==== December 23rd 2013
==== E'sren, Lisette
==== Where Lisette gaslights E'sren.

Who E'sren, Lisette
What Where Lisette gaslights E'sren.
When There are 0 turns, 4 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Kitchens

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Renowned, the culinary prowess of Southern, and suitable her kitchens to the task. A broad and airy sweep of room, it cannot help the sweat-drenching heat — though hearths are cleverly set within the ground itself to maximize efficiency. Big copper pots gleam along long tables, cooks hustling to and fro to prepare the necessary meals. There is never a candlemark the kitchens are left unstaffed: even in the wee hours of the night, bakers can be seen shaping loaves and mixing biscuits. For those who miss meals, a sideboard brims with leftovers that are easily transformed into portable potables, complete with sweet herbal tea and a large wheel of a soft, white, crumbly cheese.

Currently falling under 'for those who miss meals', E'sren is making use of that sideboard. It's a quiet late night, even if the kitchen is staffed it isn't insane. There aren't any new meals to prepare for yet, and the cleanup from dinner has come down, and he's taking advantage. After putting some stuff on a plate, minimal stuff like bread and cheese and fruit, some slices of light meat, he removes himself to sit alone at a table. But before digging in he has a moment, a pause where he simply scrubs at his face with both hands and buries his fingers in his hair, head bowed.

Hey look, they might have fired Lisette from working in the kitchen that time she accidentally toppled over that entire rack of salads and desserts but she's hardly been banned from being in there forever. Which you couldn't tell by the looks some of the staff members are giving her. Not that it bothers the lanky girl one bit, she strolls in casual as can be and makes herself a plate of something to eat. It's nothing exciting, she eats a like a bird. The other prospects of people to sit with don't look all that interesting, so it's E'sren that she drops down across from. Chewing on a piece of dried fruit, "It's okay. I feel the same way about the food here. It sucks."

It's fair to say she startles him because it's true. She startles him. E'sren hands drop so suddenly he hits the edge of his plate with one and it threatens to fling. Luckily it doesn't, but it does clatter loudly. He stares across at her for a beat that might feel a little long and then smiles, remembering himself. "I couldn't do better," he offers, trying to look less like he doesn't have anything to say. He looks at her plate, lifting his eyebrows, decides not to comment and says instead, "How'd laundry go?" He remembers.

Her eyes widen as he nearly flings his plate over with that reaction. "You don't have to do better, you're not the cooks." She eventually responds after a long beat and gesturing with her dried piece of fruit at the kitchen staff who are giving her dirty looks. The mention of laundry reminds her that she has that dirty looking bandana covering her head and she pulls it off, tossing it carelessly onto the table and freeing her hair. The fruit hangs out of her mouth as she talks, does some tossling and finally answers. "Oh, you know. Good. I did towels today. Someday they might let me near the socks again." Again. They might let her near them again. As in she was near them before but is now no longer allowed to touch them.

Happy to play the 'straight man' to her… Lisette-ness, E'sren watches her as if fascinated as she gestures, as she tossles; his mouth is slightly open, almost forming a quizzical 'o' or 'h' for 'how'. Better judgement wins. The fact that she's not allowed near socks anymore is not lost on him and he grins suddenly, the kind of grin that makes his eyes squinty. "Oh wow," he says, laughing. "It was you." And suddenly he can't stop laughing, there are moments when he might be able to… and then it starts again. Some words do come through like 'mine' and 'pink'.

Just as her eyes widened before, now they narrow and she directs an arched eyebrow at E'sren and his sudden fall to hysterics. "I don't know what you're talking about. I was set up." Really? She's going to claim that? Really. "I turned the shirts pink once and then it happened with the socks and it was all, 'It must have been Lis, she doesn't know how to seperate colors, blah blah blah'" This is complete with an eyeroll and her making 'talking' gestures with both hands.

Eventually, after lots of false attempts, he's able to get himself under control, but he's still left nudging tears out of the corners of his eyes with his knuckle. "Oh wow. They didn't tell me who it was and I didn't ask, but I got them all back… Wait." E'sren holds up a finger, leaning over to one side to hitch up one of his pantlegs and there, between the hem of that and the upper of his shiny black shoe, is a patch of pink. "I wanted to know who it was so bad. It made my day." And considering how he was when she first walked in here, he might have needed that.

"They couldn't tell you who it was because they don't know who it was because they just liked to assume it was me." Pause. "Not that they're going to tell you, 'We think it was this girl but we have no proof'." She's just an innocent victim here like E'sren. There's clearly been some kind of mistake. She'd mess up the shirts but not the socks, never the socks. Or would she? The truth will never be known only assumed. Picking up another piece of food she begins to wave this one around too. "Don't you have better things to do than be the sock investigator? Like- I don't know. Something." Lisette is just an absolute delight. "Go check out that firestone shortage or get some fur pelts off some felines or travel through time, something."

"Hey don't get mad at me." E'sren rights himself and puts an elbow on the table; he's still grinning. "I'd be off doing all that stuff if I wasn't so distracted by my socks being pink." And now he'll pick up his fork and take his first bite of some of that food, meat first then some fruit. After swallowing, "I've heard about you, since we met. You've had a lot of jobs." He reaches for a glass of water. "Did you not like any of 'em?"

