==== December 18th, 2013
==== Kyara, A'lory
==== (Back-log) A'lory comes to check in on the injured a few mornings after the incident at the oasis.

Who Kyara, A'lory
What (Back-log) A'lory comes to check in on the injured a few mornings after the incident at the oasis.
When Morning. There are 6 months and 5 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Dragonhealer Yard, Igen Weyr


Dragonhealer Yard
Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

It's early; Rukbat's rays have only just touched the meticulously swept stones of the dragonhealer yard, but it's already quite warm. Two green dragons are present here: Kehemath, sleeping just as her injured rider is, and Liareth, who is patiently waiting in a new patch of sunlight for her own lifemate. Kyara presently wanders slowly from the infirmary, her movements still rather uncomfortable despite the new applications of numbweed she just received. Two days after everything at the oasis, her own injuries have come into full evidence - bruised ribs, scraped up knees and elbows, and most prominently, the colorful bruise across her right cheek. At least it can only get better from here. The greenrider walks over to her lifemate and just leans against Liareth for a good moment, shutting her eyes and letting the light warm her skin after the cool air of the infirmary. She's not free from drills. She just gets to wait until the latter half of them comes along.

The heat is stirred by one arrival, wings glinting in the sun: Eisheth, and with him, A'lory. Once landed, the pair stands, taking in the scene quietly before they settle on Liareth and Kyara — just the pair! And so they stroll on over, after their usual fashion. "So, what's the tally, Kyara?" His tone is light, though his expression suggests concern for both dragons and riders now infirm. Meanwhile, Eisheth cocks his head, eyeing Liareth as though he might be measuring the green for injury.

The slight rumble beneath smooth hide preceding Liareth's light alto bugle of greeting to Eisheth is what compels Kyara to shift, shielding amber eyes against the morning's glare as she watches the Weyrsecond pair descend. The greenrider, while in a considerably more settled state than she was the other night, is still a little ruffled where the bronzerider is concerned. Still, she keeps an easy air, which is aided by A'lory's current tone as she salutes. "Three riders, all a little worse for wear, sir," she answers. "Sienna's sleeping and recovering well. I haven't seen K'ane yet, but I heard the Healers mention something about him taking a rest day. I just look worse than a feel - sore, but I'll be back to drills in a few ‘marks." She glances up to look at Eisheth's survey of her lifemate; Liareth is extending her nose up to the bronze with a light snort, likely assuring him that she's fine. "Liareth caught a few scratches from crashing through the trees, but no ichor drawn. The dragonhealers say she's all in order."

A'lory grants the young woman a wry smile for her effort at calm. "You can stop 'sir'ing me anytime, now," he begins, leaning casually against Eisheth's hide as the larger dragon reaches out his nose to touch the green's briefly — approval and friendship offered gently. "Already saw the official report. I just wanted to be sure you're all all right." And here his head inclines, tacit admittance of previous moods. "Little as it might have seemed, I was worried. Getting you all the hell out of there… " He shrugs. "I've never been known for gentleness in stressful times."

With a sigh, Kyara relaxes - as much as her soreness allows - and rubs at her neck a bit, nodding. "I only 'sirred' you once," she says, allowing a smirk. "And I appreciate that. I am fine, especially compared to, you know," she gestures toward the infirmary, "Sienna. I'm just…more angry than anything else. That someone dared to attack us. That people I care about got hurt. But I'm grateful that W'rin is letting me do something about it by assigning me to investigate." She gives a slight inclination of her own head at A'lory's admission, smiling. "I understand. I wouldn't have expected gentleness, exactly, coming into that situation. I was just a bit thrown that you didn't seem to notice what I was doing in the moment, and I did try to clear off as soon as the Healer took over." She shrugs a bit. "If I didn't move as quickly as I could have after that, I chalk it up to emotion, and I apologize."

"So they all say," A'lory teases gently, relieved to see that they are all — relatively — well. None have died from that day's ill work. "They dared — and we shall dare more." There's a hint of anger sparkling, there in his eyes. "It used to happen in the old time on occasion, as well. Not all hold riders in even a modicum of esteem. Perhaps a good reminder for us — to not take as a given that we are untouchable." And then he smiles crookedly at Kyara. "I — did rather miss that bit, yes. As you said, high emotion. For my own loss of wits, I apologize."

Kyara chuckles; she is being a bit on the stubborn side and should probably have taken the day before off…but would have gotten too bored and ended up finding something just as physical to do instead. She catches that anger in A'lory's gaze, picking it up in her own, but she nods in response to his last. "Thank you, s-" There she goes again! Catching herself, she tries again, smirking. "A'lory." She moves close to Lia now, checking over those few scratches once again for good measure. "Who was most responsible for it, in our time? With the Pass coming - hello, Eisheth!" as she moves past the bronze, "- most of the traders seem civil enough with us. These ones didn't, obviously. At least, the man with the knife said he was a trader. I suspect renegades in their ranks, not all proper traders. The one who got me said he'd been hired. But…" Finished with her inspection, she turns back to the Weyrsecond. "No way to know for sure until we've talked to them."

Eisheth chuffs amiably at Kyara, moving his giant head out of her way like a good boy. A'lory slants him an amused look before returning his attention to Kyara. "Renegades, disaffected holders… a grievance and stupidity is all it takes.". Sighing, the lanky man runs a hand across the back of his neck, lifting his thick curls off hot skin and hoping for a breeze. "Some folk just… they hate us. Consider us parasites. Much of my family did." He shrugs off the ill memories. "Huh. He's probably lying, hoping to misdirect you. You'll get to the truth one way or another."

The greenrider grins up at Eisheth; so far, the bronzes here seem to like her pretty well, for whatever reason. And not just because Liareth is beautiful, it would appear! Interesting. Resting a hand on her lifemate's shoulder, Kyara nods at A'lory's last, the grin fading into a thoughtful line. "One way or another," she echoes. "Hopefully… Hopefully it won't come to anything rough to get the truth, but I won't be surprised if it does. I'm sure K'ane won't mind helping on that count." So long as she can eventually track the man down and ask him. "Hopefully, the amount of hate will diminish once the Pass is on us." That his family hated riders earns a slight look of consternation; how many times is she going to hear that a rider's own kin would resent them? It's just one of those things that's going to bewilder her every time it reaches her ears, apparently. She gives a small shake of her head, sympathetic, and then lets it rest. "Well," she says presently, stretching until her neck pops, "I'd better go do as the Healers say and take it easy until late morning drills. Thank you for checking on me, A'lory."

A'lory nods slowly. "It usually does." Eisheth slowly lids one eye in a fair approximation of a wink and earns himself a clout on the shoulder for his trouble. "Stop that, clown." Eisheth turns, all innocence, to his rider as A'lory prepares to mount. The man offers her a grin. "Good riddance to my family I say. The sensible ones left the fold and bred up a great grand niece for me, so there's hope." And then he's mounted, and sending Eisheth up with a suggestion thrown over his shoulder: "Get some massages. They help!" And then the pair is gone.

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