==== November 27, 2013
==== Hannah, Nora
==== The girls meet up after dinner to discuss food, trips and acquisitions.

Who Hannah, Nora
What The girls meet up after dinner to discuss food, trips and acquisitions.
When There are 0 turns, 7 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Nighthearth

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A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.

Dinner has come and gone, though there be a few stragglers still left in the living caverns, but the majority of folks have had their feast of meats. Hannah is no different, though she's retreated from the chaos of the living caverns to the relative solitude of the night hearth. Currently, she's lounging in a chair that swallows her small form and rubbing her belly, a contented look to her features. Her hair is unbound and looks more like she's run her fingers through the pale strands. Dressed casually in a peach-colored dress with cap sleeves and a cream belt, the skirt is long enough to hide her knees. Creamy white shoes are propped up on a footstool. In the other hand, she's clutching a few hides, and sitting on the table at her side, a curl of steam comes up from the hot mug of spiced klah. In two words: food coma.

Nora's dark hair is pulled back, a springy ponytail that bobbles with her steps as she makes her way over to the nighthearth, a clipboard in one hand and a mug in the other. Her own dress is white — with accents of dark green today in her belt and shoes, the little gauze scarf tied at her throat — skirt swaying as she comes to a halt by the chairs. With Hannah so dwarfed, perhaps it's only now as she stops that Nora even realizes she's not alone. Her gaze flits over the diminutive woman and her belly rubbing and a wry smile pulls her mouth. "Please tell me that's just dinner." But after a moment to meet the goldrider's eye, to tease, she continues with the once over and decrees with a flutter of her hand, "I like this." Her outfit.

"Dinner? Dinner isn't the right word for it. Feast, is more like it," Hannah's tone is warm, liquid; the usual husky sound smoothed by contentment. "I left the weyr, Nora, and went to this amazing little place somewhere — I don't even remember where. I might be a little tipsy, even." True, her cheeks are pink with a glow that comes from alcohol. "I ate everything I could get my hands on and there was dancing and music." A bright smile is given up to Nora, and while she doesn't make a move to move, she does limply gesture to a chair for Nora to join her. "Thank you. You look stunningly put together as always. I love your scarf." She picks up the klah mug and takes a sip, a little awkward from her relaxed repose, but she manages to not spill anything on herself. "How've you been? I've been a little distracted lately." Or, wallowing in frustration at being stuck in the weyr for however long it's been.

Feast. Nora's fine brows lift, because generally if Southern puts on a feast, it's the kind of thing she'd hear about and this is news to her. So when the explanation comes, there's a silent, smiling 'ah' of understanding, and the assistant headwoman swings toward the neighboring chair, setting her mug aside so she can smooth her skirt into place as she sits. "Where was this magical place? Why didn't you bring me?" Some paltry intent to work might exist, with the clipboard flattened on her knee, but instead she grins aside at Hannah. "Was this your first time out?" Not ever, obviously. "Oh, and thank you." She straightens with prim contentment to have her clothes admired, but there's little more than that. With a sly grin she chooses instead to rib: "Though now you're making me feel like I don't feed people enough."

"I think I just ran off and left as soon as I could get out from the infirmary. Next time, we'll go together," Hannah promises with a brightness to her green eyes that's not entirely alcohol related. "It was some place on Ista Island. I was looking for a place I used to know about, but it's gone now. However, what I did find was another tavern-like place with dancing." But the most important element is: "And it was not Southern and this infernal rain. I am beginning to think that autumn is my least favorite season here." Seeing the clipboard, Hannah struggles to sit up without losing the contents of the mug, seeking to distract the other woman from her work. "It was, but not to be my last! Next time we should try to find a place in the north, maybe around Ruatha or Benden or even Southern Boll. You feed us enough, but I think I wanted to gorge on things not here. I was getting a little stir crazy." Followed by light laughter, the junior gives the assistant a winsome smile. "As long as I stay out of trouble, I am no longer grounded…"

A furrow comes to Nora's brow. "Did I hear right that you had some kind of accident?" Which is probably downplaying what she actually heard, but then… who can rely on gossip for accuracy? But she's happy enough to hear about this mysterious place with everything a person could possibly wish for. "I rather thought Ista wasn't all that different from here," she muses. "But then I haven't spent all that much time there." Which might perhaps explain some of the thinness around her smile when Hannah goes on about being stir crazy. "It sounds like a marvelous escape. And north sounds good, some place cold. I have this one delicious sweater I've been missing — it's just too warm to wear it here."

