Hannah, Th'seus


A private moment where the lives of two people change irrevocably.


It is sunset of the first day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Ebon Askavi, Southern Weyr

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Ebon Askavi

The weyr is forbidding, done in dark colors with heavy wooden furniture. Careful cleaning has left the wooden furniture gleaming, the living area is blocked off to the side by dark mahogany screens in lacquered panels depicting delicate scenes of color flowers and brightly plumed avians and felines hidden at the base, ready to pounce upon the unsuspecting wildlife. A round table sits off to the side, nearest to the small hearth that keeps the weyr warm. Behind the screens, heavy couches are arrayed in such a way that guests are made welcome, though not comfortable enough to remain for too long. The sleeping area can be glimpsed through the shallow dip that leads into Dhiammarath's area. The walls maintain the color of dark volcanic rock, striated in marbled grey. Overall, the living area is comfortable, but heavy and a touch foreboding.

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It is sunset of the first day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
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It is the sixty-first day of Autumn and 84 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.
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It is the sixty-first day of Spring and 84 degrees. A passing storm thunders overhead. Lightning flashes and thunder booms.

As clouds gathered overhead in the middle of the night, where the shadows are at their longest and the darkness its deepest, the onset of labor began. Given the awkwardness of Hannah's bulk in the recent month at least, nights have been spent almost exclusively in her ground-accessible weyr and thus when the time came it was relatively easy for Th'seus to fetch a healer all the while Hannah kept telling him she was fine and that he should not be walking on his knee. It was probably nothing. The night elapses in a haze where details are sketchy but for the fact that the bronzerider was kicked out of the birthing room and left to his own devices. As Rukbat slowly ascends the morning skies, and that first hint of blush touches the navy blue of dawn, the day is heralded in by a single, loud cry that's quickly cut off. A senior journeyman healer finally emerges to tell the bronzerider that he's allowed into the weyr. Details? Details he does not give!

Like plenty of men before him, Th'seus gets kicked out. There were definitely some loud protests over that decision, but ultimately he leaves. Instead, the bronzerider paces around the bowl and then back up the steps to Hannah's ledge. Then back again. Then back to the ledge. Vossuth waits patiently nearby, keeping him company in this even if he thinks it's a lot of noise. When the journeyman finally decides to call him back in, it can't come soon enough. Still with a limp, he nearly knocks the crafter over on his way back into the weyr. "Hannah? Hannah!" The first comes out as a question, the second more confirmation as he spots his weyrmate and hopefully their healthy baby.

Hannah is absolutely tucked in bed, hair damp around her temples and exhaustion writ upon her features. The moment she spies Th'seus, the goldrider relaxes and even manages a sweet smile. Luckily, he probably (or he might have) heard her yelling things she'd be better off forgetting whilst in the throws of labor. However, their baby is, indeed, healthy although what Th'seus's glimpses at first is the blush-pink glimpse of the head and the toes of a tiny foot that's escaped the mound of soft blankets used for swaddling. "Th'seus. Next time you get to do this," husky voice is rough, but teasing, "Come, come. Meet your son." The glow that suffuses cheeks makes even her tiredness overtaken by the joy of the moment. The bed is wide and large enough to fit him without jostling her too much, so with a free hand she does pat the mattress.

Don't worry, Th'seus will forget or at least not mention again for several turns some of those things he heard. He's at least smart enough to know this isn't the time to be a wise ass. Of course, that's probably not even a thought in his head at this point. He sits down tentatively on the edge of the bed, careful not to cause it to rock and irritate her likely sore body. His expression is one of awe and definitely a touch of fear. He leans forward, bracing his arm on the other side of her as he gets his first glimpse of their son. The bronzerider clears his throat roughly, mouth working at first without saying anything. "It's a boy." He repeats, confirming it over again in his mind before reaching over and brushing some of the swaddling cloth away. Lips parted he lightly touches the top of the baby's head.

All downy softness and small, tiny body. "I swore he was Dhiammarath's size on his way out, but the healers promise me he weighed a good six pounds and some change," Hannah's voice is husky, low and full of pride. The glassy sheen to her eyes is due, in part, to the overflow of emotion as well as watching Th'seus's reaction. The smile she was wearing before only gets bigger as she also brings the blanket away to reveal perfect little legs and feet. "Etheran." Their name they decided on if they had a boy. The baby does usual newborn baby things: sleep, with the occasional movement of an arm or leg. "Are you happy?" It's a mark of vulnerability that touches in the depths of tired green eyes as she asks a question she feels she knows the answer to but still needs to hear it anyway.

