==== Jan 2, 2014
==== K'vvan, Erissa
==== (Backdated) What lengths is K'vvan willing to go to win a pretty pink ribbon for his green?

Who K'vvan, Erissa
What What lengths is K'vvan willing to go to win a pretty pink ribbon for his green?
When It is the 3rd day of Autumn.
Where North Bowl and Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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It is the third day of Autumn and 76 degrees. A cloud appears on the horizon, familiar to Igen natives, swelling across the blue skies quickly. Sand blows across the weyr, pelting everyone and everything until it blows itself out. The fine sands, raised by the strong winds, penetrates the ears, eyes, nose, and throat.

Erissa walks along the bowl wall, keeping it in her peripheral vision as she ponders the roll of thick ribbon in her hand. Stretching out the end in her other hand she shakes her head, white-blond layers swaying. It's so pink! It wasn't what she'd wanted but it was all the trader had left and she'd made the mistake of not looking at it before she concluded the transaction. Wily traders! She should have known better.

K'vvan hadn't quite managed to get to the trader on time- disappointment throngs his step as he trudges through the newly fallen sand towards where Nadeeth waits in the scant shelter of the training grounds. A glance through the sand has a particular pink colour, so out of the normal in the bleak bowl, catching the wingsecond's eye. "Hey! you!" He trots forward, calling out to the individual who has the pink thing.

Erissa's head turns as someone yells from nearby and her foot slips on the sand that's drifted up against the weyr wall. Falling to one knee she catches herself, one palm grinding painfully against the rough sand. "Dammit!" she hisses, pale brows furrowing. The pink ribbon dangles from her other hand, bright fuscia hue fluttering in the breeze. Jerking her chin at an upward angle to clear her view of over-long bangs she skewers the approaching rider with an angry glare. "You! Are you stalking me or something?? I don't have your blasted jar so leave me alone!" Pushing to her feet with a grunt she favors her scratched, reddened palm.

A scowl peels itself onto K'vvan's face as he recognizes the bleach blond hair as the woman from the cellars. But there, in her hand, is the object that had taken him to the bazaar. He glances just for a second at her hand, "You should be more careful." He chooses his words more carefully, "Where, uh, did you get that ribbon?"

"Huh? What?" His question takes her off guard, the expected biting insult not forthcoming. Shifting in place she gives one boot a shake as some of the sand works it's way down deep. "This?" The garish ribbon is held up. Considering his attitude when they last met she assumes he's about to make an accusation and brings it closer to her chest. "I bought it fair and square from a trader. It's mine. What's it to ya?"

When the woman doesn't make another fuss over her hand K'vvan doesn't mention it again. Instead his eyes are on the pink as it flutters in the strong wind. "Just, what would it take for you to sell it to me?"

Pale lashes flutter several times as Erissa replays that question in her mind. Is he serious?? She hadn't actually paid hardly anything for it - the trader, who'd been on his way out, had been quite willing to take the first thing she offered just to get rid of it. Surprised when he didn't counter-offer she'd quickly handed over the pitiful amount and counted herself pretty darn slick. Of course, then she saw it, and knew the trader was even slicker. For K'vvan - K'vvan of all people! - to be asking her for it now was almost making her pinch herself to make sure she wasn't still in bed and stuck in some crazy dream. But no, the sting of her palm is real enough. Tilting her head she narrows a look on the greenrider. "What in blue blazes do you want with a pink ribbon?"

K'vvan shifts a tad uncomfortably under the blue-gray gaze of the woman before him. One foot grinds a small indention into the sand underneath. It wasn't in his nature to ask like this. But, "I need to replace the ribbon on Nadeeth's straps before we go out tonight," even as the words leave his mouth K'vvan frowns a bit, so he hastily adds, "on sweeps I let her wear her decorative one, because she likes to watch them flap." Another wrinkle appears on his forehead, the addition not making it sound any less foppish.

