==== December 27, 2013
==== Jhael, Zalara, Mayte
==== Pern's poorest are in need of some mindhealers.

Who Jhael, Zalara, Mayte
What Pern's porrest are in need of some mindhealers.
When There are 0 turns, 4 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Bazaar Sidestreet



Bazaar Sidestreet
No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.
It is the seventy-eighth day of Summer and 93 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

Zalara is cutting through the side street on her way back to the forge. She's moving quickly, but nimbly jumping over holes and piles of junk on her way towards the central bazaar.

Jhael sits on the roof of the wine shop, watching those who dart by below. Each movement makes the teen frown, his squished anger deep within burning brightly. When his eyes zero in on the smith apprentice girl, looking way too happy as she avoids the filth of his home, something snaps inside of him. Reaching backwards Jhael grabs up a handful of small stones and chucks them at her, his anger making his aim terrible.

Zalara feels the stones hit her and she skids to a stop. She looks around shielding her eyes as she looks around, "Who's up there throwing stuff. You know it's not very nice."

Jhael scoots up to the edge of the building and feels around for another handfull of stones. With Zalara not running he actually aims this time, throwing the rocks as hard as he can at the girl. "I hate you people."

Zalara tries to dodge the rocks although she still gets hit with a couple of them, "Ouch stop that hurts! I didn't do anything to you! Leave me alone."

Jhael pelts for as long as his handful lasts. When his amunition is gone the teenager looks for more amunition. "You exist. You f*king weyr folk. You and the stupid bazaar folk. You live in your stupid caves while the rest of us get to be thread bait." His hand closes on some even smaller stones then before and turns to throw them at the girl.

Zalara dodges and ducks away from the stones, "Leave me alone! I help fix the flamethrows and I go on the ground crew to burn any of the thread that the dragonriders miss." She starts to run away from Jhael as she look around for something to throw back at him.

"I don't care. You guys get to be safe while my family dies." If only Willi and Ephraim could hear him now… Jhael yells one last time before he's scrambling to his feet his ammunition gone. "If your riders hadn't been so slow to realize what was happening so many people wouldn't have died."

Zalara looks at up at Jhael, 'I'm sorry your family died. I know all the riders wish they had been quicker. Riders and dragons died too Jhael. I wish I could do more, but I'm just an apprentice smith I did what I could."

"I don't care." Jhael stands atop the roof of Corks and Works, yelling downwards at the smith apprentice. He looks around for more ammunition to throw at the girl, finding some a few steps away. Lightly he moves there and scoops it up, preparing to throw it at the girl. "The bazaar folk want us to build their stupid shelters and kick everyone else out. They'd be happy if we all died." There is deep bitterness in his voice, and he's choaking back tears.

Mayte appears in the open doorway of Corks and Works, sucking on something on a stick. The hand not wrapped around the stick of her sucker is tucked deep into her jacket, though she stretches her neck out to look upwards, asking in mild tones, "What's happening?" You know, in case the situation isn't what it seems to be. Since looking up at Jhael is giving her a crick in her neck, Mayte looks over at Zalara.

Zalara wrinkles her nose as she picks up a handful of gross garbage and she flings it at Jhael, "I don't have any control over that. If I could I'd let everyone stay somewhere safe and no one would die. I didn't do anything! Stop throwing stones at me!" She pauses as she hears Mayte and she points at Jhael, "He started throwing stones at me!"

Jhael scoops up a few more stones in his hand and rubs a quick hand across his eyes, trying to keep any wetness from seeping out as he dodges the trash. "I hate you too." Jhael snarls at the vintner apprentice. This time he throws the stones at Mayte, all at once. With that last shouted sentence Jhael is scrambling off, jumping for the roof of the Harper.