"I think we both know why you're not the Weyrsecond." Lisette comments off-handedly, tossing a glance in the direction of his pink socks. She pokes around at her plate some more, taking in a long, dramatic sigh when he brings up her ill-fated work history. "I can justify all of those things that happened." Of course she can. It doesn't mean they didn't happen however. "What are you doing, poking around and asking questions about me? I'm not that interesting that people are just strolling around talking about 'Lisette the Laundry Girl Who Made the Little Boy Cry'. And if they are, that happened months ago. Months." She neatly avoids answering his question instead deciding to make this about him. "Why were you in a bad mood when I got here?"

"Mm," is the agreeing sound E'sren makes after he's taken a drink. That's exactly why he isn't Weyrsecond. His brow furrows next, as if he wasn't expecting that kind of a reaction from his bringing up the job stuff, and he holds up a hand like 'woah'. "I wasn't poking around. I told someone about you that day, about the laundry thing, and that's when they told me about the job stuff. It isn't like they said anything else." Pause. "I mean they did but I don't care." The one-eighty turning it back on him thing results in another of those pauses. "Um. I wasn't. I mean… 'bad mood' isn't…" His eyes narrow and he looks away, at a point beyond her. "I'm just tired. I think." Which is a pretty simple way of saying everything is fucked without actually having to say that.

"Mhmm." Lisette sounds, nearly identical in her own response to his comment. Then there's another quick lift of her eyebrow about him not caring as she slowly chews on a piece of bread, giving him a scrutinizing gaze. A person could call her touchy, but she'd probably deny it entirely. It's not hard to guess what he's preoccupied about, their in the weyr and that threadfall is all that anyone has talked about for over a seven now. Unfortunately she's not a good comforter. But, "Hey, at least you're alive."

There's something odd about the look E'sren gives her for that. Something kind of too-focused. The exact feeling is unreadable, but some kind of a chord was struck. "Yeah," is all he can think of to say. "Yeah." A strange kind of silence happens, during which he looks down at the food on the plate in front of him, suddenly taking no ownership of it, like it was someone else's and he just happened to take their seat. "Uh." He clears his throat and shakes his head, reaching for more water. "Sorry."

Well, this is awkward. Lisette while not being so good with empathy and other sorts of things like that, can at least tell that this has made a turn for the worst. She can fix this. "Apology accepted. But you don't really have to apologize for being alive." It would be funny if it wasn't somewhat bizarre and completely inappropriate.

The fact that it is bizarre and completely inappropriate is actually why it turns out to be just that: a fix. E'sren at first looks like he has no idea how to react to that and just stares at her for a really long moment. And then he grins, suddenly and like nothing happened. If it was crazy of her to say something like that to him, than it's crazy of him to think it's funny, and so they're both crazy. "I don't even know what to do with that. Or you. You're kind of insane, you know that right."

"Excuse me?" Lisette starts, tipping her forehead forward to give him a look under the dark arch of her eyebrows. "You apologized to me and I accepted. I'm not sure what's 'insane' about that." She completely skips past the part where she made a more or less callous remark minutes earlier and almost sent him spiraling into a fit of depression. That's not important here. And also important to note, she's clearly not self-aware of any of this in the least, because, "I think you're kind of insane. You're stalking me." And with that, she begins to get her things together. Dirty bandana, plate of half-eaten food, drink, etc… All the while giving him a look.

And all the while, E'sren is just grinning at her. Elbows folded atop the table, he grins at her. It's just… too good. When she turns it all back on him, again, he laughs. "Oho okay." He's insane. He's stalking her. "Haha what. You sat with me!" He's holding his hands up now like look at this situation, this is how this situation is. "Okay, fine. That's fine. Just destroy me and then leave, it's okay." If he wasn't still grinning that would probably seem more accurate.

"You asked people about me." That comes with a point of one of her long fingers at him. "You want to know my life story. Well guess what? I'm not going to tell you." Yeah, take that. "You were sitting alone. You probably figured out that this is where I take my dinner and- and." She points at the table, almost triumphantly as if she's just figured out the winning point in this argument. "You knew where I sit." She's got E'sren's number alright, got it down good. The smile she displays now is smug, he can't fool her and she knows it. Nodding her head, "I won't fall for this again." Whatever this is. Because she's leaving. Suffer in her wake!

"What?" E'sren stares at her, eyebrows lifted, totally not sure how to handle this… and still totally entertained. He looks around to see if any of his wingmates are hiding, laughing, like this is all just one big joke, they planted her here and now they're getting their kicks. But no, it's just Lisette, and none of the kitchen staff seem all too ready to jump in and save him, so he just looks at her again. "Where you sit? What the… Wow. Are you even real?" He reaches over to try to poke her arm or hand or whatever, to see if she's just a figment or not, some trial his mind's come up with to test him.

Lisette practically dances away when he tries to poke at her. And his last comment brings forth another nod and a victorious, 'Ah ha!' from her. "Am I even real? See, even you're not sure if you're crazy or not. I think you should talk to someone. Don't worry, I'll keep you in my thoughts." Turning on heel and flouncing her skirts, she strolls out of the kitchens with a certain bounce to her step. Whether that was an actual meltdown or some kind of act that she put on for entertainment value is really hard to discern. And he's not going to be able to figure it out from the back of her head.

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