowing of his eyes..and a prompt /swat/ to Thierry's arm when he walks by. "Just shut up and come on then. Still have to see if I can even /get/ anything, you know." Though with how much the crowds pay attention to the fights rather than what's going on behind him, it's unlikely that the night won't at least bear /some/ profit. The boy just smirks a little though, stride carrying him right back out and to the street beyond.

Thierry saunters on behind Reilan, hands in his pockets and the little brown on his shoulder clinging tightly. They're out on the street before Thierry smacks Reilan's butt, then jogs on past him, turning to run backwards for a few strides to egg him on. "C'mon, Worm. Wriggle faster!" There's /things/ to be done!

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