==== January 23, 2014
==== Sienna, Mayte, and Zalara
==== It's really hot, so a rider and two apprentices go to cool off at the Lake Shore.

Who Sienna, Mayte, and Zalara
What It's really hot, so a rider and two apprentices go to cool off at the Lake Shore.
When One month and 20 days until the 12th Pass
Where Lake Shore

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Lake Shore
Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is HOT. Hot hot bleepity hot. So the lake is a welcome place to go, and one curly haired greenrider is out enjoying the water. In her one piece black suit with the little skirt that covers her hips and upper thighs, Sienna soaks in the shallows, letting waves from bathing dragons lap up against her skin. Kehemath is out there somewhere, paddling around, while her rider basks and bakes and relaxes in the water and on the sand.

Zalara comes out with her small fair of firelizards. She has a green and a brown flying around her as she carries a very small bronze in her arms. She has a towel over her shoulders as she moves down towards the beach. She gives a wave to the greenrider before she moves to set the blanket down and sets the bronze on top of it.

How hot is it? It's the second line to a cruel joke, one that anyone outside of Igen Weyr will get punched for telling. Mayte is out of her customary jacket, out of her customary pants and boots ensemble, and wearing sandals, shorts, and slight t-shirt. She's also got a bottle of something that would be cold if the weather were normal that gets dropped into the sand - Zalara gets a brief wave and Mayte continues to walk into the water, until she's waist-deep, at which point, Mayte kneels until the water is chin-height. "Oh Faranth," she mutters in relief, then finally calls to the others, "Hey there!"

Sienna opens her eyes and sits up a bit, lifting a dripping hand to shade her eyes as others approach. "Hello! It's hot." Duh. "The lake water feels so good though…how are you both doing?"

Zalara strips down to her suit and she heads to the water. She looks over towards the bronze to make sure he'll be okay and he's sleeping at the moment. She ahs as she gets into the cooler water and smiles, "I'm doing great! I got a new firelizard."

"I'm hot," Mayte complains, sounding like pretty much everyone else, "It's stupid hot here, and the moment I get out of the water, I'm sticky again." Life is awful on this side of the lake. "Who thought it would be a good idea to live here?" Grousing. Even if it was her.

Sienna shakes her head, closing her eyes again. "I don't know, but we're stuck here so might as well make the best of it." She can't go anywhere else. Sigh. "Oh did you? That bronze over there?" Sienna asks, looking around and spying the sleeping 'lizard. "He's a handsome one, congrats."

Zalara nods, "It is very hot here, I thought it was supposed to be getting cooler." She smiles, "Thank you so much. He is handsome isn't he. I've been trying to think up a name for him."

Mayte is so blissed out at feeling something less than on fire that it takes her a moment to open her eyes and see the little flit all quiet there, "Cute." Why does effort have to be so hot? Still, Mayte's known to put in effort: "He's tiny. What about that?" No word on what to call the flit when he gets bigger.

"Hot? Spicy? Sleepy? Drowsy?" Grumpy? Sneezy? Sienna drawls with slow, measured speech. "Faranth, I just want to run away but that takes…" Pause. Long pause. "Effort."

Zalara shakes her head, "No Tiny is too plain. I would like a strong name for my strong bronze." She strokes his sleeping head as she moves deeper into the water. "Yah I'm glad we started working in the forges at night. This heat would kill us in the day."

Mayte shrugs a shoulder, except that exposes it to Rukbat's heat, pausing with her mouth open before commenting, "Well, you don't know if he's gonna be strong yet, right?" A pause and then, "Or big." Still, Mayte isn't here to ruin everyone's mood, sighing, "I can't imagine - it's hot enough in the fields right now and we're just trying to get the grapes in before the leaves start to burn." Crafter gripes.

Sienna shakes her head. "Kitchens never stop working." So…there? She grimaces and sinks lower in the water. "A Smith name, perhaps?"

Zalara nods, "I thought about Hammer perhaps or Anvil. They don't sound right through." She shrugs, "I'm sure I'll think of a name. Yah I feel sorry for those that have to work in the kitchens, although the forges fires are forever burning."

Moving a little further into the water, Mayte starts to float on her back, fingers flicking water every so often over her quite soggy clothes, and mmms, saying absently, "I don't even think Southern is as hot as this." Silly Southerners, thinking they're hot.

Sienna smiles. "I like Anvil," she admits. "I think it sounds fine. But," she adds, "you just said you didn't have to work until it cooled down. Kitchen staff works all day. And it isn't? I still need to get down there more than…once?" How often has she been? She doesn't even know. "I wish I was on a mountain top right now, buried in the snow…"

Zalara nods, "I don't, but they don't let the fires go out it'd take too long to start them up again. Trust me if it was any cooler we'd be working in there." She oohs, "That sounds nice being in snow when the weather is like this."

For her part in the chat, Mayte slowly starts to drift towards shore, feet kicking so slightly until Mayte is close to running a-ground. "I think I've heard of snow once," she says seriously, though there's a faint twinkle in her eye. "Can't remember what it looks like, though." Mayte starts to make her way onto the shore, grabbing the bottle she left there earlier, and pops it for a long swig.

Sienna chuckles, pushing to her feet as Kehemath approaches. "I dream of snow," she says wistfully, shaking out her towel and wrapping it around herself. "Back to work. Stay cool, ladies." With a smile and a wave, the AWLM is off, back to the heat of the caverns and the barracks.

