====January 26, 2014
==== Nora and Yules
==== Nora got upgraded. It takes Yules a few moments to notice, amidst her smashy peas.

Who Nora and Yules
What Nora got upgraded. It takes Yules a few moments to notice, amidst her smashy peas.
When One month and 11 days until the 12th Pass
Where Living Caverns

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Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

It's a rare day where rest occurs, but today has been one of the nicer ones - Rukbat shining, breeze blowing, and it's just pleasantly warm, for Southern Weyr. Yules is inside, relaxing with a plate piled high with vegetables, each into their own little group, and she's not actually eating - she's smashing the little round green ones into the mashed tubers with delight. Apparently mothers' warnings to not play with your food don't count on rest-days. It's early enough before dinner that there are a few tables free and no one's sitting near Yules. Smashy smash.

It's probably not even worthy of gossip that the headman informed various parts of the caverns that Nora would be taking over certain tasks with autonomy, but what might be worth a few whispers is that someone noticed she's walking around with a headwoman's knot on her shoulder — and after so many months of forgoing a knot altogether. The two kitchen staffers that she leaves by the serving table enter into hurried and hushed conversation the moment she turns her back, but Nora just blithely carries on, glancing around the caverns until see spies one lonely brownrider playing with her food. She moves to peer over Yules' shoulder, eyeing the neat arrangement of veg. "No appetite or are you missing the butter?"

Yules looks up to espy her favourite assistant headwoman with a slightly silly grin. On Yules, it looks like she's a little crazy. "No, no," she says quickly, "I'm loving the lack of butter!" Smashy smashy. "I just want to see how green the tubers will get." Green tubers. Maybe Yules is a little crazy. Mid-smash, Yules looks up again and narrows her eyes at Nora: "There's… something new about you." Pause to consider, "Did you cut your hair?" Of all the things to notice. Yules taps her chin with the un-forked hand and her eyes go over Nora's figure again. Then: "That's it. You got taller." Yules: savvy to the ways of things.

Nora's brows lift up, though not for the green tubers. She looks down at herself, innocent of the difference; she twists to eye a lifted foot from the side. "Maybe it's the heels?" she asks dubiously, since these pink ones have surely been out and about before. With a shrug, she takes a seat. "You wouldn't believe the people who have noticed the different with the butter. Had I realized so many people were unsatisfied, I'd have changed things up sooner. I guess I just avoided the dishes that looked to be swimming." But her finger lifts toward Yules' plate. "Is this still about your wing?"

"Sometimes people want to taste their vegetables," Yules comments with a little grin before lifting a fork of green mash to her mouth. Her 'mmmm' is followed with a happy roll of eyes but she politely swallows before opening her mouth to comment: "This? No, just… enjoying the taste of real vegetation again." Yules's eyes drift down the figure of Nora again and then AHAH! Hazel eyes light up, and Yules declares: "And that's why you're taller too!" It all falls into place: "You're Headwoman now!" Another forkful of green mash is her reward for figuring it out. Swallow. "Congratulations. Good for you." Gave 110% and everything.

"You're enjoying the taste…" Nora is about to comment on how a person doesn't really do their tasting through their fork, but she doesn't quite get a chance with Yules lighting up that way. The 'headwoman' is quick to lift a hand to quell the brownrider's excitement. "Thank you. I figured, if I'm doing half the work, I might as well get equal credit, right?" Perhaps it sheds a little light on the situation. Or maybe not. But she smirks a little before adding, "I'm not sure it's actually made me taller." But enough about her. "So things are getting better, then? Did Th'seees, Th'susus — I can never say his name." So why try! "Did Theezy's advice help?"

Yules's lips curl into a very small grin: "Is Renalde happy to share the workload?" It's a nice way to ask around something, isn't it? Except Yules' eyes are glinting ever so slightly - must be some dying glows that need replacing. "And Th'seus' advice," with only the proper number of 'eus'es pronounced, "was very well-taken. Not," that little grin turns a bit wry, "That it's going to make my job much easier." A shrug follows that, Yules noting, "A knot like that gives confidence. Confidence makes your shoulders straight. Straight shoulders make you taller." All this knotty talk is getting in the way of food, so Yules moves on to the steamed (and unbuttered, according to the lack of sheen) fingerroots.

"It was his idea," Nora says with an easy, satisfied smile. Of course, she does make a little face when Yules manages Th'seus' name right on the first try, but it's all in good fun. "Well, thankfully it shouldn't be too jarring a thing. And really, Renalde and I are still working in tandem, so as far as most people are concerned, today is no different than yesterday. But I'm pleased," she'll admit. "Oh, and I have to go meet someone in the stores. Enjoy your meal, hm?" she says, popping up again to whatever height it is she has today. "I'm glad things are going better." With Ocelot, that is.

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