==== September 19, 2013
==== Sienna, K'ane
==== There is talk of work, and then K'ane makes Sienna wet herself.

Who Sienna, K'ane
What There is talk of work, and then K'ane makes Sienna wet herself.
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Weyrlingmaster's Office

Sienna is huge, and tired, and getting to be a bit grouchy if we're totally honest. Poor, pregnant Weyrlingmaster should really be on bed rest but…that's not an option. So she's in her office doing paperwork, and has been delegating more and more things to, well. K'ane. Poor K'ane. Why didn't N'thu make him WLM again? Faranth only knows. So as she works on paperwork, Kehemath lands outside, having just flown sweeps with some of the Sandblast riders + Weyrlings in the afternoon sweeps.

Hey, maybe she can finally get her prescribed bed rest once the weyrlings graduate! … uh, that is to say if they graduate before she goes poppin' her kid out. But. There's always hope, right? … Right? K'ane doesn't seem to be too put out by the added responsibilities, indeed offering to take more off Sienna's narrow shoulders as quickly as she delegates. He's not rank-hungry by any means, but… there's something to be said that he never knew his childrens' mothers when they were pregnant, and perhaps feels he owes a karmic debt. Whatever the case may be, K'ane's here with his daily report on Samyeli's morning drills, knocking softly at the door before popping his head in the doorway. "Y'busy?" he greets, brandishing a warm thermos in half-greeting half-offering.

Hope? What's that? Sienna already thinks this kid is going to kill her. Glancing up at the knock on her door, her furrowed brow smoothes into a smile and she nods, gesturing the thermos - I mean K'ane - into her office. "Always, but please. Interrupt me," she says with a slight and tired smile. The end of the day is always the hardest.

K'ane will be there to make ridiculously cute faces at the kid once it is born, and tell it all kinds of stories about what Uncle K'ane will do to any future girlfriend/boyfriends, because at that point in time he'll just be hitting his mature prime. Or something. Who knows, rednecks from Paradise have weird mental patterns. "Y'look like y'could use something soothing. It's mulled cider - one of th' girls in th' kitchen said this'un's got pears in it, an' pears are s'posed t'… do some magical shit, hell if I know." He offers the blended cider over to her nonetheless, and fwumps down into one of the chairs opposite her desk with a stretching of legs soon thereafter.

Sienna laughs softly and reaches forward to take the warmed thermos, taking a sniff before she tastes it. "Faranth. That's nice, thank you K'ane," she says with genuine appreciation in her gaze. "I know I'm working you hard and I'm really sorry about that." Guilt. She has it. "I want to make it up to you somehow…what do you need? Or want?"

"Y'welcome," K'ane returns, in that automatic way that people do, his brow furrowing at her guilt. "Huh?" Blank look, then, "Oh. I don't mind. Dhioth'd push me t'do it anyhow." He shrugs philosophically; "Makes me feel good t'know I can help someone." His eyes roll towards the ceiling, and he pushes past it after a, "But thanks, y'know, for th' thought." He afterthoughts his report to her desk, a single piece of hide with a matrix marked out - Samyeli drills well and it reflects in the scores upon that hide. "After that flight yesterday," the really bloody greenflight that Dhioth failed to win, "I had Kyara an' Vashae come out t'see th' carnage. Hope it opened their eyes a little, t' what it'll be like."

Sienna shifts a bit in her chair, studying the bronzerider for a moment. "If you don't tell me something I'll just /pick/ something. And you might not like what I get for you," she says stubbornly. Then a nod, shifting to work as she looks at the hide. "Good," she says, tapping a few numbers. "Mmm. That was a good idea, thank you for doing that. Nothing really prepares you for the first time though…but yeah, that's good for them to see."

K'ane scratches at his jaw. "Uh." Man, he doesn't know. "Cookies?" He remembers some things, maybe. Or listens. And nothing about K'ane indicates that he misses meals or would refuse a tasty treat. "I think Kyara took it a little hard," he states, his voice a bit retrospective… perhaps a little thoughtful where that particular pair is concerned. "Vashae's a trooper, though. I'd take 'er as a wingmate any day, even wi' that Jovianth of hers."

