Tuli, Veresch


Whilst studying maps of the Igen area, Tuli makes an innocuous (and Southern) discovery.


It is mid-morning of the twenty-second day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Archives, Igen Weyr

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A grand room, lost to more pressing concerns, the Archives hold many treasures well past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. Faded and disused Records lean tiredly against their shelves, their bindings peeling and creating layers of dust on surfaces long left without maintenance. The floors are dirty, various footprints creating crisscrossing paths between rickety wooden chairs and drunkenly off-kilter tables. Columns rise upward to the ceiling, hung with glow-baskets scarcely tended and fast losing their strength. The hum of activity is duller, here in this forgotten space — few visit in search of historical facts.

Map Project: Day Whatever. It can't be said that Jr. Weyrwoman Tuli has been giving the map hunt her full attention, with various other claims on her time. But here and there, she's carved out the odd hour to pour over the various maps that have been collected, hunting down signs of water sources past, present, and potential-future. Now is one of those hours! The goldrider sits at a table near the doorway, maps of various age and condition spread before her. Another, recently made map serves as useful paper for taking notes, with little 'x's to mark various promising spots.

In stark contrast to Tuli's approach to the whole project, Veresch had seized on the excuse to be outside the Weyr and went at it hammer and tongs and good walking shoes. Today, barely back from one of her excursions with a fresh set of checked maps, she yawns her way into the room, giving a wiggle with a glass of water rather than the full, flowery thing her mother insists is proper greeting etiquette. "Morning," she mutters, depositing the stack of hides on the 'done and checked' pile.

"Morning." Tuli doesn't look up from her work, but her little hand-flick at Veresch is friendly. A few things are ticked off, a few others circled, before the woman looks up, favoring Veresch with a quick smile. "Well?" She temporarily halts her pen, reaching for the new additions to the 'done and checked' pile. "How'd it go with these?"

"One new well, two have shifted, and two disappeared altogether," Veresch reports after a sip of water. "Considerable shifting that side of the ranges, but I'll have to run the traces to go any further — how are the Thread shelters out that way?" Given the condition they were in when the oldtimers got here, it's pertinent to ask. "And I've received permission to dig around Southern's library, though I've not had time to really poke around yet. Did you know they have two libraries? I'm guessing so at least. The public one, with the tree? Not where most of the really good information is, I think."

"Hm. Sounds about right. That new well - it in a good spot? That part of the ranges would be good for caprine herders, if we could get some of the Holdless trained for doing it… The Thread shelters would need renovations, but there's natural caves a-plenty that way, it wouldn't be half as bad as it would be out in the desert, or by the river." Tuli falls silent for a moment as she briefly peruses the additions to her piles, before nodding and setting them with the others. "Good work." Another brief smile at Veresch, as the woman sets her pen down altogether. "Southern, eh?" She drums her fingertips on the tabletop for a moment. "That reminds me of something, what - right!" She reaches, fingers ginger and gentle, for a furled up hide of some considerable age. "There was something funny in those maps you got out of Igen Hold." Delicately, fingers only on the edges of the parchment, she holds the map open for Veresch to see. "This isn't Igen - it's from the Southern Continent!" So it is, indeed. Obviously from a time after the Oldtimer era, for a large area is marked 'Weyr Ruins', properly located to be the remains of the original Southern Weyr - but still perilously ancient and creaky. There are a smattering of locations marked on it, in the midst of the wilderness. One of them, a spot marked with the Farmcraft insignia, Tuli taps with a nail. "I know this place. It's an old Farmcraft field station. It must not have been abandoned right after the Comet hit. The map isn't dated, but…" It looks OLD.

Veresch idles to Tuli's side to go and look at the map, ignoring the bit about Igen's ranges for the moment. "This is…" She takes a quick look at the shape of the continent, leaning down on the table. "It's Southern alright, but I've not seen that area marked on other maps — d'you think it might be one of those lost stations? A lot got lost, I think, but with the wildmen in the Weyr these days…" A slow smile grows on her face, and she turns a twinkly, wicked look on Tuli. "You know what I think, Weyrwoman?" she asks quietly. "I think this bears investigation!"

"I'd ask at Farmcraft Hall if anyone knows anything about these, but…" But Tuli hates the modern Farmers, who are hidebound and sexist and into bad crop rotation. It's a thing she complains about. "The chances aren't good that there's anything still there, but it would be good to confirm it. And I feel like maybe I owe it to my old Craft." The woman falls silent, before slanting a narrow-eyed smile at Veresch. "So I think," she opines, mildly, "that you're right, Assistant. I haven't paid a proper diplomatic visit down there in ages," the time Hannah caught her poaching doesn't COUNT, "and multitasking is a good use of my time…" Tap-tap-tap go her fingers on the edge of the map, before she starts delicately folding it back up. "You'll need a ride down to Southern anyway. Might as well be me."

"If there's nothing down there, at least you can go and watch the scenery and the felines and stuff," Veresch says generously. "Who knows, perhaps their scat is the new Farmercraft dung or something." Yeah, not so knowledgeable. "But you owe it to the Weyr to go and check it out. Perhaps you might even get something valuable left over." She straightens, dusting down her tunic, and gulps the last of the water. "If Elicheritath wouldn't mind, I'd be delighted," she says primly, even fruitily. "Anything to assist my weyrwoman." And have an adventure.

"You know, I didn't even think of the uses of feline scat…" Veresch might have meant it as a joke, but if there's one thing Tuli never jokes about, it's fertilizer. She sounds, and is, terrifyingly serious. With a brief smile and a nod, the woman confirms the fated date: "Tomorrow at 7, then? I'll drop you off at the archives and then go hunt down Lendai, or one of her juniors, and show them this map. Maybe go take a look at the site, while I'm down there anyway…" Her voice drifts off, as her attention starts to shift back towards the maps in front of her. Veresch is dismissed with a friendly little 'shoo, shoo' motion. Tuli is going to turn her attention to getting the Igen part of this project done, so she can take some time tomorrow to play Southern explorer. After all - what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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