==== January 2nd 2014
==== E'sren, Lisette
==== Lisette has claimed the dividing wall at the pasture. She is the queen. Also, E'sren shows up and follows her around on the ground. It goes swimmingly.

Who E'sren, Lisette
What Lisette has claimed the dividing wall at the pasture. She is the queen. Also, E'sren shows up and follows her around on the ground. It goes swimmingly.
When It is the sixth day of Spring and 77 degrees
Where Feeding Pastures

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Feeding Pastures
Up the side of the mountain, stone fences mark the lines of the different parts of the feeding pastures. Bovines, woolies, ovines, caprines, herdbeasts; they are all collected here, dotting the hillside in lazy repose to stand stark against the brilliance of the green pastures. Rich, rich grass grows here, fed by the humidity and tropical climate. The sounds here are a blend of bleating, baying, and the thundering of many steps as the different herds move about. Occasionally, the whiff of something foul is carried downwind from the collection of animals that serves as the weyr's food supply.

What a fine spring day. No really. It's nice. It's so nice that being outdoors is extra nice, except maybe not around the place where dragons go to kill and eat things. Ahruth is one such dragon, a bright beacon of blue amidst the carnage he's wrought in the pens. He's killed two large beasts and is just now finishing up on the second of those, the bones of the first mingling with blood and weird patches of fur that once belonged to something. It might be terribly gross but he's making a neat job of it at least, as he licks clean what might have been some kind of femur or something. His rider, yet, is nowhere to be seen.

It might seem strange for a girl to play out in the feeding pastures. But a girl that's spent a decent chunk of her time gutting fish is not likely to be offended by the guts of other animals. Lisette comes down from the top of the hill now, enjoying the fine spring weather regardless of the carnage being enjoyed by Ahruth and other dragons. She walks along the stone fence, one foot carefully in front of the other as she finds her footing. As usual it's all skirts and billowy shirts, because why bother wearing pants when you can be romantic look. Or something.

She's ignored for the most part, there are a couple of other dragons here but they're busy, and the animals aren't really thinking outside of 'noooooooo' right now, but Ahruth is a different story. He lifts his head to gaze over at Lisette, curious about her even being here, and maybe moreso with that she's walking on the wall. He's never seen that. It's very interesting. Somewhere not far, E'sren walks, making his way to meet his other half, with his hands in pockets and kicking a stone on the ground. When he's relayed the update about the girl on the fence, he smiles ruefully and maybe picks up his pace a little. Not too much so it looks obvious. Just enough to get him there. And when he has gotten there, he trails along behind her a few paces and singsongs, "Come Josephine, my flying machine going up she goes, up she goes."

Lisette can hear the sound of his boots on the grass and she turns her head slowly, chin tucked down as she watches him out of the corner of her eyes. "You're stalking me, see I knew it." Because she hasn't forgotten their last exchange that had her leaving in an exaggerated huff of skirts and accusations. There's a bit of triumph in her tone. It doesn't change her pace along the wall, she's concentrated keeping her feet in order. Otherwise she could end up tumbling off the stones like humpty dumpty and we all know how well that story went.

"Actually I was here first," is E'sren's easy reply, with a point of his finger at the dragon. "That's mine." And he doesn't seem to care that this might be an empty argument; it's all in fun. Either to make it easier on her or himself, he pulls up closer to walk side by side, if not on the same level, with her, aiming a squint up to watch her navigate that line of wall. "Why are you up there?" Meanwhile, Ahruth has begun cleaning up, shuffling off to an unsullied corner of the pens and licking between each taloned digit.

"You're walking behind me, following me. It doesn't matter where he is." Lisette keeps her attention forward, her hands slightly out at the sides in order to maintain balance. There's an end to this section of wall. She could go right or left or stay in one place for a moment. Maybe two moments. The laundress takes this as an opportunity to fluff and fix her hair before pulling it upwards into a ponytail. "Why shouldn't I be up here? This is my wall."

