==== August 20, 2013
==== Mayte, Sienna, Ravene, K'vvan
==== K'vvan checks off things on his list of to-do with the help of a super organized Vintner.

Who Mayte, Sienna, Ravene, K'vvan
What K'vvan checks off things on his list of to-do with the help of a super organized Vintner.
When After Confusing Love and Hate
Where Public Baths



Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Mayte walks in, her eyes training on a point on the opposite wall. She carries no towel, her hair is neatly and tightly pulled back, and she only removes her boots. Those in hand, the vintner moves over and sits down on a bench. Hands rest in her lap and Mayte takes a few deep breaths, her shoulders relaxing slightly. Then she leans back and watches her wine-stained hands for a few minutes.

K'vvan is rumpled, clothing creased and stained, hair messed. Blood is caked on his knuckles, old and dried. There is no smile upon his face, not that one would be usual. The lines of sadness are full on his face and he walks in a half-daze muttering a litany of to-does under his breath. "Bathe, eat, Nadeeth eat, D'reize, Aaron."

Sienna is rumpled as well, the day a blur of emotions and crying, of visiting and consoling and being consoled. She arrives shortly after K'vvan, peeling off her clothes with a sigh. "Oh. K'vvan." She opens her arms for a hug, realizes she's nude, and changes her mind. "Are you okay?"

If Mayte wanted solitude, she realizes, she shouldn't have chosen the aptly name Public Baths. She lets out a breath and looks up, espying K'vvan and Sienna. She observes them for a moment, stifling a gasp at the man's hands. For a moment, she makes to rise, but settles back on the edge of the bench.

Already in the baths, and off to one side from those that are gathered, Ravene looks up as K'vvan enters, "You going south?" she asks, "Stop by my shop, I have some baskets to send," Ravene is quiet, and clinging to a sense of hope with everything she has, "Did Egbert get that basket to you and W'rin," is asked of Sienna as she too enters the baths. Food does not fix everything, but it doesn't hurt anything when there is this much sadness around, "K'vvan, if you are going south please don't forget to talk to her brother. He should know too," the baker's voice is soft, though it still echoes in the confines of the public baths. Ravene gives Mayte a look, and then is back to her soaking. She looks like she hasn't slept at all in the last twenty four hours, and knowing her Ravene has more baking planned that she will get to soon as she's finished her soak.

Oh wait, people? K'vvan stumbles to a stop at his name his eyes moving away from the floor and the litany stumbling to a stop. Sienna's question takes a long moment to sink it, and Ravene's chase it down both mixing and causing confusion. "Ah," He shakes his head to clear it of fuzz. "You're naked." It's the best he can manage.

Sienna shrugs at Ravene. "I don't know if W'rin saw it. I haven't seen him yet. But I got it, thanks Ravene." Then she frowns. "Why should it be K'vvan's responsibility to tell Nell's brother?" she asks, her tone tense and a bit snappy. Then she looks to K'vvan, and down at herself, and sighs. "Yes." With that, she moves carefully into the water, sitting down on the edge before she scoots in, always extremely careful around the baths for some reason.

Mayte watches the tableau curiously - in the same room, but not really a part of it yet. She stands up and grabs a towel, and not seeing the look Ravene sends her, moves over after Sienna is free and clear. Gently patting K'vv's arm to draw his attention, she says, "K'vvan. You should bathe." It's not really an order, merely a strong suggestion, and she puts the towel in front of his eyes. "Are you going to see Aaron while you're down south?" Even as quietly as Mayte says this, it echoes loudly, at least to Mayte's ears, and she winces a little. Sotto voce, her butt!

Ravene sighs as she shifts in the pool she's in, "I don't suppose it is his responsibility, Sienna. I just thought if he was going down there anyway someone should tell her brother," she moves towards the lip of her bathing pool, "You know what? I'll write Aaron and Fishor a letter, and send Wobbles with it that way K'vvan doesn't have to go unless he wants to. Mayte, please make sure you stop by the bakery with K'vvan. Tell Egbert you're there for one of the rider baskets. He'll know which ones you're talking about," Ravene has moved out of the bath, and over to where her clothes are. She's not even bothering to take the time to dress, and it's clear by the flour that still clings to her fingers that she's not finished her bath. Still that doesn't seem to matter to her, "I have things to do," and with that the baker is gone.

