==== December 6th, 2013
==== Sienna, K'vvan
==== Shared sweeps with Sienna goes from gossip to live or death situations and ends with an awkward hug.

Who Sienna, K'vvan
What Shared sweeps with Sienna goes from gossip to live or death situations and ends with an awkward hug.
When There are 0 turns, 6 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where Eastern Road

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Eastern Road
Beyond a steep traverse down the eastern slopes of the Central Range, the road leading out toward Keroon becomes level and wide, a landscape of grit and sandstone giving way to flatlands and swamps near the Igen River. The air becomes thicker, the aridness of the desert succumbing to the atmosphere of the river and, further on, the sea. Eventually, this melds into the plains and foothills that define Keroon's plateau.

Nadeeth's wings flip back to her back, and she settles gently. K'vvan slips off his dragon's back, landing in the dust of the desert. It floats up to settle on his pants, coating his boots in a thick brown covering. He pauses, looking around to gather his bearings again.

Kehemath lands a moment after Nadeeth, the larger green's wings flipping against her sides with a practiced and habitual snap. Crooning, she arches her neck and shifts, unable to keep still despite Sienna's dismounting. The greenrider is used to it though and slides down with practiced ease. "See anything?"

K'vvan steps away from his dragon, "There should be a caravan coming through, I didn't seem them though." Nadeeth waits patiently, murring softly to Kehemath for her fidgeting.

Sienna peers into the distance, squinting slightly with a frown. "Huh. I hope…" Nothing bad happened to them. Of course that's where her mind goes first. To the bad stuff. Kehemath continues to fidget, wiggling and then giving herself a muzzle to tail shake before she prances off, muzzle to the ground to sniff and explore.

K'vvan shrugs off the unspoken bad stuff, and takes a few long steps towards some shrubbery. "They are probably just late, the weather has been abysmal for anyone expecting hard packed dirt to be moving on." Whatever he's looking at in those shrubs, they seem really interesting.

Sienna nods as she looks around and then approaches to stand beside K'vvan, leaning forward to peer into the bushes and instinctively putting a hand on his back as she does so, to steady herself.

K'vvan hadn't expected that touch, and when she adds her weight he twitches away, stepping right into the thorny bush. "Damnit Sienna…" He mutters quietly, though without any real anger in his tone.

Sienna snorts, taking a step back and rolling her eyes. "Well if you weren't so damn twitchy," she says, offering him a hand to help him out. Though she does add a genuine, "Sorry," at the end of it.

"If you would just remember I don't like to be touched woman," K'vvan fires back, and ignores the hand while he extracts his leg from the clutches of the bush. It only takes a moment, and he kneels down to inspect any damage the bush might've done to his boot.

Sienna rolls her eyes again. "Sorry," she says. "Don't call me woman." Only W'rin can do that.

This time it's K'vvan's turn to roll his eyes right back at Sienna. "Whatever." His boot doesn't seem to have any marks on it, well, at least none that cannot be explained by normal wear and tear. "You know that woman wingleader? Trek?" Sienna probably has noticed his sporting of a new wing patch.

Sienna nods, though her expression twitches before it smooths again. "Yeah, I know Trek." She did notice the patch, but for once she wasn't all 'omg!' in his presence.

"I don't like her." And in other news, the world is round. K'vvan stands up and sends his gaze outwards again. "But Nadeeth loves being in Arroyo."

Sienna shakes her head. "I don't either," she says a bit flatly. Then her brows arch. "So you are in Arroyo then."

Eyebrow shoots up and K'vvan turns his attention fully onto Sienna. "Why don't you like her?" Second question is left alone, as the patch makes it fairly obvious where he's spending his work-time these days.

Sienna shakes her head again, slowly. "Just…don't." For once /she/ is the one being cryptic, and she eyes him as if daring him to push it.

"If it is a good reason then I should know if I need to get Nadeeth and myself out of there." K'vvan crosses his arms across his chest and waits, she'll spill or not.

Sienna just shrugs. "Time will tell if she's a good Wingleader. And if she sucks, W'rin won't let her keep it. So there's no worries on that front."

