==== February 6, 2014
==== Nika, Ivy, Thierry, Reilan, E'bert and Loren
==== Some spew rainbows. Some blow smoke. Some hide from parents… circumstances bring an odd bunch together in Igen's Bazaar.

Who Nika, Ivy, Thierry, Reilan, E'bert and Loren
What Some spew rainbows. Some blow smoke. Some hide from parents… circumstances bring an odd bunch together in Igen's Bazaar.
When There are 0 turns, 0 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Bazaar Sidestreet


Bazaar Sidestreet
No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

For a someone looking for a brief repreive from the sweltering heat and humidity of Southern, the easy winters of Igen's is just the thing. A final vacation before the start of thread has Nika lurking about the sidestreet of her once stay-over in the present time. The tiny periwinkle clad bluerider moves with a slight skip in her step, pausing to stick her head in a booth of unidentifiable meat she jabs a little finger in the direction of something almost edible on a stick, "What is that?! Can I try it? How much? What is it made of? Was it hard? Is it delicious?" And impaled lunch in hand she hops to a bench and settles.

Ivy has been at Igen for almost a Turn now, and with assistance has been learning her way around the Bazaar. But today it seems that her confidence has, for once, outstripped her abilities, and while running a few simple errands she has taken a wrong turn and fetched up in the dark and scary sidestreet. Head down and avoiding eye contact, she's attempting to barge her way back into the main Bazaar area when a cobblestone trips her up, fortuitously causing her to glance up and catch sight of Nika, someone who is at least a little familiar and in the grand scheme of things less scary than being lost in the Bazaar. Ivy corrects her course to bring her closer to the bluerider and her meat-onna-stick.

E'bert walks in from the Central Bazaar.

Taking advantage of the shadier spots the sidestreets offer is Thierry; the wiry youth ducks into the offshoot from the central bazaar, driving a veil-clad smaller figure in front of him by roughly swatting him over the back of his head. Once they're in the shade Thierry lets up, finding more interest in lighting a toke than in bullying the littler lad. It's as he's going through the not-so-quick process of producing a decent spark that he spots the petite bluerider at the food stall. An elbow jabbed into his companion's side points her out to him, too… though there's instantly an even /more/ interesting prospect in the form of a falling Ivy. More interesting means poor Reilan by his side gets a /double/ rib-jab. Lookee, lookee…

Loren walks in from the Central Bazaar.

Getting smacked and jabbed about isn't exactly Reilan's idea of a good time. But he's herded all the same, his eyes definitely narrowed with each smack or poke given to him. Really now, is it all necessary? Probably not, which is why his hand snakes out to /grip/ Thierry's arm at that last hook to his ribs. There's a pointed look at the older boy before he quite primly lets go again, instead turning his attention onto the females Thierry has been so keen to jab /about/. His head tilts just a little bit though, taking them in before another look is sent toward the toke smoking Thierry.

For the moment Thierry and Reilan antics are unnoticed, Nika's attention focused intently on the tripped up Ivy who promptly finds herself near the bluerider. The senior weyrling has wide eyes turned to her as the woman sucks in a breath for another tirade of questions, "You're a senior weyrling! What's your name? What's your dragon's name? You ride brown? Brown is alright. Blue is better. No offense. But we can zoom zoom…" Tiny arms jut outward to make wings, as the woman pulls her legs beneath her so she's kneeling, her body swaying back and forth in mock flight, "And zig-zag. Brown 's good though. Are you from Igen? Do you love it?" The litany of questions marks broken only by the woman's need to breath, and it is then that her eyes fall squarely on Reilan. The stranger is greeted not with scorn but with a beacon of a smile and an a full armed wave, "Hiiiiii!" Is sung in the space between them.

A waft of freshly baked bread suddenly washes through the sidestreet, "And mind you stop at The Night Flight girl. You skipped Gritta's order yesterday, that can't keep happening if you expect to keep on good marks with our customers," Ravene watches as the short blonde girl scoots round the hustle and bustle, and manages to fend off the growing crowd of refugees. Ravene scans the area in front of her shop, and finally decides she's got a few minutes to just breathe. E'bert lurks somewhere behind Ivy doing his best to not draw attention. It's been too long since he last saw his foster mother, and now he's realizing just how much it bothers him that she was upset to hear about his turn of fortune or misfortune depending on how one looks at it.

