==== January 30, 2014
==== Q'fex, B'rer, Hannah, Cerise, Th'seus, Arlemond, T'ral, El'ai, Yules, Nathanael, Renalde, Arianne, Xh'zil, Lisette, Kultir, and Rhydian (and Peanut Gallery of Dragons) [I think I got everyone if not, please feel free to add your name or icon within.]
==== Q'fex summons roughly half the Weyr to find out what's behind a rock-pile. Rocks fall, nobody dies.

Who Q'fex, B'rer, Hannah, Cerise, Th'seus, Arlemond, T'ral, El'ai, Yules, Nathanael, Renalde, Arianne, Xh'zil, Lisette, Kultir, and Rhydian (and Peanut Gallery of Dragons)
What Q'fex summons roughly half the Weyr to find out what's behind a rock-pile. Rocks fall, nobody dies.
When Springtime, evening
Where A Blocked Path in the Ground Weyrs

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A Blocked Path in the Ground Weyrs
Rabble and rubble and rubbish: detritus of a hundred turns has blocked and obscured a threshold large enough for a middling brown of nowtimer weights to pass through. Some of the rocks seem haphazard, but a puzzling amount of the oldest lichen-covered boulders seem to have a subtle pattern writ within them. Westward looms an airy expanse of ground weyr, and beyond gapes the mouth of the entrance, and the lower bowl beyond.

<Southern Weyr> Desmeth senses that: Kraakenaeth is largely distracted, for a change: dark waters made yet more dim by the inclusion of a great deal of ambient silt. It filters and flurries, whirling by in strange eddies of current and darkness. « Ocelot, to hand, » comes the instruction — and then, as an afterthought or echo, « An' the rest of ye shiftless lots. Our riders have something precious t' behold, or so mine reckons the fair thought, if enough backs labor t' move what yet blocks our treastures. »

The riders of Ocelot have been called — and they come out in force, a jacketed militia amused enough by the request to press-gang labor in the forms of any who appear too shiftless or lazy on their way to the groundweyrs. The arriving horde will find Q'fex staring at a wall, a pensive expression on his face. At least — it looks like a wall. Isn't that a wall? It's just a curving part of the back of this airy cavern, a favorite of ailing dragons and impassioned flight-lusters alike.

Fair? Sure, Cerise'll bite. She's curious, at least, when alerted to the summons by the ever-gossiping Jiamoth. Caught between sweeps and the baths, the greenrider is dressed for scant leisure hours in loose cotton- resembling jammies- with sandals and a woven across-the-chest bag heavy with who knows what. She keeps an idle hand upon the bag as ambling steps lead her in the wake of the favored Ocelot horde, her hair a corona of humidity frizz about her head.

Commotion? Gang Labour? Nathanael didn't stand a chance to not be swept up in the commotion, so there he is bobbing along in the wake of the taller adults. Occasionally he bounces slightly to attempt to see over the heads of those who lead the way, and will, at first chance, wiggle his way as close to whatever it is which has gained attention so he can get a closer look. Even if that does mean he ends up working.

T'ral isn't one of the shiftless or lazy. He is however already at the groundweyrs, ferrying yet another load of dung out of the infirmary. In short order he's cleared to join the crew gathering in the cavern. He swipes a forearm across his brow. "What's all this, then?"

Wherein Yules enters, pushing through the crowd until she's close to Q'fex. Staring at a wall. "Sir?" she asks, examining the wall with squinty eye. She's looking mostly together, a faint expression of bemusement, "Desmeth called for us to assemble." There's a smear of mustard at the side of her mouth - wonder where she came from.

Look at all of those Ocelot jackets. El'ai is there, somewhere, amidst the Ocelot wing riders, jostling for position against those who think he's too young for much of anything. Youth is fleeting, however, and someday the bronzerider will not be so young.

Hannah, too, is among the crowd that's drawn by Kraakenaeth's call. Dressed casually in a skirt and blouse of neutral colors, the moonlight-fair tresses held back by shell-pink barrettes, the goldrider looks a little too well put together for it to be an off day. Winding her way through the crowd, she makes her way towards Q'fex. "What is going on?" Might as well get the facts straight from the runner's mouth, thus is the expectant expression tilted up to the Weyrleader.

Kultir was swept up in the press-gang as he was leaving the living cavern after dropping off another invoice for his weekly catch to the Headman, his day apparently not over as he'd thought. At least he's still in his work clothes, dusty, grimy and sweat-stained as they are. As the group he's moving with stops, he glances around to see what might be the cause for the sudden surge in this direction.

Br'er is totally both shiftless and lazy, unless there's something in it for him. (Mind you, there usually is.) Serval wasn't summoned, but a long life in Weyr environments has taught him to never pass up an opportunity to play lookie-loo. So don't mind him - he's just lurking in the back.

"Oh, there you are." That's Q'fex for Yules: it's semi-exasperated, maybe, as if he expected her to be there a thousand turns ago. "Nathanael." He points out the kid unerring. "Come here, son." For the rest, he has a dry smile — for Cerise and Kultir and T'ral, turning wry for Br'er and Hannah. "Nathanael," he drawls out the apprentice's name: "What do you see here?" He gestures broadly at the 'wall' of boulders and detritus.

The sort of man to come when when he's summoned by his superiors, Xh'zil shows up in due course, likely urged to go faster by his overly considerate dragon. Since other people are already asking questions, Xhaz doesn't bother repeating them, instead looking at the wall that apparently brought them here.

Lynx wasn't summoned either, but Th'seus must have gone to the same school as Br'er did. The one where you drive really slowly past car crashes and passively stick your nose where it wasn't necessarily invited. Because he's here too, drifting in with some of the other late comers.

Who, me? Nathanael's eyes flash back and forth as the weyrleader points and totally says his name as if he expects there to be another Nathanael wandering around in this large group. When no one else seems to be answering Nathanael decides it must be him that the weyrleader is a'calling. Brushing blond hair from his eyes the apprentice ducks under the arm of a rider who had just turned to see who the weyrleader was talking to and darts forward with steps that more closely resemble skips then actual steps. Hands are squared away behind his back as he draws himself up to his full and rather pitiful height and examines the walls. "Sir! 's… a wall. With mayhap somethin' on 'er. Tho' can no' be tellin' what it'd be. 'n 's dirty."

Check it: Cerise has got a salute timed perfectly to the course of Q'fex's dry smiling. It seems to be total reflex too- she isn't even looking at the man when her hand snaps crisp as starched linen to tap fingertips against brow. She is looking at the mass of humanity assembling in a big ol' disorganized wad on turf she knows far too well. This leads to the greenrider sort of sidling off to the periphery where she can have her negative associations in relative peace. Nose-sticking she will leave to the professionals; casual observation from a safe vantagepoint is far more her style.