"Just a minor burn," Hannah downplays it herself, "Just a little mishap while we were practicing with our flamethrowers." She nibbles her bottom lip, and glances at Nora, "If you see Lendai, make sure to tell her that her hair is still beautiful." Which is good for both her friend and for Nora's professional health. "It was an out of the way place," the goldrider concedes thoughtfully, brows furrowing as she tries to remember through the pleasant haze of alcohol. "Oh! Nora. Nora. That is a marvelous idea. Let's go north, to the High Reaches area. And play in the snow. I've got — I can get some good, warm winter wear. Sledding sounds like a dream. We can get hot toddies and explore the snow." A pause, to think, before she adds, "We might have to go south, to the Southern mountains though. I think the north is just about to hit summer."

"Oooh," is drawn out a touch. "I will," Nora promises, eyes closing as she gives a nod that only partially solemn, particularly since she's so quick to smile again afterward. The roll of a shoulder promises that north or south doesn't make much difference. "Empty to the south, I suppose. But then… who knows how things will be by the time it's winter again in the north." There's a hitch in her smile, topically accepting that a change of fate is coming. Let's not dwell on it. Instead, she'll have a sip of her tea, testing the temperature at first and pausing to say, "So you feel better now?" before she actually drinks.

"Yeah," Hannah's voice drops, brows drawing in pensively before letting the thought of winter and the importance of it slip by to not be dwelt on this night. There are enough nights to dwell on what's coming. "It should at least be full of snow and our winter is coming up in a few weeks. It won't be full of people, but…" They can bring their own fun, right? "I am fine, and even more fine after getting ungrounded. I want to go shopping next. I've so many things I want to get." Another sip is taken from her klah, hands warmed around the ceramic mug. "What about you? How've you been holding up? The thread practicing coming along smoothly?"

"Just chipping away," Nora singsongs are talk turns to her own work. "You've seen the library? While you're out shopping you should keep an eye out for books. It feels a little empty in there. Someday it will overflow, but for now…" A thought comes to her, enough to make her mouth pinch for a moment, but she carries on. "I don't know about smoothly, but it's coming along. I try to remind myself that even a small improvement is better than nothing. Sometimes it just feels like a reminder of how powerless we all are." So much for not dwelling. Rather than harsh Hannah's mellow, she shifts to the edge of her seat in that not-lingering kind of way.

"I have. I will. I'm on the hunt for baby things — not mine, mind — but I will also check for what books we can pick up to flesh out our library." As Nora prepares to make her departure, the junior is once more slouching back in the chair, letting out a little groan that only one overly-stuffed-with-food can make. "I have confidence in you, Nora." A little tipsy, a little pink-cheeked, but the statement is sincere. "We may be powerless to what's coming, but in some small ways we can change the outcome. Of course, I will help where I can. We've gotta take care of our people." This last is murmured into her mug, though the looks she finally shoots towards Nora comes just before a sweetly sincere: "Soon, we'll go hunt up some snow, yes? Even sooner, I can take you back to that fabulous place with all the fabulous things…" A promise for something later, at any rate.

"Well sure," she answers — because that's how everyone replies to a vote of confidence? "I just don't know that it's really up to me." Nora slips on a cheeky smirk with that. "Enjoy digesting." There's a bounce of her eyebrows, lending a touch of suggestion to Hannah's post-binge relaxation. "And I'll pull out my winter trunk." She's probably not off to do it right this moment, as she waves the clipboard in both a silent version of farewell and also a little 'duty calls'. Work work, never done.

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