Loren steps out from one of the shops, a small, paper wrapped package in her hands. She makes her way through the crowd carefully, not wanting to jar the aforementioned package. Reilan's stop in traffic fouls her up and she nearly runs into the older boy. "Sorry," she mumbles sheepishly, her voice becoming clearer as she adds, "I didn't mean to step on you."

Yep, definitely the rider she recalls from one brief encounter, Nika's easy to remember. Ivy flicks a glance towards the approaching Thierry and Reilan who seem kinda predatory about a briefly stumbling person, which only gives her further incentive to get closer to Nika. "Hi. We…we met once. I'm Ivy, brown Udath's." All the gesturing brings her to a halt, but she nods anyway, unsure of what she's agreeing to. "Uhm…no offense taken. Igen, I'm learning." Her head turns slightly, hearing another familiar voice behind her.

There's some whispering that goes on between Thierry and Reilan, hushed rapidfire words that won't carry as far as the multitude of weyrfolk, though the motions may be noticed. It ends with a frustrated-looking thump of Thierry's fist against the wall behind them when he looks up to see that there's suddenly /so many/ people between them and the blue-clad rider girl, and the one with the poor footing. A scowl crosses his expression as he watches, closely… and then there's someone who nearly /runs into/ his shorter companion. He snarls at the young girl, moving around Reilan as if to push her away from them - it's a jerky threat of a move with no /actual/ contact, but whether Loren will realise that is a whole other thing. "/Git/." Move on, little girl.

Reilan is..very nearly run into! Between all that whispering and gesturing, Rei does step back slightly in surprise as the girl comes quite close. "It's fine, it's fine - /Thierry/!" He hisses when the older boy snarls, simply moving right around to /shoo/ him away from the poor girl. There may be a swat in there, just for good measure. Thierry /was/ pretty fond of jabbing elbows into his poor, tender ribs earlier. "You could stand to try and draw a /little/ less attention to yourself!" He huffs, arms crossing around himself before he takes another glance down the small street to the riders, brows lifting just a bit in surprise at the..nodding..coming his way. Well that's not entirely expected, and his head bobs ever so slightly in return for it.

"Oh good!" Nika exclaims happily, suddenly leaping to her feet - on top the bench - and wrapping her arms around the brown riding weyrling. The girl is just as quickly released as the bluerider's attention spins away again, though she clearly plans on taking the younger rider with her, "Oh! Did you see that one hit a wall? Poor guy. He must be upset about something big. Maybe a girl dumped him, or maybe his canine got run over by a trader wagon, or maybe he found someone played a mean trick on him in the baths, like stealing his close or putting rocks in he shoes." Brown eyes turn back on the other rider. "Life can be soooo cruel." And just as suddenly her giggles return and half reaching out for the girl's hand and half moving too fast away to stop if she misses she sings over her shoulder, "Come on! Let's go ask him and find out!" And then despite the people between them Nika is find her way to the two elbow communicating lads.

And there goes E'bert, still lurking behind Ivy. Slinking a bit closer into the shadows as they draw nearer to Ravene's Bakery and Sundries, and quite happy to not have drawn too much (no) attention from Nika. Though that will change, and when it does he'll have to stop lurking. Just like he's going to have to stop avoiding people he would rather not have to see because he knows how they feel about things.

"Hey!" Loren's voice raises indignantly at Thierry's command, and she plants her feet squarely for the possible confrontation. "That's rude!" She exclaims, her voice certainly loud enough to turn a few heads in their direction. "I said I'm sorry, can't you be nice about it?" Reilan's much nicer response elicits a nod from Loren, though the look on her face remains indignant.

