Ione, Loe, cameo: Bailey


Ione whines about how much life sucks, Loe is the best friend ever, and Bailey is only moderately terrifying.

Talk of sex?


It is sunset of the seventh day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Star Stones, Southern Weyr

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Hugs incoming. Big ones.


Star Stones

Jutting from the jungles, the caldera's northern most edge has been fashioned into the necessary star stones; two great boulders push up against the sky, weathering the winds that scour the ever-encroaching lichens that cling to the humid-moistened rock. A singular stone, so obviously man-made, serves as the eye-rock, long forgotten with only the wind's erosive touch to keep the greenery away. The stones stand upon the flattest point of the caldera, and any who climb the winding stairs, up the mountain's face, will be treated with a view worthy of the effort of the climb of the seemingly endless stone steps. Far and away, the entire weyr is exposed as are the vast jungles and terraced fields that dot the horizon. The Southern Barrier Range looms above the weyr, and from this vantage point, one can see the snows that clings to the summits. The winding Black Rock River sparkles far, far below. The ledge itself is small, however, so only a few brave souls and possibly one dragon could fit up here. With no handrails, the edge of the star stones's ledge offer a danger to the unwary who think to stand where the rock curves down into the bowl below.

For once, the autumn weather hasn't been riddled with rainclouds and showers, and the air is still warm and humid with the lingering effects of a clear day. As the sun begins to set on such good weather, Ione takes shelter by the star stones, settled on the ledge in a cross-legged position with a bottle of something amber-hued resting in the open space formed by her legs. She rests her back against solid rock, head tilted ever-so-slightly as she sits there with eyes closed. Valmoth should have received an invitation for Loe, passed along by a certain distracted gold. And so the young woman waits, half-drowsing (and half-drunk, if the bottle is any indication) until her friend arrives.

And Valmoth is ever-so-pleased to receive the invitation. He likes NiatsTiski. Not in a complicated way, 'cause he's blue, but in a her rider's not some low-class stooge way. So he passes it along, and Loe ditches whoever she'd been hanging around with prior, procures something that's likely to soak up alcohol (call it foresight) - rolls and some butter - and arrives via her stately blue. "Oh, sweetheart. You look like you're going to have to be poured into bed soon," she greets, trotting over and dropping down to sit beside Ione, plopping down her napkin-bundle of bread between them.

Niatskivhiath is always pleased that her rider isn't considered a low-class stooge — mostly because Ione seems to care about that, and less because the gold really contemplates what such a thing means. "I'm fine," Ione insists automatically, the words punctuated by a laugh. Pale eyes open, and she turns her head to smile over at her friend. "Oh, food." As that basket is set down between them, the young goldrider looks at it as though it holds the holy grail, and not just a handful of rolls. "You're the best, Loe." A pleased sigh. "Want some?" The bottle is plucked from between her legs and offered up to the bluerider with one hand, while she reaches for a roll with the other.

She's fine. "I know." Or maybe it's 'I know' that she's the best. It works for both, so Loe lets it ride for both, scooting with her palms to adjust her seat, folding her legs and tucking her skirt and facing toward the view - which fails to mesmerize her in any visible way. "Are we fantasizing about pushing people? Because I've got a few that I wouldn't mind seeing splatter," along with a nodnodnod for the drink, which she takes and sniffs and sips and holds on to.

There's a twinge of discomfort as Ione shifts, but it's there and gone, replaced with a lazy smile as she twists herself to better face her friend. "We could," she answers with a low laugh, her gaze straying out toward that deadly drop. "But most of the things that have sucked lately aren't easy to add to a list of people to just push off a ledge, so my list would have to be pretty old." Unless they just happen to stumble across some murderers up here. The drink is eyed as though she might want it back, but for the moment she doesn't protest as Loe hangs on to it.

"That's all right. They say that revenge is a dish best served," and she tears apart one of the rolls, a little awkwardly since one hand has the bottle, "cold." The butter on the inside was probably lovely and melty at one point, but now it's making the rolls greasy, but Loe doesn't let this stop her from doing nibbly things. "Sooooo, why are we way up here, if it's not to daydream about splatter-painting with our enemies?"

Oh right, Ione has that roll in her grip. In spite of the fact that she was so eager to claim one when they arrived, she looks at the one in her hand with what appears to be surprise. How'd that get there? Following Loe's lead, she rips off a piece of it and nibbles. "Mine will be icy." It's that slow. "It's just be a long few sevens, and I need so much more alcohol than this." To punctuate those words, she reaches out toward the bottle with a grabby hand. "And I need some girl time."

