==== November 5, 2013
==== Sadaiya, W'rin
==== Sadaiya is called to the council chambers the morning after Corelle's hatching. -LANGUAGE-

Who Sadaiya, W'rin
What Sadaiya is called to the council chambers the morning after Corelle's hatching. -LANGUAGE-
When Backdated to right after the NPC hatching at Igen
Where Igen Weyr



Council Chambers
However disheveled the corridor outside might lie, THIS room - the sole dominion of the Weyr's upper elite - is always sparkling, ever swept, ever dusted, its walls scrubbed free of the grime of ages. A certain spartan grandeur fills the Council Chamber, with its foreboding stonework and heavy wooden door. A round table fills the bulk of the space, an ancient creation of fire-hardened wood, carved with the three dune'd symbol of Igen Weyr. Chairs surround: hard-backed things (with thin cushions) for the most part, but two grandiose chairs, on opposite sides of the table, that seat Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. The walls are lined with elegant old tapestries, depicting scenes of ancient Igen glories.

No one could say Igen wants for drama, or deception. The morning after the hatching at Igen, and rather than jubilation, angry rumors carried on hushed whispers already circle the caverns of the weyr. Despite the muted voiced in the hallway outside, the early morning chill of the weyr's winter adds an eery quality to the silence which presses down oppressively in the council chambers. Southern has it's ice-queen, Igen has W'rin's burning wrath. The sounds of shattering glass died down in the dawn hours, and any evidence of the destruction has been swept clean by the lower caverns drudges, and so the red-eyed weyrleader sits, in stony-silence, waiting.

Somehow, Sadaiya's gotten her hands on a thick riding helmet, complete with goggles perched on her forehead, and is wearing it with her thick mane of dark hair sticking comically out from under its leathery protection. Clearing her throat, she gives the door a double-rap and pushes it open, stepping into the glowlight as she pushes the goggles down over her eyes and throws her shoulders back. "You wanted to see me, Weyrleader?" she asks, as defiant as any weyrling, chin up, posture tight.

W'rin's appraisal of her show, her demeanor, her inability to see the seriousness of her offense? The left side of his upper-lip pulls back in a sneer. "Take. That. Fucking. Thing. Off." Each word growled from the back of his throat, punctuated with deliberate pause. "And have a fucking seat." The storm of W'rin's anger rages all around, but they sit in the eye of it, only disappointment readable on his face. For now.

Take a seat she does, but Sadaiya's face turns slightly sheepish. "I, um…" Clear throat. "I can't, sir. It was, uh, something of a joke… at first… with Tanmorand. And it wasn't supposed to come with me. But I sort of, it's… my hair. My hair is tangled in it and I didn't have time to fix the problem before you called me in here." Sure enough, as she tips her head towards the light, a snarl of hair has wrapped itself around the straps of the goggles, then up into the helmet to stick out, knotted, to the side. "If you could give me a few moments, I'll listen to what I know you're going to say and, um, try to right my appearance."

There are no words of warning, as W'rin's arm draws back the empty tumbler that once contained the only thing that was placating his rising anger, and flung forward the glass smashes against the opposing wall. And even as it is still shattering his fist smashes against the table. "I gave you an order, JUNIOR, and it seems you've fucking forgotten lately but that means you do it!" Impossibilities aside, a finger jabs her direction. "I don't care if you have to cut your hair off. I say it. You do it." Truely a bad day to have to learn lessons. His arms cross. He'll wait. Perhaps she'll know where sharp things are kept in the chambers.

Crossly, anger dark in her eyes, Sadaiya barks right back: "I SAID I was going to and merely asked for a few moments in order to do so, SIR." At this point, the helmet is half-off, the goggles dangling limply from her mane of bed-head. "BELIEVE ME, I tried before hand and, look, it was for the best anyway." Bringing the goggles to fore (and a significant chunk of hair with it), she tips them over, dumping out a piece of glass that bounces on the table a few times, sparkling as it spins to a stop. "Or are you that removed that you can't hear what people are saying to your face even when they're right in front of you?" A few more tears, a few locks leaving her head, and Sadaiya is free from her torturing garments, taking great care to set them in front of her gently. Somehow, this means she wins, right?

"Watch your tone." The weyrleader's voice drops back to the slow growl of barely contained blind rage. Crying? There's no crying in dragonriding. The man is not unmoved by tears, they simply do not register on his radar. "I don't give a fuck what you said after no." No, can't, same word at the moment. "REMOVED?" In a movement swifter than most would consider possible of a man W'rin's size, the beast is on his feet, the chair is clashing against the floor and though it takes considerable force against so strudy a table, the massive sheet of wood between them skirts back a few feet. "Do you realize what you've done? I'M/ FUCKING REMOVED!?" Everything that could possible sedate some of the boiling emotion inside him physically is now out of reach, and as the color deepens in his face, the features contort under the pressure. "Why are you trying to DESTROY my weyr, Sadie?" Suddenly the anger gives way to a look of someone blindsided by the betrayal of a friend.