"That's not what I was asking." K'vvan continues to stand, his gaze fixed on Sienna. "Why don't you like her?"

Sienna frowns sharply at him. "I just don't." Standoff!

Silence, perhaps a little toe tapping. "Does it have anything to do with why W'rin put me there?" Hint drop.

Sienna says, "Why did W'rin put you there?"

"Ask him. It isn't my place to say." And NOW they are at an impase, with secrets they both aren't willing to share.

Sienna shrugs. "So why don't you like her?"

K'vvan keeps his gaze on Sienna for another moment, when it becomes clear she isn't about to answer his opinion. "W'rin doesn't trust her."

Sienna nods. Yes, this is something she knows. "If she fails, he won't let her keep the wing," she says again.

Nadeeth murrs again, poking her head up and looking over in the distance at something she sees from her slightly taller vantage point. She takes a dancing step closer, for K'vvan to mount again. K'vvan looks upwards, and then swings up. "I know he won't. But things change. Mayhap he won't be able to make that judgment call till thread falls. She sees something." The sudden shift in conversation comes as K'vvan settles onto Nadeeth's back.

Sienna shakes her head as she moves forward to chase Kehemath down. She disagrees that W'rin wouldn't know until Fall, but she's letting the topic fall for now.

Once Sienna is settled herself, Nadeeth pushes upwards off the ground, heading skyward before her friend. «There,» says the velvet lined voice, and K'vvan points towards the distance where there is a patch of movement.

Kehemath rises swiftly after, though she lets Nadeeth take point. « I see, » she replies, her voice low and soft, barely audible.

Nadeeth doesn't push herself towards the movement, but the pair do turn and begin to make their way towards it. "Probably the caravan!" K'vvan yells backwards to Sienna.

"I would hope so!" Sienna hollers back. Otherwise…if it's more refugees…

K'vvan settles into the flight, his attention wandering away, trusting his dragon to alert him if something goes amiss.

It is the fifteenth day of Summer and 78 degrees. The small dark cloud has grown rapidly over night, covering the blue sky. It blows a furious rush of hot, stirring wind. In a moment, the daylight is gone as visibility plummets. The clouds of burning sand mercilessly flog all living things as the air itself turns against you. Every living thing chokes on sand and dust before escaping inside.

Sienna and Kehemath soar towards the approaching caravan as well, when suddenly the air begins to shift. It's subtle at first, but quickly it's obvious something is wrong. Something does not feel right, and Kehemath's wings shift in the air as she shakes her head and then rumbles in discontent. Twisting in the saddle, Sienna looks back behind them and gasps. "Sandstorm!" she yells to K'vvan, pointing at the approaching darkness, the angry, churning swirl of sand that blocks out the horizon and the sky. "The caravan!" Obviously the can't abandon the caravan to this - can't between back to the weyr to safety. Immediately, Kehemath begins to dive, dropping down towards the ground so it doesn't overtake them as they fly, and she roars a warning to the caravan below.

It takes a moment for Sienna's words to sink in, and Nadeeth is already reacting to her words by sending the pair into the same dive. It doesn't take long for her to overtake the larger green, flying close. The mind thought that twines out to Kehemath shows their plan, to land amid the caravan and make sure the message is delivered.

Kehemath shifts the image slightly as she glides down to land, flaring her wings at the last moment to land heavily on the damp ground. Not /too/ close, the beasts are already spooked and shifting uneasily in their harnesses. The caravan is small - five sturdy wagons, built for heavy travel on long roads. "Sandstorm!" Sienna hollers as she dismounts. "Coming up quick, get the wagons against the wall best you can, beasts in that cave, everyone inside!" It's a shallow cave but it's better than nothing really, a slight indentation in the wall that will provide a tiny amount of protection. The startled travelers hesitate, but then look skyward and begin to notice the shift in the air, the heat and crackling electricity. Their leader, a tall, grizzled man, begins barking orders.