Loe says sternly, "First rolls, then booze. If you drink too much, your skin will get all yellow, you know." Which is totally the reason why Loe keeps the bottle away from those grabby fingers, even leans away and extends her bottle-hand well out of Ione's reach, despite what's gotta be a notably longer arm-length. "I know it has been," she adds, softening in expression but not in her resolve to keep the liquor away from the goldrider (for now). "But think about it this way: you've officially had the worst break up ever, so there's really nowhere to go but up from here."

"What?!" That grabby hand stops abruptly, her fingers frozen mid-flex. Pale eyes are wide and stricken with this revelation. "My skin will get yellow?" Just for that, she rips off a much larger piece of the roll and pops it into her mouth. Not her precious skin. A second bite is chewed and swallowed before she tries the grabby fingers one more time. "I think I'm going to stop dating for-" -ever? "-a while. Nothing good really comes of it." Since she's already right there, Ione sort of cuddles up to the bluerider, reaching out again for the bottle but only halfheartedly. Mostly, she's just resting her head on Loe's shoulder. "Z'ok asked me out, and I turned him down. And then I got really drunk and did some things." Super vague. "Then I had this huge fight with Sa'mael. And Sven is still dead."

At some point, Loe's angsty past <tm> has probably at least been hinted at (the waspy, cocktail-laden mother part, anyway), so we won't open up that can of worms any farther than to have her assure, "It's really gross," regarding the yellow skin. She seems to trust that the bottle's fairly safe for now, and sets it neatly on the ground next to her, where Ione could reach it, but she'd have to actually really want to (and try). With her roll in the far hand now, she loops her free arm around the other girl's shoulders, doing little things like stroking her hair back behind her ear and things. She snickers about Z'ok, rolls her eyes about Sa'mael, ignores more about Sven, and naturally seizes upon, "Did what things?"

And Ione never wants to become Loe's waspy, cocktail-laden mother, so her rather pathetic reach for the bottle is abandoned in favor of chewing on a bit more of that roll. She's nearly finished with the first and already reaching for a second. If she can't drink her feelings, she can eat them! Problem solved. There's a happy little sigh as Loe's hand strokes her hair, good humor slightly restored by the other girl's reactions. "Well, I was really, really drunk." Let's just emphasize this a bit more. "And I was out at the Kitten, and there was a cute guy, and…" She allows her voice to trail off, until slender shoulders lift in a shrug.

Loe and Ione are, like, cuddling. They're sitting where they can see the view, and they have a bottle off to one side and a napkin with some rolls in it in between them and they're just cuddling and talking, like girls do. Especially teenage girls with lots of angst in their lives. "Aaaaannnd? You didn't…?" She leans away just a little, making sure she can actually see the goldrider's face. Scrutinize it, even.

BFFL cuddling, the best kind. Ione takes the last bite of her first roll and is studiously focused on the second, staring at it like it holds the secrets of the universe in its gluten-filled little body. Her nose wrinkles first, and then she shuts her eyes and sort of screws up her face, hesitating. Then her expression relaxes and she shakes her head, looking at the bread rather than Loe. "No, of course not. Just the usual stuff."

Bailey arrives with little fanfare, taking the long way up from the nighthearth in a likely effort at some semblance of what passes on Pern for cardio other than like, running for your life and/or throwing firestone so giant lizards can breathe fire at raining face-eating spores of doom. The non-senior senior junior (it's totally a thing) stretches at the top of the stairs, apparently unaware of the cuddly-mccuddleson pair off to the side, her eyes trained on the sky. Is it sunset? There should totally be a sunset.

It's sunset.

Pragmatically - after she's done being washed with relief, complete with a quiet 'whew' - Loe says, "We really just ought to go to Igen and take care of this. Or perhaps just bring one of them here." Before she gets bogged down in the details of renting a manwhore, she adds, "Or you could go out with Z'ok once and let him… hhmmm, no. He's probably very awkward." Yes, she's being a good friend and focusing on problems they can solve, instead of ones they can't, like dead harpers and their notes from beyond the grave. Also, she notices Bailey, but probably doesn't recognize her (with the sunset in her eyes and all), so she whispers, "One little shove," to Ione. Because Bailey has the body. And must therefore die.

