==== December 4, 2013
==== Sadaiya, W'rin
==== W'rin confesses to Sadaiya so she can help - if it comes to that.

Who Sadaiya, W'rin
What W'rin confesses to Sadaiya so she can help - if it comes to that.
When 6 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore
Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Valiuth thinks to you, « I bespoke Jivayath with: Valiuth enters on rocky seas, the violent swells crashing against the wooden form of his ever present ship. Sails dropped as the craft is tossed in stormy seas. « Mine would have a word. » Spiny apendages of a sea beast lurk in the growing darkness, « I hope you and yours are well. » An aside that does not come his rider. »

Valiuth senses Jivayath is heavy-voiced, laden with humid perfumes floating on thick smokes. « As the Weyrleader commands, » she purrs back, half-dismissively, half-flirtatiously.

It is early afternoon at Igen, and summer. Hot, hot, Igen summer. Which means that the lake is crowded. And sometimes the easiest place to hide is right out in the open, which is exactly what the weyrleader is doing. Staked off in the sand, far enough away to be able to have a private conversation, but not so far that it is suspicious, the giant is settled in the sand. His riding leathers forsaken for a loose top and his normal tights - he waits.

With an airy twirl of a parasol that matches her lavendar outfit, Sadaiya trots over to where the Weyrleader sits. "Good afternoon, sir," she chirps, all affability and not a trace of suspicion. "I was just catching up with Trek and A'lory, getting glared at by K'vvan, the usual. What can I help you with?"

W'rin stands as Sadaiya approaches, saying nothing even if his eyes squeeze together in an almost pained look as she mentions the name of the blue rider. "No need for sir, not right now." Even if their friendship has been on rocky ground since the incident, and W'rin's particular reaction to it, there is something almost defeated about the way he glances at her out of the corner of his eye as she continues on about her lunch companions, "About that." About what isn't exactly stated, as he soothes out a blanket roll and motions for the goldrider to have a seat. "We outta talk about something." His eyes scan the surrounding area to make sure they are well enough away from prying ears. Just a weyrleader and a junior having a nice afternoon by the lake. Oh hum.

This gives the goldrider pause, her flush-cheeked, wide-eyed expression dropping into a paler squint. "Well, isn't this a surprise!" Sadaiya manages after a moment and, poking her parasol into the sands, slinks onto the blanket and adjusts the shade to advantage. "Thank you for the seat. How're the twins? How's Sienna?" Safe little subjects, those, though her voice is slightly tenuous as she finds her footing on the newly re-firming conversational ground betwee the two.

Were it a different occasion W'rin might some satisfaction he did something correct socially. But it isn't, and he doesn't. Instead taking his seat again in the sand next to her his shoulders lift, "Good. Good." A short response to both question, his eyes fixed at the lake water, still except for the splashing weyrfolk. "Sadaiya, you know - Jivayath, she's likely to go up next. I need to know, when you know, when its close. I need to be as far away as possible. You understand? I can't be anywhere close. You'll tell me?"

Whatever footing Sadaiya has crumbles under her feet. "Whuh? Why? I mean, yeah, I guess, but like… are you… are you SURE?" Tipping her head to the side, one perfect eyebrow comes arching upwards, her expression a wholly unbelievable mask of amusement. "It wasn't THAT bad, was it? We made some cute dragons…and…all that…"

W'rin's assurance isn't vocalized, he simply dips his head in a single nod. Positive. Still her assertions of the cuteness of their dragon's offspring is met with a wry grin. "They were good looking, weren't they. Solid dragons now in wings…" A hefty sigh, and his draws his legs so they are slightly bent, wrapping his hands underneath the thigh thoughtfully. "Sadaiya." He pauses, his eyes finally tearing away from the lake water to study the side of the goldrider's face. "Someone has something on me. It's bad. It'd cost us a lot of tithes, and we can't afford it with the bazaar just bouncing back, not with all the people coming in…If I wasn't weyrleader. When I'm not weyrleader. The weyr will be safer. Even if it gets out the fallout won't be as bad." Coughing to cover up the awkward air between them, he lets his gaze turn to the sand at his feet.

"What? W'rin, no matter what's been going on with us, no matter what we disagree on, you are the most honorable men I know. If, y'know, stubborn." Reaching over, Sadaiya impulsively grasps the Weyrleader's forearm and squeezes, a few tears pooling in her eyelashes. "Is there anything t all that I can do? Anyone I can talk to, or pay off, or… or… just tell me what I can do. You are the last person in the whole of Pern who should be in a spot like this."

Sadaiya's emotional reaction clearly startles the man, "Sadie, I…" His arm, the one not bound by the affection of a friend he didn't know he had, is lifted - instinctively covering hers. "I appreciate it, but I've done my fair share of messing up to. I suppose I never thought to be in the position, where it would matter, or that a rider would ever use it against me." His jaw sets and unsets. Clearly he isn't willing to give all the details, such as the name of that particular rider. "Let's just say jealous holders aren't generally husbands who are willing to take payment for the sullying of their wives." A momentary pause, "For the weyr. You'll tell me?"

