==== February 7, 2014
==== Reilan, Thierry
==== Two boys take to the bazaar for petty thievery and laddish fun.

Who Reilan, Thierry
What Two boys take to the bazaar for petty thievery and laddish fun. Contains some mature language and themes.
When There are 0 turns, 0 months and 6 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Bazaar


The Tunnelsnake Fighting Ring
A sand-covered ring surrounded by a fence, which may, one day, get a proper desc.

Morning in the tunnelsnake fighting ring are slow - peaceful even, to a degree. There's always a skeleton staff running about the place, tidying up from the night before, raking through the sand covering the floor and restocking the vending points. It's early enough that the full heat of day hasn't yet kicked in, and Thierry can be found sitting beneath the shade in a corner of the main fighting ring, eating his way through a stuff bread breakfast while prodding at a pair of small tunnelsnakes - not long hatched by the looks of them, but he's trying to get them to engage nevertheless.

There are plenty of meals to be eaten on the move, and those are the kind that Reilan has managed to snag. Still lingering in the shelter of shade, the teen is relaxed as he munches on the folded bread and whatever might be inside of it. He does head over though, crouching to peer at the little tunnelsnakes. There’s a small smirk after a moment though, and he brushes a bit of food away from his lips as he tilts his head to eye Thierry. “Training day?”

Thierry prods at one of the tunnelsnakes with a pointy stick, before giving the other a thwap over the back of its carapace. That unsurprisingly agitates them, and he looks up at Reilan just briefly to acknowledge the lad's presence before looking back to his entertainment. "Can't train them," he says gruffly. "They're thick as porcineshit. I've got nothing better to do."

Reilan lifts a shoulder, shrugging mildly. "Fair enough." He stands to finish off his food however, watching the older teen thoughfully. "Stick around here much longer like that and I'm sure they'll find something for you to occupy yourself with. Though I doubt shoveling muck is high on the grand list of interest…"

"I don't shovel shit," Thierry snaps, whipping his hand around to thwap the stick he's carrying at Reilan's shins. Will he be fast enough to dodge? "You remember my dad runs this place, yeah? He doesn't have /us/ shovelling shit. You, maybe."

Reilan hops away when the stick is swung at him, laughter ever ringing. He moves along to the other side of Thierry though, leaning down just a bit toward him. "I remember who's in charge. You should keep it in mind too, sometimes..or you may find it's not so far to fall there." He gives the older boy an innocent smile at that, quickly moving out of range again.

Thierry gives Reilan a dismissive snort, and half-heartedly swipes at him again with the stick, knowing that the younger teen is out of range. Attention then is shifted back to the tunnelsnakes, who're /finally/ doing something interesting; one's going for the other, and Thierry encourages the dominant one along with a poke of his stick. "You're full of shit, Worm. I should get someone to shovel /you/ up."

“You should do a lot of things, I suppose.” But will he ever? Maybe Thierry’s just lazy. Reilan still looks fairly amused as he watches the older teen poke the tunnelsnakes, but finally does pull his scarf out of his belt, taking the time to wrap it around his head. He waves his fingers a bit at Thierry though as he begins to head off again, this time out and into the glaring sun and bustle of the bazaar. Apparently he has things to do as well!

Laziness is one of Thierry's many middle names, especially when he's beyond the sight of his father. When he notices Reilan walk off he watches, briefly… meaning he misses the last fatal blow of the victorious tunnelsnake. Snorting at having lost out on the purpose of his sport, he gets up, culls the winning baby 'snake for its trouble, and stalks after Reilan. "Oi." A rock in his way is kicked towards the younger lad, aimed for the back of his legs. "Worm."

Though Reilan does look back over his shoulder, the teenager merely smiles. “I’m very sorry, I don’t know anyone by /that/ name.” Simply because he can. Thierry can call him whatever he likes, doesn’t mean he’ll answer to it! But he does at least wait, allowing the older boy to catch up without complaint.

When Thierry does catch up, they're just beyond the walls of the ring, and in the sidestreets of the bazaar. He thwaps his hand off the back of Reilan's head, then pushes him down the street. "You'll answer to what I call you, Worm." Without daddy's potentially watchful eye, Thi can let /go/. "If I say you're Worm," he goes to swat him again, "then you're Worm. Got it?"

Rei ducks away from the swatting, turning to grab at the wrist of the older boy with a slight glare. “/Stop/ that already!” So there. Huff. Really, it’s making his scarf get all crooked! The blond sets about righting it again, and pulls the knot in back a bit tighter to keep everything steady. “Should we think up a name for you, too? Muckmouth sounds quite….appropriate.” He smirks ever so slightly at that. “It’s what it’d taste like, anyway. With all that smoke you breathe in.”