Erissa just stares. And stares. It finally dawns on her that he really is serious. He isn't just pulling her leg or making fun of her. Amusement bubbles uncontrollably from her gut and spills out in one effusive bark of laughter. "That is s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o cute!!" she blurts, grin stretching ear to ear. Clutching the ribbon even closer to her chest over her heart she sighs and gives the other rider a look of utter amazement. "You big softie, you! I knew all that gruff had to be hiding something." Curling her injured hand into a fist she knuckle-bumps his shoulder, the contact very soft due to the throbbing of her palm. "Well, now I just can't say no to that. I wasn't going to use it for anything so chivalrous. Hm…" Pale lashes lower as she looks him up and down once, exaggerating a thoughtful pose. Suddenly blue-gray eyes widen and her smile breaks like the dawning sun. "I know! You can have this ribbon…if you can win it."

K'vvan's scowl deepens. Over his chest he crosses his arms tightly and taps his toe slowly on the sandy ground. When she reaches out to tap-punch him he steps backwards so that he fist just barely brushes his shirt, but doesn't actually hit him. "Don't touch me. Ever. Look, what do I have to do to get the ribbon from you? I don't have much time to get it on her straps before we have to leave for sweeps."

Erissa doesn't even register the fact that her intended punch doesn't totally connect, too distracted by the sheer delight in this new side of His Twitchiness. Her hand waggles in the air as she retracts it, dismissing his directive. "Yah, ok, whatever. We'll make this quick then." Switching the ribbon to her injured hand and holding it gingerly between her fingers she crooks the other arm at the elbow and holds it up toward K'vvan. "Wrestle me for it."

Hand, elbow, face, elbow, hand, face. K'vvan's eyes travel the length of her arm and rest on her face. The scowl is replaced with confusion as he tries to parse the stance the shorter woman has taken. "You're kidding me, right? I don't want to wrestle you." That would involve TOUCHING her. Which is not on the to-do list.

Erissa crooks her fingers in a taunting gesture, grin slipping to one side. "Come on! Why not? Afraid I might kick your ass?"

"No." Though, maybe he is, just a little. K'vvan's crossed arms stay firmly placed across his chest as he stares at the other rider. "Can't I do something else for it?"

Deep blue hues shimmer with humor as they fix on the other rider, the rest of Erissa's expression melting into a mock serious cast of concentration. Fingers waggle again. "No."

The ribbon flutters tantalizingly in her hand, the wind only making the bright pink more desirable in the eyes of the little green that watches from afar. K’vvan forces his eyes to look away from the bright colour back up at Erissa. He examines the woman, then switches abruptly to that rather pensive look one gets when talking-a-dragon. When his green eyes clear the frown remains. “Fine. But we do it where no one else can see.” You know… just in case he does lose.

Recognizing that distant look that glazes green eyes, Erissa smirks a bit more. If his ribbon-loving dragon is being consulted then he’ll definitely go for it. Anticipation sparks along her nerves, lean muscle tensing for use. It wasn’t often she got the chance to royally kick some smart alec ass. This is going to be fun.

«Play fair.» The chiding comment brushes across her mind like a crisp ocean breeze.

«Of course!» Erissa sends back sharply, mental touch offended. A whippoorwill snort is the dragon’s only response to that.

When he finally agrees, albeit with conditions, she straightens and carefully rolls the ribbon before tucking it into the pocket of her jacket. Palms hitch on either side of slender hips as she tilts a concentrated look his way.

“Fine,” she echoes. Then a quick glance to either side. “Where would you suggest?”

Up from her meager shelter from the blowing sand a small green arises and trots closer, stepping around the blond woman to circle to K'vvan's back. K'vvan reaches out just briefly to reassure his lifemate before Jerking his head towards the lake and softer ground. "Common if you are going to insist on this stupid contest," he growls then stomps towards the slightly clearer area of the lake shore, the green trailing just a step behind casting curious glances toward the blond.

Erissa stands still as the green arrives, just watching the interaction between dragon and rider. She can’t help it. Something softens a fraction toward the grumpy male. Just a fraction. Full lips are pressed in a tight smile as he heads off, the bluerider standing straight as she follows. Watching his back as they walk she can’t help chuckling to herself. Oh yes. This was definitely going to be fun.