Nadeeth is less careful of the beasts, though perhaps for a purpose as her landing sends them straining in the direction of the cave Sienna had already pointed out. K'vvan is on the ground only moments later, and joins in without a second thought, helping unhitch a panicked beast with a tall woman in thick skirts.

Sienna moves to another wagon and helps one of the boys bring down the metal sheets that protect the wagons from Threadfall, which will also help protect against the sandstorm. They fall into place with thunks and clangs, and once fastened, Sienna puts her shoulder into it to help push the wagon against the cliff face, before moving to the next. "Hurry!" the leader barks, moving from one wagon to the next, counting people, helping move animals. "Tell the dragons to get somewhere safe!" Sienna yells to K'vvan, while Kehemath hovers protectively near Nadeeth, not willing to leave until the other dragon does. "The sand will flay them!"

The wagons are getting into place, And k'vvan looks up at Sienna, then over to Nadeeth. The normally relaxed Nadeeth hisses, digging her claws into the ground. "Nadeeth! Go!" Again her only response is a hiss, and she crouches near the ground. K'vvan cusses, then breaks out from the sparse cover of the cave and wagons to run towards her.

Sienna swears under her breath and turns to /focus/ on her lifemate, pushing at her even as she's being pulled into the main wagon by a young woman with wide, frightened eyes. Kehemath growls and nudges Nadeeth, her mind pushing against her friend. They have to /go/. And they have to go /now/ before the winds get too harsh. The older green spreads her wings and crouches, and then surges into the sky as the first real strong gust of wind strikes them. It blows her and she roars her defiance to it, mentally wrapping around Nadeeth's ribbons and pulling. « Please! » Below, Sienna cups a hand to her mouth and screams against the wind, "K'VVAN!"

The wind causes K'vvan to stumble in his running, hitting his knees as his balance is taken out from underneath him. Nadeeth rips her mind away from Kehemath, a mental strength she rarely uses, leaving those selfsame ribbons in Kehemath's mental claws, allowing them to whip into the wind. Digging her claws into the dirt she crouches, her brightly whirling eyes fixed on K'vvan, who pushes upwards onto his feet again to attempt the last hundred feet or so to her side.

Kehemath keens in despair, but there's nothing else she can do. The dark green vanishes between to a safe cave she knows of, not far from this location, and she sends the image to Nadeeth as well, hoping the other green makes it to her in time. Sienna is hauled into the wagon by the leader, the door slamming behind her. He lets her go as soon as the door is barred, and Sienna's first task is to swear a blue streak and kick whatever she can find, cursing K'vvan heartily.

With the tugging of the larger green gone Nadeeth pulls herself along the ground, long claws sunk deep to help her keep her balance against the whipping wind. K'vvan is buffeted a few more times before he is THERE, and pulls himself onto Nadeeth's back. He is only mostly on when she pushes skyward, the air swirling around as the wall of sand covers were the caravan is and surging forwards towards the pair. Upwards into the sky they claw, just barely feet off the ground when the sand envelops them with its leading edge. There is a scream of pain, then the only sound is the dark hissing of sand blown air.

Kehemath howls into the wind, her voice piercing and her mind reaching for Nadeeth's, trying to grasp her and trying to guide her to safety. Below, Sienna swears again and then the leader of the caravan is there, his big hands griping her shoulders tightly. "Rider!" he shouts, "control yourself!" AKA: Stop scaring my family and stop breaking things. "They're gone, no dragon can fly in that." Sienna blinks up at him, her eyes wide and wild, Kehemath's energies pulsing through her as she twists and breaks free of the man's grasp. She moves to the door but then stops, turns, paces and prowls, and then sits down in a corner of the wagon, hunkered there like a trapped animal, staring vacantly at the floor. Waiting for the dragon's keen.

The only sound continues to be the hissing of sand eating at the wood of the caravan, and the rocking of the wagon on its wheels as it stands up to the pushing of the wind. Even the cries of the animals trapped within the cave are down out by the violence of the storm.

