==== December 22, 2013
==== Jithan, Nevelyn, Nevach(NPC)
==== Jithan and Nevach make fishing lures in preparation of a fishing trip. Nevelyn shows up and decides to join the fun.

Who Jithan, Nevelyn, Nevach(NPC)
What Jithan and Nevach make fishing lures in preparation of a fishing trip. Nevelyn shows up and decides to join the fun.
When There are 0 turns, 4 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where Living Caverns, SW

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Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

This late in the morning on a rest day, the living caverns are empty, with most folks out enjoying the lovely weather that Southern's 'winter' brings. There are two lone souls, though, sitting at a table strewn with various equipment and fishing gear, a young boy and an older man. They seem to be making… things. Fuzzy, furry, shiny things. "And that, Nevach, is that. We just put a little glue right /there/ to hold the feathers, and let it set up, then we're done. It'll take about 10 minutes to dry, and then we can go on to the next fly," Jithan says to the boy at his side, showing him the intricacies of properly tying fishing flies.

Nevach carefully dabs the glue just where Jithan showed him and sits up to eye the lure critically. “How long till we can use ‘em, Dad? We are still going fishing tonight right?” Because all this work has to come with some reward right? He sets the glue in its holder before reaching a chubby hand out and nabbing a shred of sweetroll off the plate set to the side of the fishing flies.

A day of rest? Nevelyn has nearly forgotten what one of those is like. Clearly she’d needed quite a lot of sleep this morning. And nobody had been around to wake her up and shove her off to work. At first she’d woken in a panic thinking herself late. Thankfully she’s remembered what today is and walks serenely into the caverns instead of in the rushing hurry that is customary. The near deserted caverns draws a glance as she makes her way toward the trestles and loads a light meal onto a plate before grabbing a mug of klah nearly too large to believe. “That’ll hold me,” she murmurs and turns toward the tables to find herself a seat. Spying Jithan and Nevach she makes her way toward them with a happy smile. “Morning boys. Whatcha doin?”

Jithan chuckles a little at Nevach's question, smoothing the glue over the threads with a stick. "Oh, they'll be ready by tonight, Nevach. We just have to wait for the glue to dry." His own plate is long empty, along with the klah mug, and shoved well out of the way. Looking up at the sound of Nevelyn's voice, he grins and gestures to the clamp sitting between him and Nevach. "I'm teaching Nevach how to tie his own lures for fishing. He's doing great so far," he says with a gesture towards several already-completed lures. "You seemed exhausted, didn't even stir when I got up, so I figured I'd let you sleep. How're you feeling, love?"

“We’re goin’ fishin,” Nevach informs his mother around a mouthful of roll. “You goin’ come too?” The normally well-spoken boy at least holds his hand over his mouth while he speaks. Though he quiets quickly at a look from Nevelyn. No talking with his mouth full. Yeah he knows and ducks his head a little. Nevelyn sets Jithan’s plate and mug on a spare chair and replaces them with her own on the table top. Obviously there’s only so much room for a woman to squeeze into for breakfast at this particular table. “I’m proud of you for learning a new skill,” she tells Nevach with a smile. Her eyes swing to Jithan as she sips her klah. The wake me up brew working its slow magic. “I was rather tired. I pulled the afternoon shift with the children and then went on to the infirmary to lend a hand there again.” Despite the fact that with the immediate crisis over most regular folks have fled that particular scene. “I feel very well now that I’ve caught up on my rest.” She’d even taken the time to curl her hair this morning. Something she rarely bothers with as busy as she is. “Thank you for letting me sleep.”

Jithan shoots a glance at Nevach, but then Nevelyn does the glaring for him. No need to reprimand the kid twice, right? "It's a fun skill, too, and one that you can turn a bit of a profit at once you get decently good." Watching that slow transformation on Nevelyn, he chuckles. "I could tell. Good on you for going over to the infirmary, though. I'm sure they needed all the help they can get." He's been doing his own helping, but has tried to stay away from the Healers if he could. "I'm just glad you were able too. I was half-afraid that you were going to sit bolt upright at your normal time and zombie your way down to the nursery," he says with a wink.