"For the weyr," Sadaiya echoes after a moment, worrying her lower lip between her small teeth. "Though it's not on you to take the punishment for those that truly deserve it. Not every time. You're a human being, not just a knot or a punching bag or scapegoat." Her voice is low, urgent, any pre-proddy lackadaisical expression having been long wiped way. "Isn't, like, half the reason we're here is to upset the status quo and make good with your past here?"

"I might deserve it this time." W'rin snorts a chuckle, and giving the junior werywoman's hand a pat before returning his to his own space. "Yes, well. One of yours happens to be doing just that…" Suddenly, he shakes his head, waving the idea off with his hand, "Ours. We're all one now. This is our weyr. I don't understand being willing to upset the status quo this way, willing to put people's lives in danger, Sadaiya. I'll never get that. But that was the choice, two bad ones. I hope I picked the less damaging one." A finger lifts upward, "But if looks like it wasn't, whether I'm still weyrleader or not, I'll tell him myself - I'll warn you first, but you'll have to get the weyr ready for it."

Mutely, Sadaiya nods, dropping her hand to her lap after it's release from W'rin's bearpaw. "If you need punishment put down all quiet-like, our weyrsecond's fairly … adept at that," she murmurs again, casting glances around to make sure there's no obvious eavesdropping. "Blackmail is not going to be how Igen thrives with Thread coming on, especially against her own Weyrleader. We have to be united — yes, men and women — and… I haven't been as good at that as I intended, but we can still manage. It's not like, if you end up not here for the, ah, proceedings, no one will come to you for advice or input. I'd be surprised if you didn't end up leading a wing or teaching the Weyrlings."

"Sadie…" W'rin draws off, his head slumping toward his chest, "I said, when Valiuth caught, you'd make a good weyrwoman." A hand wipes at sand that clings stubbornly to his tights. Quiet for a long moment, until he gives up. "I meant that, we've had our disagreements about things. Remember what you just said. The mistakes we've both made. And take care of this place. Take care of my weyr." And with that he hoists himself up with a grunt, and shoving his hand across his chest. Offering her a rare smile.

Sadaiya stays down, smiling upwards as warmly as she can. "I will always, always stand behind you. Well, I mean, except when … but that's then. We move forward now. But with this… well, I mean, as long as your indiscretion was mutual, what can anyone do? You're not… that… guy. But I won't pry. The less I know and all." Her smile is definitely sad, and her lap-hand comes up to wipe tears from her round cheeks. "However, since it looks like I'll be the next up — and… I don't think I ever said how sorry I was that you lost your friend, how very sorry … just … I'm so sorry for so much." And there's the hormonal blubbering.

"She was bad for the weyr." W'rin might as well admit as much now, cold as it sounds, "Well, when her husband is the lord holder he could takes his tithes to Ben…" The man suddenly stops mid-sentences, the next closest weyr might give away too much of which hold his particular affair took place. Kneeling back down with a grunt, he reaches out to pat a shoulder awkwardly. Points for effort? "Don't Sadaiya, we all make mistakes…" A lopsided grin, "Clearly I've made a few myself. You will do well, you'll be strong. You'll remember both sides." With a half-felt chuckle, "Look, if you keep crying people are going to think I'm a bigger asshole than they already do."

"Give me some slack. If I'm not sobbing, I'm turning Tan's skin raw lately or petting lady riders," Sadaiya laughs, wetly, then flings her arms around the crouching lunk of a man. "Just don't… don't let anyone push you around. Don't mean not to listen, but never let someone use your past to take away the strength that makes you YOU, or make you less than you are, you hear me? Besides, we can always get the traders and bazaar workers to help fill the gaps if it comes down to it. A Lord who'd stop supporting its weyr for a Turns old gripe with one rider isn't going to find himself with too many fly-overs on his orchards."

"You're a …" W'rin stops, the words foreign for the most part, "You're a good friend." Startled for the second time by the goldrider today, the weyrleader wraps his arms around her returning the hug, "It's not about me, Sadaiya." Poor Sienna has heard that enough. He sighs, catching himself for the second time. "I want the weyr to hurt the least for my past. If the path I've chosen isn't the right one - it will come out…" He snorts softly, "Clearly, you underestimate the pride of some Lords. They're as willing to put their people at risk…I'm fucking not." Standing again, this time to leave. "I've got a meeting." He nudges his head in the vague direction of the bowl, and somewhere behind that the council chambers. "And Sadie…Thank you."

Slipping back down, Sadaiya stretches out on the blanket, head covered by the shade from her still-standing parasol, though her face is still shiny from tears. "Trust me, I'm VERY aware of the pride of Lord Holders. I'm also verrrrrrrry good at playing their little games, even here in the future. Don't forget that. Also, if Sienna needs to hang out for a few days, I can probably keep the violating of my poor weyrmate down to a minimum. I'm here for both of you, all four of you. No forgetting that. Now go get a nice drink, take a breather. Consider staying, but I understand if you don't want to be here when everything goes down. Or, ah, up, as the case may be." A smile of parting and the weyrwoman fully reclines, soaking up the sun with a thoughtful expression.

"I'll let her know." And with a final lopsided grin the weyrleader takes off back up the sands.

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