==== September 4, 2013
==== A'lory, W'rin
==== The shake-up continues, W'rin brings A'lory with him.

Who A'lory, W'rin
What The shake-up continues, W'rin brings A'lory with him.
When 1 turn 3 months and 24 days until the 12th pass
Where Igen Weyr


The Oasis Inn
They have a bar, it's where W'rin and A'lory hang out.

The sudden flight was in the early afternoon, and given the relatively early hour of the night her certainly didn't have any pillow talk with poor Corelle afterwards. But perhaps worse he's already been at work, not the type of man to lounge around for a day and explore the weyrleader weyr or get fitted for new leathers, it seems anyone who the giant wing - weyrleader had to talk to also had relatively little time with their goldlust conquest. It is A'lory's turn now, W'rin isn't stead, though there are a couple of glasses of whiskey poured and set on the table. No he is pacing, back and forth, back and forth the fingers of his hands curled behind his back, at least as far as they can with the sheer muscle mass blocking normal range of movement. A complicated knot lies on the table. Surely A'lory will know who it is for, should it be accepted.

Oh, he's haggard; haggard and still upright. Missing the usual flight-ready leathers, A'lory has opted for soft linen trousers and shirt in pale blue, his hair left to curl as it will. As he approaches the unsteady W'rin, he notes the whiskey with relief, and snatches up a glass with an appreciative grunt. "What news, Weyrleader?" He might as well call it the way it is: there's no denying or muddying this time. And it's clear he's satisfied with the outcome.

The haggard man gets a once over by his wingleader. Yah, he's that again too. E'pha, who didn't even manage to get into pants before W'rin cornered him, shifted to Sandblast for the time being. "Just some changes in staffing." A lopsided grin curls underneath his facial hair. "Managed to get this knot for you if you want it." A hand brushes at his beard as his mind is already several steps into the future on what needs to be done next. "Could certainly use you. We work well together…and you make sure I don't break too many holes in the weyr."

A'lory just knew there was something toward in the very air of the Weyr in the aftermath of that flight. The knot is eyed suspiciously for a moment, spelling doom for an easy life without too much responsibility. And then he grins wryly, picking it up and toying with it. "Well you scare every sensible rider here, so I might as well do it." Heartless chuckling ensues, a joke at the expense of his closest friend. And then he's serious, scrubbing at his face tiredly. "Getting this Weyr in shape will be work. We'd better sweep clean and do it quick-like."

Knot accepted, straight to work then, there is a reason W'rin is so easily companionable with the other bronzer. "N'thu is keeping Parhelion, E'pha can hold Sandblast until we find someone who can take them permanently. If we could switch around Oasis, think they're second 'd be a better wingleader…anyone else?" More at ease now that the know has a home with someone he trusts he drops into a chair, worn out physically and mentally. "Which leaves us with the need for a permanent weyrlingmaster." He's come a long way in his thoughts, but a greenriding female might be stretching a bit too far, especially with such a conservative weyrwoman at his side. "But that can wait…If I've called you away from Sara…" His fingers wrap round his glass as he draws on the whiskey.

Oh, A'lory shall. He's good at watching. In the meanwhile, there's a dry not-laugh before A'lory's finishing the glass quick. "He just bloody flew - no warning at all. Stuck me in the Stores with — " He struggles to come up with a name. " — Kalla. It was…. // embarrassing.// Sara will likely mind. And yet, I did warn her it could happen, dependent on where I am when Eisheth chooses to chase."

W'rin nods slowly. "Bastard dragons of ours." He raises what little is left in his glass. "Good luck with telling her then, friend." A wry smile for his weyrsecond. "Speaking of women, I should probably go find mine. Probably won't have much time for it by tomorrow." He rises and sets the empty glass on the table. "I'll meet you in the council chambers after drills." Morning drills, they still have those, but it his first one officially back on Whirlwind, as of just a few hours ago, and the man is excited. Good luck Whirlies, good luck. Good luck IGEN!

A'lory is not looking forward to that; maybe he'll just drink a little more. "Provided I survive her wrath." One last swig, though, and he squares himself to go and meet his weyrmate. She will either understand or she won't.

W'rin gives a solid and supportive clap on the shoulder to A'lory as he passes by on his way out. Bro-code. Support.

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