Another rubbernecker? Br'er sidles over towards Th'seus, though there's a brief pause to return Q'fex's wry look with a deftly raised eyebrow. The greenrider listens to Nathanael's sage pronouncement, and then leans over, to murmur: "You don't think he's going to make us break it down, do you? I can come up with a reason we can be elsewhere, if you want." Br'er is the worst.

Q'fex snaps his fingers at T'ral. "You, there." Apparently Serval just got ROPED INTO this Ocelot venture. "Find me a stonemason. I'm sure the Smiths have someone for the task." His dark eyes turn back to Nath and he nods a measuring inclination of his chin, as if that's what he thought. "Okay! Let's clear out all of this." He gestures at the huge blockade: "Try not to hurt yourselves." To demonstrate, he moves forwards, mountain-goat fleetfoot and stolid as he climbs a small boulder or two to start wedging out fist-sized rocks and other objects from the very top of the "wall".

Q'fex not giving up the goods has Hannah stepping back, bumping shoulders with someone which has the junior muttering, "Sorry, sorry." But finding a place to see and not be in the way is hard. Wall? We're talking about a wall? Maybe she gives a little unladylike hop to see. Who's wishing she'd worn her boots? That's right. This girl.

"I think he probably will. Makes me regret comi-" At this moment is when Q'fex's order to get out of the way. "With our luck he'll remove the wrong rock and the whole thing will topple down with him on top. Then we'll have to dig him out too." Th'seus watches their Weyrleader hop along the boulders with a slight grimace. "Maybe you should start thinking up that reason." He suggests to Br'er, glancing down and over at him. Oh yes, they're both very motivated tonight.

Big, strong dragonrider he may be, Xh'zil still frowns at the prospect of impromptu manual labor. Surely there's something he considers to be a good time. This apparently isn't one of them. If it were anyone but his wingleader, he might even turn right around to slip off. As it is, the bronzerider starts rolling up his sleeves, looking at the wall like it's personally offended him.

Someone should probably tell the shortie that pulling rocks from the bottom is not the smartest idea ever, because the moment Q'fex gives the order to begin pulling stones Nathanael does exactly that. A wide smile cuts itself across his face as he hops over to the pile and begins to dislodge the largest rocks he can pry out from the opening- though none are much bigger then his fisted hands together. His rocks are tossed in the same general direction of where the weyrleader is tossing his- hopefully no one decides to step there, because Nathanael isn't really looking where those stones of his fly.

Kultir nods politely at the Weyrleader when that gaze sweeps over him, the young man eyeing the 'wall' that they are confronting. When the order is given to clear the rubble, he moves forward and watches the older man climb up. Finding a similar spot a few yards away, the tracker climbs nimbly onto a large boulder that is solidly wedged between several others. Idly fishing out his gloves from beneath his belt, he slips on the protective leather. Reaching as high as he can, the smaller fist-sized and head-sized rocks are pulled out and tossed down to land where no one is likely to be hit should they shatter on impact.

Ugh. An inspection and the wall's dirty. Great. T'ral peers to see if Q'fex has any white gloves tucked into his waistband. Please, no white gloves. He straightens when the Weyrleader addresses him, eyes snapping up. Totally not checking out your pants, Sir. …sheeze. "Yes, Sir." T'ral gives a smart salute to the Weyrleader, one to Yules as he passes, hurring on his way out to Smith complex. Look, his Wingsecond and Lynx's Wingleader. A salute for them too. So many knots!

"If Q'fex thinks he's going to draft me for manual labor tonight…" Br'er doesn't finish the sentence. He just lets the unspoken threat SIMMER. The greenrider watches the poor little apprentice work for a long, slit-eyed moment, and then ventures a word, raspy voice raised to carry: "Weyrleader," so polite, "should he be starting at the BOTTOM like that?"

With so many others being swept in, it's no surprise that Rhydian also got caught up. The Starcrafter appears to be fresh from work - whatever that may have been - with his notebook in hand and a satchel slung over his shoulder, he hangs in the background to get a feel for what's happening… and to perhaps avoid being drafted into what looks like it's going to be hard work.

"Just like hefting bags of flour again," Yules mutters, "Or firestone." Ahhh, fond times… There's even a little grin on her face as she moves to grab a stone. A hand-sized one. Given her … habit, Yules pulls back to make sure it's not actually a hand, but thankfully, it isn't so Yules rabs a larger one to pull at a larger one under it. Grunt. "It's stuck." Yules, Master of ObservationHall. She pulls a bit harder.

"The trick to faking sunstroke," Cerise says helpfully, appearing near Th'seus' elbow, "is slow, shallow breaths and acting like your body's just a little too heavy on your bones."

"I'll help you carry him to the infirmary after that kid causes a landslide." Th'seus jokes. Half jokes. Because he is eyeballing the rocks being thrown around, a wince half formed on his face. The sound of a woman's voice by his elbow has him twitch a little, surprised even in the crowded space. "You seem to know what you're doing. Pretend to have sunstroke, Br'er and I will take you out. Unless we're already carrying the Weyrleader. Then you can stand in front of us and clear the path of everyone in our way."

It's not long before Hannah winds her way through the crowd to one that's hard to miss — outside of Q'fex goat'ing it up onto that mound — and finds herself within touching distance of Th'seus and Br'er. To Br'er, the goldrider gives a tricky little smile before waggling her brows at Cerise and poking Th'seus. "What are we doing here?" Clearly, this girl ain't in the KNOW.

Q'fex has perhaps the most approval for Kultir: he who doesn't ask questions or hem and haw. "Maybe you should coordinate this whole thing," he calls down to Br'er, after giving T'ral a weird look after catching the boy checking out his ass. "Make a," he gestures. Line? "Th'seus," he barks: "Less chatter, more labor!" He makes a generally EXASPERATED face at all of those who look dubious at this proposition, and chunks a bit of stone in the general direction of El'ai's head.

"Fuck if I know." Br'er flashes a friendly grin, all teeth, at Hannah. "I think I'm waiting to see if our glorious leader gets murdered by rocks." He says this casually: either he's not really all that concerned, or he's planning on trading up to a newer model. There's just no loyalty in this world :( "But -" the greenrider twists enough to lift his eyebrows at Cerise and Th'seus, "that's a fine idea. The moment Q'fex starts hollering for volunteers, you fake sunstroke. I'll stand you a round at the Kitt - thank you, sir," this is to Q'fex, and said drily, "but you seem to have it in hand!" HE AIN'T DOING MANUAL LABOR YOU CAN'T MAKE HIM. He's too pretty!

Some time later, Arlemond strides into the ground weyr on T'ral's heels. He takes in the abundance of riders with a slight raising of a brow. T'ral shoulders through the crowd and delivers the Stonesmith (and self-appointed Saftey Inspector) to the Weyrleader. "Sir. Ma'am," Arlemond rumbles to the Weyrleader and Junior Weyrwoman. "What do we have here?