He lifts his head with a quizzical grunt. Her answer doesn't confuse E'sren so much as… well clearly it wasn't what he was expecting. Which is kind of in theme for every interaction they've had so far, so. "I wasn't following you," he says first. "For the record. And what do you mean this is your wall, it's just… a wall." With a look at it, his head tilted, just to make sure 'Lisette' isn't written in big letters somewhere on the stone.

"You know what they say about people who protest too loudly." Lisette shoots back as she bounces the bottom of her ponytail, making sure it has enough oompf. Casting a look down at the bluerider, she then looks around the rest of the fenced in pasture. "I mean that it's my wall. I've walked on. I've claimed it as my own. I can stroll around up here all afternoon if I so choose to. Who's going to stop me anyway? Who's going to take it away?" Who would want to is the real question here.

"What do they say?" E'sren wants to know, smiling that squinty-eyed smile of his and taking a lean against her wall. Ahruth has finished cleaning the necessary parts and, still curious about this wall girl, ducks down and slinks closer with his wings tucked in close so he's like a neon serpent. "I doubt anyone could take it away. It being a wall and all." He's teasing her, gently but… teasing. "Your boss might stop you. Do you even have a boss? I can't imagine anyone actually telling you what to do." To one side of her, Ahruth's head rises until he's eye-level with her.

For whatever reason, there are pebbles on the top of the stone wall. With a tiny push of her foot, she sends some tumbling over the edge towards the top of E'sren's head. Not kicked at him. Just… encouraged to fall in his direction. "You've never heard of that expression before?" Lisette appears dubious. "I think you're fucking with me now. Everyone has heard that expression. You should go look it up. Read a book. Get worldly. You're a rider." Ugh. Does she have to explain everything to him? She rolls her eyes as she examines her fingernails. "I have a boss. She just doesn't know where I am right now." Oh, that's good. When Ahruth brings his head up to eye-level with her, she turns to slowly regard him. The blue is given the lift one dark eyebrow. "Yes?"

Luckily he's quick. The first signs of trouble alert him just in time to duck out of the way of that tiny avalanche, though he's still swiping his hand through his hair in case there's any dirt. "Books? Never heard of 'em," says a person who reads a lot of books. "But I am definitely fucking with you. Are you always this charming? Have I asked you that before?" Ahruth ducks down again, maybe a little bit afraid, and lifts a wing to hide behind. "I'm a nice guy. You should be nice to me."

Lisette peers down at the hiding dragon, eyebrow still raised though now her expression has a faint cast of amusement to it. "I thought you had to be able to read to graduate from your dragon nanny time?" Or weyrlinghood. Most people would call that weyrlinghood. "Do you make it a habit to walk around and call women charming? So many women that you can't remember which ones you've called charming before?" She wonders humorously, pushing some more pebbles over before she begins her stroll along the wall again. He can come along or stay put, she doesn't keep tabs too closely. "Nice? Hm. I don't deal in nice. But I'm sure there are some girls out there that do."

"Nah. Not as important as you'd think." Reading. Bah. As she makes her merry little way along that wall again, E'sren does move to follow her, but not before glancing over at Ahruth and reaching a hand over to soothe him real quick. "Do you make it a habit to be so trusting of character? You don't even know me, you already hate me." There's a large rock in her path a few steps ahead, he gets to it in time to shove it out of her way and aims a winning grin up at her. "Other girls, right? Not you? You want me to go talk to them, give you and your wall some alone time?"

"Uh huh…" She slows when E'sren is ahead of her, moving the large rock out of her way. He's regarded with that uptick of dark eyebrows again and a neutral expression, unreadable. "I make it a habit to be trusting of my own instincts. Unless you'd prefer I start to not trust myself. In which case if that's what you want I'll just assume you're trying to gaslight me. And that's not very nice at all." The wall narrows about with the use of different rocks and stones. But rather than be persuaded to hop off, she gets onto her tippy-toes (very safe) and continues her progress. "Is that an ultimatum?" Again the amusement is back, tugging on the corners of her mouth and making her smirk. "You'll leave me? Abandon me here and go talk to other girls?"