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

The heat combined with the blowing sand has made it competly sure that there will be no interuptions from dragonic or human kind for the show-down. Upon hitting the white sand Nadeeth bounds outwards into the water, covering herself for a long moment before coming up to rest her head upon the water, her wings tucked just under the surface. The murr she lets out is one of quiet satisfaction as she turns jewled eyes on the pair as they step upon the white sand of the shore. K'vvan scuffs at the sand, checking its depth. There's no need for accidential injuries after all. Turning akwardly he faces the woman. Only when Nadeeth sends out a quiet thought, « Do you know how? » does he realize the serious flaw in this particular wager. How does one wrestle…?

High above, a stocky form of ocean blue hues casts a brief shadow across the sky. Danorath lands as neat-as-you-please on the rocky pier that juts out into the lake, burnished gold talons gripping the rocks. White-crested wings furl to his sides, great faceted eyes turning toward the activity on shore.

Erissa stops when K’vvan does and glances around, a slight nod approving of his choice of location. Shifting her weight from one leg to the other she pulls her boots and socks off, setting them neatly aside. Next is the black jacket she always wears, folded and placed atop the boots. Getting serious here! What’s left is a close-fitting white cotton shirt, sleeveless and scooped in front, tucked into black trousers and wrapped by a thin belt around slim waist. Setting her feet she curls bare toes into the sand and lifts a crooked smirk to the greenrider.

“Ready to lose, Twitchy?”

"K'vvan." The green rider says abruptly as he digs his heels into the sand… and tries not to look at that way too revealing scooped neckline. "What is it with you stupid Istan riders and nicknames?" Perhaps she'll be able to tell, or perhaps not, as K'vvan buys his time. He shrugs off his own riding jacket, and tosses it over to the firmer dirt just above the sandy line.

Pale brows quirk at that, amusement limning pretty features. So he does have a name!

“K’vvan,” she repeats. Mental file logged. Got it. Blond head tilts in a nod of mock greeting, much delayed as it is. “Erissa.” As to his question she merely shrugs one slender shoulder. “If the boot fits…..”

"Whatever. So… how… do we do this thing?" K'vvan crosses his arms across his chest as he looks at blond hair, and NOT at her chest. "And can you just… put your coat back on?"

“How?” Erissa echoes, nose scrunching. This just keeps getting better and better! Straightening from the braced pose she had adopted she plants both fists on her hips, but at his request one arm flicks outward in a brief cutting gesture. “No.” Simply put. Then, “You win when you pin the other person in a position that they can’t get out of. For at least three seconds.” Gray shadowed blues glint with challenge as she levels a look at the greenrider. “You giving up?”

“No!” K’vvan snaps irritably, his feet shifting in the sand. The green out in the water lets out what can only be a dragon laughter, causing small waves to curl up onto the sand at K'vvan's discomfort. "Who counts out the three seconds?" DELAY FOR TIME.

“Good,” Erissa blurts. “Wouldn’t want you to be too scared of a female rider of a fighting dragon, after all.” Egging him on? Yah, that’s all part of her plan. “Whoever has the upper hand,” she replies to his question. Arms shift to cross her torso, giving her chest a healthy boost. Plan part two: distraction. “You done with the questions or just planning on talking me into a stupor so you can win by boring me to death?”

And… wow, boobs. K'vvan has to shove his gaze FIRMLY back to Erissa's face. Not immune to the boobs is this green rider, though they elicit just a blush that spreads across his face. "Who the f*k is scared?" He makes a vague stepping-forward movement, and reaches out to grab her shoulders, though it is a weak grab. Because he attempts to keep the physical contact at a minimum. FINGERTIP GRAB.

Yep, that’s right, flyboy. Boobs. Two of them right there on display so take a good long look. Posture perhaps a little curved to emphasize exactly that, Erissa uses whatever advantage she can since she assumes he’ll automatically have the upper hand being male and slightly bigger. The faintest mental hint of ocean breeze is sharply cut off before words can follow. Yah, yah. Play fair. She heard it the first time. But all is fair in love and war, right? The man yelled at her in the cellars the first time they met. This is war.

Her smirk crooks a little further to one side as he responds with the return of cursing. Good. He’s getting mad. Then he steps forward and she bends at the knees slightly, arms coming up to float in a loose defense in front of her. He makes a move and….

That’s his move?? She can’t help but bark a taunting laugh as she easily derails his grab with an upward jerk of one arm. Grabbing his forearm she spins and yanks it in front of her, intending to use his momentum to throw him past her, if it works.