Sienna arches a brow. Cookies. Got it. But there's other things to talk about. "There's more to Kyara than meets the eye," she says, subtly (or maybe not so subtly) defending her friend and mentee. "She just takes time to process things. What do you think about Corelle not allowing girls to Stand?" she asks, leaning back in her chair and gazing thoughtfully around the office.

"I'm th' one who searched her," K'ane defends himself, finishing with a, "I ain't sayin' there's anything wrong with takin' ichor hard." He shakes his head, then grimaces at the question. "Well, I think she's a right crazy bitch, touched in th' head an' brainwashed with all them other dumbass goldriders from this time." Beat. Maybe a little bit of a furtive eye. "Uh, beggin' your pardon."

Sienna was more responding to K'ane /not/ saying he'd take Kyara as a wingmate. But she doesn't dwell on that. Because she's too busy laughing until she grimaces, rubbing her belly and taking another sip. "No need to beg my pardon, K'ane, I'm not offended by language. Or opinions. Thing is…I kind of like her as a person. She's nice. Friendly, lonely…but…yeah. I don't know. It's her right I suppose but part of me wishes for a brown to stands impress a girl. Just because."

K'ane is dumb, man. He doesn't think about sins of omission. Then again, he's a man. (And suddenly it all makes sense!) "Yeah, I ain't… I haven't talked to her much. Well, since th' flight." And his nose wrinkles, so manly, because Dhioth did chase in that flight, and thankfully lost. Then, a bit more shrewdly, "I bet W'rin's fine with it, though." An eyebrow half-cocked upwards; half a question, but one of those patentedly-cool-if-she-doesn't-want-to-answer conversational openings. "It'd be nice. T' see a brown claw his way through th' boys and pick some fine-china little girl from way back in th' back."

Sienna arches a brow at K'ane's gentle prying, and she ignores it. Either she has no clue what her weyrmate thinks, or she's not going to say. "Would be nice," she admits, sifting through the hides on her desk. "Wing assignments need some discussion as well. I'm hoping you can be at the meetings I have with the wingleaders, now that they've had time to watch the weyrlings and talk to them." It works like a draft, right?

Noted. "Yeah. I think we've got a strong clutch," K'ane moves on to the discussion of the WEYRLING DRAFT without being too put-off, "An' that gives us some bargainin' power. They deserve t' move into wings that'll fit 'em, play to their strengths." Needless to say, he's down for being at that particular meeting.

Sienna nods, "Exactly. Here's what I was thinking…" and she pushes a TOP SECRET list across the desk, neatly divided into columns - one for each row. "Not that we'll have /much/ say but it's good to go in knowing what we want for our weyrlings. What do you think?"

TOP SECRET. K'ane scans the list, running a calloused finger over the marks to judge this-and-that. It takes a moment, because he's obviously thinking about different things at each coinciding wing-and-weyrling. "I think that's a damned good place t' aim for, if we can get 'em there. Don't see why th' wingleaders would have issue with it, 'less maybe some of th' worse-off wings want some talent."

Sienna shrugs, "All our Weyrlings have talent. Some are just more raw than others," she admits. "Alright. Have you done one of these before?" Because she hasn't. Not like this. Not where wing placement can mean life or death.

"Truth," K'ane admits, conceding the point easily enough. He's in a damned fine mood, evidently. "Not.. from this angle, no. I helped Paige, when Inferno came 'round t' pickin' weyrlings, but I ain't ever been on this side of th' shindig."

Sienna exhales softly, shaking her head as she frowns at the hides. "I need to talk to W'rin then. I don't know how to play it. Not sure how…underhanded things get. If it's all things out on the table, strengths and weaknesses and negotiating, or if it's more cloak and dagger and shadows, and hiding what you really want…which I'm awful at." All her cards are always on the table. Intrigue is not her thing.

K'ane grunts his assent to Sienna's words, and perhaps a little bit of mirrored feeling, there. "I ain't good at that shit either. Ain't no reason t' beat around th' bush when lives are on th' line," pause, "You'd think. But these Igen bastards are slippery, sometimes." A sigh follows the words, heavy, as if K'ane's quite tired of the nowtimer.. slimeyness.

