Hannah, K'ane, Lendai


Lendai drags Hannah to Igen, Hannah flees and K'ane makes a proposition.


It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.
It is the fifty-second day of Winter and 44 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.
To the southeast, you see two people.
Above, you see a bronze dragon.
On the perch are Sovereign and Cherub.
Gold Dhiammarath and gold Talicanitath are here.
Lendai is here.
Obvious exits:
Pens Central Bowl Lake Standing Stones

-- On Pern --
It is 9:56 AM where you are.
It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the fifty-second day of Winter and 44 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.
In Southern:
It is the fifty-second day of Summer and 89 degrees. It is sunny and bright. White fluffy clouds drift lazily across the china blue sky.

Midmorning at Igen Weyr and bloody cold. At least in comparison to the tropical Southern where the intrepid travelers have just came from. Emerging from between is Southern Weyr's very own Senior Weyrwoman, the golden pair landing daintily on the white sandy shores of Igen's lake. Lendai takes her dear sweet time unbuckling from her beast, her arms shackled around her torso as she tries to keep in some warmth. "Crackdust! I thought this bloody place as a desert?" She hisses out, teeth chattering as slides down Talicanitath's side and snuggles deeper into her own riding gear. Won't be taking this off. Her gloves are fiddled with some, ensuring they stay on her hands and cover the most amount of skin. Talicanitath simply scoffs, stretching her wings a moment before laying the gilded pair against her back. "Yes, yes, I realize High Reaches was colder than this, but it's been turns since then." Pissy Lendai is pissy.

The warmth of thick riding leathers is a boon that Hannah rejoices in, the onxy leather shining in the light Rukbat's morning rays. The emerald green, mingled in with the onyx, catches the light as well; the effect highlights the junior's pale coloring to a rather pleasing effect. Her dismount takes a little longer, sliding down the jeweled depths of Dhiammarath's pale, pale hide to land with a little thud as the last of her gold's straps stop a little short of the actual ground. "Igen is a desert," Hannah points out cheerily, "and it's winter here. I, for one, am glad to get out of the baking jungle sun." Seriously, they're all getting fried down there. What gives? "Thread has messed up our weather patterns, I think, making it hotter than a volcano — I miss the High Reaches snow." Is that a sappy sigh? Yes, that's a sappy sigh. Glancing about, the junior chafes her hands together before settling an intense, emerald green gaze upon her senior. Now what?

"And you call yourself an Istan goldrider." Lendai tsks, shaking her head as she watches her junior dismount before moving over by her. "Then again, you hailed from 'Reaches orginally too. All the same," the senior gives a shiver, wrinkling her nose. "It's not right, cold without snow. I quite like our heat and humidity in Southern. More the reason to wear less clothes and scandalize all those riders. You know what you and I need to do? Get new bikinis! We can get Bailey one as well. And we can all lay out, sunbathing. I heard there is this weaver who makes the most… well. They are very revealing. Like a little triangle riiiight here," is Lendai motioning to her junk? She totally is. "And nothing but a string into your butt! Probably itches like crazy, but I bet they could put gems into the string! It… it'd be like bedazzling your booty! Can you imagine the fashion statement? We'd be the most fashion forward goldriders around! And we can get a top to match! Triangles over the nipples, gems on the strings!" Lendai is, obviously, really getting into this idea, her hands now flailing around and the coldness of Igen's weather forgotten for a brief moment. "Shards! I should've been a weaver instead of a goldrider!"

Midmorning PT! It must mean that K'ane was a slacker and slept in this morning. The bronzerider comes around the path from the central bowl, his stride an even clip, ground-covering and effortless even though each thudding footfall can be heard distinctly. Maybe his military cadence falters just a bit at the sight of two familiar oldtimer golds very different than the two usually spotted around Igen. He pulls up hard (hahahaha GO FIGURE) behind the two goldriders, breathing hard (NO REALLY) and with a chuff of husky laughter to his voice (come on he has been RUNNING give the man a BREAK). "Don't let Lendai ever become a fashion advisor," he pants at Hannah. He's shirtless in this insanely cold weather, of COURSE. And sweaty. He doesn't seem phased by it. (Well the man has done PT in subzero High Reaches winters, so maybe that's it.) "What th' shell are y'all doin' out this-a-ways?" It's like a greeting, but more demanding.