"And what do your instincts tell you about me? That I suck?" It's an understandable conclusion, perhaps. As carefree as E'sren might seem, when she's up on her tiptoes his dark eyes get very intent even if he's still smiling; it's a strange combination of things to happen on his face. Instead of telling her to be careful, which could really only invite more sarcasm, he just watches her more carefully. Just in case. And maybe moves another rock out of her way. Maybe all the rocks. Abandon her? "Abandoning's not really my thing. Besides, they wouldn't be so nice and cuddly as you I don't think."

"The better question, the more appropriate question is why do you care what my instincts are telling me about you?" Lisette is going to play mindhealer here now. This isn't about her! It's about him! "How does this all make you feel?" Since he doesn't tell her to be careful, he's blissfully free of sarcasm for one to two whole minutes as she navigates passage onto a broader base of rock. "Right, because you're a nice guy. I'm sure that you would be surprised by the quality of the women just… waiting around. Just check out the tavern. Lots of sweet, cuddly women all over the place there." Suddenly and with little warning, she drops down and sits on the wall. Her long legs are crossed over and she arranges her skirts politely.

"Oh I dunno. Maybe I just don't want you thinking I'm some asshole. I feel like you think I'm an asshole." Which rolls everything up into a nice little bundle, that answer. "I have checked out the tavern," E'sren replies, walking backwards a few paces with her so he can look up and see her face, suddenly so important since he has no idea what's going on in her head. "And I wasn't surprised." But now he is, his eyes widening when she drops and yes, he does rush forward like he might catch her or stop her fall, for that has to be what it is… no. No it isn't. She's just sitting nicely. His headlong momentum is easier started than stopped and he ends up needing to brake with his hands on the wall to either side of her.

She skips past responding to that first thing for a moment, instead focusing on picking some things out from under her nails. They're remarkably well cared for, despite having to be in soapy water all the time. When he nearly crashes into the stone wall, she looks down at him with mild surprised. "I think that you're spastic. But harmless." Is her ultimate conclusion on what kind of a guy that Lisette thinks E'sren is. And really, there are probably worse conclusions that she could have come to. At least she's dropped that whole 'stalking' thing for awhile.

A blessing, surely. Once E'sren has stepped back from the wall, oh so calmly, he brushes his hands off on his pants and gives her a Look. "Spastic. You're walking around on walls and kicking rocks at me and you're calling me spastic." Suddenly he's grinning, wide, with a dimple and everything, and squinting at her. "You're so full of shit." Which is apparently very funny to him. "Harmless I'll take though. Thanks."

"Excuse me?" There it is. It's the Lisette wind up before a nice good rambly monologue full of denials and accusations is about to begin. "Honey, first off. They call this kind of behavior eccentric. Some people even believe that it's a positive personality trait." That's exactly what people view it as, exactly. There's no other way about it. "You however follow me around, ask me my opinion on your personality, call me cuddly which well- if that's not delusional? Ha! I don't know what is. And to top it off, you just ran into a stone wall at full force. I didn't do that. I've been gracefully dancing-" Dancing? What? "-my way to this exact location. You, bluerider, guy, are the one that is full of shit."

By now, after a few good encounters, E'sren is almost used to it. As soon as he realizes she's gonna let 'er rip, and he realizes fairly early on, he grins again and settles back to enjoy. He nods at a few points; he even laughs somewhere in there. When she's quite finished, and giving him his title of all things, he lifts his eyebrows like he's so shocked and places his hand over his heart. And grins. "Well forgive me my wrongdoings, my lady, I have clearly erred." With a bow to match the absurdity of it all, he turns to take his leave. But after a few steps he whirls back around to take the next few backwards. "You really are graceful, you know."

"Ugh." That's Lisette's reply to his compliment. She waves her hand at him in an imperious 'go away' fashion. And the fact is, she's really some kind of nutjob now and again.

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