Nevach gets looks from both directions and huffs slightly. Having a set of parents is daunting at times. Still the kid bucks up rather quickly as children his age do. “I’ll practice and practice until I can get them right,” he declares perfectly. Now that his food has been swallowed that is. “Maybe someday I can set up a booth on the boardwalk.” It never occurs to him that he isn’t the center of attention. And he leans forward to inspect the glue drying process on the latest lure.

Nevelyn shrugs her shoulders at Jithan’s compliment, but smiles her thanks still. “If they’re going to pull folks from their duties to help in times of crisis I feel it’s my responsibility to learn at least the basics. So I’ve been asking ‘round for someone to tutor me.” She looks over at Nevach with a motherly smile and nods her head. “If you work hard enough and learn enough skills I have no doubt you’ll make a place for yourself here somewhere.” And back to Jithan with a soft laugh. “Well I very nearly did that very thing, though I was late as all get out. I was half dressed when I remembered what today was and slowed down to lace my clothes properly.”

Jithan chuckles at Nevach's reaction, reaching over and gently cuffing his shoulder. "Hey kid, this is what happens. I'm sure you'll get used to it sooner or later," he says with a grin. "You'd probably do pretty well with that booth… Sell line, poles, lures, bait, everyone would walk right past you, so who knows?" At Nevelyns admission, he waggles an eyebrow, grinning. "Well, I'm half-disappointed that you remembered then, m'dear. Would've been quite the sight to start the day with."

Nevach laughs and swats at Jithan’s hand playfully. “I suppose if you claim it so,” he admits and dusts off the offended shoulder. “Lotsa folks might like to fish in their free time.” He seems to catch the bug a lot of kids do his age. Dreaming of what he’ll do when he grows up. Always in a hurry for it to happen because being young is terminally boring!

Nevelyn smiles happily to see the two of them interacting this way and tucks into a bite of her breakfast biscuit. Nearly choking while she chews at Jithan’s waggle brow comment. She manages to finish chewing and get the bite swallowed all while shooting Jithan a mock glare. “For you perhaps! Though I’d likely find myself in a heap of trouble for the effort of your amusement.” She receives looks aplenty already for taking more to the oldtimer way of dress than her own. “I’d prefer not to get booted out of here.”

Swatting? Oh no, we can't have that at all, can we? Jithan goes into full attack mode, bringing both hands around to tickle Nevach's sides. "Swat at me, will you? I'll show you!" he says with a grin, tickling away. For all that he wished he was grown up in his youth, Jithan hasn't entirely lost his funloving side. Looking over at Nevelyn for a moment, but not pausing in the tickling, he grins. "I doubt they'd kick you out, love. Get jealous, maybe, but not kick you out…"

Nevach squeals and laughs when Jithan attacks him. “Dad!! Quit it!!” He squirms in the chair trying to escape Jithan’s reach. Smaller hands pulling at much larger ones in a vain attempt to free himself from the onslaught. “Seriously!” His laughter rings out as he twists every which way but loose in the attempt to get off the chair, slide under the table, squirm closer to Jithan in the hopes that something will loosen the man’s hold on him.

Nevelyn sniffs at Jithan and shakes her head. “Jealous of what?! I highly doubt all of that.” She smiles sweetly when Nevach looks at her with mirth filled eyes for help. There is no salvation here boy. Only a mother’s enjoyment of his delight. She sits there quite calmly eating her sandwich and sipping her klah. Her chuckle blending in with his squeals and cries. Better her son than her to be certain!