"Bailey usually doesn't wear bikinis, but it's so hot on the sands that she made an exception." Hannah's little smile turns up the corners of her mouth wickedly at the thought of Bailey in her own bikini. "I don't think I ever want gems on my bikini, especially not a bikini with a string strung through my crack." This junior is an oldtimer, but even she has limits. "That just sounds painful." Still the crafty little smile only widens, "Although I am totally up for a more revealing suit." Someone likes to torment Th'seus (and anyone else who happens to lay eyes on her). K'ane's HEAVY BREATHING is noted first, though Dhiammarath totally gives him away with the soft warble that emits from shimmery throat. "K'ane." Excitement lights up her eyes, her smile brightens, and a happiness steals across her features. For the bronzerider? Faranth no. Pivoting, it's the bronze that steals the soft glow of happiness from the tiny goldrider as a greeting spills forth. "Awww Dhioth. Who's my favorite bronze ever? Come over here for some scritches." That's right. She totally just did that. K'ane? Eyeballed? Before that look shifts to Lendai. "Visiting." Innocuous enough, right? Lendai can explain further.

Lendai's eyes narrow just the slightest, "Hannah!" She exclaims, "sometimes, we must suffer for our beauty. We'll just slather on some strong numbweed in your crack beforehand, you won't feel a thing." See? Lendai has solutions. This is why she's the senior. Not just because her dragon got laid before the other two. The heavy breathing that catches Hannah's attention suddenly grabs Lendai's as well, causing the woman to turn around sharply and then take a step backwards as she spies K'ane. An eyebrow arches at the junior weyrwoman's attentions on Dhioth, but she's shrugging that off to look over the bronzerider. "Old age catching up to you, K'ane? Not the young buck from when I searched you all those turns ago. Four hundred and thirty-some turns, isn't it?" Not like she should talk. Ohgawdsoold. "We're here for numerous reasons! I got a letter from Aikari," here her eyes narrow dangerously. "complaining of bullying from some mean older girls. Thought I'd come and scare them away from her." Fighting her child's battle? YOU BET YOUR ASS SHE IS. "As well as wanting to see my wittle Tuli-kins! I forced Hannah to come with."

K'ane shoots Dhiammarath a wry look for the giveaway, and then a sweeping bow, Holder-styled. He knows who the real lady of this little quartet is. Dhioth is shadowing him, but even the bronze pauses for THAT call, considering Hannah for a long moment - maybe he's wondering if she's been INFECTED by Lendai - before relenting because this is Hannah and she can get away with it. He curls his neck around the goldrider and angles his eyeridges just SO. Speaking of Lendai, K'ane has the most dubious expression for the mother of his child. "If I'm old, you're one ancient bitch, then, huh?" His voice is so cheerful. "You're, what, forty now?" His eyes drop to her boobs and then back to the goldrider's face. "The only people bein' bullied are Aikari's victims. You mess with any of th' nannies on her account an' I will straight-up drop her off with Renalde." HI HANNAH, WELCOME to the FAMILY FEUD! He doesn't, naturally, comment on 'Tuli-kins'.

Nothing but spoiling love for Dhioth — and when the bronze does 'come here', because let's face it that's the only way Hannah's gonna get to him unless she goes for a talon, he's rewarded with the best attention a dragon can ever hope to give. And certainly better than what ol' K'ane gives. She whispers something to the bronze dragon before half-turning to quirk a brow at Lendai and K'ane. "You two should be nice. It's too fine of a," she eyes the sky, "winter's day to be arguing." Does she comment on the state of affairs with the senior's and bronzerider's child? Faranth no! That's a hot poker she's got no interest in. "How is Aikari doing?" It's okay to ask about her health, right? "Elicheritath should be getting fairly egg-heavy by now. It's been too long since I've seen Tuli." The junior conveniently hides her expression from both Lendai and K'ane by turning attention to Dhioth. The dragon would get the eyefull of Hannah's 'not-quite-innocent-intentions.'