Thierry's not used to the people who bullies fighting back! It confuses him at first when Reilan stands up for himself - but only briefly. When the newest initiate into his gang turns around and slaps a nickname on /him/, he doesn't like it. Fingers flex into a fist, curling tight enough that his nails dig into his palms, while his expression darkens, concentrated. "You can't talk to me like that, Reilan."

Reilan tilts his head ever so slightly at that, but he offers the same smile as before. “Someone has to. But don’t worry, I’ll keep my mouth shut in front of the others.” See? He won’t /embarrass/ poor Thierry in front of the rest of his little gang. Still, he does watch the older boy, a bit wary of him when he has that…look.

"Not good enough." Thierry goes to thump Reilan's shoulder; not hard, but it's a warning shot. "You don't speak to me like that any time, Worm. You don't call me names, and you don't get to do shit like that." He takes another swing - again it's without force, but intended to numb, should it land. "/I'm/ in charge. You're only in because I said you're in." And now he looks like he might be regretting that decision, because… well, Reilan's /confusing/ him!

Arm thumps! Really now? Reilan’s reaction is a faint laugh rather than shying away from it, although he does offer Thierry a bit of a bow. “Well of course that’s the way of it. I’m here by your grace, after all. And under that same grace, I’ll be quite happy to help make sure you /stay/ in charge.” By stepping on his toes when they get out of line. He folds his arms around his middle just a bit though, looking the older boy over.

Reilan leaves Thierry… sort of dumbfounded. The older teen sputters for a moment, not at /all/ sure what to do in response to Reilan's… cheekiness. He runs his hands through his dark hair to brush it back from his face, knotting fingers into his locks in frustration, which is echoed on his thunderous expression. "Just shut up." It's the best he can come up with as he lashes out at the younger teen with his foot, aiming for his shins again.

Reilan it seems..is quite used to being lashed out at. He doesn’t quite make it, but he doesn’t take the brunt of the kick either. Still, he laughs, managing after a moment or two to finally control his expression again. …Or at least he brings that veil up finally to cover his face. Maybe his grin won’t be so..evident.

For good measure, Thierry goes to swat Reilan once more. Just to prove he's boss. Or something like that, anyway. Then he sinks his hands low into his pockets and stalks off down the sidestreet, perhaps assuming the veiled blonde will follow him. He doesn't look back to make sure, anyway.

Reilan does follow right along, shadowing the older boy quite…obediently. Or at least it might appear that way to anyone else. He doesn’t stay right on Thierry’s heels of course, meandering just a bit to the side and behind him as they trek along, glancing at those he passes with a mild curiosity.

From the way Thierry meanders through the streets and stalls, it may seem like he has no specific destination in mind, even if he's striding with purpose. And he doesn't look bad at all to see if Reilan's there, not until they reach the edge of the central bazaar where activity's picking up for the day. Pausing in the shadows of the sidestreet they're in, Thierry finally looks back, jerking his head for Reilan to get closer. "See that one there, Worm?" He points to a rotund trader, whose garb isn't typically Igen; a tourist, perhaps. "Filch his markbag."

Reilan is indeed watching, eyeing the man in question with a knowing look. Though, the order - or rather the /name/ associated with it, causes him to simply tilt his head, watching Thierry for a good long moment more than he probably should. Eyeball. But then he’s gone, filtering into the crowd as he easily tends to. After all, /he/ doesn’t look like a thug. He takes his time though, discreetly working in close before relieving the man of his pouch.

As far as he can, Thierry watches Reilan through the smoke of the toke he lights up. If he's impressed by the way the younger boy moves he doesn't show it; he just waits in the shadows, as far out of the heat as he can manage, puffing away and waiting for the teenager to come back.

And come back he does! Reilan makes his way back to Thierry, gently pushing the filched pouch into the older boy’s hand. At least he doesn’t throw it at him. There’s a bit of a smile though, and he shifts to lean against the nearby side of the alleyway, taking in the shade while he can while looking…innocent. Certainly no one would suspect /him/ if they noticed their things suddenly missing.

What's in the pouch is fingered through the fabric, while Thierry tries to work out what's in it. It's just too /hard/, though, so he jerks his head for Reilan to follow him back down the sidestreet, where they're less likely to be disturbed. There's a gangway between two close buildings that he slips down, bringing them out into an alley adjacent to the one they were just in. Thierry leans against the warm wall of one sun-kissed shop, then turns the contents of the pouch out into his palm. "Heh." Pleased, he is! He shows their booty to Reilan, then slowly pours the odd mix of valuables back where they came from. "Got enough to getta girl in Rosie's," Thi says airily, tucking the pouch deep into his pocket. "Wanna go buy your mum for an hour?"