Yep, it works. Erissa might even be surprised at how well it works as K'vvan floats right past her side to stumble and land on one knee in the sand. "Blasted," manages to flutter from his lips. As his butt hits the ground Nadeeth starts out of the water, a small hiss issuing forth. . » Fine, I'm fine. Stay in the water. DON'T call Kehemath! « Nadeeth hovers on the edge of the water, not quite obeying, but not disobeying either. Yet. Her attempts to pull him backwards again are foiled by his no-longer-on-feet situation. Turning, he attempts to get a grip on Erissa's arm and yank her down to the ground. Though, what he'll do once she is there? That is a mystery.

“HA!” Erissa blurts in a grunt of success. This was going to be easier than she thought! Heedless of the green danger hovering nearby she steps closer to press her advantage, only to have him grab her arm and yank her downward. Intentions of going in that direction anyway are somewhat curtailed as she falls sooner and faster than expected, giving her less time to strategically place various limbs. While the yanked arm goes astray her other hits the ground by his shoulder and braces, as well as one knee alongside his hip, but the other knee misses it’s goal of straddling him and lands squarely in his gut instead.

On the pier, Danorath stirs at the sound of a hiss, sapphire coated muzzle rising slightly.

«Be careful. His mate is edgy.» The warning slips into Erissa’s mind colored in stormy hues of concern. On the heels of that message another is sent to Nadeeth in more soothing hues, a deep sea zephyr crisp and clean. «Do not worry. They only play.»

Green ribbons tinged with black embroidery of unease stretch into the soothing hues to swirl undecidedly. « He does not play; she will be careful? » On the shore she shifts herself just slightly, head dipping lower as both humans are closer to the ground to keep a close eye on the action.

K’vvan sends up a brief thankful thought to the large Smith and weyrleader who had trained him, as Erissa’s knee drives into his gut doesn’t completely incapacitate the slight young man. When compared to their fists of solid stone Erissa’s is more of a love tap. K’vvan rolls into the knee, his “omph” muffled as he lands solidly on his butt in the white sand. He loses his grip on her wrist as he yanks backwards trying to awkwardly get out of the close touching proximity they’re now knotted up into.

Erissa sucks in a sharp breath as K’vvan curls to her knee, not having meant to do that. She might want to put a serious dent in the man’s ego but she didn’t want to hurt him physically. Pride bites her tongue though and keeps her from apologizing but she does hesitate long enough to nearly lose her advantage.

As he tries to scuttle away from her she re-adjusts her posture and clambers to stay atop of him, planting her knees where she’d first intended on either side of his hips. Now for the hard part. She assumes the odds aren’t in her favor when pitting upper body strength against his, so time to employ a distraction again.

Leaning forward she reaches for his arms, her intent to pin them under her legs as well, while generous curves strain the decency of that scooped neckline in the process. Tousled blond layers are bleached bright white when seen through the sunlight as she hovers over him, framing an expression that casts pretty features into pure impish mischief.

“Come on, Twitchy,” she chides, purposely using her nickname for him rather than the name he supplied. “I thought you wanted that ribbon?”

Danorath dips his head briefly even though Nadeeth isn’t looking his way. The calm of deep blue seas wades through his tone as he assures the smaller green, his reply all the more confidant for it’s brevity. «She will.»

K'vvan has to bite his tongue, Holding back smart retort to her taunting the green rider wiggles. After her generous bosom digs into his back he freezes just for a second, his breath coming faster for the pressure. The physical nearness of the woman doesn't allow him to freeze more than a long moment though. Rather the attempt to pry her clinging arms from his body he bends forward, faceplanting down into the sand to attempt to loosen her grip so he can wiggle away.

Nadeeth takes her gaze away from the combatants for just a second, to gaze at the blue upon the pier. Her ribbons are not smoothed over at all, continuing to whip with agitation « You will stop her? If too far she goes?»

If she can just get his arms down far enough to pin… damn! The man arcs into the sand and pushes her up instead. She doesn’t have sufficient weight to hold him down. Tightening her knees around his hips she tries to stay in place. Hoping for a disabling move she grabs one of his wrists and tries to lift it onto his back. Twisting it up toward the back of his head would surely stop him cold! The only problem is she has to use both her arms to try and wrangle one of his so that leaves the other one free.