In her confusion around the bluerider (though this is almost exactly what happened when they met before), Ivy barely manages to get her arms up for a tentative return hug before the woman is off again. A couple of her fingers do indeed get snagged. "I don't…know if…" she stammers as she is dragged right back towards that which she was trying to avoid. She finally catches sight of E'bert as she's dragged past, offering a relieved smile and, "E'bert!" before she's hauled away again.

Rude? Thierry? Hah! The teen snorts indignantly down at little Loren, blowing smoke from his toke at her; she's probably lucky Reilan's in between them. "Take a hint, dipsh—" There was /so/ much more wherever that was going, but the street'snake cuts himself short when he notices his would've-could've been mark /coming their way/. He pauses, toke to lips, watching Nika and the riders with her with cautious, calculatingly narrowed eyes, that don't hesitate in blatantly checking her out, head to toe and slowly back again.

Reilan remains there..although he shifts to the side of Thierry quickly enough. Being /between/ Thierry and others isn't always the best place to stand, and with the riders coming /this/ way…well. Hands simply pat the older boy lightly on the arm a few times, muttering a few choice words at him under his breath.

Yes, take in all of her 4'11" barely a curve more than a 12 turn old boy figure, Nika's either too naive to notice or too wordly to care, either way she's pulled herself and her unwilling companion to a stop in front of the street urchins. "Hey! You guys!" This is addressed to the boys as well as the girl whom the tiny blue rider simply lumps in with the group. Look at all the friends! Smiles abound for her new company. Thierry isn't the only one who can mark targets. And with a rather audible draw of breath the questions begin, "What your names? Where are you from? I'm Nika, blue At-man. We use to live here, we live in High Reaches before that, but like a few hundred turns ago. I'm super old. How old are you? Do you live here? Why are you so dirty? What are you smoking? It looks super fun. Can I try?" Her finger jabs back toward the weyrling, "That's Ivy. She's super sweet. She's my best friend." At the moment, anyone could be her next victim of affection. "Hey. Don't you love Igen? It's a little sandy, but besides that …." She had something else to say but her eyes drift off as they catch sight of something shiny, only to return to the group again as if she'd finish her thoughts completely, her eager face demanding answers.

Ivy is taller than Nika, by a little bit, but hardly the more intimidating of the pair and happy to just stand a half-step behind and let the whirlwind do the talking. In the meantime she looks over the trio being addressed, expression still uncertain.

Having been called out by Ivy, E'bert steps towards Ivy and Nika, "Hi Ivy," shifty eye towards the bakery where Ravene has slipped back into her domain. He will have to deal with that, and if he stays in Nika's company for too long he may well be forced to do so sooner rather than later.

The smoke from Thierry's toke tickles Loren's nose and she promptly sneezes at him. Her hands cover her face in time to prevent a spit covered boy, but she's not done with him yet. "You need to learn to be more polite." No, the thin teenaged girl can't take a hint, and if she had free hands available, they'd be planted on her hips right now. Instead, she shifts the package to one hand and settles the other fist on her right hip. She's halfway there at least. As the whirlwind Nika sweeps in, even peppy Loren is flabbergasted. She stares, slightly open-mouthed, at the exhuberence and words coming from the other girl. Despite her issue with Thierry, Loren is quick to respond to the bluerider. "I'm Loren. I've lived here my whole life. I love Igen." Loren's answers aren't as quickfire as Nika's questions, but she's smiling now, adding, "What's High Reaches like?"

The fluff-whirlwind that is Nika gets a disgusted look from Thierry; she might've been alright on the eye on her approach, but spewing sparklies and rainbows is a /total/ turn-off. And, to top it off, the presence of so many people is making him edgy - especially since he's so twitchily desperate to retaliate to Loren's cheek. All she ends up getting is a not-so-sinister warning finger pointed at her, with a snarled curl of Thierry's lip and a throaty little growl. Then, there's Nika… and Ivy and E'bert, though he doesn't know the latter beyond a slight recognition, and the former doesn't even have that much to her. It's the bluerider from Southern who gets the dirtiest look. "They teach you to shit glows too in oldtimey Pern? Can't stop you spewing them, sunshine."

