==== February 10, 2014
==== Reilan, Thierry
==== Reilan pokes his head into the guardhouse to visit a locked up Thierry.

Who Reilan, Thierry
What Reilan pokes his head into the guardhouse to visit a locked up Thierry.
When Sixth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where The Brig.



Igen Weyr - Guardhouse
Ancient, half-crumbling, and more than a little pathetic: Igen Weyr's guardhouse is a weathered thing, one to which little enough love has been shown. Theoretically a two-story building, the staircase into the upper quarters has long since rotted away to collapse, and a creaky ladder leads up into what once were barracks, but now serve as storage for miscellaneous and half-forgotten equipment and assorted rubbish. The downstairs has faired little better: trestle tables serve as both crude desks and cruder staging areas, while the small administrative office reeks more of booze than paperwork. Only the brig is halfway well-maintained, though it's still a pathetic thing: cramped and unsanitary, with a single dingy cot and dusty latticed window.

What’s this? The illustrious leader of the Street’snake gang has been locked up? Maybe this is what happens when Reilan avoids the older boy. He gets into /trouble/. But even in the locked down area of the bazaar, there are soft footsteps. A quiet murmur with the guard at the door, and then Reilan is simply…there, appearing in front of Thierry’s cell to peer inside at him. At least he doesn’t look terribly..smug about the whole thing. His arms fold around himself though, watching the older teen quietly. “You’re father’s angry.”

This is certainly what happens when Reilan's little voice of reason isn't there to get Thi on the straight and narrow! There's a tiny window in the brig, out of which Thierry's looking when Reilan's soft footsteps draw his attention. He straightens up, altering the air of boredom for his more typically cocky demeanour. "No shit." His dark-eyed gaze travels head to toe on Reilan as he runs his tongue - nervously, perhaps? - along his bottom lip. "Half the fucking Weyr's uppers are pissed, too."

"Understandably…" Reilan's head shakes a bit, but he moves to lean just slightly on the door. "You've got to learn when the better time to keep your mouth shut is." There's a faint smile for that. "Perhaps harassing goldriders…isn't the best thing." He shrugs then, however, looking through to the tiny window. "Did they say how long they'll keep you?"

"Until her Oldie goldie ladyship gets the whim to let me go." Thierry rolls his eyes and snorts, leaning his weight heavily against the bars and crossing his arms over his chest. "Fuck harassing goldriders. Fuck /her/. Stupid fucking Oldie bovie." He spits onto the ground in his meagre cell, lip curled up in disgust. "What've you been doing?" Ruling the empire in his absence? Falling at its feet?

Reilan laughs softly, watching Thierry for a long moment. “Making sure your idiots keep taking the mobile ring out instead of sitting on their asses. They’re fond of doing that, by the way.” That’s right, Thierry’s boys are /lazy/. And apparently Reilan finds that aspect…completely displeasing. There’s a shrug though, before pushing away from the door again.

Tell him something he doesn't know! "Yeah, and? I'd be lazy too if I didn't have da to answer to." Thierry rolls his eyes, picking at a rusty patch on the cell's bars. "They giving you a hard time, Worm? Or you trying to take my place out there?" He huffs, looking so terribly bored… there's nothing in there for him to do!

"Someone has to." Reilan shakes his his head, huffing in frustration. "They're a bunch of witless idiots that can hardly put one foot in front of the other without some kind of direction." Eyes roll, and the teen moves to the bars again, head tilting. "You and I both know Phib sure isn't going to do it."

"Phib can't shit without someone telling him how." Thierry puffs in frustration, scratching his fingers through his scruffy dark hair. "You sure they're not giving you shit, though? New kid's not exactly the inspirational leader-type, y'know?" Which… doesn't really make sense, but he's not paying attention - there's a guard moving behind Reilan, and Thierry's glowering at him.

Reilan simply smiles faintly at that, shoulders lifting. "Of course they are. I can only do so much.. But things are getting done at least. Phib isn't…happy." It certainly isn't a secret that the older boy does not like Rei. His head turns a little to peer over his shoulder at the guard approaching, lashes lowering ever so slightly. "Do I need to go now?"

Thierry's still glaring daggers at the man behind Reilan, though the young blonde gets a nod of his head. "Don't want you banged up in here with me," he snips, lip curling into a snarl. "No room to swing a feline in here as is, without you getting underfoot and annoying me." His dark eyes flicker down to Reilan, and there's the tiniest upwards quirk of his lip - a teensy little smile. "Slip something through for me later though, yeah? Pay off… what's his name. You know. The one who comes to the ring? Give something to him for me."

"Anything at all?" Reilan lifts a brow though, laughing as he pulls away from the bars. He has no complaints in leaving. Who would want to get locked up, after all. He turns around then however, eyeing the guard up and down briefly with a smile. "Do play nice." But the teen does move on, shuffling back down the hallway to freedom.

"Anything at all," Thierry replies with a shrug, and with a little shooing motion of his hand. That little comment from Reilan to the guard brings a grin to his face, though the blonde likely won't see it; Thi then retreats back into his cell to flop onto the single bed, returning to boredom. So bored!

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