Nathanael is totally and completely oblivious to anyone who doesn't directly talk to him, and thus continues his efforts at the bottom of his pile. There might even be a the beginnings of a horribly off-tune whistle starting up a mildly inappropriate (if you know the words) sea song as he continues to chuck rocks in the general direction of over there and not right here. The rocks themselves are even gaining in size, as if the little sea crafter is attempting to outdo himself for size-of rock shifted.

Arianne heard odd things from Caelth. Which is really no surprise… it's Caelth. Maybe Inlayraith just fluttered about Br'er's hair being messed up and Ari was like 'whaaaaaaaaaaa?' Hence, she arrives. And climbs down a bit stiffly from her lout of a lifemate before making her way up to familiar faces. She looks so curious. But, doesn't ask yet. Her eyes lock on to, say, Hannah, and she blinks owlishly.

Aaaa authority is looking this way! Cerise lowers her shoulder and just sliiiides into the space behind Th'seus. What? The bronzerider's already being yelled at; he's big, he can take it. Once in the big man's lee, she begins to roll her head around on her neck and take deep, cleansing breaths- preparing for her role as sunstroke victim, nevermind that

Br'er's bargain was only half-spoken and therefore slightly shaky. "Avalanche, ma'am," she says to Hannah once repositioned, "and takin' bets on casualties. I'm about to have a fit of sun. Hold this for me?" The woven bag is extended, fat with bath necessities.

"Damn it, I knew that I should have left sooner." After all, Th'seus' existence in the area basically begs for someone to order him to move heavy crap around. He reaches out to give Hannah's poking finger a squeeze and a tight smile, glancing at the exit. Can he still get away? Is that Arianne appearing in the distance? His expression blanches. "I really better go help Q'fex before he dies. No. Really. He's important. We need him. So much. Bye. Good luck with the sunstroke." And he just gets out of the area before a certain brownrider gets there.

Kultir, the silent, that's him. Small rocks are still being pulled out as he clears out a good sized portion of the rubble as high as he can reach and showing more large boulders wedged into place with the smaller ones. Taking a look behind and below him, he tosses another pair of those rocks into that clear space that is slowly piling up a goodly collection of irregular stone debris. Turning back to his task, his eyes catch sight of the young Seacraft, partly because the tune the kid is whistling reaches his ears. "Hey, Nathanael … Might wanna stop pulling stuff from the bottom of the pile we're standing on, mate." His offered advice is humorous enough not to be an order as he turns back to his task. Reaching up to fish out another rock, he encounters a gap and stops, frowning. Checking the other stones around his feet, he finds one that is solidly stuck that will hold his weight and carefully pushes himself up so he can look into that gap. "Weyrleader? Got a … gap here. Not a wall we're workin' on."

Alright. Yules scowls at the small boulder she's been trying to manoeuvre, because it's not going anywhere. Maybe if she glares hard enough, it'll turn into a pumpkin. No luck, so she starts back on that small hand-sized rock with enthusiasm - success! It comes loose in her hand and after a moment of triumph, Yules tosses it aside. Someone says 'Ow'. And then onto another rock; Yules starts muttering something about having it's… scrawny hide for this? Soon, the rocks Yules is pulling out aren't exactly cast-able, so she lumps it into others' hands with a curt, "Get rid of that, then come back for more." Please sir, may I have another?

El'ai is startled by the rock. "What?" Blink-blink; aren't those blue eyes just so blue and innocent — no? Really? He will dutifully do his duty… somehow. Slowly. Because what? Climbing on rocks is fun?! Maybe. Hey, is that El'ai? Pulling that big ol' rock out right there? Or at least trying — is Yules looking? — because there's some extra flexing going on here. LOOK AT ME.

"Arianne!" Those owlish eyes weren't missed as Hannah gestures just before taking Cerise's bag with a, "Sure." Curiously, she looks between Br'er, the non-worker and Cerise who looks to be about to faint with sunstroke as Th'seus wanders off. She might give him a sweet, barbed smile for getting roped in. "Wait, what are you doing?" This to Cerise as a now-confused look is leveled to the greenrider. "Oh and yes — we do need our Weyrleader so make sure he doesn't die, please!" That last? Totally yelled out after Th'seus.

"Arianne!" Q'fex sounds SO VERY CHEERFUL. "Come here." He's standing at the top of a bunch of rubble packaged against the back wall of this groundweyr. "I need a better set of eyes than the ones in my head, and Br'er's being a pansy-ass greenrider." He slants a grin down to Yules at that last bit, before Kultir's announcement has him shifting a look over to the tracker. "Not a wall?" Why doesn't he sound surprised? "Smith," he calls down to the newly-arrived: "Does this look like a wall to you?" Cough. "If I die who's going to make you sandwiches?" could be heard by those close enough — Yules, Kultir perhaps — in response to that yell from Hannah.

Bailey's arrival is heralded by terse bootfalls clipping along stone. The redhead stops at the throng of people, a single eyebrow raising. "What on earth," she murmurs, followed by a VERY ALARMED, "El'ai, what are you doing?" She's spent the last eighteen turns watching after him. She's not having him die in a weyrleader-initiated avalanche, kthx.

Xaychil is aroound, pretending to be helpful and mostly wincing at the damage all this digging is going to do to his hands down the line. However, he's determined to contribute to the Weyr in whatever way he might. And, look, for all his work, a broken nail: a tsking sound announces his displeasure at the now-ragged nail before he begins hauling more rock. Stupid rocks.

Blink, Nathanael looks upwards at Kultir then back at the goodsized rock he managed to pry from the bottom. "Can no' be reachin' up there." This is said oh-so-reasonably. "Lessin…" Nathanael scampers on top of a rather large rock to perch precariously enough no somewhere around the middle of that wall near where El'ai is doing his flexing. "Ye's got big muscles sir," is commented on said flexing before Nathanael attempts to copy said effort for another largeish-in-comparison rock.

"Hannah. What's…" Oh dear. Both Wingleader's blanch at the same time perhaps. And her expression shifts at first to -very very uncomfortable- before she pastes on the smile again. "Are you both alright? Let's get some dragons over here to hold up wings and provide some shade." In fact, she spins on her heel to start putting such together wheeeeeeeeeen. "Shit. It's always trouble when he sounds so cheerful." This, she mutters at the ladies nearby before beaming broadly at the Weyrleader and waving back. "Yessir! On my way!" And indeed, she cuts a path through the crowd to get there.