"Loren!" Is squealed back at the bazaar native with far too much volume for the proximity in Nika stands. "High Reaches? Well back then it was awesome! Cold. Not like there, or Southern. Lots of snow ball fights and snow dragons and…" Thierry's question about the magnitude at which her shit radiates draws her attention back to him. The question about her ability to stop vomiting light actually causes her to peer at the boy, thoughtfully considering. She takes two steps up into what is probably his 'personal space' though she refrains from touching. Peering at him as if his face might hold the answer to the question pondered. Finally, her head starts to shake, slowly at first gaining quietly in speed, before she emits a loud, "No!" And then with an arm clutched around her belly falls, doubled over in laughter, which is when she spots E'bert. "Eeeeeeeee'bert!"

Reilan takes a bit of a breath at the sudden..barrage from Nika, eyes going just a bit wide in his own head. Even some of the market salespeople don't spout that much at once! It's..daunting, almost. There's an uneasy look thrown at Thierry though, wary of the boy's volatile nature before he lifts his own fingers, deftly unclasping the veil he keeps across his face to keep the grit out. Sand in the teeth isn't comfortable. Ever. "We're from here…we live here. There's dirt….here." Or maybe they're just dirty because they're teenage boys. "I am Reilan.." The boy's lashes lower just a little after a moment though, still looking the riders over before he leans into Thierry a bit, standing higher on his toes to speak that much closer to him. "Let her have a try of it, Thierry.."

E'bert blinks at Nika for a moment, "Hi," is returned, though with quite a bit less enthusiasm from the senior weyrling as from the tiny blue rider. Nika is given a small smile, and then there's Thierry and the others. There's only a vague recognition for them, "Was just on my way to see someone," and that's to forestall any rapid fire questions from Nika. Now that he's said it though, he knows he has to visit with Ravene. Maybe he can convince Ivy to go with him.

Ivy edges towards E'bert as Nika engages with the others, this is the person she really should have come to the Bazaar with in the first place and avoided all of this wrong-turn being-targeted nonsense. Tentatively she tucks a hand in the crook of his elbow.

Loren grins openly at Nika's greeting, all rudeness from Thierry forgotten in the wonder of snow fun. It's abrupt, but Loren suddenly realizes how long she has been standing around with her mother's package. Her free hand falls away from her hip and the package is cradled between both hands again. "Sorry, I have to leave. Nice to meet you," She calls in the bluerider's direction, Nika having made a strong, positive impression on the younger girl. Loren scurries off, skirting the group edges and disappearing towards the living caverns.

Dear Faranth, it's /laughing/ in front of him! Thierry doesn't know /what/ to do with or about Nika, who's so… /glittery/ in comparison to his overall grittiness. He's uneasy in the face of this unknown happiness, and he grits his bared teeth as he tries to think his reaction through; even he knows he's got to play it right when surrounded by so many unknown and unfriendly (read: unknown) entities. He thwaps Reilan upside the head for giving away such information about himself so easily, dropping his spent toke to the floor and grinding it out with the heel of his boot. "If she wants it?" That manically-laughing bluerider there that he doesn't know how to handle? "She can smoke it in the dust." At least the little girl's run off; he watches Loren go with a very unpleasant look. Oh, she's been marked in his books, for certain.

"Rrrreilan…" Nika rolls the 'r' for a while on her tongue, her eyes peeled on the sky as she delights in the noise and suddenly snaps her attention to the boy to whom the name belongs. "Reilan. I like you! You're my new friend." The proclamation made as if it were an official award. And the winner of the 'best named street rat goes to…'. It doesn't take long for her to be off on the next subject, the overly enthused waving of goodbyes at Loren, it is the kind of wave that takes all of one's body. "I can!" She's pouncing verbally on Thierry even before her head makes the full turn back to face him. "Oh! Oh! Then I'll owe you something…I'll buy you a glass of whiskey. Fair trade?" Only seems now, buying the boy the liquid gold has taken over her desire to actually smoke what he is offering. "Wait! Do you see that?" A tiny finger extended into the crowd at something it could be a three winged firelizard, or just a piece of bread shaped like Faranth but the girl is ducking beneath the arms of shopping bag wielding merchants and buyers, "Bye E'bert! Bye Old best friend! Bye new best friend! Bye smokey guy!" And then her tiny frame is enveloped in the crowd.

