==== February 16th, 2014
==== Kyara, Erikkhan
==== Erikkhan comes to do a portrait of Liareth, while Kyara works on her intended method of payment for it.

Who Kyara, Erikkhan
What Erikkhan comes to do a portrait of Liareth, while Kyara works on her intended method of payment for it.
When Sunset. It is the 23rd day of the first month of the first Turn of the 12th Pass.
Where Liareth's Ledge, Igen Weyr

Liareth's Ledge
A wide, flat ledge, edges gouged from centuries of taloned feet gripping it to land, faces west near the apex of the caldera that is Igen Weyr. Sand fills a dragon-sized spot worn into the surface near the southern edge. The back half is sheltered by weathered, rusty-hued stone - expansive enough to provide a haven during inclement weather. Around the outside edges of the cave, a few smaller shelves of rock jut out - deep enough to allow firelizards to lounge, should they wish to. Beyond a stone platform lies the entrance to Kyara's weyr, cut off from the ledge by a heavy, sapphire-hued hanging edged with a simple blocked spiral pattern in gold thread. Two sand-filled cylindrical striking bags hang in the back left corner of the sheltered space. Just to the left of the entrance is a shelf holding pots of oil and salve, beneath which is a row of hooks for fighting straps.

Only now is the sky beginning to color with the pastel shades of an impending sunset upon high winter clouds - and it is justly cold for the season! Kyara's had the small fireplace in her weyr going constantly for some weeks now, so coming home is quite pleasant…but that warmth doesn't reach to her ledge, and that's where much of what's to be done this early evening is to take place. Kyara frowns at the realization as Liareth lands and crouches to allow her passengers down and burden to be unloaded. "Sorry, Erikk - I wasn't thinking about the cold up here," she apologizes as she extends an arm to help the tall Harper down. Then she goes about unfastening the larger supplies he brought from her straps. "Though maybe if I pull back the hanging, you can sit in the entry and paint her from there…" She beckons Erikkhan on into her weyr, where they can at least warm up for a moment and figure out the best thing to do from here.

Erikkhan follows Kyara, pulling his gloves from his hands. He's got a decent set of leathers on and a thick lined coat to boot. "No worries, Kyara. I can paint her out there. I dressed for the weather." He smiles as he follows her in, welcoming the warmth even though he'd prepared for the cold. He leaves the apprentice he'd brought with him to unload the burden from Liareth.

"Yes, but…your hands!" Kyara observes, turning about to hold open the hanging for Erikkhan and his supply-laden apprentice. "Unless you can paint with gloves on," she amends with a grin, "in which case I'm extremely impressed. Would you like some wine or rum to put a little more warmth in you? Either of you?" Amber eyes flick over to the apprentice, warm in their regard as she does her best to keep an easy atmosphere for the young Harper's sake.

Erikkhan grins and shows Kyara his gloves, thin, but lined so that they can be warm. The tanned surface of them is speckled with paint and chalk and charcoal. "I am no stranger to painting with gloves on. I've spent hours in the cold painting. I don't mind. Though I cannot say no to a bit of rum, that /always/ helps." He rubs the back of his head and leans against the wall, the picture example of politeness.

Kyara goes about pulling out her bottle of rum and a few glasses with a chuckle after shedding her own gloves. "I should've known," she says with an appreciative appraisal of the gloves she's shown. She pours a few fingers of the dark amber liquid and passes the glass to Erikkhan, then nearly does the same for his apprentice before remembering that drinking might not be allowed yet and looks to the older Harper for permission. And of course, she pours for herself. With the hanging still pushed off to the side to permit freer entry and egress, she can see the steadily deepening hues of sunset, rippling slightly in the mirage created by heat from her fireplace seeking to escape outside. They aren't at their boldest; there's still a little time, yet. Abruptly, a large yawn drops her jaw, and she covers it quickly, blinking. "Sorry. Long night," she explains with a slight quirk of her eyebrow, and leaves it at that, her tone knowing. Who didn't have a long night? Stupid goldflight…

Erikkhan snickers at Kyara's comment even while shaking his head no at the offer of rum for the apprentice. "I can understand that, Lina and I were up quite late ourselves." A cheshire grin slips across his lips, but quickly fades into a normal grin. "So, before we lose our light, do you know which pose you'd like Liareth to be in?"

Kyara's own bit of a grin gets curtailed by a sip of rum, but her chuckle still comes through in answer to Erikkhan's impishness. Nodding, she wanders over to the hanging and glances out at her patiently prowling lifemate. "Just her usual watchful pose," the greenrider replies, "which she'll settle into once you're set up. Sitting upright, wings folded, just keeping on eye on the world below." Or the Red Star above; they'll just have to see which one Liareth decides to settle on once they're out there.

Erikkhan peers outside, noticing that his apprentice is almost done setting up the small collapsible table used for mixing pigments. "Be careful with those pigments Obleck…some of them are quite expensive!" he calls out before sipping at his own rum. "I think that would be a very noble portrait, and Liareth is perfect for it.”