A rock goes rolling by, and Cerise toes out with a sandaled foot to keep it rolling. Away from her feet, thank you. She's so very not attired for manual labor. But there! She's contributed to the effort. Minimally. "Not sure now," is her response to Hannah's question. With Th'seus gone, is Operation Sunspot still a go? Just in case the answer is yes, she lets her shoulders droop just a touch- perfectly timed to Arianne's fussing- while hazel eyes cut towards her fellow greenrider. Yes? No? Maybe?

"You like my pansy ass, you won't like it if it's tenderized by boulders -" But Br'er, with a sigh, takes the hint. "Arianne, I think we should get out while the getting is -" Oh, she's already going to help. DANG IT. His expression falls, and he shoots Hannah a look of long suffering… before following at his Wingleader's heels. What does it say that Q'fex's pleas for assistance go ignored, but Arianne doesn't even have to ask? Nothing good.

Good man, that El'ai. Yules mmphs with a tone slightly less terse than usual. In fact, she's almost grinning, a cheerful, nearly manic one - so cheerful that she'll call out, "I can make sandwiches!" cheerfully. Who knows if anyone heard her? Yules grunts as another stone comes loose and drops it off for another bemused wingrider. Bailey's arrival heralds the obvious, "We're moving rocks!" Her, El'ai, and some others too! She cranes her neck a little at Kultir's announcement and blinks: "Not a wall? Who would put stone here then?"

Br'er also shoots an apologetic look at Cerise. APPARENTLY duty is calling :(

Sandwiches, schmandwiches. Is that a faint whistling you hear? Impossible. Ghosts moan, not whistle, right? But it sure seems to be coming from the rock-pile…

It doesn't take long for Southern's Headman to get word of something going down in the general direction of the ground weyrs. Especially when people who were suppose to be somewhere else are well, not there! Thus a Renalde is walking into the area, one eyebrow already arched skywards at all the commotion. His footfalls still close to where Cerise is standing at the back of the crowd, though he makes no effort to engage the greenrider. Q'fex in all his glory is examined from behind before Renalde shakes his head slowly. "I do hope he has a plan for cleaning this all up."

Freezing in the act, El'ai looks up at Bailey's voice and struggles even harder to get his big ol' rock. "Nothing!!" Even though that sing-song voice is patently false, but he secretly gives Q'fex a thumbs-up — and LOOK. Br'er. His MATCHMAKER. Tug, tug, tug; this makes him manly right?

There's just no escape from Arianne. Th'seus presses his lips together and steps to the side, keeping to the bottom of the pile of rocks and assorted junk. And also, away from where the other Wingleader might be going. He toes one of the boulders and then looks over at what Kultir has pointed out. "Great. More mystery things. Love mystery." Not really. Th'seus hates mystery.

Kultir chuckles at Nathanael and glances down at the boy again and shrugs. "Carting away the stones that get tossed down is always an option. Or I could haul you up here and you can get the tops rocks." Several more head-sized stones are pulled out and tossed off to the far side of the rubble pile. He's close enough to hear Q'fex's question but he manages not to snort with amusement though one side of his mouth stretches in a wry grin, hopefully not seen by anyone.

When did Lisette show up here? At some point. And she's been diligently escaping notice and having to work this entire time. What else is new? She appears near Cerise and Hannah, peering past their shoulders. "I just filed my nails. I'll help them sweep afterwards." Really.

It's just a cameo night. Iain can be seen peering over Lisette's shoulder; he, of course, isn't wearing a shirt. But he does whistle a long bit: "Damn, look at all the dragonriders working." Like it's a SHOCK or something.

Nathanael manages to get his largish rock free and carelessly throws it behind him. Look out below? Ambition has him tacking a rather Huge rock this time, one which easily is the size of his torso. He tugs at it and blinks with no-little bit of surprise as it actually moves. "Weyrleader!" His voice is high with excitement, and just in case Q'fex isn't paying attention, Nathanael will even reach over and attempt to tug on his jacket to get said attention for his newest observation. "'s rock ain't like some've'e others! 'n it smells rot'en!"

It's a sharp smile and waggle of brows that Hannah has for Br'er, because everyone knows that even if he's following Arianne, he's really going to be helping Q'fex. "Hey…" This to Cerise as she offers back the bag, "I wonder if they're finding something." The goldrider's adventurist spirit rises up, along with one hand to tuck her hair behind her ear. Even if the expression she wears is a little bitter. "I wonder…" But there are two many people between her and the rocks. "… what they're going to do after clearing all those rocks." This is said just as Lisette pops up; the laundress earns a raised brow. "Uh-huh."

Sandwiches? Did someone say 'sandwich'?

It takes a moment to register, but Yules' smile starts to droop at the corners, and she pauses mid-rock-shift. "Does… Does anyone else hear that?" she wonders. And then, "The last time I heard that…" Then the noise overtakes again and Yules shakes her head, trying to pull at another rock. But then again… Yules starts to clamber a little higher up, "Seriously, I can't be the only one…"

Nath has one of larger rocks in his hand. And then he's tossing it. Downhill. Towards Th'seus. He dodges out of his way, "HEY KID BE CAREFUL!" When he's done cursing the teenager under his breath, he picks up the thing that nearly hit him. "This isn't really a rock." He turns it over in his hands.

Somewhere, a trader girl with a rounded middle can be seen pushing her way into the thick of things, if possible, dark curls hanging loose.

Get that pregnant woman out of here.

"Oh fuck, please don't let it be bones." There's Cerise. Clapping a hand to her face- and somehow still knowing to put her hand out to accept the bag being handed back to her.

Speaking of cameos - Maosa is here. Well. She was here, for a half a second. The Wildling slips into the ground, silent and unnoticed, and watches. Considers. Gathers up the evidence for Osweith to mull over and form his little theories. And then - just as suddenly - she is gone. Osweith will offer Kraaken a vague story about being off hunting the origins of the Tunnelsnake Conspiracy with his rider. DON'T MIND THEM THEY'RE OUT FINDING THE TRUTH. Because it's out there, you know?
This is man's work. Um.

"Ksenia!" Iain's voice is SCANDALIZED. "What are you DOING?" Shirtless man will be fetching up pregnant girl — listen, just like Johnny Castle said, oh you think it's mine, huh?! — and beating it for the exit before something … bad … happens.

"Oh, wow." Iain is shirtless and Lisette's eyes flash over him approvingly. "I mean yeah, amazing. They're at work. Of coure." And also he's running away with a pregnant girl. "Men are always such a disappointment."

Renalde is just close enough to hear Lisette. "If more women would realize that my dear," does the headman know who he's talking to? Maybe not, "there would be fewer whores around."

D'cen was here, but now he's done. He left no name to… uh, nevermind. Starcrafter be back later!

"Did you hear that?" Hannah asks, turning first to Cerise and then to Lisette. "That rumbling?" She puts a hand to her belly, and nibbles her lip. "Or maybe I'm hungry." Beat. "Maybe we should get closer." You know. CLOSER TO THE ACTION.

