==== Dec 3, 2013
==== Arianne, Th'seus
==== Wing formations, failings, and conniving.

Who Arianne, Th'seus
What Wing formations, failings, and conniving
When There are 0 turns, 6 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Council Room

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Council Room
Spacious, this room is cut from the same scale as the living caverns: vast and given to inspiring awe for those who enter. The floor is tiled in a shining cross-hatch of dark and light, an ironic chessboard setting for the looming and overlarge council table. Weathered it is, long and rectangular, with a matching sideboard twice again as long as it is. This is a room for meetings, for work, for decisions: such is evident by the hearth in the corner, and the always-fresh pot of klah.

"I really think this table is over the top." Th'seus remarks tiredly as he reaches up and rubs at the bridge of his nose before pushing one pile of hides containing flight formations away from him. The council table is quite large and that chessboard setting, well. Someone must have liked it if they decided to put it in there. Dropping his arm he stretches over to drag his drink closer to him and then tap at the corner of whatever Arianne is looking over. "I like this one for yours. You've got a better color distribution for it. Lynx is too heavy for anything that agile-needing."

"A few marks says it's probably not so huge for business purposes." Arianna mutters, without thinking. Then colors when she -does- think. But, Th'seus just gets a sheepish grin and a shrug for her blunt opinion there. And then she nods at the formation he's pointing too. "I just worry about the number of change-outs we'll need because of having mostly the smaller dragons. But, we'll have to get used to it." the admittance given while she nods over at the discarded pile of papers an armlength away. "That one we looked at a half candlemark ago was good for the heavier wings."

"Maybe it's how Lendai and Q'fex survive their meetings. They're too far away from each other to get any punches or stabs in before one of them can run out the door." Th'seus wonders almost as absently as Arianne makes her own comment. She gets a jut of his eyebrow for that and an amused upturn of his mouth. "I know you're supposed to be running a more lightweight operation, but maybe…" He trails off, glancing over at the discarded formations. "Maybe you could pick up more browns when the next group is ready to be tapped. Then you would have to switch out as often." Naturally the other wings might want some of those browns they're discussing, but who cares what they want?

At first, Arianne looks confused. Lendai and Q'fex… but, no. He's… Br'er… and… *cue brow furrow*. And then she clues in and her eyes go wide in understanding. "Ohhhhhhh." she breathes out. "Well now that would make sense. It explains the lack of blood splatter too." she adds, lips quirking up a little in amusement. "I was thinking about that. That I'd like to fill in our ranks with some more browns. I've my eye on a few of the weyrlings for that purpose. Which means I've been keeping Caelth away from them so they aren't too scared to join the wing." Beam. "And, you now, being helpful. Generally. But mostly keeping Caelth away from them. So. How's Lynx doing with their drills? I was thinking maybe we should have a double wing drill. Like, a heavy or mid wing, paired with a light wing. We have to learn how to support each other as well as stay in formation."

"Not that I don't think they're capable of restraint or anything." No, no not at all. Perish the thought. Th'seus laughs at her remark on her own lifemate. "Are you sure that Vossuth and Caelth didn't hatch from the same clutch? He's about as friendly. I thought he'd be better with this group considering they're his." But apparently not so much with the nice-making on the bronze's part. He leans back in his chair, fingers lacing behind his head. "Lynx could use some lightening, I think. Maybe when it comes time to assign them to wings?" He'll let that question hang there for now, transitioning to answering her's instead. "We're slow, unfortunately. Faster since that mock fall." Is that a faint grimace as the memory comes back? Perhaps. "I'd like that. I think it would do both wings some good."

Arianne snorts. Even if Th'seus thinks they are capable of restraint, she's not so sure. And maybe the snort also refers back to Caelth and Vossuth since it prompts a laugh out of her. "I think I'd remember someone else getting into as much trouble as I did, if we'd been in the same clutch." she points out. Faranth knows she was always on some kind of punishment duty. Half because Caelth. Half because she has boobs. "I bet we could figure something out. Get our requests in early, and maybe they'll be given extra consideration?" Early, and a few bottles of fine whiskey, -maybe-. But she doesn't understand how these things actually work yet. "I'm pretty sure everyone walked away with paint on them after that. And great! We'll set up a time for it." Instinctively, she goes to tuck hair behind her ear and realizes… nope. Too short now. The resuting stink-face is hard to miss, when she winds up having to reach for her mug instead.

Th'seus tilts his chin back and laughs, rubbing the back of his head with the laced together fingers. "There probably wouldn't been room for the both of us on punishment duty. I was a special stupid kind of kid." He admits ruefully while stretching his legs out under the table. "Sure, that's a good plan. And you know, I've made some friends, made some enemies, won some bets. I could see about calling some of those things in. After all, the less wings looking to tap, Yules, for instance, the higher the chances Serval could get her." The bronzerider watches the attempted her brush back with amusement. His own is actually shorter now too, but it's probably less traumatic for him. "Great, I look forward to it. And… I was painted out of that drill in under twenty minutes. Did a lot for my ego." As in, what ego now?

"Oh, I tried to be good. But, it took the entire weyrlinghood to learn how to keep Caelth under control with that temper he has." Equally rueful, Arianne presents the opposite picture then Th'seus. She leans forward and props her chin in her free hand with elbow rested firmly on the table. "I did, definitely, have my eye on nabbing Yules for Serval. And T'ral. Since he's expressed some interest in dragonhealing. But you don't call in favors unless there's something in return. So, who do you want dibs on?" she wonders, wincing then a bit belatedly when his time-to-paint is revealed. "I told Nika that other wings didn't do well either. But I don't think that sank in very well."