Sienna continues to sit and stare at the floor as the sand swirls around them, as the winds buffet the wagons, as the darkness becomes total within the wagon - and no one opens a glow basket. Sienna sits there, arms wrapped around her legs, until the storm begins to fade. Only then does she push herself to her feet, cramped and uncomfortable, and reach for Kehemath's mind. « Are they gone? »

One moment Kehemath is alone, the next it is full of a small green dragon who tumbles to the ground, only barely managing to land on her feet. K'vvan clutches the straps, with them wrapped around his arms rather then securely strapped around his waist. Echos of pain roll from Nadeeth's thoughts, and their is a fierceness in her thoughts- possessive and protective. They were safe.

Kehemath surges to her feet, shifting aside to make room for Nadeeth on the narrow cave ledge, crooning in concern. Where is she hurt? Is K'vvan hurt? What happened? All those voiceless thoughts race through the link as she moves, and down below Sienna surges forward, struggling with the door.

Carefully Nadeeth folds her wings, showing a hide that has been scoured of its first layer. On her back, K'vvan's face is red, and he reluctantly loosens his death grip on the straps, slipping forward to hug Nadeeth's neck. Nadeeth turns her gaze upwards to Kehemath, «We are fine.» It is her broad open communication which finally has K'vvan lifting his face. "Just… sand burns."

Sienna struggles with the door, almost frantic in her movements until someone comes forward to help. Then she's bursting free into the settling wind and billowing sand, covering her mouth with her scarf as she turns and runs up the trail. Runs towards where Kehemath gently croons at Nadeeth, but does not nuzzle her friend as she usually would do. Not with those wounds. « Healers, » Kehemath says softly, as she shares soothing feelings with the green. Turning, she crouches low so K'vvan can see - and reach - her first aid pack. « Numbweed. » Sienna continues to run along the path, pushing herself through the shifting dunes and breathing through her scarf. Scrambling up the slope, feet and hands finding narrow purchase, she hauls herself onto the ledge and stops to just /stare/ at K'vvan and Nadeeth.

"Don't look at me like that Sienna." K'vvan finally lets go of Nadeeth's neck, and allows himself to reach out and grab the pack from Kehemath's back. Down off of Nadeeth's back he drops, careful to not slide on her sore hide. When his feet hit the ground he opens the pack, careful of the welts which wrap around his arms, courtesy of the straps to which he had clung in the winds.

Sienna steps forward with swift steps packed full of energy. "Fuck you," she snaps. But rather than smack him (which she really, REALLY wants to do), she embraces him around his waist in a quick, /fierce/ hug. "I fucking hate you," she bites off, grabbing the pack and pulling out another tin of numbweed. Dipping her fingers into it without even bothering with redwort, she moves to Nadeeth's side if the green will allow her to help.

Being sworn at isn't particularly new, and K'vvan winces but lets Sienna hug him. "She wouldn't go, without me Sienna." Nadeeth crouches low on the narrow ledge, only now turning her attention to the pain that radiates from the sand burns upon her hide. K'vvan moves to her other side, for now ignoring his own welts to spread the salve on Nadeeth.

Sienna just growls softly under her breath, not even bothering yet to separate her mind from Kehemath's. The green croons softly at Nadeeth, projecting cool, soothing thoughts and projecting the imagery of a deep, cold pool of water, perfect against that stinging hide.

K'vvan's lost in his dragon's mind, allowing her to tell him where the most hurt is. Nadeeth spares just a little bit for the larger dragon, properly chastised by the sand burned hide. «Pack.» Though the beloved picture she projects is just her and K'vvan.

Kehemath sighs, studying that image and for once the green does not tamper with it. She is silent for a long few minutes before her thoughts shift again. « Pack, » she agrees, though this image is their old one…and then Nadeeth and K'vvan fade and the others keen. « Dangerous. Sometimes, » she whispers from the depths of her forest, « it is safer to be apart. »

«No.» Nadeeth rejects the thought, her ribbons wrapping tightly around the black velvet is K'vvan. «Together.» K'vvan shakes his head, pulling out slightly. "Sienna, don't tell anyone… We'll explain her being hurt somehow."

Kehemath sighs again, and chafes, but doesn't argue. Sienna looks up and frowns sharply at K'vvan. "Like hell I'm not telling."