Is that a blonde woman, statuesque even though silver shoots through her hair and crows-feet line the corners of her eyes? Perhaps Beka's looking for an apprentice. Or.. "Has anyone seen Mireille? Skinny girl, yae high?" She doesn't realize her unborn grandchild just toddered off past her.

Observation without helping becoming increasingly less of an option, Rhydian hugs his notebook to his chest all the tighter, both arms folded over the bound pages with his precious notes, and looks over his shoulder for the best way to make a sneaky exit without being drafted in for manual labour. Slowly slowly, step by step, he begins sidling away… though there does seem to be enough happening to keep the Starcrafter /interested/ enough to make those steps /baby/ steps, rather than a full-on flee.

Did Renalde just say something about whores? Did Arianne hear it?

Ksenia will go, but not quietly. Iain will PAY.

Retreating, doppler-effect lowering as it moves away: "Dammit Dhioth, Lendai ain't in there, either."

Hey wait - Yules turns and nearly topples off of her position, eye flicking briefly over the bare back of Iain. Pause. WELL. Back to work then. "Does anyone," Yules asks somewhat crossly, "Hear some wind or something?" And then she pulls out another stone, dropping it to whoever's careless enough to be below (sorry, El'ai?). "I swear, I can't be going crazy…" Wait, what was that about rumbling?

"If men didn't pay-" Oh, is that her boss? Nope, nope. Lisette is just going duck around the other side of Hannah, sneaking between her and Cerise. "Lets get closer to that ominous, dangerous, rumbling. I think that's a good idea. As long as you don't make me pick anything up."
"Hear what?" Br'er wasn't paying attention: his brain was on other things. Since he's moved towards where Q'fex is standing, I'll let you fill in the blanks re: where his brain has drifted off to. And then, AFTER everyone else notices it: "Oh, there's a rumble, I think?" Pause. "That can't be good."

Arianne did not have time to hang about and just watch. She will learn her lesson eventually. And then, she will bring wineskins and snacks to share with her wingsecond when things like this happen. Also, she will -sneak- in and take to the shaddows immediately. (Also, Caelth just snarled at Iain.) "What is it you want me to look at?" This is asked of Q'fex as she carefully avoids looking at Th'seus. See how clever she is? "Br'er, what happened before I got here anyay?" She side-voices. But then, like the song of her people has been heard… her voice rises above the crowd. "Whores get paid! At least get the terminology correct! The word you're looking for is slut!" She doesn't hear the rumble.

"Weyrleader, this seems… decidedly unsafe." Arlemond eyes the ceiling, looking for telltale drifts of dust that signal a cave-in.

It was just bound to happen, right? Too many people at the "top" of this rockpile… Nathanael's scampering and Arianne's climbing and Kultir's shifting, and Q'fex's fat arse. There's a moment of trembling and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, rocks sliding and falling and people yelling.

It takes balls to do so but Cerise lowers her hand and looks right at Hannah as she says, "Uh, yeah, no, that's no bright idea at all. I'm gonna go let the healers know they should get the cots'n'numbweed ready." And so she turns to go to do just that, being of a generally helpful and caring nature. Yep.

Yules screams.

Oooooh, pretty. What's the medal for? ?

"Sorry!" Nathanael calls back, his bright smile asking for total forgiveness for chucking said rock at the bronze rider. "Mayhap dun' be standin' right ther sir, 'cuz… ye dun wanna get hurt, sir!" But then there is rumbling and Nathanael is totally going after another rock. Because this is SO SAFE.

At least they got the pregnant woman out in time.

"Sorry!" Nathanael calls back, his bright smile asking for total forgiveness for chucking said rock at the bronze rider. "Mayhap dun' be standin' right ther sir, 'cuz… ye dun wanna get hurt, sir!" But then there is rumbling and Nathanael is totally going after another rock. Because this is SO SAFE. But then, oops. Nathanael is caught right up in the sliding rock, OMPH being echoed out as he falls backwards with rocks cascading across him. For once that bright smile disappears for just a second.

T'ral had been slinging rocks with the rest of folks until that rumbling started. Fine haris lifting on the back of his neck. When the wall comes down he tries to clear out, shouting and hustling whoever he can grab in his retreat.

Renalde has opened his mouth to respond when, yup. There goes the wall. And all the people. You know whose job this is? Nora's. He totally handed all of the hurt-people nonsense to her about two sevens days ago. He's just going to go find her now, alright? Off the Headman goes to fetch is pretty little assistant to go gather up healers and the such that will be needed to save them what are obviously going to be hurt by this.

The rubble moves and shifts as if it is a living thing: those on it will feel disconcertingly as if they are suddenly surfing. The rubble-pile slides into the cleared ground-weyr (and the people amassed), doubtlessly causing injuries: but it's slow enough for most people to at least somewhat prepare for being banged up by a two-foot flood of gravel and debris. It also flows… inwards? Past where the "wall" would be, at least.

"Maybe don't be THROWING the rocks down you dumb little sh-" And then all of the rocks start to come down. Thankfully he's on the ground level of this, so there's time to back away and also to push some of the other people around him out of the way in front of him. "MOVE NOW." And he'll move whoever is near him via, grabbing or pushing.

<Southern Weyr> Desmeth senses that: Kraakenaeth had a bad feeling about this.

<Southern Weyr> Desmeth senses that: Vossuth sighs.

"Hey…" Hannah says as Cerise moves off, but it's then that the avalanche happens and rocks go everywhere. People scream. And unconsciously, the goldrider attempts to grab Lisette's arm and jump back as the surge of people also pushes at them. At least the greenrider got out in time! "What the—!" As a sea of rocks surges around them.
Awesome, right? Right.

<Southern Weyr> Desmeth senses that: Caelth is fascinated. « What does 'rocks fall, everyone dies' mean. »

El'ai was there, looking back at Yules with a flirty face on when the wall gives way. Now. Where is El'ai?

"EL'AI!" Who cares about everyone ELSE. Bailey's the only dumbass surging into the rock, ignoring such things like pain or avoiding trampling other people — that is her LITTLE BROTHER thankyouverymuch.

<Southern Weyr> Desmeth senses that: As chilly as a winter day, Khalyssrielth beholds only ennui — the lazy dance of snowflakes such a giveaway to her mood. « Just can't leave well enough alone, can we? » (Khalyssrielth)

Lisette screams when the rocks start to come tumbling towards them. It's a mutual pulling and pushing as she puts her hands on Hannah too. "Go, go, go!" Because she really doesn't want to be covered by this avalanche.

<Southern Weyr> Desmeth senses that: Kraakenaeth can't believe that getting laid didn't improve Khalyssrielth's mood. What. The. Fuck.

