==== December 21, 2013
==== Nevelyn, Yules
==== Yules is waiting to see the healers and Nevelyn stays to keep her company.

Who Nevelyn, Yules
What Yules is waiting to see the healers and Nevelyn stays to keep her company.
When There are 0 turns, 5 months and 0 days until the 12th pass.
Where Infirmary, SW



Sterile and scoured, the surfaces of the infirmary, well-tended and beloved by the complement of Healers due a weyr of Southern's size. Soothing tissane simmers at the large hearth, while comfortable chairs circle that particular feature in a waiting-room of sorts. Tables of dull-gleaming oldtimer metal lie as examining slabs, neatly lined in rows with pull-curtains enabling full privacy as needed. A low wall separates the southern half of the room from the rest, and those practicing the apothecary's trade can be seen compounding medicines under the watchful eye of the posted Master.

Despite the past seven-day's chaos, the Infirmary is relatively quiet at dinner-time. That means that it should be relatively easy to be in and out, right? So Yules is waiting on a chair, her fingers fidgeting back and forth. The hair at the back of her head is bisected by an ugly scab that, despite its length, seems to be healing well. Despite the bored looks she's casting all over the place, none of the healers are coming urgently to Yules' aid.

Chaos doesn’t begin to describe what Nevelyn has seen and been asked to do in the last seven-day. Pulled from her cozy job as a Nanny and thrust into the infirmary to help with the wounded, she’s had quite a time of it. Still she’s managed to look good doing it, not a hair out of place as she strolls through the infirmary with an armload of cloth. “Where’d they stick the bin now?” She mutters to herself and searches corners until she finds the proper bin to toss the apron’s draped over her arm. Surely they’ll be needed again and no doubt soon.

If looking good is half the battle, Yules is hopeless: plus the scar on her head, her Weyrling uniform is dusty and dry-sweat-stained, her bootlaces loose and askew, and Yules slumps in her chair a bit. Nevelyn gets watched curiously, the new drama of Find The Bin much more interesting than Wait Your Turn that Yules has been playing. Still, it wouldn't be Yules if she didn't contribute some unhelpful advice: "Is it over by where the dirty ones go?" she asks, indicating the bin where she's seen a few less-than-pristine aprons being deposited. Regardless that it's a sanitation nightmare, Yules seems to be earnest in the suggestion.

Nevelyn turns away from the bin with the ever pleasant smile she’s affixed permanently to her lips of late. “I laundered the ones I’d been wearing. Felt it was the least I should do.” Hence the dropping of them in the bin behind her for folks to nab and wear. She glances back and forth and sees no one stepping forth to claim the ‘rider so she walks across the room and settles into a chair beside Yules. No fun waiting alone right? “I see you’ve made Wingleader since I saw you last.” She’d glanced at the knot as she’d approached of course. “How’re you fairing?” It’s always good to keep the patients talking, at least that’s what the Healer who tossed her through the crash course had repeated more than once.

Yules was just in the middle of perking up as a healer came free… but no. Triage must be maintained and someone else's name is called, so Yules sinks back into her chair with not a sigh but the stone-face of someone who Waits For All Time. A glance over at Nevelyn taking a seat, and the weyrling nods curtly, "Yes. Since we became senior Weyrlings, in fact." Under her usual abrupt exterior, Yules' face is drawn; she's not given to expose-ing outloud, so she sits up at night to do it quietly: "I'm alright," though the hand unconsciously reaching to the back of her head begs to differ, "It's the other Weyrlings that…" Too much info? Yules pauses and starts again, "Have you heard about Jiamoth?"

Nevelyn settles into the chair and crosses her legs. Appearing to have all the time in the world. After all who needs food to live? She doesn’t fret though as she’s sure Jithan will have something in the office for her. He has every other day since the Fall. Snapping her attention back to Yules she notes the straying hand. Her smile slips in favor of genuine concern, “Surely the Healers will see to you soon and give you something to aid with the discomfort.” She smiles understandingly at Yules when the other woman draws up short of voicing her concern. “You have every right to see to your fellow ‘riders.” She sighs softly and nods her head at the last question. “I’ve heard of the poor Green in passing. But that area has been kept fairly clear of all but the most experienced Healers of late.” And with good reason no doubt.