Words finally manage to make it down to his brain and connections are made. When Mayte shoves a towel into his hands the little vintner gets a small smile. "Yeah, that's first. Bathing." And K'vvan moves to the edge of an unoccupied pool and pulls off his shirt before pausing and really looking at his hands. "No, clean that first." And he's casting around to find a cloth to begin to begin to clean his knuckles of blood. The cleanest cloth is near Sienna's pool so he draws close to her. "Are you dealing?" Not okay, no one is okay.

Sienna shakes her head slightly with a pained expression as she begins to clean. Methodical. Memorized motions, nothing to think about. "No. Haven't even seen W'rin. Kyara is gone, We'bey is gone, Nell is gone…" And that other weyrling she wasn't close to. But still. "No." She shakes her head again. "You? What's in Southern?" She watches Ravene go with a small nod, unable to work up the energy for social pleasantries. "Hi, Mayte." She does offer that at least.

Once K'vvan's found his groove, Mayte moves back to the nearest bench and takes a seat, raising a quick hand to Ravene's departure. She will try. Sienna's recitation has her gripping the bench with both hands, a strained look on her face, but she manages to smile a little, "Hello," is her simple reply, and she slowly unwraps her hands from the bench edge, one eye on K'vvan's progress to getting clean. She's too tired to even blush a little at his unshirtyness.

K'vvan dips the cloth into the water and wipes at the knuckles. The blood comes of slowly staining the cloth red. His eyes focus on the blood. Brusied knuckles slowly appear with long angry tears in the skin on the tip of each. "Southern, where did the baker go?" He looks up and around as if just now realizing the the baker has gone. "I," head shake, focus K'vvan, "going to tell Aaron. Might as well tell her brother too." A pause and he moves his eyes up to his little vintner. "Can you tell her not to send that letter? They shouldn't found out via letter."

Sienna watches Mayte for a moment with a small nod, and then she returns to washing, though she frowns a bit at K'vvan's words. Not at him, but at his words. "Punching things?" she asks a bit dryly, glancing at the greenrider.

Mayte is fascinated and horrified as the damage to K'vvan's knuckles is revealed. "She went back to do some baking, K'vvan. I'll make sure to tell her before you go," she assures, and holds out a hand when it seems his knuckles are at last clean of blood. "Let me have that, while you get into the pool." It's like organizing junior apprentices but quieter. Mayte blinks at Sienna, "There's a punching bag?" Or, as she looks back to K'vvan, "Or wall?" she guesses.

Having someone else organize a piece of his life is not unwanted. He manages a wry not-quite-smile to Mayte, "I wasn't really paying attention when I punched the wall." Willingly K'vvan gives up the bloody rag, finishes undressing and slips into a pool. He scrubs hard at his skin. His mind is moving on to step two, D'reize.

Sienna grimaces, shaking her head. Pushing out of the bath (carefully!) the greenrider starts muttering to herself as she dries off and clumsily pulls on her clothes.
You overhear Sienna mutter, "… men punching walls, W'rin … … … … … … … on … … … … That's just … It's … … … … … Nothing?!?!?" to herself.

Mayte takes the rag and hides it behind her. She's surprised as her wild guess is confirmed, and watches Sienna emerge from the bath muttering, "Oh no, Sienna, you don't have to go…" she says in dismay. Her eyes flick to K'vvan, hoping he isn't noticing this. "Do you have your cane?" Little Mayte is all organizey and everything.

K'vvan scrubs himself quickly turning to look at Sienna as she mutters… and then casting his eyes away quickly as the oh-so-preggers woman gets out of the tub. "Do you want some help back to wherever you are going?" No, the idea doesn't come from him, it comes from the black silk thought twined around his own.

Sienna nods to Mayte, pausing long enough to offer her a gentle smile. "Thanks, Mayte. I do. And I need to go. Wait for W'rin." Dun dun DUN. Pausing, she looks at K'vvan when he speaks. That was directed at her, yes? She thinks it was, otherwise she's about to embarrass herself. "Thank you for the offer, my friend, but no. Have a safe trip to Southern, okay? I'll see you when you get back." The hug is implied, but, y'know. Naked. Or less naked now, but still. Still. Then she's waddling out, leaning heavily on her cane.

Mayte watches Sienna's departure worriedly, gritting her teeth on a plethora of questions. She turns at K'vvan's cleaning routine and pauses to collect her thoughts, watching the greenrider thoughtfully. Her hands clench quietly for a moment in her lap and then she starts to say, "Are you clean now, K'vvan?" If he's not, he's doing something seriously wrong in his ablutions, "What's next to do?"

