==== February 6, 2014
==== Reilan, Thierry
==== Reilan wants in. Thierry wants him to prove himself. Contains mature content.

Who Reilan, Thierry
What Reilan wants in. Thierry wants him to prove himself. Note: Contains mature content, ie language and mild violence. Slightly backdated.
When There are 0 turns, 0 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Bazaar

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A random sidestreet in the Igen bazaar
Just your typical street.

Sunset's a mere breath away, which means the bazaar's cooled down considerably in the dying light of day. The sidestreets are busy and business is rife for Thierry and his gang of street'snakes; they're hanging out in the mouth of a sidestreet, luring in punters to take bets on the tunnelsnakes fighting in the little mobile pen. And while they've got the punters occupied with the fight? There might be a little five-fingered discounting going on around the edges.

Reilan is…around. He has been before, and he likely will many times in the future. Noticed? Probably not all that often in the past, given his younger age. But teenager he is, certainly not much younger if at all than some of Thierry’s little thugs. Still, he moves, covered as many of the people tend to be in the warmer, sandy conditions of Igen. With the dying light, however, he seems keen enough to remove the scarf wrapped around his head. The cloth over his face stays, simply to keep out the grit that remains…especially with the crush of people. But Reilan himself seems to be looking for someone…in particular. His eyes scan through the crowd at least, lingering a bit on each member of that…little group when he finds them.

There's shouting and cheering as the tunnelsnakes in the ring bring the fight to a close; one's left victorious, while the other's put out of its misery by a quick slash of the knife to its carapace. It's Thierry who steps in to haul the dead beastie out, tossing it into the piles of discarded trash down the alley. Away from the crowd for a moment, he pauses to strike up a toke, striking flints to get a big enough spark to set the end alight. Once it's smouldering he takes a long, deep drag, leaning back against the alley wall with eyes closed in a rare moment of quiet bliss.

A quiet that Reilan unfortunately must interrupt. For once he spots Thierry the younger teen moves that way, skirting the crowd to drift up along the wall nearby. He does in fact stand there a good moment, head tilting, before speaking up. “Thierry. I need to talk to you.” Well it’s not like the older boy isn’t known to him. Known to many around in the right circles, after all. And Reilan has grown up around all the tunnelsnake fighting. “I want in.”

Thierry cracks open one eye to see who's disturbing his peaceful little moment. He blows a plume of smoke towards Reilan's face, huffing in… disappointment? Disapproval? Something along those lines. "Reilan." Yes, he knows the kid. Hard not to, really. In goes another lungful of smoke, blown out this time in a steady stream up into the night air, before Thierry looks back down at him, eyes narrowed and head canted to one side. "In what?"

The smoke doesn’t seem to bother Reilan all that much, although he also at least has a cloth in front of his mouth and nose to help keep from breathing it in. There may even be a slight redness to the side of his face just above where that cloth begins. His eyes narrow just a bit though at the question…or maybe it’s just the tone taken with him. But he shifts to lean back on the wall a bit, looking toward the gatherings of people beginning to bustle on their way from the fight. “You know what. An extra pair of hands can’t hurt with you and your…group.”

His /group/. Thierry snorts, looking over Reilan's head to where the boys - the ones he trusts most, anyway - are sorting out the last of the bets, while the others are folding up the portable ring. The lanky teenager snorts again when he looks down at Reilan, prodding him roughly in the shoulder. "You're too young, Rei," he snips, condescendingly. "Baby boys oughta go play with their toys, not with the big boys." With the toke held between his lips, he sidesteps the not-that-much-younger teen to head back to his gang.

Reilan does not at all look happy with that response, and shifts aside to keep between Thierry and the rest of his group. "The big boys already want to play with me. Why shouldn't I? I'm not a child." He does peel back the veil this time, and it's quite evident he's been struck. Recently. He frowns at Thierry though, a brow lifting. "I'm capable."

He'll find no sympathy with Thierry for bruises and black eyes; the teen's dark gaze flickers briefly over Reilan's injury, before he shrugs and looks back out over the younger, shorter boy's head. "Black eyes don't mean shit, other than you can't duck." He inhales smoke from his toke, blowing it once more into Reilan's face. "You can't duck, you can't join. We're not a knitting club."