Reilan simply follows along quietly, ducking into the alleyway with a slight pause. But then he’s there, propping himself up on the wall opposite Thierry. His head tilts a little though, watching the contents of the pouch pour out with a somewhat gratified look. Much better to have stolen something good rather than a few scraps of lint and a lucky charm. His eyes do roll however, giving the older boy a somewhat skeptical look. “I’ve spent enough time with her breast in my mouth, thank you. But if you want a go, by all means..”

"And I've not spent enough." Thierry snorts, clearly amused with himself. And maybe a little disappointed by the lack of rise out of Reilan? He knucklebumps the younger teenager's shoulder almost affectionately, before scoffing and shaking his head. "Your mum's too old for it. There's better /and/ cheaper outside… like at Corks." He fumbles with the pouch hidden in his pocket, looking thoughtfully over Reilan's shoulder to the alley behind him. "Whaddya wanna do, Worm?"

Rei has known all his life that his mother’s…profession brings all kinds. The teen is quite beyond getting upset about it! He blinks a little though, looking just…a bit startled at being asked what /he/ wants to do. There’s a small laugh at that, shoulders lifting along with the much more…innocent look the boy can muster at times. “Me? I’d stop by the bakery..” Because hey. Sweet things.

"The bakery." Thierry rolls his eyes. "You're queer." And that deserves another punch. Because /everything/ deserves a punch. Snorting, Thierry struts off down the alley, again assuming that he'll be followed - if only because he's still carrying the spoils Reilan pickpocketed. And, perhaps surprisingly, he /does/ lead them to the bakery, where he holds out a little something between thumb and forefinger for Reilan to run in and buy stuff.

It’s the little things that get Reilan’s approval, really. Or his excitement, at least. At being handed an item with which to trade, the teen lights up, quite happy to dash into the shop for…well. Pastry, no doubt. Sure, he’s the one that stole the items in the first place, but being /given/ something is another animal altogether. When he does emerge, it’s with two smaller wrapped items. And at least he does offer one to Thierry. The older boy can roll his eyes all he wants about baked goods, but he’ll get it waved under his nose all the same. “Want one?”

And he'll take it too, because… well, baked goods! Every Thierry likes the, though he may pretend they're too girly for his liking. There's no thank you or anything for Reilan as he unwraps his treat and bites into it; in fact, he's silent as he munches his way through the pastry, occasionally flicking away crumbs that fall into his poor attempt at a teenager's beard and onto his clothes.

Reilan finds a random bit of items stacked near a wall, at least enough to make a suitable, if brief, seat. There he perches to enjoy his pastry, having removed the veil that protects his face. Crumbs? They’re ignored while the eating is being done. There’s a bit of fruit goo from the interior that he gratefully licks from his fingers as well.

Thierry catches Reilan licking his fingers, and throws him a dirty look. "Perv." And yet he's watching, as he lights up a toke. He blows the first stream of smoke up into the air above him, squinting up to try and catch a glimpse of Rukbat to tell what time it is. It's already hot enough to feel it, even in their side alley, and Thierry grunts when he figures it's got to be coming up to noon. "You working the ring tonight?"

Rei blinks for a moment, but smirks and quite purposefully draws out the removal of the finger from his mouth. Because he can. But with his pastry gone, he simply wipes off his hands and stands up again, giving that same tilt of his head to peer at the sky. He shrugs though, resting his shoulder instead against the wall, peering around the corner into the street beyond. “I hadn’t planned on it, but if you need the extra hand I can stick around.”

"No." Thierry blows smoke towards Rei; a predictable move by now, no doubt. "You work the street with me." Which likely means Rei's been well and truly initiated into the group, if he's being asked out to work! "You /can/ carry 'snakes, can't you?" Because, from the way the teen's dark eyes run over Reilan's slender frame, he's clearly doubting the blonde's strength.

“I’ve lived around them as long as I can remember, Thierry. I can handle it.” Reilan chuckles a little at that, though he does wave a hand slightly to disperse the smoke coming his way. That stuff isn’t exactly pleasant..and certainly a bit harder to ignore without the veil. Still, he doesn’t look unhappy about the situation. He’s a part of the group! He gets to do group /things/!

With a harrumph, Thierry shrugs and turns to look down the street. "Go to the baths before you come." Maybe Reilan /smells/. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. The faint blue smoke streams out from between his lips in a thin plume, before Thierry purses them and looks back, from the corner of his eye, at Reilan. "I want you to meet someone."

Hey, if anyone smells, it’s Thierry! Reilan lifts a brow somewhat though. Taking a bath /before/ the heavy lifting and crowds seems..redundant. But the teen shrugs nonetheless, nodding. “Seems a waste, but alright.. Though if you’re wanting to draw people to the fight with nicer smells…somehow I don’t think that’s gonna hit it off well.” He grins, pushing away from the wall again.