Sienna nods, "Exactly," she agrees, pushing curls out of her face. "Well…yeah. Talk to W'rin then? You think that's the best plan? Or just…wing it?" Ha. See what she did there?

"I could always punch 'em in th' nose if they get out of hand," K'ane provides OH-SO-HELPFULLY. "Or we could beat 'em all to th' punch an' give 'em a copy of this an' say if they have any problems with it," his grin kind of widens, "They can take it up with th' bossman." An' he ain't talkin' 'bout no Sienna, obviously.

Sienna snorts a laugh, shaking her head. "I wouldn't advise that," she says dryly. "Oh. Well…hmm. That…that is an idea but I don't think W'rin would go for that. It's hardly traditional…"

It was WORTH A TRY, or so K'ane's face seems to suggest. "Oh, well." He still wouldn't mind punching someone in the face, though. He's good at that. "Guess we ain't ever gonna change th' world unless we don't let 'em drag us down t' their level. Or somethin'. Right?"

Sienna frowns slightly, eying her assistant for a moment. "You really think that?"

What, does his sudden idealism surprise her? "Have y'ever met my lifemate?" K'ane dryly asks. "I'm all about gettin' shit done no matter what it takes, but…" He pauses, flexes his shoulder in a shrug. "Dhioth may have a point, on this one."

Sienna shakes her head. "No, not that. The drag us down to their level part. You think we're better than them?"

K'ane pauses, and levels at Sienna a long, long look. "Y'think we ain't?" His voice would be hilarious in a different context, terribly dubious.

Sienna considers that question for a moment before she shakes her head. "No."

K'ane leans back, his expression bemused in the classic sense: more than a little confused. "So y'sayin' that it's right for them t' hold back girls from Standing, an' look at full-grown women like they're nothin' better'n talkin' bitches, an' I mean dogs." K'ane: the closet feminist, whoever would have thought.

Sienna shakes her head firmly. "Of course not. But I don't think we're /better/ than them. I don't think they're beneath us. Wouldn't that be doing the same thing they're doing, thinking women are beneath them?"

"No," K'ane replies, his face still dubious, "'Cause I'd like t' see them succeed. They ain't ever gonna want to see a woman — or a bluerider, or a greenrider — succeed, 'less we change their minds. We. They ain't gonna change their minds themselves. They ain't just ignorant, Sienna, they're willfully blinding themselves." K'ane obviously has spent too many turns lifebonded to Dhioth. This is starting to sound like a holy crusade, isn't it?

Sienna shrugs a little bit, shaking her head. "I don't think a 'better than you' attitude is going to help that cause though. They'll come round once they /see/ how good we can be. We have to prove ourselves to them. /All/ of us. Not just the women. I think any 'better than you' attitude is dangerous."

K'ane shrugs. "I can't help th' fact that I'm just fuckin' awesome," he off-hands in a deadpan voice that is obviously tossed out there for a laugh, his face wry.

Sienna snorts, and then she laughs. Though it's bright and light, with a hand against her belly. "Faranth, K'ane," she suddenly hisses, heaving to her feet. "You made me wet myself."

K'ane makes a choking sound, half-between frozen laughter — oh shit, is he really supposed to find that funny? — and melt-through-the-floor-embarassment — doesn't he KNOW BETTER. "Uh. Shit. I'm sorry, Sienna." He even kind of cowers down, just a little, then, "Uh. Want me t' clear th' way to the latrines?" He bounces up to his feet, anxious.

Sienna /eyes/ her assistant, though it seems she finds it at least a /little/ funny. "No, no. Just step outside for a second…" She is prepared for this, clearly, but she won't tend to things with /him/ here.

"Oh. Uh. Sure." K'ane ducks his head before ducking outside to awkwardly stand guard over her door. When the all-clear is given, he'll be back to go over a last few things before heading out to the next thing to be done, ever-cheerful, because he's obviously just that fucking awesome. Or y'know, at least Dhioth thinks that.

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