What we seem to have here is a need for therapists, on Pern. Mayte eyes Zalara and the garbage in her hand, and she says in her best Senior Apprentice voice, "Don't throw shit at my store." Since this is the Sidestreet, that seems to be all the Smith apprentice has at hand, ergo, she doesn't have much variety in ammo. Jhael's invective from above in the Vintner's direction just earns an overly reasonable, "Okay," even though Mayte has to lean out of the way of a rogue stones. Someone's been a big sister before. But Jhael's run off to annoy (hopefully) Peaston, so Mayte looks back at Zalara: "Well then."

The roof of the Harper has not been cleared of sand since the last sandstorm and Jhael's landing on that roof is less then graceful as the shifting sand slips out from under his foot. He comes dangerously close to slipping right off the edge before the filthy caravan teen gets his balance back and is running away from the apprentices again, t his time over the Harper and out of sight behind it.

"Ever heard of walking away?" Mayte moves out of the doorway, now that the sky is not raining rocks, and studies the front of her store: "You're lucky you didn't hit the front of my store; my journeywoman'd be having a talk with your journeyman about cleaning that shit up." The sucker goes back into Mayte's mouth for a few minutes thoughtfully, looking off into the direction that Jhael has disappeared: "He's a dick, to be sure." There's little disagreement about that, but Mayte is still looking in his direction for a moment, then shouts inside, "Kalligon! Tildran! Getcher arses out here."

A couple of younger apprentices, both in Vintner knot and roughly the same age as Jhael, emerge from the store, looking around quizzically.

Zalara frowns at Mayte, "And you'd just walk away if he started to throw stones at you. Yah sure right whatever you say Mayte." She says sarcastically. "I didn't hit the front of your store I threw it up at the roof."

Mayte doesn't seem at all flapped at Zalara's response, "You're right," pause, "I would have ducked back into the store." Kalligon and Tildran give Zalara a startled stare and edge quietly away, but Mayte doesn't tell them any new instructions: she's looking down the alleyway to the Handsome Harper, just watching for a moment. They eye Mayte nervously too - she's been strange since Keroon. Mayte's jaw tics as she glares, but there doesn't seem to be anything coming from that area; a little sigh and Mayte tells her younger apprentices, "Go back inside. Restock. Make sure the #2 is hidden by the desk." Anticipating trouble? Maybe, but Kalligon and Tildran are far too happy to get back in to question. The Vintner squints slightly at Zalara; "Do you talk to your senior apprentices at Smith like that?" she wonders curiously.

Zalara huffs, "Well I was trying to runaway from him, but he was following me. I couldn't just duck into any old store." She takes a deep breath calming herself down. "I am sorry that I snapped at you. I was upset at being yelled at by some crazy brat boy and having stones thrown at me."

Mayte hitches a thumb into Corks and Works behind her, "You can come in here. If anyone questions you, say you're doing a run for your Journeyman." Mayte knows most of the excuses - she's heard all of them, and used most. There's a brisk nod at the Smith girl's apology, though Mayte does add, "Having gotten in shit for a lot of that, just make sure you know who you're talking to, and who's listening." For example, pregnant Vintners who haven't had a drink in months get cranky. "Besides, if you ignore him, you're taking away the firestone that's fueling his fight." That makes sense in Smith terms, right? "S'right up there with being unreasonably reasonable." By the smirk Mayte wears, it works every time.

Zalara nods a little bit, "Thank you I will remember that the next time. I usually do try to ignore him, but it's hard to ignore stones being thrown at you. I understand that. I just hope that he's really okay. It's not okay to throw stones though, even if he is upset about losing someone in his family."

Well, that's tough to deny; Mayte shrugs."Stones just mean you're tiring out your throwing arm faster," she says, militant philosopher. She's opening her mouth to dispense more wisdom, but a loud smash from inside the store interrupts her. Mayte's face goes thunderous and flush with ire, managing to snap out to Zalara, "If you'll excuse me," in oh-so-tightly controlled tones. Turning smartly on her hell, the older Apprentice storms back into Corks and Works; soon after that, the haranguing starts. Doesn't look like Kalligon and Tildran got out lucky afterall.

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