==== January 2, 2014
==== Aaron, Krissi, Mailli
==== Aaron takes Krissi shopping as promised and they have a nice chat with Mailli.

Who Aaron, Krissi, Mailli
What Aaron takes Krissi shopping as promised and they have a nice chat with Mailli.
When It is the sixth day of Spring and 77 degrees.
Where Southern Weyr

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Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

The breeze coming in off the beach wafts up the Boardwalk and adds a cooling touch to the otherwise warm day. It should continue to cool down at least slightly as sunset approaches. An after supper shopping trip is just what Krissi needs to help her relax a little bit. She’s been running full tilt since her arrival with very few breaks. “This is beautiful,” she murmurs. Her eyes dart everywhere as she takes it all in. Same as on the walk down here. She’s never ventured this far from the Weyr.

Aaron chuckles a little beside his newest Journeyman, looking out on familiar surroundings and remembering the first time he had come out this way. "Aye, isn't it though? Nothing like the Bazaar up at Igen. Not quite as good a selection, I think, but a lot fewer stabbings." Because stabbings aren't fun, usually. "I think the weavers are… yeah, they're right down there," he says, gesturing. "Take your time if you see something you want, though."

Krissi notices that the crowds seem to part and flow around the huge Smith. So she sticks close by his side as they move through the throng. “Lemos has a small selection of shops. But nothing at all like this.” She looks up at him in surprise when he mentions people being stabbed in Igen. “Well I’m glad I put in for transfer /here/ and not there! Goodness.” She’s a fair hand at fighting, but it isn’t something she really likes to do. “Where?” She follows his gesture and nods her head. “Okay thanks.” It takes her a moment to find a spot at the booth, but once she does she appears to be in heaven. Chatting happily with the vendor.

Strolling along the shops and stalls is one overly tall red head. Mailli pauses at one of the stalls to take a closer look at whatever it is that's caught her attention.

Much like a large rock in a river, Aaron positions himself upstream of Krissi, smiling at the vendor and just letting her and Krissi chat. He fades into the background, as much as he can anyhow, and just lets the conversations flow around him, not speaking unless he's needed, or hears the vendor offering a price that's just a bit on the high side… And then, there's a Mailli! "Mailli!" the big man calls, voice pitched to be easily heard.

Krissi manages to decide on a canvas bag that will hold her purchases this trip. On top of that is piled a full set of sheets for her bed, and surprise surprise a couple articles of clothes. She’d been positive they wouldn’t have a thing at all that would fit her. But it seems they do in fact have a couple things that look like they’ll do. Currently she is holding a pair of shorts up to her hips to gauge possible fit. That is until she hears Aaron bellow behind her. That has her turning to see whom he’s hollering at while the shorts dangle from one hand.

Mailli blinks as she looks around, then smiles and waves, "Aaron!" because it's been a while since she saw her friend. The shorts in Krissi's hands are glanced at then the Journeywoman is glanced at, "Those would be really cute on you," ever helpful, "Name's Mailli," is added when she comes to a complete stop at the stall. Not having occasion to visit this particular vendor, Mailli glances at the offerings, "Hmm, nope. Figures. Lots of really nice things, and none of it that will fit me."

Aaron chuckles as Mailli comes up, wrapping an arm around her in a casual greeting hug. "Long time no see. How's the pod?" Because see, he knows Mailli, and he know that asking after her will result in her answering about the pod anyways. "Eh, you oughta ask 'em to make you something then, if nothing here will fit." The vendor nods enthusiastically at this idea, trying not to look too eager to part the red headed woman with her marks. "Those do look nice on you though, Krissi. You oughta go try them on." Turning back to the vendor, he grins. "Changing stall's still around back, right?"