There's a smug bit of rumble - agreement from the subject on the ledge without carried into the weyr, and Kyara snickers. "She says thank you. Noble is the order of the day with my Lia, that's for sure." Setting her nearly empty glass on the nearest stone shelf, the greenrider ambles across to the nook set aside for her instruments and music. "I was thinking, in terms of paying you," she says, shuffling a few hides and parchments about in search of something, "I can either go by marks - I'd saved a few, with this in mind - or…" Locating a bound folio, she takes it up in both hands. "I was thinking I might be able to write a piece or two, for when you and Lina get handfasted or have your baby, in trade. Whichever seems best to you," she offers with a lopsided bit of a smile.

Erikkhan grins, his face softening, touched by the offer. "I honestly wasn't going to charge you anything. You're a friend Kyara, first one's always free. But, I wouldn't say no to a couple of pieces either. Lina and I are both lovers of music. I'm adept at instruments as well, and my voice isn't bad, but Painting won out in the end." He smiles. He looks out once more and his apprentice seems to have things in well enough order. "Well, shall we begin?" He asks, extending an arm outward.

"Music it is, then," Kyara affirms, the smile widening to a grin as she gives a definitive nod. "Yes, lets." Pulling her gloves back on, she strides back out to her ledge, noting with satisfaction the deepening of the colors in the sky. "If you would, please, love," she asks Liareth aloud, sweeping her hand toward a particular spot out beyond the overhang. "Harper Erikkhan is going to attempt to do you justice now." That last is a tease, given with a wink sent her friend's way, though she has full confidence in Erikk's abilities. With a light, amused snort, Liareth takes a moment to regard the Harper with a blue-green gaze before settling onto her haunches and going still.

Erikkhan strides up to the easel. He chooses a medium sized canvas and puts it on the easel. He steps aside, studying Liareth for quite a few moments. He steps behind, removes the canvas and chooses one of his larger canvases. He places it and turns to Kyara. "Any smaller canvas and I could not do your noble lady justice." He grins at Kyara and unrolls a pouch on the table where his apprentice is grinding out pigments. He removes a fine charcoal stick from the pouch and begins tracing a skilled outline upon the canvas. This part he has to do without gloves. Occasionally he steps aside to study the dragon, and slowly, an image appears upon the blankness of the canvas.

A medium sized canvas? Kyara remembers saying a small portrait, but she supposes it just might be a tall order to fit a creature as large as a dragon on anything smaller… And then he switches to the larger canvas. Kyara opens her mouth to say something, but when Erikkhan reasons it as he does, she snaps it shut again, her expression one of mild consternation before morphing into a determined smirk. Settling down cross-legged against the stony wall to Erikk's left, the greenrider opens the folio she's been carrying and produces a stylus. As Erikkhan's charcoal etches an image into being on his canvas, so too does Kyara's silverstick begin to shape a melody and harmonies upon the lined pages before her.

Erikkhan finishes filling in the graceful lines of Liareth before he starts the sweeping lines of the landscape around them. The image is rough, but one of beauty nonetheless. Erikk instructs his young helper to begin work on the greens if he hasn't already. The apprentice provides two finely ground shades of green and then begins work on another. Erikk sets down his charcoal and picks up a bottle of oil, which he begins to add to one of the pigments. He mixes the paint with his mortar, making sure it blends smooth. He unrolls another pouch and begins selecting brushes. Once he has his first selected, he picks up the jar of newly mixed paint and begins applying it to the canvas, Deep emerald green spreads across the whiteness, providing a deep, rich, field of color.

Erikkhan looks up from his canvas, eyes unfocused for a moment as he's distracted by Kyara's words. What has unfolded on his canvas is a work of beauty. Liareth is a noble lady upon her throne of rock, watching over her subjects with a gentle grace, eyes watchful of danger. The sunset behind her is dazzling. A deep hued set of raw natural color, burning from within. Liareth's ledge and the last bits of her tail are the only things left untouched. It's still a terrific expanse of white in the lower half of the canvas. "A start indeed…" Erikk finally responds, wiping citrine off of his brush.

Carefully closing her folio, Kyara rises from her spot with a light groan and a stretch before stepping nearer to Erikk. When she glimpses the portrait, she can't help but grin, her eyes becoming moisture-brightened at the brilliance of it, unfinished though it may be. "Oh, Erikk," she breathes, "it's…" Not finished, and still stunning! She laughs quietly, carefully, giving a squeeze to his shoulder and placing a light kiss of gratitude on his cheek. "Thank you. Even without it being done yet." The light has dimmed considerably, though she does keep a fair amount of glowbaskets on her ledge. Liareth stirs, swinging her head around to cast a thoughtful look at the humans nearby. "Do we need to go back inside, so you can finish in better light?" she questions, briskly rubbing at fingers that she's suddenly aware of as cold.

Erikkhan gives a nod, squinting a little at the canvas. "Aye, I'll quickly be out of usable light. Obleck! Let's get this moved inside, eh?" The apprentice salutes and begins packing the jars of pigment into a small crate, stoppering them all as he goes. Erikk begins cleaning his brushes and rolling them into the pouch. When he's done, he leaves all but the canvas and easel for Obleck to bring in. He carefully lifts the easel, slowly making his way inside.

As the artists move back into the weyr itself, Kyara informs Liareth that, yes, she can move again, striding over to her lifemate and wrapping her arms around the smooth, warm nose gratefully before following Erikkhan and Obleck back inside. And so, work continues in the warmer space as the light without becomes dusky - portrait and music alike gradually drawing to completion.

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