Scenes in the Last Two Weeks

Curious as to what's been happening on HT in the last month? These scenes are a quick way to catch up!

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There have been 13 scenes in the last 10 days.

Title OOC Date Cast Summary

Flame Failure
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18 Jul 2019 23:00

Ryott, R'zel

Ocelot has had some dodgy firestone.

Fine dining
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11 Jul 2019 04:00

A'kehm, Ulrika, Ahiardhath, Theidith

Dinner is served, for some.

Backdated, before clutching

Dealing with greedy guts
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17 Jul 2019 04:00

Ginger, Karysha

Lunch time, and people are just wanting food, human and firelizard alike.

A Time For Action
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15 Jul 2019 07:00

Sa'mael, Divale

Secret meetings, negotiations; it is a setting ripe for poor decisions.

discussions of nefarious things, including thievery and violence.

Day Drinkers Unite
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16 Jul 2019 04:00

Evka, Katrya, Ryott

A trio of riders get their drink on.

Dust in the Cantina Bowl
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01 Jul 2019 07:00

Nik'las, Iaela

Fruity flavors galore! Just two people, one going fruity, the other going… what?!


Of Refinery and Neon
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16 Jul 2019 07:00

Paendryth, Kiiyith

A little lost lightsaber-fighter-neon girl finds her way into an ancient Curator's fortress of solitude.

it's wee~

Making Time
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15 Jul 2019 04:00

Ulrika, F'kan

Despite their busy schedules, F'kan and Ulrika make time to catch up over dinner.

A smidge backdated

Trial by Fire
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15 Jul 2019 04:00

Fja'vn, Karysha

It's Karysha's first day at work, ever, in her life, and Fja'vn makes it a memorable one.

Wet, Swearing Bluerider
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14 Jul 2019 04:00

Casla, I'dre

It’s a fine day to be splashed by a future wingmate.

Toddler Tending
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13 Jul 2019 04:00

Phaedra, Alyna & Adryn(NPCed by Alyna)

Phaedra is gathering when Alyna and her son arrive to cause some excitement.

Just Rumors
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14 Jul 2019 04:00

Ginger, Novi | Shokravanth

Where a rider and a dolphineer discuss politics, and rumors while Shokravanth plays with a pod of dolphins.

Stacked in Favor
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11 Jul 2019 04:00

Rocio, Va'os

Rocio is hiding for multiple reasons. Va'os is just looking to clear his head.