"YES. You can't even HEAR what everyone's been SAYING, or wanting, or GOING through. Sara. Mayte. Myself. Names I swore to secrecy. Rider after rider after rider who tried — we ALL were trying to do what's best FOR THE WEYR." Sadaiya's small fists slam on the table as hard as she can in return, her face wet (not a pretty crier, either, and she's rapidly becoming raccoon-eyed). "I tried. I-I-I I really tried. I tried to talk to her. I tried to talk to YOU. And w-we, we all talked and we know what we wanted, and that's not whatever… like, upending stores of innocent Harpers. Interrupting parties where NOTHING was going on and the guards REFUSING to accept my word. Cutting your talent pool in HALF, JUST before Thread, based on nothing more than what business is going on between someone's legs." Her fingers flex, nails digging into the wood of the table in a futile gesture. "YOU brought us here, wanting OUR input, only to throw it away and ignore it? For what? For skirt lengths? For who is worthy of talent and not? And so, since you so blatantly ignored what the MAJORITY wanted — yes, majority — we all had to take steps. We can't go back now. All we can do is try to fix this pass and prepare for what's ahead, and apparently ALL that includes is shutting down anyone without a ding-dong before hearing them. Even folks WITH one."

"Talk to me? TALK TO ME!" W'rin takes a few steps to kick the chair firmly against the wall. "What would have had me to do? Force HER? Take the one place women have ANY power and take it from HER? Oh that'd really have helped your fucking cause, Sadaiya! 'Look at the silly women…'" The weyrleader's voice tilts upwards as he mimics what the masses would have had to say. "The woman with the power made the fucking decision, Sadie. YOU can't fucking pretend to want women to have rights anymore." That's right. This man is calling her bullshit. "You don't want women to make choices. You want YOUR fucking choices to be made."

Sighing, the pointer and middle finger of each of Sadaiya's hands come up, and she massages her temples, drained. "This isn't my decision alone, W'rin. I'm here because I was willing to be the one to take the fall in order to speak in a voice loud enough to be heard. All I did was listen to what people were coming to me about. I don't just do what I want. That's not the truth of leading and YOU KNOW THIS. All I did, I did because I listened. It was for the greater good and no amount of smashy-smashy and screaming is going to change that. It IS possible for a queen rider to make mistakes, and I'm willing to even admit that the actions that were taken were wrong and made hastily even if the intentions were probably not in error." Her eyes flick upwards, dark circles of spent eyeliner making her look dead. "If I have to go to Telgar or some shithole in the back end of nowhere, fine, but if you think that this was just about me, you are sorely, horrifically, crazy-way off the mark."

"Yes. Yes, this is about you. And it's all about you right now." W'rin's eyes narrow as anger seeps into them again, "Because you are right about one thing. It doesn't matter whether riders have a fucking cock or not. What does matter is that I get good riders, riders that know how to follow an order. Whether they like it or not. FUCK what people were coming to you about. FUCK how they FELT about fucking anything. Sadaiya. It doesn't matter what 'people' think. What matters is that MY FUCKING JUNIOR GOLDRIDERS DON'T UNDERCUT THE FUCKING INTEGRITY OF THEIR SENIOR!" He'd throw something if he had it, instead the manifestation of his frustrated anger is taken out on the wall, a strike which at the moment barely registers as pressure beneath his giant fist but which later remind him he isn't stronger than everything. "How fucking blind could you have been? You aren't a 15 turn old! You took the only woman with objective power, DESTROYED it, and made yourself and Tuli look like morons in the process. Theren't isn't a woman who doesn't look like a fool in all this. Congrats 3 pairs of ovaries impressed, and you are worse off than when you started." He jabs a finger at her. "And I don't even really give a fuck. What makes me worse is you're stupidity is taking my weyr down with me." Half spitting on the floor at her mention of Telgar. "I wouldn't send you to my birth place. You aren't good enough for it. I'd have sent you to High Reaches if Corelle would have let me. You'd all deserve each other."