The hand being noticed drops embarrassedly back into Yules lap to resume fidgeting. "It's the last check-up, they said," the weyrling says off-handedly, "And then I'll be able to wear a helmet again, and wash my hair…" The things that get taken for granted before you can't. "It's just to make sure no injury is setting in. It'd be nice to get it done," she grouses, but the Healers have selective whining-hearing and ignore that. A bemused look at the very thought of being denied the right to her own Wing, but she lets that drop: "I was there today. Cerise is… functioning, but Jiamoth…" Yules just shakes her head, "It looks bad." This expert opinion brought to you by… the cook. "Were you at Keroon?"

“I’m sure it will feel wonderful to be able to clean up and get back into your helmet,” Nevelyn can certainly sympathize with injuries. She’s suffered her fair share in her lifetime. “Hopefully someone will get to you soon,” she glances up and watches everyone buzz by with seemingly important business. Everyone is stretched thin lately it seems. “I certainly hope the Green makes a turn for the better soon. I’ve been heart broke for poor Cerise. I literally can’t imagine and it makes me sad.” She shakes her head at the Keroon query. “I didn’t make it actually. Had too much to do here. Which was fortunate in some ways. The Healers needed all hands on deck before dawn fully broke it seemed.” She hooks a thumb at herself, “They’ve even conscripted general help to do their light running and keep folks calm.”

Nevelyn's easy patter gets a quick nod-and-grunt from Yules, but her eye sharpens when Nevelyn speaks of Keroon. It's a moment before she replies, "Probably better you weren't. It was chaos." Continuing in a flat tone, Yules seems to recite, "The dragons picked it up first. Then we heard the yelling start." It's a quick path to memory land, and Yules emerges after a moment to end with, "Then we were fighting. But it's good you were here, instead." A nod to the rest of the infirmary, "We definitely needed the hands. And I'm the least of their worries."

“I would have been a hindrance most likely anyhow,” Nevelyn admits with a shrug of her shoulders. “I don’t think I could have been one of the folk needing a ride back home after all that. I’m still not sure how the regular folks like me got home.” And she’s more than happy she hadn’t been a liability in that sense. Or worse still marooned in Keroon! The memories Yules clearly still carries fresh in her mind draw a sympathetic twist to Nev’s lips. It’s a fair repeat of what the other injured ‘riders have said as well. “It was just really lucky so many of you fine folk were at the Gather that night. If not for your bravery they’d have been up a creek.”

Yules shakes her head, "They needed everyone. And if you can help the Healers a bit, I bet you would have been more useful too. On the other hand," she counters her own argument, "You wouldn't have been here, and we could have lost more than thirteen." AS for Keroon's luck, Yules scrubs one side of her face with one hand, "I … I wonder if it would have given us more time to ready, mentally. Instead of the sudden chaos of 'party! party! Thread-time!'" Still, that's a thought that's best left until another time. There's heat in Yules' tone as she promises someone, anyone, "Next time, though. We'll be more ready."

Nevelyn shrugs her shoulder, “I’m not sure how much help I’ve been really. I dealt with the odd injury that occurred aboard the Ship I grew up on. But nothing on this scale.” She glances ‘round the infirmary. Nope nothing like this at all. “It’s given me something new to learn though. And minor things I’m well able to attend to. As the children are always getting scrapes and the like.” She goes quiet to listen to Yules take on the first Fall and nods her head. “I’m quite sure everyone will be more prepared now that the time has come.” She looks up and spies a Healer heading in their direction. “I believe your number is up,” she tells Yules with a smile. “I’ll take myself off home now. Early morning tomorrow. Take care of yourself dear.” And with that she rises and moves out of the Healers way, making her own way out of the infirmary.

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