Jithan just grins stupidly at that, holding Nevach a little longer then is strictly necessary, and then laughs at his words. "You get teased, huh? Because your ma decided to settle for an old geezer like me?" Oh yeah, he's teasing, nevermind that Neve's half his age. "Don't listen to her, Nevach," he says after Nevelyn's speech. "She's gone mad and doesn't know how beautiful she is," he says with a wink. "Besides, isn't she cute when she blushes?" His words might be for his adopted son, but his eyes are all for Nevelyn.

Nevach shrugs his shoulders and slides his mug of juice off the table. “Nobody said nothin’ bout your age. Just the usual stuff about Ma.” He sips his juice and looks from Jithan to Nevelyn with a bright smile. “She’s tol’ me all about it before. So it don’t bug me none.” He eyes his mother at Jithan’s question and then looks back at his adopted father to nod his head. “I think it’s funny when she blushes.”

“Sitting right here,” Nevelyn informs them with a sniff, “thank you very much.” She glares at Jithan for a moment before shaking her head. “You’re not old by a long stretch Jithan. And you’re rather handsome besides. I don’t fall in love with ‘geezers’.” She looks at Nevach with a soft smile and would reach for his shoulder if he wouldn’t squirm away from her. He’s been doing that more often lately. Growing pains for both of them no doubt. “Folks will find more interesting things to occupy their time than gossiping about me. We rarely hear such things these days right?” She is asking for conformation and relaxes when Nevach drops the mug he’s drinking from to nod his head.

Jithan chuckles a little, shaking his head. "Nevach, you're a wonderful lad," he says with a grin for the boy. "Don't pay any attention to those folks, they just wish they had a mother as wonderful as yours." Nevelyn gets a grin from Jithan, and a chuckle. "So you've said, dear, though others do hold different opinions from you. But, it's all just gossip and who cares about that?" There's a slight pause, then he asks, "So, you never answered our son's question, are you coming fishing with us later?"

Nevach puffs up at Jithan’s praise and looks triumphantly at Nevelyn. For once someone who likes his mother hasn’t put him down all the time. He really adores Jithan and it shows. “Well they can’t have her. I have to share her enough with the rest o’ the snotty brats.” It’s difficult to go from being the center of the universe one day to being one among many the next. “C’mon come with us!” He pipes up on the tail end of Jithan’s query.

Nevelyn is out flanked when these two gang up together. She isn’t used to it and has no defense against it yet. Surely she’ll develop one eventually, but for now she shrugs her shoulders. “I’ve never been given to care what folks think.” Which can sometimes go either way in her line of work. “I don’t have anything I have to get done today. The laundry can wait til’ you’re,” she looks at Jithan with a smile, “busy and I can drop it off.” She’s teasing of course. “I’d love to go fishing. Or perhaps wander down stream for a swim. Out of the way of your possible catch of course.”

Jithan laughs aloud at Nevach's words, grinning. "And you have to share her with me too, it's just terrible, isn't it?" he asks with a teasing grin. "If you're going to go swimming, love, I'm going to have to borrow a looking glass from someone," he says with a wink. "Of maybe just get Nevach to mind my pole while I go for a swim with you. Think you could handle that, Nevach?" Devious, devious man, isn't he?

“I don’t mind sharin’ her with you,” Nevach tells Jithan with a happy smile. “She’s a lot happier than I ever remember now you’re here.” A sweet and purely honest observation. Ever since she’d moved in with Jithan he’s found himself with a lot more free time. Well once he sneaks away from the night canine that guards the dorm. “Sure I can watch yer pole if’n you want to swim too.” He looks from one to the other, “But if’n your gonna be gross do it in another part o’ the river!” Cause he doesn’t want to see smooching. It’s just gross when your parents kiss, he doesn’t care if Jithan’s newly adopted or not.

Nevelyn laughs aloud and sets her mug on the table for fear of spilling it. “I love you, Nevach. You’re so wonderful.” She holds up her hand, palm toward her son and smiles. “I promise as long as you stay with the fishing poles like you’re supposed to you’ll not see anything ‘gross’ as you put it.” She points toward the lures spread across the table, “Just make sure you finish what you’ve started here.”

