==== December 30, 2013
==== Jithan, Nevach
==== Jithan spends a little quality time with his adopted son.

Who Jithan, Nevach
What Jithan spends a little quality time with his adopted son.
When There are 0 turns, 4 months and 3 days until the 12th pass.
Where Jithan's Office, SW

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Jithan's Office
This is a fairly simple office, though it is somewhat expansive by necessity. Much space is taken up by a desk and a large sand table, and the walls are hung with various instruments, along with a little bit of artwork, mostly pencil sketches of various subjects. One seems to have been given a place of honor, though, depicting a man, woman, and child on a particular rocky prominence not to far from the Weyr. The walls have been painted a deep Harper blue, and the floor is covered in a thick rug in which black, green, and deep blue dominate. A couple straight-backed wooden chairs are set up in front of the desk for visitors, and one wall is taken by a comfortable looking leather couch. A couple of stools are tucked off into one corner, likely for people that prefer a higher seat while playing their instrument of choice. A doorway behind the desk has a curtain drawn across it, presumably leading to the occupant's sleeping quarters.

It's early evening in Southern, the day after the harpsichord arrived. The instrument sits out in the harper area, being worked over by a set of Oldtimer Harpers, while Jithan watches on and off through his open office door. One of his reports for the North is spread on his desk, and if one were to read the code it's written in, there's not a single mention of this new arrival.

For the most part lookie-loos are being discourage from lingering long while the all-important Harpers go about their work. Nevach manages to sneak in when nobody is paying attention, and sticks to the wall out of the way as he stealthily approaches Jithan’s office. All the commotion over the harpsichord has him rather curious for a closer look. But he doesn’t dare with so many strangers surrounding it. So with his eyes on the Oldtimers he slips around the doorjamb and runs smack into Jithan. “Oof!” He looks up with wide eyes and whispers, “Sorry.”

Jithan had been watching Nevach approach, and has his hands open to catch him when he runs into him. "You're fine, Nevach. Just watch where you're going, eh?" he asks with a grin, pulling his adopted son into the office and shutting the door behind them. "Don't you worry, son. I'll get you a good look at it in a little bit. I'm glad you're here, though, I wanted to talk to you. Come sit with me?" He leads the lad over to the couch, and settles himself at one end, letting Nevach choose how close he wants to get to him.

Nevach grins and nods his head, “I’ll try to be more careful. Couldn’t see more’n the door was open from against the wall.” He hadn’t expected Jithan to just be standing there like he was. With a last look over his shoulder he steps into the office at Jithan’s nudge and watches the door shut. “What’d I do now?” He crawls up on the middle cushion of the couch and pulls off his little boots. Dropping them to the floor before crossing his legs in front of him. Any time his mother starts with that it rarely means anything good. Last time he’d snuck off and gave the Nanny on duty fits.

Jithan laughs a little at the assumption of guilt, shaking his head. "You didn't do anything, Nevach, I did. I reacted… poorly to your father's presence yesterday, and I wanted you to know that what I did probably wasn't the best course of action, alright? I don't want you to be scared of me. It just rather… upset me to hear someone talking to your mother that way. I know that's how they did it on the ship, but you're in the Weyr now." He reaches over, giving Nevach's shoulder a light squeeze. "I love you, Nevach, and I don't want you thinking that I'm going to hurt you because of how I treat Rionach."

Nevach visibly relaxes when he hears that he didn’t do anything wrong. For once. Though he looks curiously at Jithan when his adopted father says he did something wrong. “Ma said you just aren’t used to ship crews cause you weren’t brought up around em.” Which is an explanation he’d readily accepted. But it hadn’t crossed his mind that Jithan might hurt him at all. “I’m not scared of you,” he tells Jithan and reaches out to pat the man’s arm with his little hand. “I want you to teach me how ta do that someday. But Ma said that’s a ways off yet.” He beams happily and bounces on the couch cushion when Jithan says he loves him. “I love you too or I wouldn’t call you Dad.” He never did any of the rest of his mother’s lovers. “Rio was just treating Ma like he always does I reckon. I wasn’t close enough to hear what he said but I can bout guess.”