Krissi tosses the shorts atop the stack she’s so quickly accumulated and eyes the whole lot for a second. Unsure she /really/ needs all that. But Mailli distracts her by offering introductions. So she turns and grins at the woman. “Well met Mailli. I’m Krissi.” She blinks when the other woman claims that nothing in the booth will fit her. “If they have stuff to fit my big ass I’d be amazed if they didn’t have something that would fit you too.” Granted Mailli’s tall, but skinny seems to be the ‘thing’ around here from what Kris has seen. She looks up when Aaron suggests she try on the shorts. “You can do that?” She looks at the vendor and soon discovers that she can. “Oh,” she nabs her sheets and walks over to deposit them in Aaron’s arms. “Don’t let anyone leave with these. They’re awesome!” With that she scoops up the clothes and follows the vendor.

Mailli chuckles, "The pod's good. We have two new calves," which for Mailli is better than talking weather, "Theresa said she made sure the pod knew to guide the ship the harpsichord was on through the trickier portions of the passage to this sea, but the captain didn't seem inclined to listen," there's a light scowl at that. Krissi's words get another chuckle, "Well met Krissi. I'm afraid there's a lot of weavers that are distressed at having to make clothes for a woman of my height. I usually just buy a few bolts of material and make my own clothes," she's learned to be a good seamstress as a result, "Speaking of, that's a lovely shade of blue. I could get a few nice tunics out of it," a chuckle is given as Krissi goes to try on the shorts, "Weaver's would rather sew for curvy than tall," she calls out as the other woman makes her way to the changing stall.

Aaron laughs and holds the sheets that are passed to him, big hands engulfing the folded fabric quite easily. "I guess I'll hold these then." As Mailli relates the news from the pod, he grins, and then scowls right along with her. "Master Alesa looked a bit worse for the wear when I saw her, too. I gather it was a fairly rough crossing." Talk of clothes washes over the giant of a man, who has always had to get his clothes tailor made.

Krissi hears Mailli clearly through the fabric sides of the changing stall. “I didn’t have a choice up in Lemos but to sew my own clothes,” her voice carries easily through the crowd. She peeks out the curtained booth, to the back and side of the weaver booth, with the new shorts on. “It was a lot easier than trusting the weavers up there not to mess up my clothes on purpose.” She’d set off more than a few tempers by sticking with her chosen Craft in a Hall where women bear babies and clean things. She pauses to grin at Aaron, “Well I don’t want that other woman to come back for them. I have no bed sheets at all. And those will complement the woodwork nicely.” With that the curtain snaps shut again while Kris tries on the rest of her items.

A shrug is given, for Mailli the conditions on a ship in motion don't affect her much, "I guess so, if you're not used to them. Though that last bit was pretty tricky," a laugh is given, and she shakes her head, "I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this whole 'women are only good for making babies' attitude," which is nothing short of the truth. Aaron is eyed, "Yeah, but men in this time apparently are meant to be tall, or large or muscular," all things that are frowned on for a woman. The light scowl from the weaver when she picks up a tunic only serves to drive this point through.

Aaron holds up a hand, grinning. "Wouldn't dream of it, Krissi," he says with a little smile. Hey, he /volunteered/ for this, knowing the vendors would smell blood in the water when Krissi came down here. Turning to Mailli, he shrugs. "It seems that Lemos is even less… pleasant towards female crafters then Igen was." At Mailli's words, though, he just laughs. "So I just hit the trifecta, is that what you're saying?" Tall, large, and muscular, right here. "Eh, we can't help the way we're made. I rather like that you can go toe to toe with me in a ring, Mailli."

Krissi isn’t overly tall but she fits the muscular and curvy bill. Which is most certainly NOT the preferred body type for women from her time. You wrap that up in a bow with a Journeyman knot for woodworking and you’ve got a recipe for disaster in some Halls. They weren’t able to even try to pass her off for a boy. She has effectively disappeared from the conversation for the moment while she tries on clothes.

Mailli laughs at that, "Indeed you did my friend. Indeed you did," she grins at that, "It's fun knowing I don't have to hold back," because she knows how to fight yo, "And you're right, we can't help how we're made. I think there are some that just need to get over themselves, and move along," get with the program. Mailli looks out over the crowds, and the shops, "Did you ever get that box open?"

