==== December 3, 2013
==== K'vvan, W'rin
==== W'rin finds a willing spy.

Who K'vvan, W'rin
What W'rin finds a willing spy.
When 6 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr

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Castello di Draco - W'rin's Weyr
Salt-white veins lend a pale imitation of masonry in champagne-gold walls, the haze and mist of quality limestone measuring out a generous interior space, offset by the haze of silvered constellations gather on a cool, ash-brown stone floor, reminiscent of aseaman's sky. Held upright by solid steel pins, heavy dark ironwood shelving spanning the height of a tall man is braced within the protected recess of the rear wall, each retaining a variable collection of books, charts and scrolls systematically arranged. As commanding and stoic as their owner, heavy furniture is set with exacting care in its proper place: desk, chair, a table or two of Lemosian wood are all polished to a high gleam, while private quarters are reserved from sight behind a crook in the weyr wall. Omnipresent and unavoidable, the stone couch of a dragon draws the eye, slate dark and unornamented, its surface is smooth and glossy to the eye, uninviting to any save the bravest of souls.

You sense that Nadeeth caresses the thought gently, edging it with silk. «Mine wishes a private moment, may he come?»

Valiuth thinks to you, « I bespoke Nadeeth with: Valiuth crashes in on wave filled sea, but cloudy skies produce no storms today. « Mine is in his weyr. He waits. » »

It's just after noon. Most of Whilrwind retired to the living caverns after drills to have lunch, W'rin set off in the other direction. The normally reclusive weyrleader has been even more absent the last few days, not showing face for anything other than work. At the moment he is settled on his couch, legs propped up on the table before him, and short hair unusually messy and wet. In his lap rests a formation chart, he's scribbling notes post practice, things to get better at, people to work with.

Nadeeth touches down gently on the ledge outside, and the sounds of K'vvan dismounting are heard. She murrs quietly in greeting to Valiuth, then politely takes herself off till K'vvan needs her again. For his part, K'vvan moves towards the weyr itself, pausing in the doorway. He pauses just barely inside of the door, "Sir."

Valiuth lifts his head, tilting it just slightly as he considers the newcomers to his ledge. It is more than most get, the bronze usually lost in his own thoughts when not flying, but hit lasts only a moment before he settles back down. W'rin glances up from his chart, a brow lifts as he motions the greenrider the rest of the way in with a head tilted towards a seat. "K'vvan." A pause, before his other brow meets the first, a jogged memory, "Can I offer you something to drink?"

W'rin's managed to remember more of the social graces then K'vvan typically does, and his offer of something to drink causes a slight wrinkle of K'vvan's blow. "No, sir, I wanted to talk to you about… Whirlwind. And Nadeeth." He doesn't take more than another step or so into the weyr, and he shifts slightly from foot to foot, uncomfortable at being here in the first palce.

Is that a grin tugging at the corner of W'rin's mouth? It may be hard to tell under all the manly facial hair. His feet drop from the table to land loudly against the floor and the man leans upward into a more work appropriate posture. The chart is set on the top of the table with a nod. "Well then. Have a seat. Let's talk."

There is a slight exhale of breath as W'rin changes from social to work. Here at least K'vvan is more on even footing! Quick steps bring the slight rider up to the table and proffered chair. "I know we were put in Whirlwind because Sandblast wasn't a good fit. Nadeeth and I have made quite a bit of marked progress," as K'vvan continues, his words become more prepared and rehearsed, like he has practiced their delivery. "Sir, I had hoped, maybe, you would consider allowing us to transfer to a mid level wing. Nadeeth, even after these last few months just doesn't have the same stamina as the larger dragons on the wings. We have to work twice as hard as even Whirlwind demands just to cover our area."

A giant paw reaches up and pulls down through his beard, the skin dragging after it, he doesn't seem surprised by the male's analysis, at least until he brings up the mid-level. There is a certain schooling of his expression before he speaks, "Mid? Eh. A particular wing you had in mind?" But then something else seems to strike him, his head titling to one side, much like his dragon's earlier, he considers the greenrider before him.