Jithan chuckles at that relaxation, and then nods. "Well, that's true too. I was brought up in much more… political environs, where words can be more dangerous then actions." When Nevach reaches out to pat him, Jithan smiles and holds his arms out to the kid. "C'mere, son," he says, gathering the lad into his lap for a hug. "I like hearing you call me dad, Nevach. I like it a lot. And yes, someday I'll teach you how to take care of yourself like that. It's a useful skill to have." He chuckles again at Nev's description of Rio. "The more I learn, the more I'm glad they dumped you and your ma off here, Nevach."

Nevach is quite happy to relocate onto Jithan’s lap for a hug. Leaning against his chest like he does his Ma. “What’s polic virus?” Words the kid has never heard in life for sure. But he moves on quickly and looks up at Jithan with a happy smile. “You think I’ll be old enough to learn when I’m 8?” He can be hopeful right? This is what kids his age do, push their luck. “It’s a lot better here than it was on the ship. Well fer me anyway. An’ Ma seems a whole lot happier these days. She’s not nervous alla time or bruised up no more.” He’s quite at home here in the Weyr now that he’s adjusted to it. “I still miss stuff sometimes. But not as much as I’d miss home if’n we had to go back.”

Jithan has a quiet laugh about polic virus's, then a much louder one when he asks how old he'll have to be to learn. "Maybe, maybe when you're 10 I can start showing you, if your ma agrees. It's not a quick thing, though, and it'll take a lot of practice." He listens to the rest of Nevach's words with a soft smile, then lays a kiss on his forehead. "I'm very glad that you're both happy here, Nevach. I wouldn't want either of you to leave. I've just gotten used to you two being here, after all." One last squeeze, and he loosens his grip on the boy, letting Nevach decide if he wants to stay on his lap, or go back to the cushion. "What kind of stuff do you miss?"

Nevach scrunches up his face unhappily, “Ten?! But that’s three whole Turns away!” He’ll just fade away to scrawny nothingness in the meantime. Or be distracted by something else within the seven-day which is highly likely. “I don’ mind practice. I tried to practice makin’ fishing lures but I can’t do that no more in the play room. One of the kids sat on one and I got in a bunch of trouble over it.” Nothing like a fish hook in the butt to get a boy in trouble! Nevach flops against Jithan’s chest happily content to stay where he’s at. His mother has less and less time to hold onto him these days and he’s still young enough to miss it. “I miss my Grams mostly. She used to tell me lots of stories and take me up on deck to play spotted bones sometimes.” The ships version of dominoes.

Jithan laughs again, shaking his head. "Nevach, you do realize that I'm going to be forty-four Turns old in just a few more moons, right?" he asks, teasing the kid. "Well then, we'll just have to set you up in here so you can work on them somewhere safe, huh? How about on the next rest day we set everything up and make a bunch of 'em, then we can go fishing again the rest day after that, huh?" The glories of Southern: nearly Turn-round fishing. "You know you're always welcome to come find me, right? We could go the library and get a book, or I just read you one of mine. Or we could go find a game to play, if you'd rather do that…" He pauses, grinning to himself. "Or you can go look on my bed and find the surprise I got for you." You know, the set of Nevach-sized riding jacket, pants and boots, just the right size for a little kid hoping for a dragon ride.

Nevach squirms upright to eye Jithan critically for a moment. “Really?” He doesn’t go so far as to say Jithan is old but the weighty, “Wow” says it quite well without the words. “So how old is Ma then? Folks always go on around here like I’m not hers.” And it’s rather annoying to him actually. Distraction from learning to fight accomplished for the moment. “Yeah! I’d really like to make some more of em. And I always like to fish.” He frowns slightly because it just isn’t the same without Grams, but he nods his head. “Ma reads to all us kids every day. Just like Grams did when it was just me. But the other kids just won’t shut up and listen.” Wait, his rant about the idiot kids is interrupted by breaking news. “Surprise?” He turns and wriggles off Jithan’s lap before scurrying barefoot toward the bedroom. “What’d ya get me?!” He spies the riding set and scoops the jacket off the bed with a yell. “Alright!”

Jithan climbs up to his feet with a chuckle, leaning against the door frame to watch the excitement. "Go on, try 'em on," he says with a happy grin. "They oughta fit right over your clothes. And the /reason/ I went and got those from the stores for you is that T'ral has agreed to take you up for a flight on Esanth." Jithan /might/ have pulled a few strings there. Just a few, though. "What do you think about /that/?" Wouldn't this just be a perfect time for Nevelyn to come in and have heard this despicable plans?