Aaron chuckles, scanning the crowd nodding to familiar faces as he waits on Krissi. "Aye, we did. Sadly, nothing much was left in it, just a rusted lump. Whatever it was, was made from raw iron." And let's face it, raw iron doesn't hold up to seawater very well. "I preserved the box, though, and sent it up to Telgar. I'm sure some poor apprentice is searching the Records even now to find out when and where it was made." Because that's the kind of thing the Smithcrafthall uses for punishment.

Mailli sighs and then chuckles, "Sounds a lot like what used to be done in my own craft," research, it's the bane of apprentices everywhere, "I'm sorry that there wasn't anything of use in it," she had been hoping that there'd be something after all. If for no other reason than because she's insatiably curious about things. She could have been a harper, if the sea weren't so deep in her blood.

Aaron laughs a little, nodding. "Oh, I did my fair share of digging through the records too. Now I spend most of my time writing them." How's that for cruel fate? "Oh, don't be sorry. I rather like all these presents you bring me. That goblet turned out wonderfully, didn't it?" Aaron would've made a terrible Harper, though a half-decent seacrafter. He's quite happy with his current station in life, though.

Krissi finally emerges from the little changing booth with two stacks. The larger one is passed back to the vendor with a shake of her head and the smaller one finds its way onto the bag she’d chosen earlier. “I’ll just take these and the sheets he’s got,” she hooks a thumb over her shoulder at Aaron. Purchase made she shoves the clothes in the bottom of the bag and walks over to Aaron to hold it open to him. “Just stuff ‘em in here Boss and thanks.” She blanches a little at the black and white polka dot material visible on top of the clothes. She’d thought she had that hidden better. Ahh well.

Mailli chuckles and gives a shake of her head, holds up two fingers and then points at the bolt of blue. One finger is held up, and pointed at the bolt of unbleached linen, "I know those aren't full bolts, can tell by looking at them," the weaver sighs and shakes his head, "Oh well. I'll just have to wait until they have what I want," mental and physical shrug given.

Aaron makes it a point not to look in the bag, just stuffing the sheets on top of whatever polka dotness there may or may not be in the bag. "No problem, Krissi. You need anything else? I think I'm going to go and pay a visit to the vinters." Because a bottle of wine is always useful, right? Mailli, they'll have something eventually, I'm sure…"

Krissi feels a little guilty for spending anything at all on something for herself. And her expression reveals the guilt she feels clearly. But she hooks the bag over her arm, careful that it doesn’t bump into her damaged knee. “No I think I have everything I need right this moment,” she tells him with a smile. “Thanks for bringing me down here. It’s been a lot of fun.” Even if she did bump her leg twice trying on shorts. She doesn’t give away that the leg throbs.

Mailli nods at Aaron's assertion, "Oh I know. It's just going to mean I have to wait or arrange a ride up to visit The Night Flight," because she knows Gritta doesn't have a problem with fitting her unique build.

Aaron chuckles and nods. "Not a problem, Krissi. Lemme just stop on over there, and we can head back, then." Someone still has paperwork to do, afterall. "Oh, Gritta. Tell her I said hi. I haven't seen her since… Ravene's little shindig." Walking over to the Vinter, Aaron grins, gives his name, and is rewarded with a bag holding a couple of bottles, which he exchanges a coin for. "Mailli, it's been a pleasure as always, but I have to get back to the Smithy. Reports to fill out and all, you know."

Krissi has never heard of this ‘Night Flight’ place but it sounds interesting. So she tucks that bit away to ask about later. Right now her leg is aching like mad and she still has to get through this trip and then all the way back to her office. Whether she’ll make it up the stairs to her bedroom is yet to be seen. “No problem,” she assures Aaron when he bids her to wait. And wait she does until he returns with a tinkling bag of bottles. She smiles then at Mailli. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you. Hopefully I’ll see you around.” She turns with a little wave and follows the boss man back toward the Weyr. Tossing her bag over her shoulder and letting it dangle down her back from her fingertips.

Mailli nods at Aaron, "Yep. I'm well familiar with paperwork," and she's making her way out towards the beach. Work, paperwork, and maps. What a combination?

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