E'bert shoots a smile towards Ivy as she tucks her hand into the crook of his arm. This is home to the young rider which means he's not intimidated by much out here in the bazaar. And then Nika's making her way to points unknown. Thierry is eyed with some suspicion, but so far there hasn't been any trouble so he's willing to just watch.

Reilan shifts away from Thierry at being smacked, glaring at the older boy. He even looks just a bit dismayed at the toke being ground into the dirt. "You can be /such/ an idiot…" As he is proclaimed…new friend to Nika? The boy blinks, staring at the girl for a moment or two before giving a very weak, "Yay…" Still, he at least sighs about it..letting out a breath when she takes off into the crowd again.

Even Ivy, who was using Nika as some meaure of protection, lets out a small sigh of what might be relief as the bluerider departs. Luckily she has a new protector to transfer custody of herself to. "E'bert, that was that weird girl from before. That we met in the caverns." Like he didn't know. And then, "I am so glad to see you."

Thierry glowers at Ivy and E'bert, head canted to the side slightly as he tries to size them up. His arms are crossed over his chest, lip pursed surly-like. Then, he points a finger at E'bert. "I know you." It's not the most pleasant or excited of recognitions. "You used to be one of /us/." His dark eyes settle on the weyrling's knot, and he turns his head to spit. "Gone off to play traitor to your roots?"

E'bert glowers at Thierry, "If you see it that way," he says softly, oh no. Soft spoken E'bert is simmering anger E'bert, "Maybe I've gone to put my ass on the line to protect ingrates," like you is left unsaid, but hangs heavily just the same, "Come on Ivy, there's someone I have to see," someone he doesn't want to see, but has to anyway with a bit of luck there won't be any incident. Somehow, with E'bert, that's not likely to be the case. Not here. Not with what he has just said.

Reilan winces slightly as soon as Thierry starts up again. He shoots a look across at E'bert though, and simply turns and /moves/, jamming a hand into the crook of Thierry's arm to propel the older boy /back/ down the street. If he can manage it, anyway. "Leave him /be/, Thierry… I'm not helping you at all if you start a brawl in the middle of the damn street.."

"You run along, riderboy." Reilan is shoved roughly off; Thierry doesn't like being pushed around. Certainly not in the street, where anyone could see! "Run along with your little bit there." It's not the most pleasant way of referring to Ivy, and there's even more disdain in his tone for the brownriding girl than there is for the former bazaar resident. Thierry snags a hand into Reilan's collar to steer the younger teen in front of him, looking back over his shoulder with a disgusted snort for the dragonriders.

Ivy's hopes of getting out of the sidestreet without incident are dwindling, though by the grip on her fellow weyrling's arm, she'll pretty much go wherever he does. Or stay, if that's what ends up happening. Though with the word 'brawl' being bandied about, and accompanying shovings of people, she's looking less and less relieved. She ducks her head a little at Thierry's disdain, used to it but unsure how to respond.

Glower has morphed into a full blown glare, but then there's his little sister, "E'bert, don't," the girl says, "Their not worth the bother," so very like Zisiene, "Y'er just jealous 'cause the dragons like Ivy and E'bert better 'en they like you," oh no. E'bert is left to blink at his sister for a moment, "Zisiene, just shut up," sigh, and he's moving towards the bakery. Why? Because he can't afford to get into any more trouble because of fights. He's already running laps around the lake, and this on top of his duty within the infirmary, drills, and chores. Busy boy doesn't need any more busy.

Still getting pushed all around. Such is Reilan's life. He does finally seem to relent to it well enough, since Thierry does seem to be shoving him on ahead. Maybe the older boy will continue to follow after him and /not/ engage the rider? That would be…best. Hopefully. Though another voice added into the mix has the teen looking over his shoulder briefly, this time offering a much gentler urging. "Come on.."

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