Okay, now Arianne hears the rumble. And at first she goes stock still, her lips forming an 'o' and her eyes going wide as she glances around looking for the source of the noise. One that becomes very readily apparent as ROCKS FALL AND EVERYONE DIES — Not now, Caelth!!! —. Okay, maybe nobody dies. But they sure do move! "Go, GO!" she urges, trying to move. But, uh, she's already not moving at her best and so obviously her leg twists out from under her and she goes slipping and slidding and tumbling until she lands in a heap right on top of Yules! Hello Yules.

<Southern Weyr> Desmeth senses that: Maybe because it lasts for a quick wham-bam and then she barely remembers it? (Khalyssrielth)

So turns out in the strange shifting of rubble (and Arianne landing on you), SOMEHOW you physically manage to be on the other side of the supposed 'wall' once everything is said and done. And when you open your eyes, the only thing competing with Arianne's ass is a human skull — bleached and weathered — staring at you from where it lies on the surprisingly clear floor.

Kultir just barely has time to realize where he's heard that sound before and groans as the rocks he's standing on start moving like he's just fallen into quicksand. "Oh, shit … not good …" The rocks are solid but there's no way to keep a solid footing as those stones and boulders start moving. Rocks bounce against his legs all the way to his waist as they fall though his balance is better than usual, it's not good enough to save him from this fall. Windmilling his arms to try to remain mostly upright, down he goes with rocks and stones sliding along with him as he grunts at each impact.

Rock rock everywhere but not a… wait, this isn't water. Nathanael is slowly picking himself out from where the rocks have covered his legs and arms, first one arm, then another; almost zombie style going down. Well, if Zombies totally had bright grins all over their faces and blue eyes that blink out at the goldrider suddenly gone a'crazy as she just barely misses stepping on a newly freed limb. Hum, one foot seems more than a little stuck and Nathanael tugs at it with both hands. Halp plez?

Rhydian was pretty lucky to be on the way out when the avalanche started, and he's beyond the furthest reach of the rocks too, so… double lucky, perhaps? He waits just long enough to get as proper a look at the disaster scene as he can before turning tail and skedaddling out of there. It's not the right place for a weatherman to be!

Br'er doesn't actually die. He barely even gets more than a little scraped up: he's standing next to Q'fex, after all, and the bronzerider's fat ass is a helpful cushion for falls. But it's very uncomfortable, and he maybe gives the faintest touch of a rabbity squeal at the sudden shift in his horizons. NO ONE HEARD THAT.

El'ai is there, kind of. Rubble and other things shower around him as he pushes his way through the crap, coughing. And maybe, just maybe, pushing Yules and Arianne in the direction of the wall inadvertantly. Either way, he is there, but dazed. "Bailey?" Cough, cough. "Ow. My head." Look, a sexy cut over his eye that leaks blood down the side of his face.

Yules was fully okay with learning to surf via rockfall. That wasn't bad. Nor was the weird and perplexing look on El'ai's face as the surfing lesson continued. The real problem was having something LAND on you. Or someone. THat was the soft part too! Yules OOFS and whimpers, eyes tightly shut for a moment… and then slowly opens them, and wishes she hadn't. "Son of a," the brownrider starts, not even looking at Arianne (though, heeeeeey, did it hurt when you fell from the Three Sisters?).
"What the shard!" she shouts as loudly as possible with Arianne on top of you, and seizes the skull. because that's the best move. "Who the Shell is this?" She waves it at others, pausing only to eye El'ai. "Got a cut on your eye." Just FYI.

"You scream like a girl." But Q'fex knew that already. He's a lucky arse by nature: he ends up on the top of rubble, surveying his domain with a kind of half-smirk on his face, one arm automatically and protectively wrapping around Br'er's shoulders. And out of EVERYTHING that he could say in a catastrophic incident such as this? "Maybe El'ai will get a manly scar from this."

"What is with our luck?!" Hannah might be tossing this back to Lisette, but in the confusion, her voice could easily get lost. She does trip up and nearly fall making a mad clutch at Lisette's arm. "Wait, wait. I think — it's done now." Only it's dusty and dirty and something is going on.

Seizing it from the dome. No fingers in eye sockets, thank you.

Br'er's cough rings out: all that dust. The greenrider squints at his changing environs, failing entirely to come up with a good thing to say. So he just leans into Q'fex's arm and says (quite clearly, no subtlety here): "Maybe he'll finally get laid, then."

As the dust clears out — it swooshed like a mushroom cloud there for a moment — some things become clear to those who remain. The reason it looked like a wall is because there was one… once. A wooden wall, or a wooden barricade: the frame of which is still standing, kind-of. Or it was, until now: with a shudder and a shake, the dryrotted remains splinter and fall in clumps of dust and ruin. A shower of white scraps rain from above — are those slips of parchment? — the better to frame the sight of Yules and Arianne, and the two brownriders' friend… a human skeleton, slumped on the floor beyond the wall.

Dead body part? Nathanael pauses in his attempt to free his leg from the mass of stones to look upwards at his favorite cook-turned-rider. "'s a skel-e-ton!" Really… he shouldn't sound so excited about it.

"Bailey's going to punch one or both of you." Arianne warns, in a groaning voice as she winces and rolls off of her landing pad. "Sorry, sorry. I couldn't get any traction and…" Ugh, it's another skeleton. Swiping mud from her face, she squints at the bone, and fluttering parchment, and fallen piece of wall. "Well then. Goody. At least it's not an entire pile of bones. Or, a group of skeletons that look like they tried to eat each other this time! Think positive, everyone! Think positive."

Kultir slowly sits up from where he sprawls on his back amid the rubble that rolled him and everyone else downhill and groans. Coughing to clear his lungs from the dust he inhaled, he manages to kick free of the smaller bits of rubble and manages to find every single bruise and cut those falling stones and other debris inflicted. Getting his feet under him, he stands and limps a little as his right ankle twinges, staring at the revealed bits and pieces that fell out of the wall that wasn't with a grimace on his filthy face.

"A skeleton? Finally, a girlfriend for El'ai." Br'er, that was just UNNECESSARILY MEAN.

Arlemond eyes the edges of the ragged hole opened in the wall, the rotted woodwork falling away. The mushroom cloud of dust billows out and only has time to squeeze shut his eyes before the cloud hits him. He turns, face and front a uniform dusty mess, eyes strangely vivid as he coughs and fans dust in front of his face, "Weyrleader, Sir. When next you plan an excavation, please see to it that I'm informed ahead of time." He turns to survey the damage again, "Great shards. Is that a-" He'd heard of all the dire former-residents scattered throughout the weyr. "What in the world was he doing on that side of the wall?"

Bailey stares at El'ai for a long moment before she rips off a piece of shirt and presses it against his wound. That's before a piece of white parchment drifts down before her and she snatches irritably at it. What is all that, anyhow?

