==== September 9th, 2013
==== Mayte, Sienna, Zannen
==== Mayte and Sienna are juice buddies over dinner - before another apprentice sort of plunks himself in the midst.

Who Mayte, Sienna, Zannen
What Mayte and Sienna are juice buddies over dinner - before another apprentice sort of plunks himself in the midst.
When There is 1 Turn, 3 month's and 12 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Living Cavern, Igen Weyr


Living Cavern
Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

It's turning into a depressingly quiet night for Mayte, sitting silently at a table with a book and a small glass of grape juice. Totally just grape juice that has never seen the bad side of fermentation. Hahaha. She's not really reading the open book before her, but more people watching in disguise. There's a plate of half-touched food in front of her, but the glass looks a bit emptier.

Sienna waddles past Mayte with a plate in hand, heading for a table over there…but when she sees the juice - the JUICE?! - the Weyrlingmaster pauses. "Are you pregnant?" Yeah, that's her greeting, because…JUICE. And she has juice too. Juice buddies!

A late dinner is better than never, and dinner in Igen Weyr's Living Cavern is better than nothing. That's what Zannen keeps telling himself as he saunters his sailor self inside, searching for a meal. Work kept him too late to get to his favorite shop in time, so here's where he settles for. Food is haphazardly plunked onto his plate, a cup of juice grabbed, and he spots a table near to where two women are sitting - one of the only truly empty ones, though it is close by them. He almost forgets his manners, slight grouch that he is, and just remembers to bow as he passes by. "Evenin,' apprentice, ri- oh." Hah! Caught the knot. "Uh, Weyrlingmaster." And he sits down, off to the side, out of their range. Of course, the just-overhead question of pregnancy makes him think he might want to move…

Wine buddies, drinking buddies, other buddies Mayte isn't supposed to know about, she's heard of, but juice buddies? She coughs loudly, staring at Sienna, "Uh. No. No, not at all." She's never been in any position that could lead to pregnancy. Possibly to dismay. She eyes the kerplunking Zannen and nods. "Apprentice," she replies wryly. "Do have a seat," she greets to both, but indicates Sienna to the OTHER open chair, "Please!"

Sienna sits down carefully, eyeing Mayte for a moment. "Well good. It sucks." Hi, hormones. Rubbing her belly, Sienna eyes her plate of a generous mix of salty and sweet, and then begins to eat. "Hello," she says, eying Zannen for a long moment.

Well…yeah, he did just have seat. But Zannen balks a little when the Vintner tells him to do so, and scoots over, turning a little red under the Weyrlingmaster's scrutiny. "I didn' mean t' be rude;" he apologizes, un-grumpifying a little. "Just caught me off guard, is all. I haven' been up here much." He clears his throat, straightens his tunic a little bit. "I'm Zannen," he greets the two women. "Or Zan. Whichever you like." Then he makes a face as if the glowbasket just got flipped open upstairs, giving a smirk that might look a little familiar, if one looks close enough. "If you're the Weyrlingmaster…" he questions slowly, "then y' must know my sister. Kyara, yeah?" Common ground? Anyone? He's a little out of his element, here.

Mayte wasn't talking to you, you horrible little balking apprentice, or as Mayte gives him the eye, squirt. She does grin a little at Sienna. "So, how much longer do you have? And…what are you eating there?" The contents of Sienna's plate are eyed. "Together? Really?" Shaking her head, she looks closely at Zannen. "Oh! Yeah, I know Kyara. She's a very nice young lady," since Mayte is totally not.

Sienna blinks in surprise, and then she grins. "That's why you look familiar!" she says, extending a hand. "Yeah, I know Kyara. She was my mentee. I adore her. Well met, Zannen. I'm Weyrlingmaster Sienna, green Kehemath's. Are you proud of your sister?" Then she glances at Mayte and coughs a bit. "Um. It's…well. Pickled vegetables with a fruit pastry." DON'T JUDGE ME. "About two months if you believe the healers. One month if you believe the women in the bazaar." Sienna…doesn't know who to believe.

Zannen? He's not too great at the whole knowing who's talking to who when he's in earshot thing. But he's there now, anyway, and picks up on the eye Mayte gives him, sort-of-kind-of giving an assessing one of his own back. She doesn't look much older than him, and he maaaybe purses his lips a little at that observation, smiling thinly a little afterward. He takes Sienna's offered hand and gives it a good, hearty shake. "Well met, Weyrlingmaster Sienna. Kyara's told me lots about you. Hope she doesn't give ye too much trouble out there; she'll do that," he says, shaking his head dramatically as blue-green eyes dance. "Yeah. A little," to the question of if he's proud. Except it's not just a little. Betcha can't get him to say that, though. When the Vinter asks about what's on Sienna’s plate, he blinks at the food she has. "Nothin' wrong with that. I eat like that all the time." Teenage boy, after all.