"We don't need the trouble. Not now, with things so up in the air." There is a hint of pleading in his voice, even as he finishes spreading the salve on the worst of Nadeeth's sand burns.

Sienna frowns, shaking her head firmly. "I'm an AWLM, K'vvan. My duty is to prepare riders for Thread. If Nadeeth refuses to be apart from you, that's an issue and the leadership needs to know that about you two. So they don't ask it of you at a crucial time. Not telling to cause you trouble. Telling because they need to /know/ that she won't listen when you tell her to leave."

"They already know how tight we are. And if we'd had warning I could have convinced her. And we're fine, just some tears- it won't stop us from doing our job." The tin of numbweed is tightened as K'vvan moves around Nadeeth to face Sienna head on.

Sienna faces K'vvan, but her eyes drop from his face to his welts and she reaches out towards his arms with her numbweed-ed fingers. "It's going in the report, K'vvan," she says firmly.

K'vvan's tin drops down into the pack, and he reaches out to intercept her hands, grabbing her wrists tightly. "Sienna, please, I'll tell my wingleader and W'rin myself. But don't put anything offical down. We cannot be turned away from another weyr- not right now."

Sienna twists her wrists in his grasp, her eyes flashing as she looks at him. "Tell them then. But it's going in the report, K'vvan. I am not going to have a lie of omission. And you're not going to be turned away from the weyr. Igen needs you and Nadeeth." Shifting, she tries to grasp his wrists in return, locked in that hold by both of them now.

"We wouldn't endanger anyone but ourselves, you know that right Sienna?" He's almost pleading. Normally he would let go of the woman when her hands wrap around his wrists, a physical touch that is almost more painful then the welts on his wrists or the muted pain Nadeeth projects into his mind, but today he holds on. "But if I was to lose her… or she me…"

Sienna shakes her head. "I don't know that," she says, her emotions beginning to wear through, her mask of GRRR anger beginning to fracture. "What if she had to carry someone else to safety and leave you behind? What if she couldn't do that and they died before they got help? What if you needed to put yourself in harm's way to save a cothold? What if she wouldn't let you and everyone died? I don't know that, K'vvan. Most pairs can be apart for a short time. Besides, who's to say I'm okay with you endangering yourselves? I'm not okay with that! I thought you'd DIED, K'vvan!" she says, giving him a little grip and a shake, and…yeah. She's crying now. Sort of.

"We can be apart just… not at the drop of a hat like that." She had to start crying, and K'vvan's grip on her wrist loosens slightly. "Sienna…." He just isn't quite sure what to say to that.

Sienna tightens her grip on his wrists, shaking her head firmly. "No," she says firmly, blinking rapidly and staring at him. "No, dammit, don't 'Sienna' me, K'vvan. You're my friend and I care about you and you're going to /know/ that and you're not going to run away from it."

K'vvan's voice is slightly weak. "It would be a lot easier on you if you didn't care Sienna…" He stands there stiff for a second, then steps forward and wraps his arms around her. It isn't the most comfortable hug, but it is more then most people get from the green rider. "I'm sorry I scared you."

Sienna snorts softly. Oh, she knows but she can't /help/ it. "Nothing worth doing is easy," she murmurs as she lets his wrists go and hugs him back, briefly resting her head on his shoulder. Then she straightens and reaches for his arm again, to try - again - to put numbweed on his injuries. "Thanks." For the apology. "You'll be okay getting back? I need to go make sure the caravan is okay and see they get to the weyr safe."

K'vvan manages to hold back his sigh of relief when Sienna breaks the hug first, he hadn't been too sure how long to hold it. "We'll stay and help, it is my sweep, if we couldn't finish it they might take us off duty." He winces slightly as the cool numbweed numbs the welts on his arms.

Sienna nods. "Okay," she says, not arguing with him. She shifts then into Healer mode, well trained by turns on the S&R circuit. Numbweed and then bandages snug enough to protect but not so tight as to hurt, and then checks Nadeeth once more to make sure the green is okay to fly back down to the caravan, and then make the trip back home.

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