T'ral gives Kultir a hand up and spies the drifting fall of parchment. Curiosity piqued, he sidles up to Bailey, peering over her shoulder. Archivist gotta archive.

"Dying o'course!" Nathanael calls out to the officious journeyman as he asks about the skeleton. Enough rock has shifted that Nathanael is able to drag his foot out and rolls it gently to check that it still works. Pain, yes, but… DEAD BODY OVER THERE. Shedding dust from his clothing and hair as he moves Nathanael pushes himself across unstable rocks to try to get a closer look at the skull in Yules hand. "May'n I see ma'am?"

Lisette drags on Hannah's arm. "Get up, we're going to get crush- Oh. It's over. Nevermind." She doesn't abruptly drop the goldrider or anything. But she does stop trying to run away. Then stares with her mouth gaping open at the skeleton that's appeared out of the rubble. "A dead person. Gross."
A bird's eye view you may have, but free of the parchments you aren't. If you choose to read the nearest one, words will scrawl across the page as if the owner stabbed the parchment with such force to tear: //I feel myself slipping into madness. Into rage. The red skies never dim, and the water remains tainted. All the herdbeasts have died… we had to wall them up… the others… kept doing… unspeakable… things…to them…

Th'seus manages to get beyond the surge of rocks without being smashed by any boulders. Luck must be on his side or something. Catching his breath and coughing, he stares beyond at the dead person that's hanging out all skeletal over there. "Great. Bodies." He begins to pick his way over, trying not to step on anyone.

"For goodness' sake," Yules bemoans, though she'll confess a contented sigh as Arianne moves off her. "Thanks," she replies. Skull-buddy gets glared at, Yules warning, "I'll see you later." And to Nathanael, "Yes. It's dead, can't hurt you." It's the living you have to be suspicious of. Hands free, Yules grabby-hands at the falling paper, "What now?" Way to inconvenience her, old-timers… The one that she grasps at causes Yules to pause: "Um. Is Nora here?" she wonders, "Cuz this reminds me of that book… back in the Library. Quiet, Desmeth, I'm trying to figure this out." She reads it again and recoils in faint horror, "They were doing WHAT with the herdbeasts? So they walled them up?"

Br'er grabs a paper off Q'fex's head, squinting at in the gloom. He's just about to reach for another, when - "Hey. What's that?" Q'fex's arm is shaken off. Moving gingerly across the rubble, Br'er moves purposefully further into the cavern - towards the real wall. "HEY." Everyone is talking and distracted (by skeletons? wusses!), so the greenrider raises two dusty fingers to his mouth. A blaring WHISTLE rings out. "Check this out! This isn't rock - it's firestone!" And so it is - a little horde of it, though not as much as one might hope…
Old-timers like 200 Turns ago.

Bailey's voice rises high and alarmed: "MURDER?"

Arianne struggles up to her feet, holding a hand out towards Yules as well if she needs any assistance. It's only fair since she did barrel into the woman. Of course, they could wind up in the dirt again since with the other hand she's reaching for a scrap of paper. One with writing on it that makes her eyes widen. "Hannah!? Q'fex!? You need to see this." she calls out, "Something in the water and the air?? Dragonriders k…" Yeah, maybe she ought to not say that aloud. As it is, it reminds her that she should be FEELING HORRIBLE right now. Lalalala. Not looking at Th'seus still.

Score. Nathanael totally has a skull to look at. A human skull. Paper is totally ignored for a moment until Yules is getting all excited about something to do with herd beasts. The skull is tucked posessivly under one arm as he reaches for one of those little papers himself.

T'ral's worried eyes look up at Bailey, mouthing the word as she says it. Murder. "Do you think it was," T'ral points, an unfurling of a crooked finger, pointing at the skull, "Him?"

Q'fex just kind of stands there for a long moment. He looks a little grey around the edges: the draconic link must be going crazy — but he moves after Br'er with a brow furrowed heavily. He plucks absently at his clothes, coming up with one of those scraps of parchment: he glances briefly at it, though the firestone understandably collects most of his attention.

Br'er's voice rings out just as he's stooping down to pick another piece of the rock. "Well, great." Th'seus hefts a piece of firestone and then drops it, moving towards another small pile of it. It's there that he finds one of the pieces of paper, one that's actually fully intact. He reads it as he walks, moving closer to that skeleton and stooping down beside it. "He was a healer. What happened to the rest of his family?" The bronzerider's voice is tight and suspicious. Like the dead man is trying to trick them or something.

Hannah does get up, but not before taking up a sliver of parchment, letting her eyes fall to read it. It's with a shell-shocked expression that the piece slips out of limp fingers and she finds herself staring up a the skeleton, or perhaps at the dragon riders, with something akin to horror. Whatever hers said, is a mystery — because she's not found any words to vocalize. Only fear remains.

Arlemond snags a piece of parchment from the air. A larger fragment with more words. He swipes at the dust on his face, reading.

You overhear Arlemond mutter, "… found … weyr … … … … … … … still light the … even … … … … … an … omen, … this … such … … … to start over… unspoiled.//" to himself.

"Yes, I got something about murder too," Br'er's voice rings out, impatient, from further into the cavern. Firestone! So much more important! "Something's fucked up here. You don't suppose this is their original cache… no, it can't be, there's barely enough for a single Fall, if that…"

Kultir accepts T'ral's help up and manages to not startle too badly when that whistle rings out so close to where he's standing. Limping slowly in that direction, he snags one of the papers from the rubble pile and frowns as he reads it over carefully. His attention torn between the greenrider and his finding of firestone and the paper … so many other papers strewn about.

"Firestone," T'ral's head swings around, blinking, totally having more to say than that, "What?"

"But WAIT. Wait! What if that's what made the riders and dragons go crazy and start killing each other. We need to keep away from that! Maybe that's why it was stored away in there with… him. It. Whoever." Arianne, probably not saying anything that anyone wants to hear.

Nathanael tilts his head as forehead furrors and he works his way through the words on his page. Reading comprehension isn't quite his forte, prefering fishing instead, so the horror doesn't quite reach him. "What's it mean sayin, 'con-stint ex-pose-er to waht'er 's in 'e at-mist-sphere'?" He looks upewards eyes fliting from one person to another to see if anyone else is listening, and only now noticing the not-happy expressions all over the place. Looking down at the skull, "I hope ye ain't 'e reason they ain't 'appy." Because talking to dead people? Totally normal.

Lisette snags a piece of paper from the air. But since she can't read what it says anyway, beyond a few words, she just hands it over to Hannah and shrugs. "What if the firestone made them go crazy?" She narrows her eyes, face tightening. "Then we should leave now."

Arlemond's talking to himself, Nathanael is talking to dead people. Yep. This is going well.