No one in their right mind would judge the Weyrlingmaster. Even fewer, the sweet and slightly taste-bud-impaired Sienna, especially not Mayte, who just takes a lonnnng sip of juice. "Guh." The book is folded away as she listens to Zannen expounding, and then she finishes with, "Well, I hope it's…" um, "in its own time." That sounds fair and stuff. A little hmph at the other apprentice, but since he's Kyara's brother and all, she puts out her hand for a hearty shake. "Mayte. Vintner Senior Apprentice." She doesn't miss the little doohickey on his knot either, but lets Zannen introduce himself for his craft.

Sienna chuckles, shaking her head. "No trouble at all. And even if she did, I could handle it." There's a little smirk there - sweet or not, she knows her business when it comes to teaching weyrlings. "You should be a lot proud of her. Greenrider and wingleader? That's hardly an everyday thing. So what brings you here, Zannen?" Glancing at Mayte, Sienna just shrugs apologetically and shifts her plate away a bit. "In its own time. Nothing else to do about it…" Her belly is massive and she's pretty much convinced she's going to die, but. Y'know. It's all good.

Aw, hey! A handshake from the Vintner, then; she won't be so bad. So he hopes; he notes the hmph. Still, he gives a rather goofily big grin, trying to be charming, and gives his name one more time - the short form - as he elaborates a little more on his knot. "Zan, Seacraft Senior Apprentice." Then he makes a little half-bow over Mayte's hand, which looks kind of silly while sitting. "Well met, then, Mayte." He blinks a little at Sienna, eyebrows popping up just a bit. "Well…y-yeah. Of course I am. A lot. She's m' sister." Apparently the Weyrlingmaster can make him say that. As to what he's doing here, he gives a snort. "Got m' knot stripped after comin' forward, so I came to the Weyr to watch Kyara Impress. Stayed on," stowed away, " got m' knot back…but I like helpin' out at Igen River Hold." He doesn't elaborate further as to why he wants to stay instead of getting back out on a ship. As to the pregnancy thing, he just keeps his mouth firmly shut. Probably wise. Not like he'd know anything insightful to say.

Mayte shrugs gently, "Well. I hope it's soon. You must be going crazy with wanting to fly." And that's about the worst thing Mayte can imagine, next to the not drinking wine for nine months. Turning to Zannen, she gives him a slightly broader grin. "Well met, Zan." Since that's the name she received. The dark hair of the apprentice shakes a little with her chortle. "I didn't see that, myself. Was it as dramatic as I keep hearing?" What's one more confirmation about that?

Sienna smiles, pleased at Zan's response. "Oh yeah? Well…whatever floats your boat?" She made a joke. And she giggles about it as she eats her food. "Mmm. I am," she confirms with a side-look to Mayte. "Going crazy about a lot of things. I'm…ready to be done." Yup. Sooo ready. "Didn't see what?" she asks, glancing between the two crafter apprentices curiously.

Yep. Zan. He's totally fine with that. Especially from a girl round about his age. Zannen just beams his goofy grin at Mayte and pops a hunk of fruit in his mouth before cocking his head sideways in question. "Y'mean the Hatching?" he asks, not sure what else she could mean. "Yeah, it was pretty…crazy, right, ma'am?" He looks to Sienna for confirmation. "Fast, too; got hard to keep track of all the babies breakin' shell. Almost missed Kya gettin' hers in all that, 'specially with so many greens rollin' all over." He smirks largely; he loved all that excitement. Then he looks a little surprised at Sienna. "You…y'can't ride your dragon when you're…?" He gestures vaguely toward Sienna's stomach, then turns red, scrubbing at the short, shaggy mop on his head. There he goes, speaking without thinking again. Of course it'd be hard to fly like that! "Erm…sorry; I didn't mean ta…" Throat is cleared. "I…hope y'get to fly again soon, ma'am. Couldn't imagine not bein' able t'do what ye love for that long."

