==== December 28, 2013
==== K'vvan, N'cal
==== K'vvan has a secret and N'cal will let it go- for now.

Who K'vvan, N'cal
What K'vvan has a secret and N'cal will let it go- for now.
When 4 months and 6 days until the 12th pass.
Where Archives

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A grand room, lost to more pressing concerns, the Archives hold many treasures well past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. Faded and disused Records lean tiredly against their shelves, their bindings peeling and creating layers of dust on surfaces long left without maintenance. The floors are dirty, various footprints creating crisscrossing paths between rickety wooden chairs and drunkenly off-kilter tables. Columns rise upward to the ceiling, hung with glow-baskets scarcely tended and fast losing their strength. The hum of activity is duller, here in this forgotten space — few visit in search of historical facts.

Papers, scrolls, hides- Each of these has been plunked out on a table by K'vvan who is searching among them for, well, something. Another hide holds his own chicken-scratch notes depicting wing arrangements and partnership trios. K'vvan doesn't sit in a chair. Instead he looms over the the table, occasionally knocking a hide off and muttering under his breath as he bends to retrieve it.

Dull bootsteps thumping toward the Archives from the corridor beyond announce the arrival of Arroyo's other wingsecond, the bit of dust that still clings to his tall form testament to the sort of walk he's just had. There are records tucked under his own arm as he appears in the doorway, where he stops and slips out of his jacket as he glances within. "Evening, K'vvan," is N'cal's polite greeting as he drapes the jacket over a chair near the door - no need to bring more dust than necessary into this place, after all. The bluerider glances briefly down at the notes as he passes behind the man. "For tomorrow?" he questions, turning to make sure he's putting his own borrowed folios back in the right spot on the nearby shelves.

Less twitchy by far then K'vvan has been the last few days, N'cal's entrance doesn't cause the green rider to jump. Instead his gaze just flips upwards to N'cal. "Yeah. I think we finally have enough riders who can make a full fall to make the mid-fall shift revolve around them, rather then the more flexible way we had to use in Keroon." K'vvan riffles though his notes to hand them over to the blue-rider. "Though Sh'em and and Is'teal will have to push themselves a bit."

N'cal accepts the notes handed his way with a nod of thanks, scanning them over. "I agree," he says, then gives a light, rueful snort. "Keroon was certainly a fire under the arse, wasn't it?" No humor to the statement - just factuality. "Though our flexibility did us credit, then. And those tactics could certainly come in useful over rougher terrain in high winds, even with the influx of browns and bronzes." He turns, tucking the notes under his arm as he moves about in search of another folio. "Sh'em and Is'teal, yes. Have they been getting out into the storms for endurance work, do you know?"

K'vvan scowls a bit, then sighs slightly. "Give those over to the wingleader when you see her next? You probably will before I do unless Nadeeth bespeaks Kanyith. I gave She'm and Is'teal the exercises W'rin had Nadeeth and I doing in Whirlwind before, as well as getting out when they can. Though I told them to err on the side of caution- We don't need any more injuries." The files on the table get a bit of moving around before K'vvan stands up again, a bit ill at ease. "Truth to be told, I'll be glad to have you and Trek lead the two halves of the fall next time."

"Good man," N'cal remarks, nodding approval for K'vvan's actions with the two riders in question. "And I'm due to meet with Trek a bit later, so yes, I'll be sure she gets them." Noting the greenrider's discomfiture, N'cal folds his arms, giving his co-second an assessing glance. "Oh?" he questions, trying to discern the source of the greenrider's discomfort. "We're ready and willing, of course…particularly after inadvertently leaving you as the lone lead at Keroon. But I suspect you've something on your mind on the matter." Silent, he waits to see if K'vvan intends to be forthcoming, leaning a shoulder against the sturdy corner of the nearest shelf.

K'vvan doesn't meet N'cal's gaze. Instead his hands get busy reorganizing the hides on the desk to be reshelved on the shelves. "Aye." Silence reins for a space as K'vvan continues his movements, it becoming more obvious that K'vvan is stalling for time. When he speaks there is a hint that K'vvan isn't spilling everything. "It is better if the trios know who they are following each half, with Nadeeth learning to take either your or Trek's place."

N'cal paces away from the shelf a bit - not trying to get K'vvan to look at him, but putting himself more in front of the greenrider rather than a bit behind his shoulder. "It'll be well established," he assures. "It'll just take some time for it to get to be second nature in drills, of course." Still watching the other wingsecond, N'cal taps a finger quietly against his elbow. The younger man is a difficult read for the Fortian bluerider, other than the definite air of "keep your bloody distance" he exudes. The former trader has had plenty of experience dealing with similar personalities in the past…though none quite like this. Still, the reservation in K'vvan's tone is evident enough that N'cal remains curious. "Anything else?"

"Nothing Nadeeth and I aren't working out." K'vvan says shortly, the air of 'mind your own business' peeking out. The last of the hides finally organized the green rider turns away from N'cal to start stuffing the hides back in place. "Just make sure that shoulder of yours gets healed and don't get hurt."

Absently shifting his shoulder once it's mentioned, N'cal gives a curt nod. "The healing, I can guarantee. The not getting hurt, I can't," he counters, shrugging slightly. "None of us can. Naturally." Even with the hint of warning at the edges of K'vvan's tone, N'cal decides he'd be remiss to just let it go. If there's something else going on… "Well, be sure to let me or Trek know if there's an issue, of course," he urges, tone offhanded as he drops into a chair and flipping open his newly-procured record. "It isn't as if either of us are completely comfortable where we are, either." His eyes stay down, scanning the leatherbound, yellowed parchment in his hands as his ears remain alert.

Vague grumbling from the green rider as he picks up another pile and moves to the shelves nearest N'cal. "It hasn't been an issue yet." K'vvan pushes the hides up onto the shelf with a tad more force then might otherwise be necessary. "And we'll keep it that way. Its just better if we aren't front and center again right away."

"If that's what you feel is best," N'cal concedes, straightening from his scrutiny of the record and levelling a cool gaze on K'vvan, "then that'll be respected. But whatever 'it' is having a 'yet' attached to it doesn't inspire confidence, you'll have to admit." He folds his arms again. "Tell me this much: personal? Or wing-related? If it's the former, I drop it. If it's the latter, you know I have to take an interest."

For the briefest of seconds when K'vvan turns, his green eyes meet N'cal's blue-green before they slide away to look elsewhere in the room. "Personal. Dead personal. I'm working to make sure it doesn't be come a wing issue." Final overtones of 'and leave it alone' lance through K'vvan's words. He sweeps back to the table and gathers up what is left of the hides into his arms. "I'll see you at drills tomorrow." And then the green rider is taking himself off, fleeing the presence of the other wingsecond and his questions.

As promised, N'cal relinquishes the issue…but not without taking a very deliberate mental note. He watches sidelong as K'vvan takes up his remaining records, slipping his own up onto the table for better perusal. Apparently, he intends to remain to a while. "Tomorrow, K'vvan," he calls after the greenrider, his gaze lingering pensively on the other wingsecond's retreat before moving back to reading. What to make of what just happened…and should he voice a concern to Trek? One more thing to ponder in between studies this evening.

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