"Getting there," Lendai comments, her face pained by her age. "I like to think my juniors keep me young, but…" With K'ane's look to her chest, the Weyrwoman is hefting her bossom to give them a little more perky appearance. Happy enough with the outcome, the lady stops fondling herself. At least surrounded by fellow Oldtimers, no one will cry foul, right? Right. "Tsk! Not Aikari. She's a sweetheart to all!" AHAHAHAHAHA. "Surely the nannies are simply jealous of her pristine breeding. A fabulous, handsome bronzerider as her father, myself," PREEN. "as her mother? Who wouldn't be envious." Lendai smiles charmingly at K'ane. "I'll be doing as I see fit to ensure my daughter is in good hands. I understand you do not have the time to care for her what with Thread, however, she has two parents, even if my time is precious." Her nose wrinkles a moment. "Renalde would do wonders with her! He's such a darling man. Best Headman I've seen in ages." Try a different threat, this one isn't working. Eyes are rolled in Hannah's direction, "You sure Dhioth is yours and not hers? Never seen another dragon so… affectionate towards a different rider." But then again, Hannah is special. Lendai waves her hand at the younger woman, "This isn't arguing with us. Not even close. See? We're being nice." It's more like foreplay.

You overhear Hannah mutter, "Children. They … … children. But … … good boy, … you? … … … … are … … … … … … and … … … … on … planet." to Dhioth.

Tomorrow's gossip: Southern's Weyrwoman was at Igen, FLASHING HER BREASTS INDECENTLY. "Aikari is as sweet as a baby tunnelsnake," K'ane darkly comments. "An' her breedin' could be better. A bastard son of Paradise and the daughter of a one-eyed weyrlingmaster for parents?" He shoots her a LOOK. Quick, someone get him some rose-colored glasses! Dhioth leans into Hannah's scratching, and doesn't even mind when she baby-talks him. Because SCRATCHES ARE LOVE, and LOVE IS JUSTICE. Maybe he twines his neck a little further around to put some bodily shield between the teeny-tiny goldrider and the bonehead pair. The male part of that has a TEETH-WIELDING SMILE for Lendai: "An' if I don't have time, with Thread, then you ain't got no time. Hey. Lendai. Y'wanna have another kid? I was thinkin' the other day how fuckin' unfair it is that Aikari is just like you. I want a re-do." The worst part is that he sounds serious. Dead. Serious.

Hannah is grateful to spend the lion's share of her attention on the bronze dragon, because it's Dhioth. And Dhioth needs to be pampered and loved since K'ane's obviously not doing it. "Muh-huh," the goldrider shoots back to the pair of them from behind her lovely, beautiful bronze shield. Dhiammarath's slow, hunkering sprawl in the sand gives a hint to her own innate, zen-like bordom that aids in the half-lidded, partial sun-soaking doze. "Oh Faranth," the soft, soft chuckle that escapes Hannah's lips is just loud enough for Dhioth but not loud enough for either other rider. Though the hunch to her shoulders and the sudden, vigorous attention to the bronze might give her away. Though she calls out to her senior, definitely giving some away. "You should take it. It would, at least, be a good roll in the hay." Is she helping? Hindering? Going to be blasted by her senior's wrath?

"You just don't understand women." Lendai scoffs, disbeliving the words said against her daughter. She bristles somewhat, arms going around her torso once more, though more in irritation than the cold weather. "When you say it like that, yes, it sounds less than desirable. You must give more emphasis to the good aspects of her blood, K'ane! Otherwise, how else will we get her married off to a Lord Holder's heir?" That's right, Lendai has PLANS for her only child. K'ane's words have the goldrider floundering for a moment, choking back on anything else she was about to say. "Didn't you just have a son from Teya?" A soft twinge in her words, hurt, perhaps? Disbelief? Who knows. Perhaps K'ane was ONLY ever allowed to father Lendai's children. Not ALL THE WOMEN IN PERN'S. He should've gotten that memo. "I… don't joke about such a thing, bronzerider. Thread is falling, sporadically at that! Now is not a time to bring a child into the world. Plus," Lendai is taking steps towards Hannah now, hoping to use the smaller goldrider as a shield. "my juniors have need of me. However," the goldrider stops, looking intently at Hannah… before shifting her gaze to K'ane. "The two of your would make an adorable child! You should! I'll watch to make sure you do it right." Kinky.