Jithan laughs again, and wraps his arm back around Nevach for another hug. "You have no idea how much I love you for saying that, son," he says with a grin. "She'd probably be even happier if she knew you were minding the other nannies and didn't have her worrying all the time though, lad," he says with just a /hint/ of seriousness. "Finish what I started, Neve?" he says innocently, carefully touching the fly in the vise to see if it's still tacky or not. "Well, it's almost dry." Right, because she was talking about the /lures/, uhhuh.

Where would the fun be in that?! Nevach doesn’t say as much though and smiles at Jithan instead. “I mind well enough,” he insists. He isn’t one to stand for being cooped up with those smart mouth kids for long. A little solitude is the recipe for a happy Nevach and he’s not about to oust himself for sneaking out. “Takes ‘em a while to set up,” he observes and leans forward to brush his finger along one that’s already sitting finished on the table.

Nevelyn can’t argue with the truth. She’s felt happier lately than she ever did back home on the Ship. Though she has been fretting lately about the safety of her family still sailing out there. She hasn’t said a word about it to anyone. “Yes, finish what you started.” She mimics him with a teasing expression. “You can hardly up and take off with all this just laying here after all.” Her mug is still half full but she’s had about all the klah she can stomach for now and sets it on the table. “That’s about enough of all that,” she says as the mug clicks down. “You two finish up here and I’ll go see about getting ready.”

Jithan rolls his eyes and laughs at Nevach, unable to stop himself. "Aye, you do mind well enough, lad. Just so long as you don't get into any trouble, alright?" He's not going to pretend that children aren't evil little shits sometimes. "It's because of the humidity down here," he says in explanation. "It takes the glue longer to dry, especially since we're so close to the sea. If we were up at the Hall, it'd be dry to the touch by now." Nevelyn gets a smile and a nod. "Would you be so kind as to grab my hat too, love? I forget to bring it out here with us. We'll be done here in just a few minutes."

Nevach snorts indignantly and peers at Jithan for a moment. “There’s nothin’ ta get in trouble with ‘round here.” He quiets down long enough to listen to the explanation Jithan offers about the glue and his expression grows curious. “What’s the sea have to do with it?” He glances at Nevelyn for a spare moment and nods his head to let her know he’d heard.

Nevelyn slips out of her chair and stacks the empty dishes for easier clean up. “I’ll get the hat when I stop in for my swim suit.” She hefts the dishes into the palm of her hand, looking for all the world like a waitress if Pern had them. “After I drop these in the Kitchens and see about a skin of juice to take with us.” And then she’s off and hurrying to get things together in time to meet the two of them back here.

Jithan watches Nevelyn go tenderly, not bothering to try to look like he's not staring at DAT ASS, then eventually turns back to Nevach, launching into a lecture about weather patterns, relative humidity, and all kinds of other things. Because this is what he does, shardit. :D

Nevach rolls his eyes when Jithan stares at his mother. “Gross,” he mutters and picks up a finished lure to pretend inspect. Anything’s better than watching Jithan watching um well.. Anyway when Jithan finally turns to him with an explanation he sets the lure back on the table and looks up to listen. Catching about a third of it all. “Oh,” he says when Jithan runs out of steam, “okay.” Yep that’s all the Harper gets after that long winded speech. Just ‘okay’.

Jithan is rather used to such responses, and laughs, handing the boy a piece of corkboard. "Go ahead and push all the hooks into here to keep them from sticking, kiddo, and we'll get the rest of this stuff cleaned up for our adventure, hmm?"

Nevach takes the corkboard in both hands at first and nods his head. “Okay.” He sets the board on the empty chair next to him and scrambles up onto his knees. Bending down then to nab the board and balance it against the table. “Does it matter which order?” He asks this after sticking three in a row across the top of the board.

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