==== November 9, 2013
==== Nevelyn, Nevach (NPC), Dana (NPC)
==== Nevelyn keeps a watchful eye on her charges.

Who Nevelyn, Nevach (NPC), Dana (NPC)
What The Nanny Life
When There are 0 turns, 9 months and 6 days until the 12th pass.
Where Playroom, Southern Weyr

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An open room, the walls coated in fainted colors of whimsy. It's creepier than the others… maybe due to forgotten children's toys that remain half-seen: the side of a doll's face, worn building-blocks scattered.

Squeals and childish chatter ring through the room as the weyrbrats spend the late afternoon scattered in play. Nevelyn is ensconced in a rocking chair working on a bit of needle point while keeping an eye on the kids. The steady creak of the wooden runners on the stone floor a near metronome sound in the din of seeming chaos.

Nevach drops on his hands and knees and crawls into one of the little play tents in the room. He tosses a rumpled blanket off a little girl crying, “Found you!” Rocking back on his heels he grins at the giggling child hiding amongst the toys. “This is too easy,” he declares and scrambles back out of the tent.

Dana has been found it seems and giggles when the blanket is pulled back by the dark skinned boy. “Not many places to hide,” she agrees sitting up to push a mass of curls off her face. “Nanny Lyn says it’s too rainy to play outside today.” She follows Nevach as he scrambles out of the tent but only so far as the entrance. Plopping herself down in the ‘v’ of fabric to pull a rag doll onto her lap.

Nevelyn hears her name and glances up from her work. “Perhaps the weather will break tomorrow children.” She drops her hands and the wooden frame into her lap and smiles. It’s easy to understand the restless nature of the children in her care. She’d much prefer to spend the day out in the open air herself. And being cooped up after lessons and lunch wears on her as much as it does the kids. It wouldn’t do to show it though.

Nevach is standing next to the little tent with his thumbs hooked in his pockets. Attempting to imitate the stance of a few of the male ‘rider’s he’s seen about. “I don’ care about no rain. A little wet never hurt nobody.” Is he repeating what he’s heard his mother say to him since he was a much smaller lad? Of course he is! He glances toward his mother sitting there in the chair like she could sit there happily all day and heaves a sigh.

Dana’s little mouth quirks downward in a frown as she considers Nevach’s words more than the Nanny’s. “The rain would ruin my doll,” she says as though that decides the fate of the world. “So I’d rather stay in here where it’s dry.” Said doll is cradled against her side with one hand as she scoots out of the tent to rise to her feet.

Anytime that Nevelyn hears Nevach quoting her it gives her a pang of love. Though there are times such as now when she wishes he wouldn’t just pop off with everything he thinks. Boys his age simply have no filter. “No it wouldn’t hurt you,” she has to agree with her son. “But it would result in yet another bath for you and even less time to play because you’d have to dry off before you could handle most of the toys.” It irks her that a lot of the toys in the playroom are less than water friendly. Most have more than a few stains from juice or sticky fingers.

Nevach heartily wishes one of the other boys would wake from their naps already! Two against one and he’s on the losing end here. No fair! His face scrunches up and he grunts. “This Weyr’s got too many /girls/!” With disgust vivid in every line of his body he stomps across the room and flops onto a stool at the little craft table in the corner. “Ruined dolls..an baths..” He grumbles to himself as he pulls a lesson book toward him. Reading is preferable to listening to the negative comments about the rain.

Dana blinks at Nevach’s outburst and takes a step back from the boy. “There are not!” Her heated statement is followed by the stomp of a little foot. “There’s not a thing wrong with bein’ a girl.” She takes her doll off in the opposite direction. Deciding that dealing with Nevach right this moment is more trouble than it’s worth. She’ll just go over here and play tea with her doll. Thank you very much!

Nevelyn chuckles at both of the children and stays quiet for the moment. Letting them work out their own footing as long as it doesn’t result in hair pulling and fists flying. She tends to try and stay out of the smaller scuffles. It’s the only way to stay sane around here after all. Trailing after children all day every day lends one to a more relaxed approach to parenting. It pleases her that Nevach walks away and engrosses himself in a book. Dana gets a kind smile when the girl walks past her chair toward the little chipped tea set in the corner. Ahh the life of a Nanny. She lifts her needlepoint and returns her concentration to it.

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