“What’s the…matter?” she grunts not far behind his ear. “Vtol got your tongue, flyboy?”

On the pier, Danorath tips his wings out partially from his stocky frame in a show of confidence, near-black shadows edging finely wrought sails. Fathomless depths are cold as ice but solid, truth without doubt. «I will. She does not want to hurt him.»

Damnit, her legs are firmly wrapped around his own, too firmly for him to push her up and over his head. But, now he has a free hand. And leverage. Curling that freehand against his chest K’vvan allows her yanking on his freehand to provide the force enough to twist his body enough for her to, unless she manages to stop his twisting, be caught under him- between his back and the ground. There perhaps he can daze her enough to manage to yank away from her touch.

Nadeeth backs up just a step in the water, comforted by the cool words of the blue. Her ribbons continue to twist, but with a slight less frenzy.

Expecting him to fight the direction of her pull rather than turn into it, Erissa is thrown off balance and lands with a loud grunt as the air is knocked from her lungs. Pale lashes blink in quick succession, her view immediately filled by the breadth of K’vvan’s back. Wily little bastard pulled a fast one on her! Growling low in her throat she shoves him hard on one side, trying to wriggle and squirm out from beneath his weight. Sand grinds against bare shoulders and arms, slipping into pockets and creases that will surely come back to haunt her later.

“That all… ya got?” she stutters, smug as ever despite sounding considerably more strained .

Danorath keeps a tentative connection to the worried green, offering calm and assurance in steady ocean blue hues.

"F*k you," K'vvan mutters, annoyance clear in his breathless voice. With her releasing some of the pressure on his arm he takes a split second to pause, then yanks himself to one side, attempting to pull out of her grasp altogether and roll onto his knees and away from her. This touching is way more than he bargained for! The sand shifts under his sudden shift if weight, refusing to give him purchase to move as solidly as he wishes.

Only the solidness if the blue keeps the small green steady, and quiet. When he does not pull away, Nadeeth's ribbon ties itself firmly to the blueness, her agitation kept in check only just so. Her feet stamp in the water, and she pulls her wings closed.

Lips twitch at K’vvan’s response, tugging briefly at the tight set of concentration Erissa currently wears. There’s the Twitchy she knows! Breath that was shortened by pressure comes rushing back as he shifts to the side, quickly replaced by determination not to let him get away. Pulling herself up after him she takes advantage of his difficulties on the slippery sand and throws herself on his back with a motivating growl. Slender arms, lean with well-toned muscle, wrap around his neck and upper shoulders, pulling him along as she shoves off hard with her knees and rolls them both in a bear hug that will hopefully end to her advantage.

Mixing the blond’s shove with tricksy sand underfoot K’vvan’s attempt to get back to his feel fail utterly. Instead he makes it just to his knees, hands digging into the sand before him as her arm wraps around his neck. That sensation causes K’vvan to freeze, every muscle in his body ceasing to move as if a cold blast had created a statue just like the rider’s likeness. As her arms tighten he shudders just once, then returns to statute state.

This is too much for the little green, the sudden cessation of movement altogether from her rider. Yes, she can still hear him, but the darkness that is her usual tone for him has plunged into pitch black without a hint of colour within. Out of the water Nadeeth shoots, hissing loudly, her head turning to the blue with a command the little green has no right to be giving. « STOP HER. » Fear is lace down her ribbons now, the dark embroidery a dark black against the vivid green, as the darkness of K’vvan’s mindscape crawls slowly up to pull the gay green into a pit of black.

Erissa has no idea that there might be something deeper going on with K’vvan so takes his sudden stillness as him simply bearing down to resist her. Assuming he’ll try to peel her arms away she uses his raised position to sling one leg around his side and hitch across his stomach for extra leverage, pulling hard to the side for a hold that could possibly lock him in place unless he has the strength to simply overpower her.

«Erissa, LET HIM GO!» The words slam into the bluerider’s mind with the force of a typhoon, momentarily blinding her senses. «His green is angry and coming at you!» Losing control in that brief moment the young woman has no choice but to obey as tension to muscles and concentration are blown away and scattered by the fierce panic of blistering blue hues. Erissa’s arms drop and she slides to the side, landing on one hip with legs folded behind her.