No loyalty amongst childhood…somewhat…familiars? Oh well. Reilan doesn’t look pleased however. “You can’t always duck. All the same, I’d prefer it halted before I have to start hiding bodies in the midden.” Because it’s stinky there, and he’d rather not have to mess around in it. There is at least the confidence that he wouldn’t be on the /losing/ end of an attack. He settles a hand on his hip though, lips pressing into a line. “What’s the real reason, hm? If you think I’m such a child, then what? Are you worried about me? My future? I didn’t know you were the type.”

Thierry looks doubtfully down at Reilan. Him, hiding bodies? PFT. Right. "You'd slow us down." Cue more smoke, blown in a steady stream into the younger youth's face. "You couldn't keep up." He runs his eyes the length of Reilan's shorter form, lip curled into a disdainful snarl. "You couldn't do anything for us." By now, the rest of the boys have finished with their business, and they're starting to meander down the alley. So far they're hanging back, but the presence of them - all six or so - could, perhaps, be intimidating as they loom closer, blocking off the way to the central streets.

Rei isn’t completely oblivious. No, he’s well aware that there’s less and less room between himself and the other bodies snaking up through the alley. A knife is slid into his hand - where was he even keeping it? It’s there nonetheless, the boy palming it without actually waving it around. Not yet anyway. There’s a faint look over his shoulder though, before the tip of the blade is pointed at the others closing in. “Don’t even think about it.” Thierry gets his attention again though, snorting. “You have no /idea/ what I can do. You’re too busy snorting that shit up to look.”

"Oooooh, he's got a /knife/!" Thierry raises his hands in mock-fear, fingers wiggling alongside his oh-so-terrified expression. Then he drops the look, replacing it with a darker scowl as he reaches out to push Reilan in the chest. Not /too/ hard, but hard enough to certainly be felt. "No idea what you can do?" He looks up to his boys, nodding - just once - at them before turning his attention back to Reilan. "How're you going to prove yourself?"

Reilan tenses..dropping the hand holding his knife and very almost bringing it back up again in front of him at that push. Reflexive action! He frowns though, a bit uneasy for a moment or two while still keeping hold of the blade. Just in case. “What do you want me to do?”

"You tell /me/ what you can do for me. For /us/." Thierry draws Reilan's attention to the gang with a jerk of his head in their direction, just in case the little teen wasn't aware of them before. Hah. Then he holds us a finger, waggling it in front of Reilan's nose. "No." He pauses, long enough to draw on his toke and exhale smoke into the air between them. "You /show/ us what you can do."

Reilan does put his knife away eventually, though he raises his hand to /push/ Thierry’s away from his face. “Honestly…and you call me a child.” He does turn away from the older boy though, stalking right back down the alley toward the group of boys. He doesn’t wait for them to move, he simply pushes between two of them. ..And if one happens to be missing something later…well. Rei himself moves back down toward the more crowded area of walkway. It doesn’t really take him long to find someone who isn’t paying as much attention as they should. It’s really no trouble to lift something from the man and simply..keep walking.

It's a shame, really, that none of that can be seen by Thierry or the boys; as soon as Reilan pushes through them, the gang starts to laugh about the little teen's audacity. Clearly, there's little belief that he could actually be /capable/ of anything worthy of becoming one of them, and, under Thierry's command, they begin to disperse into the night. There's three of them who follow Thierry back to the ring, mobile outfit and caged 'snake in hand.

Reilan himself sometimes sleeps in that area. Why not? His father lives there and he beds down where he can. Although he’s settled on top of a few crates when Thierry and his thugs make it back with their gear. At least this time, in the more indoor space, he’s been able to shed a few of the layers about him, with his hair and face quite visible. There’s a faint smile on his face though as he watches the older boys, lashes lowering ever so slightly. “Hey Phib….did you want this back?” And yes, there it is, the small pouch that would likely contain whatever valuable the boy might possess.