"Yeah, I… I thought that I was very impressive. And in a sense I was, a real impressive, obnoxious pain in the ass with an inflated sense of self-worth. Needless to say the Weyrlingmaster wasn't too thrilled with me." He grins now, still rueful at past-him and then there's a quick quirk of his lips when she mentions calling dibs. "I've been keeping my eye on Cerise, Maosa too. They're both tough as nails, even if that blue concerns me a little. He seems a little tightly wound?" That's the best that can come up with in describing Osweith there. "It was hard on all of us. I think we expected it to be bad, just not as bad as it turned out to be. I try to keep in mind that real thread isn't going to be a weyrling on Q'fex's dragon intentionally hurling stuff at us."

"A bronzerider with an inflated ego? MY GOODNESS. I'm shocked." Teasing! Arianne's just teasing. And if he can't see that she's smiling behind the mug she's drinking from, then probably the way her shoulders shake a little as she tries not to laugh will. "They really are. I'd take either one of them in a heartbeat. Though, as you say… that blue. I envision entire drill sessions spent with draconic arguing over whether 'the man' is just forcing us to use these formations and can't we just divebomb the redstar and…" sigh. "Yeah, no. He and Caelth might be a bad mix together." The humor fades a little though, discussing how the mock fall went. "It's hard to know if being in a -real- fall will tighten dragon reflexes out of instinct, too." She's hoping.

"I know, I know. It's hard to imagine. But apparently my dragon didn't make me the sexiest, smartest man on the entire planet. It took me awhile to figure that one out too. The world is cruel." Th'seus sighs sadly for his bad luck at not being transformed into the greatest person that has ever lived. "Yeah, that's probably going to be quite a trip." He admits with a low laugh, shaking his head. "I think he'll turn out to be alright when there's an actual 'fall to focus on. And I don't think she's going to let him just do whatever he wants." His tone is hopeful. He can hope, right? "There is that. I keep trying to remember that thread's fallen before and we didn't all just keel over and die. I mean, some people die. But not everyone."
Wellllllllllll, that makes Arianne nearly snort klah right out her nose. As it is, her eyes water with the effort not to choke and wheeze on her drink that went down the wrong way. "Your hopes and dreams just crushed. Just like that." she finally chokes out hand rested over her heart in apparent sympathy. "That must have been a rough lesson. If it makes you feel better, I think we've all had a peg knocked out from under us as some point. A dragon doesn't suddenly make you special." Well, ok. It doesn't make -everyone- special. Apparently some people it does. "And we have some people now who've flown threadfall. Jesha, for one. She remembers. G'deon remembers. Which is good for the weyrlings. Between him and Ja'kai, they'll be ready. And we're all working hard." Working hard at plotting to take the best weyrlings, anyway!

Th'seus snaps his fingers. Just like that. It's closed lipped laughter before letting at least one escape out of his mouth. "I think they were some lessons I probably needed to learn. Otherwise I'd be in-fucking-sufferable and you'd be chasing me out of the room with knife right around now." Like how Q'fex and Lendai must do a few times a week. Sitting up straight in the chair finally and bring his arms back around front again, "They're important. I'd say more important then they realize, but they probably do realize. That's why they're here."

"So you mean you would be like V'dean, but on a bronze…" Arianne ventures? Her tone mostly innocent as she floats that comparison. And then ruins it by twitching a little. "My big lesson has been self control. It doesn't matter how mad I am. I have to stay calm. Always. And I can't let things upset me. It's a good lesson for a dragonhealer to learn, let alone a wingsecond or a wingleader." she admits, sounding a little sheepish perhaps.

"Maybe if he'd impressed bronze…" Th'seus raises his hands, palms up. "Actually, I have almost no idea who that is. But I'll just assume he's some kind of an asshole." Which is certainly fair, seeing as how he's never met poor V'dean in his entire life. "I think those are valuable lessons for anyone to learn. Apparently running around doing whatever we want is frowned upon in this society. You do good work with Serval." That last bit is said more genuinely, less of the easy joking around laced within.

"More like a sleaze. A traditionalist sleaze. Boy that must be kinda difficult to … you know, compartmentalize." He wants to sleep with all the ladies, who by the way are totally incompetent idiots or something. But that moment of contemplation is shaken off and she flashes a genuine smile. "Thank you. I thought Q'fex made a really good choice when he chose to make you Lynx's wingleader. And you've proven me right, there." Plus he obviously has good taste in competence. "Now if we can justt get our wings working together well enough, we'll leave everyone else in the dust when another competition comes up." Okay, maybe a little bit of Caelth seeps through there, what with the slightly feral grin that appears.

"Probably not as difficult as you're thinking it might be. Bet he doesn't give it a whole lot of deep, meaningful thought." Th'seus grins lopsidedly before he pushes his chair back and gets to a standing position. "Now if we can just get past the first fall with most of our riders in one piece, we'll really be as awesome as we think we are." It's not a doom and gloom tone, just more rueful, self-abusing humor on his part. "Thank you for your time. I need to get going, I'm pretty sure that I just realized I was supposed to meet up with Jedi. She's going to kill me for being late." Again. There's an implied again in there.

"I hear that." Ari mumbles, probably half worried she'll come out of the first fall a mangled mess. But, her smile is equal parts wry and equal parts hopeful. "I think we'd al prefer you alive, Th'seus. So shoo! I do not want to be responsible for your doom." Especially not if he's already met his fate multiple times. It would be like rubbing salt in a wound! "We'll talk soon!" And she goes back to shuffling through papers when he runs out to meet with his Wingsecond.

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