"I, yeah." Sienna's departure is watched with a frown also. Maybe pregnant women shouldn't be walking half-naked into public? He pulls himself out of the water and moves modestly behind a screen to pull on fresh clothing. "Next." He closes his eyes and presses fingers to his forehead. "The baker, wait, will you come with me?" He lowers his hands to look at the vintner. "Didn't she say something about a basket?"

Mayte turns two shades lighter than scarlet and looks away quickly - her earlier discarding of modesty is over. Slowly rising to her feet, Mayte nods and peeks to see if K'vvan is proper. "She did, and we should go before she can write that letter," Mayte thinks quickly. "Do you… know how long you'll be at Southern?" she asks hesitantly, her hand /twitching/ briefly at her side before it's clenched tightly into a fist. Oh hey look, forgotten boots that Mayte moves over to pull on quickly.

Ravene's Bakery and Sundries
A low murmur of voices is a constant here as is the smell of freshly baked breads, and klah. There are several tables interspersed with more personal chair groupings that are set around small round tables. Along one wall is a large glass display that has in it a variety of breads, and pastries while smells of savory stews and roasting meat drift in to the dining are from the kitchen. A menu board lists the breads, bubblies, and other food items that can be found here with the price and suggested chores. Opposite this display is a shelf full of sundries such as sewing needles and the like. This being a baker's shop, the proprietess does accept barter and pay in kind. (OOC: Ravene, and Egbert may be refrenced but please don't do them any damage. Also Egbert may be NPC'd at any time to serve, and take orders. Thanks.)
in the rafters is Wobbles.

K'vvan waits for the vintner to catch up and then he's moving, not swiftly, but surely towards the baker's shop. Upon entering he finds it mostly empty with no sign of the baker. He stops in the middle of the room looking around. The fuzz hasn't cleared yet and he's looking around. "Baker?" he calls out.

A loud clattering of dishes, pots, and pans is heard from the kitchen. A loud crash is followed by a shrieked, "Shard it all!!" which is followed by Ravene's voice calling out, "Give me a minute. I'll be right out."

Mayte moves in quickly behind K'vvan (or as quickly as she can), wincing briefly as she hears the crash. "Can we help with anything?" she asks tentatively, peeking from behind K'vvan. She takes a moment to eye the foods on the shelves and asks K'vvan, "Have you eaten recently?"

The clatter of pots has K'vvan jumping like a startled cat, shifting himself so he's in front of her. When the baker calls out he shakes his head as if trying to clear it. "Eaten? oh uh," He closes his eyes again for a second, reaching for the ribbon of thought that ties him to his dragon. "Yesterday morning. I'll do that too." Add it to the list. Now that he's not repeating his list he's drifting slightly back into his haze.

Ravene emerges from the kitchen with a tray filled with fresh breads, "Egbert!" is called over her shoulder, "Bring one of the rider baskets," the boy emerges with a basket that's been filled with Ravene's best breads, a selection of Sienna's cheeses, and a small bottle of liquid comfort, "Here, make sure you don't lose that," Ravene says as Egbert hands the basket, not to K'vvan but to Mayte. The boy is quite astute in his guestimation that the rider probably will do just that, "Now, did you want to speak with me?" is asked of K'vvan as she sits down at one of the larger tables, "Sit, please. I promise I won't bite." Egbert quietly places plates, and bread bowls filled with hearty stew in front of two chairs. Ravene's chair has a mug of klah and an empty plate save for a few bread crumbs, "You should eat if you haven't, K'vvan," affirmation to what Mayte has said.

Mayte (building on from what I accidently entered) accepts the basket and gives Egbert and Ravene both a grateful look. She hefts the weight in her arms a little and watches the placings be set with food, nodding, "Thank you," she tells the young assistant, and then to K'vvan, "Sit. Eat." Pointing at one chair, Mayte offers no other options. The vintner looks to Ravene, "Will you join us?" even though she spots the empty plate.

K'vvan blinks as the two women join forces to pressure him to put food into his mouth. Slowly he sits, leaning on arm on the table. The spoon is picked up and he stirs at the stew. "About that letter, don't send it. I should tell him, she was my partner… what was his name again?" The mention of his 'partner' causes any appetite he had to slow and evaporate. Stir, stir, stir.