Consensus has been reached. That was easy, wasn't it? Well, it's made easier by the arrival of Weyrhealer Varden, a tall man with silvered-blonde hair and an impressive manner. "EVERYONE OUT!" he booms, bass tones deep. A cadre of healers are with him, rushing to those obviously injured, assisting those out of the rubble.

Kultir's lips move absently as he puzzles out the writing on the parchment he has snagged from the rubble, brow wrinkled as he reads.

Q'fex starts slowly away from the firestone, gripping Br'er's hand as he goes. Varden's imperative roar is enough to get him moving faster: "You heard the man," his own parchment crushed in his fist, "Everyone out." Even you, El'ai. You can sexy-scar in the infirmary.

You overhear Kultir mutter, "I have begun … duties as … weyr's … … … … … something … … … the water … The … … … … … … … had … ill … … us, … … … the … are getting into … … … … remember … ask … … … to … it out. So … … … gotten ill. … … … …" to himself.

So dead men tell no tales, but therein lies the problem. Yules glares at the skeleton, then at the firestone, and finally at the note in her hand. "I am so sick of this," she tells no one in particular, not quite huffing her annoyance. Nathanael gets a peek over his shoulder (admittedly not difficult): "Constant exposure to whatever's in the atmosphere?" she clarifies, and grrs. Who's been sniffing bad firestone? Yules hasn't: "How can firestone make someone go mad?" And then there's a bigger, deeper voice shooing them all out, leading Yules to sulk quietly.

But! Firestone! Br'er hesitates, reaching down to pick up a larger piece. "I've heard of strange mine gases before, but -" Varden's orders are not immediately followed, but Q'fex's are. With the chunk still gripped in his palm, Br're obligingly moves for the exits.

El'ai is dazed and when he stands, it's on wobbly legs. Probably got a bit of a concussion, but with Bailey's help, he manages to get himself out. Right? Bailey isn't going to let him down?!

The going is slow — there's a lot of rubble to move over — but Bailey isn't about to let her brother down, not at all. She has a glare for any healer that tries to help, too, because she's a bitch like that, yo.

"E'ery'un means ye too?" Nathanael ponders at the skull in his arms still. But, not one to bungle about orders he scrambles to his feet slipping slightly on the rocks before a healer is helping to hold him up till he can reach firmer ground. Yeah, he totally is keeping that skull till someone says to put it down.

Hannah should move, she knows it. She really does but her limbs are heavy and she's got a strange, distant expression on her face. Lisette is probably heard, but not reacted to. All she can stare at is the skeleton, the papers, and whatever it was that was on her paper. Which is now lost to the masses of little bits.

Kultir glances up as Q'fex's voice reaches through the ringing in his ears and sees people moving out of the cavern. He limps in that direction and sighs at the twinge in his leg. "All the tree and rock climbing I do by myself, the one time I get hurt I'm with a fardling crowd." His voice is low as he makes his way out of the rubble-strewn cavern, still coughing to clear his lungs of the dust.

The healers have arrived and they're being ordered out of the room now. Lisette brushes a bit of hair out of her face and tugs again on the goldrider's arm. "Hannah? Let’s go. We should go. Varden says to go." And while she brushes off the authority of plenty of people, the Weyrhealer is something else.

Varden takes little time to assess the situation and regroup. There are some who have slipped through the cracks, for certain — the Headman, for instant — but for those who remain: "Everyone to the infirmary!" His strident voice is loud, and brooks little question: even for the weyrleader and the two juniors. "All of you are now under quarantine!"

Renalde is totally innocent yo.

Apparently some of those rocks are -sharpp-. And unbeknownst to Ari, soe of that sharp rock sliced right through the flimsier-then-leathers pants she had on. And since -those- were dark. Well, it's not until she suddenly gets a bit pale and slumps to the ground that the blood becomes obvious. OOps? If her falling doesn't do it, there''s always Caelth's sudden mind-link roar of outrage. ((Don't worry, he didn't do it aloud and start another avalanche))

"Wha's quar-in-tine?" Nathanael asks in the general direction of anyone who might answer as he and that skull of his are shooed towards the infirmary. "'m suppose t' meet Pa at 'e docks." But that ankle does hurt, so he doesn't object too much to the healer's insistence.

T'ral knows that voice, the bellow that can cut across the chaos of an infirmary in full swing. He snags a piece of firestone on his way out. "What happened here…?" He asks of no one, everyone. Quarantine? He looks up, mouth opening, closing. Opening, closing. "Wha…!" He sighs, "Well, I had studying to do anyway."

Th'seus is still over there by the skeleton, paper held tightly in his hand. He twists around to hear Varden's degree. "Oh fuck, no." Ready to challenge the quarantine (because he has things to do, alright?), the bronzerider is distracted by Arianne's collapse. Somehow that seems a little more immediately important since she's nearby. And whatever happened during Bailey's flight, he seems to forget about it in the fray of getting to the brownrider and making sure she gets to the healers immediately.

Lisette does manage to penetrate whatever fog (shock) seems to hold Hannah in it's grips, enough that the junior is turning woodenly about and starting to walk with the Laundress. Softly — soft enough that only Lisette could hear — she whispers to herself as the gravity of what's been found sinks further and further in. "What have we done? What have we done?" Is that worried expression sent towards Bailey — does it also include a pained plea of — what? But she'll go to the infirmary, lapsing into a shell-shocked silence as she walks.

Arlemond says, "Surely you don't believe those rumors abou-" Arlemond doesn't finish that thought. "Ah." He grumbles and files out, glaring at the gaping hole in the wall, shaking his head. "

Lisette's mouth opens, agape at the orders that they're all going to be quarantined. "Oh. I knew that I should have gotten out of here earlier." She finally mutters before pressing her lips into a line. Sticking near to Hannah, guiding her through the crowds and her shell-shocked state.

"What if it is something about the 'stone?" Br'er looks down at the piece in his hand - and drops it. Like it's hot. Arianne's collapse and Th'seus's rescue of her distracts him, momentarily. "Shit."

OH GREAT, first they go, now they don't. Yules is in full grump. She starts by veering close to Hannah, then makes her way towards Q'fex, then finally under orders towards the Infirmary. Probably still sulking.

Q'fex slowly exits towards the infirmary, a pallor clear on his skin. "I don't know," he returns to Br'er, quietly, and impulsively swings an arm 'round Yules' shoulders as his wingsecond veers his way, a protective/comforting squeeze given. "It'll be okay," he states. But it's not quite clear who he's saying it to… those around him, or to himself.

Kultir groans at the order of quarantine and shakes his head slowly. "Oh, just lovely … all I wanted to do was go home and get a good nights sleep before I had to go out at dawn again." Sighing heavily, he makes his way toward the Infirmary. "Well, at least someone will be able to see why my leg hurts."

Some healer is totally going to explain everything to the 14 year-old… right?

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