Ione gives a nervous little laugh, still so, so fascinated by that roll. "Yeah," is muttered under her breath, "It's good that nothing stupid happened, or anything." Uh huh. Her gaze snaps up as Loe even dares to suggest Z'ok, her head shaking furiously. "He actually likes me, plus he's, you know-" awkward. "That would just be cruel." And speaking of cruel, look who it is! Ione's face drains of color, because she recognizes Bailey, and she's a little anxious that the other redhead might have overheard something for which she can mock Ione for eternity. "Just do it quick," she hisses to Loe, suddenly overcome by hysterical giggles.

It's approximately RIGHT NOW that Bailey half-turns and catches sight of the other two; there's that flawless arch of an eyebrow that only happens in perfectly executed Hollywood movies (or really bad Syfy flicks) and she calls over in her throaty voice, "Having fun, girls?" The smugness with which she shapes the last word in that query really says it all. She makes no move to otherwise approach.

Loe shush-shush-shushes Ione enough to call extra attention to the other girl's giggling, even reaches over and puts her hand over the goldrider's mouth in an especially girlish (childish, one might even say) way. "Yes, ma'am," she calls out in response, her tone bubbling with amusement that she juuuuust manages to contain so as to sound all polite and stuff when addressing a WAY OLDER more senior goldrider. "We were just talking about boys," in a particularly vapid tone.

Ione isn't ashamed to admit that she's still TERRIFIED of Bailey, so when the other goldrider turns around, her eyes go comically wide (look, she's drunk) and she doesn't even struggle against Loe's hand. She does, however, snatch up that bottle of booze while she's in this awkward position. "Soooo many boys," is her contribution around Loe's hand, though the words are mostly muffled. "And sex." At this point, she pushes Loe's hand away so she can take a drink from that bottle.

Bailey is, in all truth, quite old enough by Pernese standards to be Ione's mother. The looks she casts upon the two girls isn't at all maternal, but it does have something of indulgence to it. "Of course." She shakes her head, once, doesn't speak the words that obviously come to mind. "Be careful." That's all she says, with a significant glance towards the edge of the Stones' ledge, before turning and disappearing back down the stairs. Surprisingly not-that-much emotional terrorism. Maybe she's getting soft in her old age.

Loe says sadly, "I really think we'd have been doing her a favor. I mean, she probably takes the stairs because she's getting fat." Notably, Loe waits till after Bailey's definitely gone to utter that remark, even leans forward a little to peeeeeer after the goldrider just to be extra super sure. "Seriously, sweetie, let's put the bottle to bed. Here," she even pushes up to her feet, holding her (slightly greasy and crumby) fingers down to Ione to help haul her up, too. "You know what we should do? Go back to that one hot spring hold place," look, something like that has to exist, "where they painted our toenails for us. My treat."

"She's not getting fat," Ione laments, truly tragic. "She's perfect. She always looks perfect. And evil." Those are Bailey's two main qualities, right? The young goldrider makes a little whine of protest as Loe encourages her to put the bottle down again, but eventually that offered hand is taken and she rises unsteadily to her feet. "Here." The bottle is offered to the bluerider, albeit still with some reluctance. "That sounds nice. We should do that." The words are a little distracted, as Ione sort of shuffles around so that she has a clear angle toward the stairs. And then she blurts, "I had sex and it sucked." Aaaaand she's off for the stairs, where she makes it down about four before her legs start doing funny things, and she sits down hard on her ass. Ow. She doesn't try to get up, but rather tries to make good on her escape by bumping down from step to step.

Loe's, "Oh, honey!" is 100% authentic and heartfelt and agonized. She scurries over to sit down on the steps next to Ione, kinda blocking the way by sticking her legs out across the next step down. "I'm so sorry." Hugs incoming. Big ones.

Mortification, thy name is Ione. Pale cheeks flush pink, and even Loe's comforting embrace isn't entirely welcome as she tries oh-so-hard to escape. "It's fine," she promises, tensing a little with that hug. "I didn't think it would be good, and now it's done and we can all get on with our lives." There's a thin, humorless smile. "It's fine."

Loe takes some of the pity out of her voice - extracts it, because it really wants to be there - and notes, "It gets better," in a tone that totally knows how cold that particular comfort is. One last perfumey squeeze sees her adding, "When you feel up to talking about it…" Then she gets up and insists on a change of scenery. And that Bailey's getting love handles. And crow's feet. And Loe heard she's a total skank.

At this point, Ione is leaning toward total abstinence, but she still acknowledges Loe's assurances with a little nod of her head. "I'll tell you someday, I promise." The whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And if she wobbles a little on her feet as Loe leads her down the stairs, or her laughter sounds a little watery, well, at least she has her best friend to lean on.

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