Zalara hmms as she looks at the bronze, "Anvil might work." She caresses the back of his neck as he's all snoozing. out." She waves to Sienna, "Stay cool!"

Mayte turns on her side to eye the little bitty bronze. "Anvil'd be a good one. And you don't hear a lot of flits getting called that." The vintner waves at Sienna's back and huffs, "Dragonriders. Always having to run off back to work." It's said with a grin, though. Another thought comes to her which gets blurted out too: "As hot as it is out here, I can't imagine how Candidates will feel on the Sands along with this heat." A pause, "Well. If there's a hatching when it's this hot."

Zalara smiles, "Well then I'll keep calling him Anvil." She nods, "Yah they seem awfully busy, probably going to go fly her dragon out to some snowy cold spot." She hmms, "I'd be surprised if the eggs didn't hatch faster in weather like this."

Mayte turns over onto her stomach and lays her head on her arms, "Wouldn't blame her." As for the eggs, Mayte ponders that: "Well, they have to wait for the shell to get really hard which the heat helps with…" she starts slowly, then as if remembering another thing, says, "But while the shell is hardening, the dragons are still growing inside." Conclusion? "So I guess it could help 'em hatch a bit sooner, but not by a lot." Go, go, Gadget Know-it-all.

Zalara nods, "And they are dragons they probably love the heat just like they love the cold and either aren't affected by it or think it's so nice they just decide to stay in longer."

Mayte stops to think on that: "Do dragons love cold?" Bah, doesn't matter. "Either way, I bet they don't feel it quite the same way we do." That's enough for now, Mayte starting to doze slightly in the sands. But for an interruption: "S'colder up in the air, too. So I guess they don't mind that."

Zalara hmms, 'I heard they did, I heard they like to roll in the snow. That much be something to see, big dragons rolling around in the snow. It's really cold in between too."

"But do dragons like going between?" Mayte wonders, though she does giggle a little: "Imagine all the snow flattened down by a dragon just laying there… Squish!" One hand slaps the sand to make an imprint, but as Mayte's hand pulls away, sand runs back into the divot. "I guess they'd have a lot of fun doing that."

Zalara tilts her head to ponder the question as she caresses the small firelizard as it snoozes. The only signs of life from it are that its tail occasionally flickers, "Probably not, I don't know if I see Kayra I'll have to ask her. Between doesn't sound very fun. That sounds like it'd be fun even if you weren't a drink."

One eye cracks open to observe the firelizard tail twitching, then Mayte closes it again, "Kyara's a good one to ask. And no, I've done it once or twice and it wasn't fun. Gotta bundle up for it." Nuzzling into her arms, Mayte sighs, "Mmmm, don't let me fall asleep here… Soooo comfy…"

Zalara moves over to get closer to Mayte, "Don't worry I won't let you drowned." She looks thoughtful for a moment as if she's trying to remember something, "I'm pretty sure there is a rider that wouldn't forgive me if I did. What was his name…W'rin was yelling at him I think…was it W'rin…" She grits her teeth, "I hate it when I can't remember something." She shakes her head to let it drop and changes the subject, "Do you like flying?"

Mayte grins slightly from her prone position, "Thanks." Her tone is inexplicably dry, though when Zalara mentions W'rin, Mayte looks over again. "K'vvan?" she guesses, because it's such an easy connection, "Greenrider, tall, skinny?" It's also a good bet. Mayte rolls over onto her back, shading her eyes with one arm: "I like it. It's like…" A pause and Mayte's next words are said softly, "Swimming in the air."

Zalara snaps her fingers and nods, 'Yes that's his name, "K'vvan. Are you and he an item?" She asks curiously as she leans forward. She nods in agreement about the swimming in are part, "Yah it is like that. Kyara took me up on her dragon and it was great being up there. I'd love to go flying again sometime." She has a huge smile on her face.

Mayte takes care not to snort, but she does start to laugh silently, her form shaking a little in the sand. "An item? Not… really." Wait, hesitation? "He was cute, I was new here…" That little shrug says it all, even if it doesn't, "But we're friends now." And that seems to be a closing for that (un)deathless romance. Zalara's tone has Mayte looking over at her with a little cheeky grin, "Who knows, maybe you'll fall in love with a rider, or even," since Igen is the Weyr of Change and Possibilities, "be able to fly yourself." With a little groan, Mayte pulls herself to sitting and starts to dust sand off of herself: "I guess I should be getting back to the store."

Zalara smiles, "Well that's nice that you are friends. One of my friends just left for Southern, Zannen, a senior apprentice Seacrafter." She sighs softly, "I hope I get to see him soon, I'm going to write him a letter when I get a moment, tell him all about Anvil and what's going on here." She gives a hopeful smile as she sounds like she's got a crush on Zannen. She ohs and smiles, "I'd love a dragon, I love my firelizards and I take really good care of them." Her firelizards all look very healthy with well-kept hides.

Mayte slowly moves to her feet and brushes more sand off her butt. "Well, if he's a Seacrafter," Mayte says cheerfully, "He should be able to come visit once in a while, right?" The bottle is retrieved and Mayte urks, "I'd better head back in. Get some more water in me." A little grin back to Zalara, "They're lookin' good. Have a good day, okay?" And soon, Mayte is trudging back, sticky dry clothes still caked in sand to her, into the Bazaar's direction.

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