Dhioth is going to be a little blissful bastion against the obvious and imminent NUCLEAR CRAZINESS about to go down on the other side of his neck. K'ane, smirking: "I understand women jus' fine, thanks." He may just jaw-drop a little at her AMBITIONS for their DAUGHTER. "Wh.. I… are you SERIOUS. Aikari ain't a damn broodmare t' be traded away to some hamfisted Nowtimer Holder!" His voice is, for once, unstrung with astonishment and adamant refusal. And then he's batting aside her words. "I ain't talkin' about Teya. I'm talkin' about you 'n me, Lendai." His blue eyes are FOCUSED on her. Isn't his bare chest all DISTRACTING? Dhioth's blocking Hannah out of the way, so it means that K'ane can just invade Lendai's space with a few ground-covering strides, still INTENT on this TASK. "I ain't talkin' about Hannah, either." His voice has gone a little softer than before. "I ain't talkin' about nothin' but you and I, Lendai. Do I look like I'm jokin'?"

Startled, Hannah's hand stops the work she was doing to massage that gleaming, shining hide of light and dark. "What? Lendai. No." The junior's pale brows raise, mouth hangs open just a little bit, before she gives a slightly uncomfortable laugh. "I am not — going around sleeping with anyone except my," weyrmate? "— Th'seus." JUST IN CASE her senior needed a reminder. Although, who wouldn't sneak a look at K'ane to see how the bronzerider's reacting? "Not to mention, you are not watching anything, Lendai." This goldrider is not an exhibitionist (except maybe when proddy), but the statement is muttered against Dhioth's bronze hide. A grateful look is cast up to the bronze for his shield. And from there, Hannah is going to spend some good, quality time with the bronze. Dhioth is OBVIOUSLY ferrying her off to Karl Strauss. Away from the nuclear meltdown.

Oh Hannah. YOU TRAITOR. "Just pretend he is your weyrmate then! Both are hunky, right?" Lendai suggests, eyebrows waggling with mirth before things suddenly get very, very serious. K'ane approaches and the usually strong-minded goldrider simply wilts. "I… I… you really cannot be serious, K'ane. You can barely stand me, let alone want another child from me?" Her nose wrinkles and the woman attempts to regather her wits with a flick of her shortened locks. "Plus, I'm old! Having babies is a young woman's sport. I've had my one, now isn't the time for another, nor do I have the energy… plus how fat I'd get. Have you any idea how much I had to run to get my body back to normal after Aikari?" The future prospects for their daughter are put on hold for now, though surely a conversation for another time. "You picked a damned bizarre time to proposition me, bronzerider. I… I…" Speechless, in Lendai's own way. "Why do you want another?"

Dhioth is busy over here preoccupying Hannah away from that conversation. BAD CONVERSATION, BAD, he just wants scritches. She's not allowed to sleep with K'ane anyhow (or maybe it's the other way around): it's not something Dhioth would allow on any grounds. Come on. He's not going to get his scratchings fucked around with. SRS. BSNS. K'ane is great at ignoring his lifemate (and Hannah and that whole situation), instead focusing on his proposition, his eyes settled unswervingly upon Lendai. "Y'think I'm hunky?" It's a little bashful, maybe, unusually soft for the bronzerider's voice. "I never got t'know you as th' mother of my child, Lendai. I never got t' feel Aikari kick th' shit out of your stomach," lopsided smile, here, "Or bring you goat cheese 'n redfruit juice 'cause that's th' only thing you could stand eating. You're lovely. I want t' do it right. I want t'do you right." HUBBA HUBBA.