Ravene nods at Mayte, and looks at Egbert, who brings over a small tiered tray with each tier holding something different. On the bottom is scones, one for each person at the table, the next has a bubblie for each person, and the top holds a sliver of cake with creamed cheese icing, "I ate before going to the baths, but I did hope you'd get K'vvan here," this is said in explanation of the tiered tray, "That's what the noise was all about. I was looking for the tea trays," because she likes to set a proper table for these types of occassions. Ravene gives K'vvan a nod, "Fishor, I believe he works with Nika?" she sounds not at all certain about that last bit, "Nell had said he was a dragonhealer, which I'm not sure how that would work him not being a rider and all?" a shrug for that, and she's staring at her cold mug of klah, "Ravene, you should sleep sometime," Egbert says quietly. He's found someone to take care of his sister, and the newest fosterling for the time being.

Mayte sits down in her own chair, gritting her teeth, and stares at K'vvan. She raises an eyebrow and quietly says, "Eat." Whether he wants to or not. The basket is set down and she tries to encourage by taking her own bite of stew. Giving Ravene a once-over look, Mayte swallows politely and says, "Aaron will know, if anyone," because Aaron is her one representative to Southern so he knows everyone. She looks at Ravene again, her lips twitching aside with concern.

K'vvan looks slightly guilty as the vintner orders him to eat. A few spoonfuls make it to his mouth. As he takes the required bites he has to think for a long moment an rely on the ribbon of thought again to relay the name, and more importnatly, the dragon. "Atmanth, right, Aaron will point to the right place." If he needs to, he'll find his old wingleader turned weyrleader and ask. He stirs the stew some more. As the baker assistant prods his foster mother K'vvan pushes back from the counter. "Sleep Baker, I'll share the bad news. I'll walk you home Mayte."

Egbert nods at K'vvan's words, "You finish eating first," Ravene says as she stands and heads not for her room upstairs, but back into the kitchen, "I have a few things to finish, then I promise I'll get some sleep. You can leave your firelizard to make sure if you like," she is only half teasing, and in spite of her exhaustion Ravene even manages a half smile for the rider, and vintner apprentice.

Mayte watches Ravene depart and sighs, her shoulders drooping just a little. Even though K'vvan has essentially declared his meal over, she eyes him and selects a few of the scones and bubbly pies from the tiered tray, tucking them into a napkin and placing that on top of the basket. "Take those with you," she says quietly, and nods, rising to her feet, "Thank you," she replies with something like a smile on her lips. An eye is cast to their left-over stew, and she calls, "Sorry, Egbert!" before picking up the basket. "Shall we?"

K'vvan holds the door open to the vintner and follows her out. It is only a few steps to the doorway of the Wine shop and K'vvan follows behind her. At the doorway he reaches out to touch her shoulder, to stop her. "Mayte…" Stepping around her he folds her into a hug, pulling her close.

Mayte looks slightly disgruntled at the proximity of her wineshop, but tries to recover and gives K'vvan what turns into an open smile, "Thanks, K'vvan," she says, and before she can hand him the basket, finds herself enveloped. "Oph," she says quietly, releasing the basket and pauses a brief moment before she relaxes into it and starts to hug back. "K.." but she cuts herself off quickly. No sense in ruining the moment.

K'vvan takes a moment to breathe in the sweet sent of her hair, just holding her close for a moment. The basket is ignored from where it has come to rest on the ground. His hug is not squeezing, just a gentle embrace. "Thank you," He pulls back just an inch to look down into her eyes. "Are the other apprentices and your journeyman home? No one should be alone tonight."

Mayte shivers gently but makes sure to give a little brief squeeze. She nods, and looks up with a little grin, "Welcome. Will you be gone long?" she asks, and gives a little half-smile, "That means you're going tonight, then. Cuz not being alone will include you too, ya know." Her tone is teasing, and she purses her lips a little. "Um. Yeah, Tildran is in there. Let me know when you get back then, okay?"

K'vvan looks down at the girl in his arms and without needing a single prompting from the green up above he kisses her gently on the forehead before releasing her. "I'll be back in a few days." With one last look he turns. There is one deep breath taken, then softly, "D'reize." He turns his feet right towards the North Bowl and the directions given by the soft voice in his mind leaving the vintner…. and her basket of food, behind.

Mayte is stunned to silence, offering a little nod in response. She blinks, taking a moment to compute, and looks down at her toes… and the basket. "Shard it," she says in frustration, "How does he even tie his laces together," she mutters, grabbing the basket, and goes after K'vvan, "K'vvan! Get back here, you forgot this!" as she tries to spot him again moving away at the Speed of K'vvan.

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