Danorath launches from the pier the instant Nadeeth rises, her anger flinging ichor through his veins in a mad rush. Skimming the surface of the water he swoops up behind the green, over her head and comes down on the other side of where the pair of riders are sprawled. Lowering white-crested muzzle over Erissa he looks to Nadeeth, mental tone an urgent swell of salty, ocean-fed winds.

«See? He is fine. They have stopped.»

Nadeeth pulls up abruptly as the blue puts himself right in her path, the hiss durring into a quiet murr as he blocks her. The darkness begins to recede slightly as K’vvan’s own frozen panic is broken, but the darkness is still there threatening to move higher at the slightest inclination. There is intense sadness in her voice, the silk slipping through the blueness to plead, « I would not harm her! Move please. » Ever polite, even in her distress.

As Erissa’s weight drops away K’vvan’s panicked freeze stops, and he shudders slightly as if breaking out of a bad dream. “You win, keep the ribbon.” There is bitterness in his voice, the hint of self-loathing that had almost been banished heavy in his voice. He shoves himself to his feet and stumbles away from the woman, and towards Nadeeth only to stumble to a stop when he realizes that the blue is in the way of his stumbling walk. He rakes his hair out of his face, brushing sand away to stare up at the blue a bit dumbly.

Dano multi-tasks with precision, half of his attention pouring through to Erissa in a flood of soothing support while the other half remains fixed on Nadeeth in a steady and confidant coating of reassurance. When the green speaks he believes her and a low rumble rolls from his long, elegant throat as he steps aside.

Erissa shakes her head trying to clear the dull fog that clogs her mind. One hand rises to rake through tousled blond locks, pretty features scrunched in confusion. As Danorath’s support slowly penetrates she lashes back angrily.

«What the blazing shells was that, Dano??»

«You pushed him too far. His green reacted. She is ok now.»

«I pushed him too far??» Disbelief colors her words. «I didn’t even get a lock on him!»

«She is scared for him. Something is wrong.»

Deep blue eyes narrow as Erissa lifts her gaze to find K’vvan, his final words belatedly registering and colored anew in light of what Danorath shares. Unsure what to do or say she hesitates, then as it looks like the greenrider means to leave she calls out.


Nadeeth pushes past the blue as he steps away, snipping the connection between herself and him as easily as cutting the ribbons in her mind, leaving only faint apology for her rudeness behind. She twines herself around her lifemate as well as a dragon can, hiding him completely from the view of woman and dragon. There is a particular familiarity to the tableau they settle into, K’vvan with his head pressed against the side of his lifemate, pulling himself together bit by bit and ignoring the other woman who is calling out to him again. Water drips from the green’s wet hide, making it impossible to tell if K’vvan is crying or not, though the shaking of his shoulders suggests perhaps he is. Nadeeth’ ribbons twine tightly around in his mind, soothing with their softness, attempting to chase away the darkness, back to his core where it belongs. No words are shared between the pair as they stand in the sunlight.

Danorath moves closer to Erissa, dropping his muzzle to nudge against her shoulder. Absently Erissa raises a hand and sets it just behind one great eye, her attention fixed on the curled green. Confusion dominates the rider’s emotions, tinged with a touch of anger. What was wrong? Why did he hate her so much? Why did he agree to the deal in the first place? So many questions! None of which she can get answers to.

«You did nothing wrong.» Dano assures in a wide swathe of crisp blues.

Erissa hrumphs.

«We should leave them alone now.»

Erissa hesitates, eyeing Nadeeth’s frame as if considering whether she could scale it or not fast enough to get to the rider hidden on the other side. Nadeeth. His ribbon-loving green. Her mind flickers to the thing that started all this - the thing currently tucked into the pocket of her jacket. She’d meant to give it to him whether he won or not, his reason too sweet to deny; though if asked she’d only admit it wasn’t what she’d wanted anyway.

«Are they going to stay like that?»

«I do not know.»

«Can you ask?»

«She shut me out, with apologies. I do not think I should disturb her now.»

Erissa hrumphs again, dropping both palms to her hips. Fine. She’d track him down later then.

«Let’s go.»

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