Mayte nods enthusiastically in agreement with Zan, "Yeah, the Hatching." She huhs. "It must seem pretty scary if you're actually out on the Sands themselves." Sure, there are tales of how amazing it is but no one likes to remember the less-awesome parts. "Maybe next time. When the new Weyrwoman," and that's said more cautiously, "And her queen take to the sands."

Sienna nods. "They're always like that," she agrees, finishing her food and chuckling softly. "No need to apologize, Zan, how would you know? But yes, it gets dangerous to fly. One big jerk…." Bye bye baby? But. Happy thoughts. "After the baby is born I'll get to fly again." If she's not DEAD. The Weyrlingmaster grips her Skybroom cane and pushes herself to her feet. "Could one of you take care of that for me?" she asks, nodding to her empty plate. "I need to get back to work." And walking is hard. "Maybe next time, Mayte. Hopefully! Kehemath and I will come get you if you're not in the weyr, okay?"

"Guess it probably is," Zannen says thoughtfully of Mayte's assessment of scary, rubbing his chin a little. "Seems so far away when you're sittin' in the stands, but down there…" He shifts a little with a sheepish smile when Sienna says he doesn't need to apologize, then his eyes widen when she elaborates on the danger of flying in such a state. But then Sienna's up, and needing someone to take care of her plate, and he has GOT THIS. His dad taught him well, for all he was a sailor. "I will, ma'am," he says. "Need a hand gettin' anywhere?" Otherwise, he'll just put the plate where it needs to be, and see if he can't chat up the Vinter girl a little more.

Mayte shrugs a little, "Well, I guess I'll get to see." A slight shrug and she nods then to Sienna, "Thanks, Sienna! Have a great night then!" Oooh, exciting!

Plate taken off to where it needs to be, Zannen saunters back over to the table where Mayte sits, sketching a salute to Sienna as she moves off, and plops back down near the Vintner. "So, m'sister says you've got a shop in the Bazaar," he states, lopsided smile in play once again. "Corks n' Works, yeah? 'S it doing well?" Small talk time! Though he may have an ulterior motive for finding out a little about it. Something to save away for the future.

Mayte nods cautiously, wrapping her fist around the red, very-not-alcoholic beverage she's now imbibing slowly. "Yeah, it's pretty popular." Number One among rich drunks and not so rich drunks. And everyone else. "We've only really just started shop, but even you've heard about us. Soon all of Pern will!" And then Mayte will rule ALL the alcohols, or… something. "Have you been by? It's just off the sidestreet. Just… be careful down there." For one awkward, weirdo Senior Journeymen.

Zan isn't too awkward - bodily. He's a hard-workin' sailor, and it shows - something he's confident in as he set his shoulders, juts his chin a little and grins again. That's where he's awkward - and completely oblivious to it. "Oh, I think I can handle m'self," Zannen asserts, "but thanks for the concern, m'lady." Wink! Goofball. He shakes his head at the question of whether or not he's visited, and he sobers some. "Ah, no. Not yet. But I've a mind to find a good bottle of somethin' for a gift, so I'll need to sometime." Then he shifts around a little uncomfortably, glancing at the table. "Can't really drink, m'self. 'Less I take a certain bunch of herbs beforehand, when I want to. 'M allergic to alcohol." That's right - the sailor is allergic to booze. The horror. "Kya got the tolerance for it, an' she doesn't even use it right," he scoffs, smirking waggishly.

Mayte grins a little, recognizing the boastful pose of someone who can strut…stuff. "Uh-huh!" No sarcasm whatsoever! "Well enough, then, do visit us. We've got things at all sorts of prices." Enough for a Vintner to afford. Sipping the last of her wine, Mayte eyes the Sailor incredulously. "Doesn't that, like, fail you out right there and then?" She's teasing, of course, "Or, are you the guy they leave in charge of driving the boat home safely?" Or however it goes in seafaring.

Zannen laughs at the teasing, giving a rather large shrug with hands pushed palm-upwards. "Someone had t'make sure we stayed on course while the big guys got their fun in. Guess that was good enough to keep me in the craft. That, or I can swim like I was born in the water. Maybe both. Dunno." Goofy grin, again. He sticks the last of his food in his face, downs the last of his juice and then, with a satisfied sigh, pushes to his feet. "Alright then, Senior Apprentice Mayte, I'd best be off. Was good talkin' to ye. Perhaps I'll see y'round. Definitely at that shop of yours sometime." Zannen gives Mayte a bow and ticks two fingers off his forehead in a little salute, then jaunts off to get rid of his dishes and get back to work. Whatever that might be.

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