K'vvan is very ready to continue listing his reasons for requesting a shift, when W'rin is seeming to agree with him. His mouth opens and shuts a couple times as he attempts to regather his scattered thoughts. "uh, well, I've only interacted with the new one. That female." She totally had a name at some point, right? K'vvan rubs a hand against his jaw trying to remember. "Treek? Trik? The blue rider. Anywhere but Sandblast though."

"That female." W'rin mouths silently, though it isn't a look of disapproval that follows. Not necessarily anyway. "And what did you think of wingleader Trek?" His arms cross over his barrel chest as he snorts softly, "Would you be willing to fly under a bluerider? I always sensed you were more traditional than that."

"Right, Trek." K'vvan says, correcting the name. There is a long pause here, as he shifts his eyes away from W'rin. "You know my opinion of female riders. But, for Nadeeth?" Pause, and K'vvan crosses his arms across his chest and sits up a bit straighter. "I would do what needed to be done."

Are the wheels spinning in W'rin's head? By the unfocused look of his gaze, it isn't just his head. There is a long drawn out pause before he returns completely to the conversation with K'vvan. "Good." Is his final conclusion to the greenrider's response. "Good, indeed." But then the giant of a weyrleader is leaning forward, his elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasped before him, "And would you do what need to be done for the weyr? For me?" His voice drops to a conspiratorial whisper, even as they sit alone in his own weyr.

K'vvan's eyes narrow just slightly at the leaning forward. Just slightly his chair scoots backwards a half inch before he plants his feet against further movement away. The, "Yes… sir?" is uttered with that question-mark clearly in utterance, as he attempts to figure out whatever train of thought W'rin has entered.

"Good." Is affirmed again by W'rin. "I know I can count on you." He leans up again, but his voice stays in hushed tones. "You see, I need someone to keep an eye on that wing for me." The wing not having been mentioned yet by name, but by wingleader, "Especially that female. I don't trust her, but the change had to be made. Or things would be a lot worse for the weyr. So if you could…" He waves a hand in the air, "get in her good graces, and report back to me what she's up to."

K'vvan suddenly feels slightly trapped. His mouth draws a tight line and a single finger taps on his arm. It's his turn to have ideas tumble around. "You'll approve my request. But I have to keep you in the loop of what is going on in the wing." Just checking to make sure he's got this all evened out. "I cannot make promises about good graces. But Nadeeth and I need out of Whirlwind. If I agree to this, will you let us go?"

"K'vvan you don't like her, right? Isn't the best way to get rid of her to make her think your on her side? You can say I was so angry at your request I cursed you out, said bad things about Nadeeth - Faranth knows she's believe it after what I said to her." A smirk pulls across W'rin's face as he grumbles at the greenrider's last question, "But if that's the only way I can get it out of you, I need someone to do it, if stuff gets too bad - I don't let Igen fail. I'll do what I have to do if Trek can't cut it - and I need someone to tell me if she isn't, or if she's planning something…" Worse, more treacherous, he lets the sentence fade away as he nods, palming the top of his head with a hand as he thinks., "If you'll report back to me, quietly, I'll sign off, its time you moved to where you'll be in threadfall."

"I'll do it." This time K'vvan doesn't even need to think. "If she screws up I'll make sure you know." With business done, K'vvan stands, this time with more confidence. "I'll write bloody daily reports if you want me to about exactly what is happening. I have no intention of dying or helping others do the same," with the exception of S'kyre and company… "Can it be done before tomorrow?"

W’rin stands after K'vvan, "You did well, K'vvan. Nadeeth isn't the right size for Whirlwind." They all knew it, "But you're a solid rider." Rare praise from W'rin, who usually only shows approval by not yelling. The last question draws a growl from the weyrleader who waves the man off, "You're dismissed." He'll do it when he's damn well ready. But in the end the transfer will be confirmed before dinner.

With that, K'vvan does properly salute. The praise doesn't draw a smile, there are other things to think about now- like how the hell he's going to convince someone he hates that he likes them.

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