"WHAT INTEGRITY?" rages Sadaiya in return, her eyes fairly bugging out of her small, brown head. "If she had an OUNCE of it, she'd have listened to what every. Single. Person that spoke to me had to say. Dozens. And if Tuli and I cared a lick what one or two people thinks of us over the rest of the weyr, we would not BE weyrwomen." Her laugh is pained, watery, derisive and she gestures sharply around her. "What do you honestly think was going to happen in the long term, because, believe me, this is way, WAY more volatile than just a mere few women and if you don't open your stupid eyes, the next act of defiance isn't going to come from people who you can actually claim to know, and it's certainly not going to end in just a few more pairs of boobs in the barracks. WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE A RAPIDLY DETERIORATING SITUATION and you NEED to see that. What do you think… how do you think someone like … like those goons that hang around Gritta's, how do you think they'd take having everything they own taken away? I had to stare them down and promise to do something before it is too late."

"You. Are. An. Idiot." W'rin's finger shoots out to somewhere over where the general vicinity of outside the weyr. "Who do you think feeds us? If they we think we can protect them? You don't think those fucking holds were already itchy about our ability? That's why we went to get you in the first place! Dicks - ovaries - fuck it all! I need stability among my riders. I need a weyrwoman who people know they need to follow. And her fucking juniors don't." Suddenly all noise is sucked into the stormy winds that surround the weyrleader's anger, and without so much as a word he two quick strides he's closed the distance between the two of them, hands gripping the arms of her chair so tightly the color drains from his knuckles, or perhaps that is because all color has flooded his face as he shoves it up close to hers. So close, in fact is he, that were it not for his features distorted in anger, and the savage thundering of his rumbling tone, one might think them about to kiss. "You, for one second don't think I haven't been in to see the Steens? To speak to Gritta?" A dangerous fire burns through his eyes, and the chair he's got her trapped in his shoved back against the wall, there is no escape. "How do you fucking think Ladivos got to be guard captain?" If he wasn't a man of self-control she'd likely be bleeding on the ground. "If any goon thinks to strike now, it's because you've stripped her of any authority she had. At least I wasn't so stupid as to let the entire weyr know I had done something." Accentuated is the stupid, as he pauses to stare at her.

Crossing her eyes, Sadaiya stares, blanched, at the face so close to hers, then uncrosses, letting some steel strap itself back to her spine. "Tell me. Do you honestly think that the weyr was prospering un…under her?" she barely whispers, then clears her throat. "Do you think this … this figurehead situation was really, truly long-term viable even with you forcing it?"

W'rin only growls and giving a final shove suddenly releases the chair and stalks a few steps away. "It was fucking better than what you did. At least people were listening to her. I could have dealt with the bazaar - given time. The caverns are better, we were getting more tithes from the holds. But you're so caught up in this fucking dick thing…You just made it worse. The only woman who has power. And you took it from her. Do you know how hard it is to balance both sides? And now you all look like fucking morons. The whole weyr does. Idiots." Only the last one isn't directed at her. It isn't directed at anyone. And apparently he is quite done. "You're grounded. You aren't so much as to mount. You aren't to raise your voice to anyone. Especially Corelle. In private have it out as you two need. In public you are nothing but obedient." He drops heavily into a chair at the chambers table. "I so much as think you are acting in treason against my weyr again, you'll go to Reaches. And they'll eat you alive. And I'll enjoy watching it."

"Yes, sir," Sadaiya says, managing to keep her voice from wavering, likely because she's staring at the table top with a skimming of ice over her dark brown eyes. Her lips are pressed together in a firm line, jaw set for a moment, but the facade crumbles. "For what it's worth, I am sorry," she murmurs, reaching a hand out briefly, then dropping it with a sigh. "It shouldn't have come to this. Permission to leave then, Weyrleader?"

It is the 'sir' that draws W'rin back to the moment, the anger subsides enough that the volcano cools some, her apology receives a grunt, and after a short time a begrudging nod, a hand runs through his beard as he considers the woman before him. "One last thing. You and Tuli are in charge of getting the lower caverns ready for fall. Flamethrower training, firestone - all of it. On you. When Corelle thinks they are ready your grounding will be lifted." The lines of his jaw buldge as they clench and unclench. And suddenly as if in some way to give an agreement about something, in his own way, his hand snaps up in a salute. "Dismissed, junior weyrwoman." No. It shouldn't have come to this.

The salute in return is 100% on point, Sadaiya's back straight as a pole before she bends slightly to retrieve her hair-tangled belongings. She pauses a moment, then also retrieves the shard of glass that was dumped from her goggles, dropping them back in. "We'll see to it, sir. I promise you that." Finally, she smiles, sadly, at the friend she'll have to rebuild a relationship with. "Give my love to your family." And, dramatically, muzzy-headed and all, she slips back out the door.

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