"Wear perfume." If he can pinch some from somewhere, that is. Thierry, with his toke held between his fingers, signals with a cant of his head that they're off again. To meander through the streets of the bazaar on a mission to nowhere! And he's not going to explain himself either, by the looks of the stiff set of his jaw. Other than that, though, the teen's unusually relaxed, without the typical airs that come from him being around his boys.

Perfume? Reilan blinks at that, eyeing Thierry just a bit suspiciously. “You want me to wear…perfume.” Oh yes, and that is a very suspicious /tone/ too. He starts after the older boy, and even though he opens his mouth to question it, he does…eventually..close it again. Maybe he doesn’t /want/ to know. The veil returns, hiding his face from the sand once again. Or maybe simply masking the worried chewing of his lip.

With an easy stride, Thierry leads them through the bazaar, back into the central area before ducking back into a sidestreet. There's no rhyme nor reason to his direction… he's simply /moving/. Saying hello to people he recognises. Snarling at a couple of folks he doesn't particularly like. Somewhere along the line they're joined by a couple more street'snakes, who fall in, laughing and joking, and… well, at least one of them tries to punch Reilan while they're all walking along. And for no reason, too!

It’s an easy path to follow, and with Thierry only greeting and growling, there’s no reason for Reilan to speak up or try and usher the older boy away from a fight. Of course, adding in a few other boys to the group puts the younger one a..bit wary again. After all, they tend to - there it is. Reilan hurries out of the way of the fist aimed at him, although he also jerks backward to bring his foot down /hard/ on the other boy’s foot. Glare. /Glare./ Though he rushes right along again, quick to not linger.

And Thierry's apparently oblivious to Reilan being involved in the typical boyish scuffles… at least until Phib calls out because his foot's been stomped on. Then the dark-haired teen turns around, glaring narrow-eyed at the gang of lads. "Worm." He beckons Reilan forward, then addresses the others. "Worm's making us some good money tonight, boys." A sly, secretive sort of grin is aimed at the youngest, newest recruit. "Don't go bruising him up now, or he'll lose value." Make of that what you will, little Reilan!

If Thierry is turning around, that innocent look is plastered right onto Reilan’s face again.He has done nothing! Nothing at all. No matter how much the other two might scowl. He does move forward though, and the older teen’s words…well. Reilan stiffens a bit. Make of it what he will? Oh he does…he does indeed, and the teen doesn’t look very happy about the conclusion he comes to. His voice is a bit tight though when he finally speaks up though, watching Thierry. “Anything for a profit, right?”

"Glad you think so," Thierry replies smugly. Has Reilan figured it out? Maybe. Even if he hasn't been blatant enough to spell it out, Thierry's probably dropped enough hints in his perhaps unusual requests. "You," he points at Reilan, then to the spot by his side. "Walk with me. You-" this time he points to the rest of the guys, "go do your shit." A shoo-sorta gesture sends them off, leaving Thierry with Reilan again. "Bruised?"

Reilan remains still, watching the other boys head off again before he glances back, not quite looking at Thierry. “His foot probably is.” It comes off a bit flat, really, before the teen finally straightens up again and simply starts walking. If Thierry wants him to walk at his side, he’s going to have to get moving, too!

Thierry doesn't let Reilan get too far, before he reaches for his tunic to yank him back. "You walk with /me/," he snaps, giving him a thwap to the back of the head. "Are /you/ bruised, thread-brain? D'you think I give a shit about the others? /They're/ not my prize pony."

Reilan looks back when his tunic gets a yank, stumbling back to Thierry a step or two. “Don’t you worry about that. I’ll be /presentable/.” It’s spat back quite harshly, really. Hey, the /others/ left. They’re not around to hear their boss get talked down to. “Should I borrow a dress from my mother, then? Let /whoever/ it is pretend it isn’t a man they’re paying for?”

A warning finger gets held in front of Reilan's face, Thierry peering past it to glower at the younger man. "He's not paying for a dress." Fingers capture and squeeze Reilan's jaw, canting his veiled face up. "He's paying for you. And you'll be good. Won't you?"

There’s anger there, seething in the look Reilan bestows on Thierry. “Let go before you bruise the merchandise.” Ice has certainly descended, biting into the teen’s tone as he tugs away from Thierry’s grip, turning away again. “I’ll do what I need to.”

Thierry lets him go, watching him with amusement. Dark eyes flicker over Reilan's slight form, and a slow smile curves the corners of his lips upward. "You go on home now, Worm. Don't know how long you'll be up tonight, now, do you?" A toke's pulled from his pocket, and Thierry sets about lighting it, half-watching the younger teenager as he does so. As far as the rest of his body language is concerned though, Thi's sent the boy off home so he can go get his own kicks, elsewhere. Maybe with Reilan's mum.

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