Nevach wastes no time tugging the jacket on over his tunic. But he eyes the pants doubtfully for a moment. “Why wear two pair of pants?” Jackets he’s owned before but wearing two sets of drawers? That’s a new one. Still he steps into them and tugs them up around his waist. Just has he’d expected the first pair bunches uncomfortably beneath the new pair. “Why would Esanth wanna take me up? He was mad at me the other day.” He shoves and tugs until both pair of pants are less bunchy then fastens them. “The clothes fit real good. Thanks Dad.”

Jithan grins as Nevach gets everything into place, watching approvingly. "Because it's very, very cold in Between, and you need the extra layer. Think of it as a jacket for your legs, eh?" When Nevach announces that Esanth was mad at him, Jithan just shakes his head. "He wasn't mad at you at all, Nevach. He can't talk, though, and he's kind of limited in what noises he can make. He was just trying to keep you safe and out of harm's way." At the 'Thanks Dad', though, his face breaks into a huge grin. "You're welcome, son."

Nevach is accepting of the jacket for the legs concept and nods his head, “Okay.” He looks up at Jithan curiously and shrugs his shoulders. “I wouldn’t have been in any danger. Ma was right there!” And that alone is enough to make him feel plenty safe. “Sides Rio wasn’t hurtin’ nobody. You put him down faster than Gramps did that one time.” Now that the outfit has been tried he shrugs out of the jacket and folds it up very carefully. “You might wanna hide these from Ma for now.” The pants are next, neatly folded and set atop the jacket.

Jithan chuckles a little, shrugging. "You knew that. I had no idea who Rio was. As far as I knew, someone I'd never met had just walked up and grabbed your ma and said some very rude things to her." Jithan gathers up the jacket and, eventually, the folded pants, and walks to his closet, tucking them and the riding boots back into a dark corner. "I am going to have to tell your ma before you go up, but I wanted to tell you first, since it was your surprise. It was a surprise, wasn't it?"

Nevach grins when Jithan chuckles, “Ma broke a bucket on his back once fer bein’ mean to me.” He lifts his shoulders in a shrug. “I don’t know why the guys are like that to her. She was always real nice to them. It’s just how ship crews are.” He scrambles up onto the edge of the bed, his feet dangling well above the floor. “Do ya have to tell her?! She’ll say ‘no’ I just know it.” He bobs his head and grins, “I didn’t see it coming at all. It was a real nice surprise.”

Jithan sits down next to Nevach, laughing. "You remind me every day that I don't wanna piss your ma off, Nevach." He gives a little nod at the second question. "Yeah, I have to tell her. I can't imagine she'd be too happy if she found out about it after the fact, and then she might break a bucket on me. You wouldn't want that, would you? And I'm glad I managed to surprise you, I figured it was about time." He wraps an arm around Nevach's shoulders, pulling him in for a hug. "Well, do you wanna go and see the harpsichord, so you can see what all the fuss was about? And then maybe we can go find your ma and I'll talk to her about your dragon ride?"

Nevach does not in fact want to see his mother chasing Jithan with a bucket. But he still doesn’t think it’s a good idea to tell her about the dragon ride. “I wouldn’t tell. Promise.” Because seven turn olds are so good at keeping promises. Yeah, no. He leans into Jithan’s hug and twists to wrap his arms around the man’s waist. “Course I wanna see the harpy.” He lets Jithan loose and looks up at him, “You think the Oldtimer’s will let me though? I tried last night to look and some woman done run me off.”

Jithan might just get a little wet in the eyes at that hug, but he dashes his hand across his face before Nevach can notice, he hopes. Standing, he offers one hand to his son while the other lifts his knot up a little bit off his shoulder. "Sometimes, Nevach, rank can have its privileges. In this little part of the Weyr, I'm like a captain on a ship. I make the rules, and I break them as I see fit," he says with a wink. "Just promise me you won't touch anything without asking me first, alright? I fear Sara would never forgive me if something was broken because of me."

Nevach is busily hopping off the bed and doesn’t seem to notice Jithan’s expression. He slips his hand into Jithan’s when it’s offered and grins up at him. “So my Dad’s the Cap of the Harper Hall? Neat!” There’s a comparison the kid can understand. “Better stop an’ grab my boots on the way out. Ma’ll have my hide if’n I show up later without ‘em.” He nods his head several times when Jithan urges him to ask before touching the Harpsi-do. “I won’t touch it.” He can’t imagine getting his Dad into trouble after all. That’s a big time ‘nope’.

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