Phib sets his end of the tunnelsnake ring down, Thierry dropping his side, too. The other boys have already gone to wherever they're going, so it's just the three of them in the storage area. Thierry looks with narrowed eyes at Reilan, uncertain of what exactly's going on; Phib, though, starts patting down his pockets, trying to find the very pouch that's being dangled in front of him. "The fuck?" Oh, he's not happy! "Fucking little shit!" Not happy, and charging towards Reilan to reclaim his property, while Thierry looks on, smirking.

“How is it my fault you can’t keep track of your things?” Reilan remains where he is, at least until Phib begins to charge him, anyway. The blond laughs, climbing easily to a higher stacked crate. At least it’ll keep him out of reach…briefly. At least the teen looks thoroughly pleased with himself. Even as though he might be having a good time of it all despite Phib’s obvious rage.

Thierry's amused, at least. Phib? Not so much, and the beefy older teen doesn't bother with clambering on crates - he just throws his weight at the bottom one with the intention of knocking them, and Reilan, over. /That/, though, doesn't fly with Thierry. Sersang property is /his/ property! "Phib," he growls warningly, going over to shove the heavier-built boy away from the crates. "You can't stay up there forever, Reilan." Dark eyes flicker up to the youngest in the room, while he keeps his fingers curled tightly into Phib's tunic. "Drop it down."

For a moment it looks like Reilan might not do it. After all, finders keepers and all that. But the boy does smirk after a moment, and drops the small pouch at the feet of the older boys. He jumps down then as well. “I have a spare, so I suppose it’s alright.” Phib wasn’t his only target of the night, after all. He tilts his head a little though to look at Thierry, lifting a brow expectantly.

If he's looking for praise, Reilan won't find it in Thierry. The teen toe-nudges Phib's pouch towards him, then gives the older boy a rough shove towards the door, leaving him alone in there with the wannabe member of his gang. "First rule," he snarls softly, stepping up to Reilan to grab his collar, shoving him roughly back against the crates, "is you don't fucking steal your guys' shit." His fingers curl tightly into Reilan's tunic, pulling him off the crates just to be able to slam him back. "Fucking shit for brains. You tell me why I should let you in, Reilan, when you've pissed off Phib so he'll wanna knock your thick block off?"

Reilan gasps a little in surprise at being knocked back, fingers gripping at the crate behind him as he steadies himself. “I can’t steal from /my guys/ if they aren’t mine to begin with. You told me I wasn’t good enough, so there’s no /rule/ against it until you do let me in!” He straightens up a bit though, shoving a bit of room in between himself and the older boy. “And if he wants to try it, he can /try/, though you might want to tell him to think it over if you want to keep him.” The boy might not be a violent sort, but he has no qualms about protecting himself however much he needs to. His head tilts though, snorting. “Though if you have some sort of rule about not pummelling your other guys, well. Maybe you /should/ just let me in.”

Much to Thierry's frustration, what Reilan says makes sense. And it throws him for a loop, because he doesn't know /what to do/. The frustration of it all causes him to tighten his grip on Reilan's tunic, shoving him roughly back against the crates again while he thinks. "Wormy little shit," he snaps eventually, glaring down at the shorter teen. "Slimier than fuckin' thread, talking like that." As annoyed as he seems at being out-thought - out-/talked/, even, Thierry doesn't seem too willing to take it out on Reilan. He just shoves him once more, then steps back, hands dug into his pockets. "You don't touch our shit. You don't touch our boys. They give you shit, you deal with it."

Reilan winces a little at all the shoving, but pushes away from the crates again once Thierry does finally let him go. He /eyes/ the older boy, however. “Wait, so I’m not allowed to touch any of them, but if they come after me, have at it? Fine, I’ll do that.” And it’s not likely that one will mess with him a second time around. Rei isn’t afraid to /use/ the knife he has to escape a potentially hazardous situation. Still, he offers Thierry a smile afterward, lashes lowering as he moves past the older boy. “You won’t regret it.”

"You deal with it," Thierry repeats, glowering sidelong at Reilan. He looks the shorter boy up and down, before turning to spit. Cagey body language suggest he's not entirely comfortable with what he's just been persuaded to do, and that disapproving, disdainful look he gives Reilan only emphasises his displeasure. "I'm already regretting it, Worm." Hey, look - Reilan has a new nickname.

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