Dhiammarath> Lendai is beyond flustered, her cheeks raging pink (to match her leathers) as any attempt to be in control is ZOOOOM out the window. "We're riders, K'ane!" Still, she tries, though lame her reasons might be. "Of course you didn't, you don't! There's Thread! And you're at Igen, I'm at Southern. You'll be killed! And then what? Then what?!" Her ramblings do not even make sense to herself, so the goldrider looks to her dragon, who is also a giant lump of no help. "I can't, not… not right now. Not with so much riding on our shoulders and Southern needs every rider, even the golds." As of yet, there's been no ban on her fighting Thread at least. Lendai gulps quite noticeably, grasping at straws and only having them shatter in her fingertips. "You just want to beat out Il'ad on having more kids," it's a weak laugh, a stupid joke. "You've, what? Four now? Jedi's twins, Aikari, Teya's boy." A humorless laugh. "We'd need to plan it, y'know. Perfectly. At a time when Talicanitath isn't needed. When she's brooding over a clutch or just before a flight, since if you caught," the words 'Weyrleader' do not even need to be stated here. "K'ane." She's deadly serious. "I got so very, very fat."

Dhiammarath> K'ane isn't scared. He isn't pushed off by Lendai's grasping-of-straws EITHER. "'Course we're riders, Lendai. That don't mean we ain't people." The big bronzerider lifts one hand to nudge under her chin, a terribly affectionate gesture, "Il'ad? Who's that again?" A lame joke for a lame joke, woman! He brushes off the question of all his other children with a half-smile, crooked at the corners. "It's easy t' time it. An' you'd have me t' help, unlike th' last time." The last time that he didn't even KNOW ABOUT. Sadface. "I don't care if you get fat, Lendai. You'll still be just as beautiful as y' always are."

Dhiammarath> It's the affectionate gestures that does Lendai in. The defeat in her eyes shines through, how easily she was to convince. Curse a woman desperate for some small amount of acceptance! "Okay. Okay. We've got a bit, I believe, before Talicanitath goes up. It might get… dicy, depending who wins, so I'll need to do some figuring out with cycles and a rough estimate about when she'll go up next. She's become rather regular, though almost early this past time." Lendai worries her lower lip, already wracking her mind with how this will be made to work. "We tell no one, you hear? No one! I'll not have any questions of my authority or dedication to my Weyr come into play. Southern comes first, always and forever. We'll need a nanny, a good one, to take over. The one I used for Aikari quit her job right after I gave the child over to your care." Fancy that. There might be some heavy beathing of Lendai's own now. Hyperventilating, mild freaking out, stress? All that and more. "We'll talk more. I'll… I'll stay in touch. Let you know when we start, y'know, doing things." A few frantic steps away from the bronzerider now, Hannah no longer here to balance out the chaotic emotions flowing through the woman. Her throat is cleared. Talicanitath stands near, eyes whirling slowly, blue, though just a hint of red twinged. Good thing? Bad thing? It's anyone's guess the gold's feelings on this matter. She's quiet for now. "I can't believe I'm agreeing to this!"

Dhiammarath> Maybe there is the faintest fleetingest surprise that flickers through K'ane's eyes; maybe he didn't expect it to entirely work, despite him OWNING his confidence. Well, then. SHE'S AGREED TO IT NOW! He invades her space one last time before she backs up, raising a hand to tuck a strand of hair behind an ear. "It'll be fine, Lendai," he comments in a low voice before dropping a kiss to the top of her forehead and backing up to give her space. "Just let me know." He has a quick grin, a knavish thing, before he takes a dancing step back; "I'd better get back t' my run." Now that he's gone all COLD. He salutes Talicanitath and then without a word turns back to his invisible running-path, breathing a little less hard than before.

Dhiammarath> Lendai can only nod, words truly eluding her now. Forgetting about her reasons for being at Igen Weyr, forgetting about Hannah, even forgetting about her own darn dragon, the goldrider simply stands on the lakeshore a while. Disgesting what exactly just happened and what she just agreed to. It takes a bit, but reality snaps to and Lendai does eventually go back to her original mission at the desert Weyr.

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