"It sounded like he was Dhiammarath's size on the way out." Th'seus agrees, lifting his face to give her a small, playful smile. It's tempered by the tenderness of the moment, just a gentle tease that isn't meant to sting. "I feel like I could fit him in my hands." He muses outloud in a hushed voice, comparing the size of his one hand to the baby's tiny body. The bronzerider appears quite taken when she puts his feet and legs on display, carefully he brushes his finger against Etheran's small delicate feet. "I'm very happy." He confirms for Hannah, sounding as if his voice is constricting with emotion. But he's a man, so instead of bawling he clears his throat and leans across the bed to kiss her on the forehead as he chokes it back. In quiet admission, "I love him already."

Hannah's pale lashes flutter close as she leans into the kiss, tension easing as she offers a sweet smile. Opening her eyes, she very carefully holds out the sleeping boy after re-wrapping the baby's swaddling. "I bet you could, but he'll be very protected by those very same hands." Her breath catches as she shares the moment, "I do too. As soon as I saw him — no before. It feels weird to have him out. I'm so used to feeling him inside me."

Th'seus stares at blankly at the baby being held out in front of him, hesitance before he takes that tiny bundle into his hands. He's very, very careful with him as if he were fragile china cup. He swallows again, emotions carefully kept in check as a smile begins to bloom on his face. One that's filled with a level of infinite pride for their son. "He's real." Not that he wasn't before, but for him their child has likely been more abstract thought than solid matter until just this moment. "I think that's natural. To feel that way." He decides after moment, for the weirdness of Etheran no longer being inside but out.

"He is," Hannah assures him, watching as Etheran inhales deeply before yawning as the cooler air of transfer stirs the baby. She watches Th'seus's face as he takes the child, her own hands hovering slightly, unconsciously before dropping into her lap. "I'm sure it is." As to the feeling being natural. "He's got a good set of lungs on him, if you hadn't noticed." Settling back into the pillows that do a good job of keeping her propped up. "He takes after his daddy," she states, convinced. Of course, he is more baby-shaped than anything else, it's hard to tell who he looks most like except that he's, well, baby-shaped. A sprinkling of dark hair dots the top of his head when the blanket falls away, but he's mostly bald.

It's probably not a bad idea to hover at least a little, Th'seus does seem nervous. It's a look that's at once endearing but also a little unnerving, it's not a side of him that's often seen by the public at large. "I could hear him outside." He confirms, his smile full of pride already as he stares down at the slumbering baby. "You think so?" There's something earnest to his voice, like a little kid. It's a reaction that he tries to school into one more masculine. With yet another clearing of his throat, "I mean, yeah. He does. Look at his hair." Except for the part where he's mostly. The baby is indeed baby shaped. With a default baby face. Since he's a baby.

"I do," Hannah confirms, biting back a gleeful, if tired, smile. "It's dark, like yours. It'll grow in." Hopefully. Luckily he's no Benjamin Button. That would be creepy. The goldrider takes in all of his reactions, drinking in every single moment. "I'm sure you could hear me," she laughs, wincing only a little when she shifts. The nervous mama does hold her arms out for the baby, who sleeps through everything. Definitely a Th'seus-spawn. "I have it on good authority, bronzerider," husky voice is teasing, "That you've got some time on your hands when you're not caring for that knee. I think that means you can be with us the rest of the night without interruption."

"I hope so. It's too early for him to go bald already." Th'seus jokes lightly, catching his breath when she holds her arms out again. He nods quickly in a 'right, right' kind of way before handing the baby gently back over to her. Of course she'd want her child back again already. At her observation of his free time, he grins broadly. "Even if I didn't have time, I would make time to be sleeping here in this weyr with you." He reaches out to cup her face, gently stroking her cheek. "You're beautiful right now." Even if her hair is messy and she's kind of sweaty from the whole experience, that's apparently not what he's looking at. "Tell me what you need? I'll get it for you. Are you hungry, thirsty?"

Just barely a candlemark old, Hannah's not quite ready to let Etheran too far from her arms just yet. Once the baby's settled in her arms, she leans into his hands and smiles sweetly. "I love you. I love our son. And tonight I want us to rest here together." At least until she has to learn how to breastfeed and all that, but that's messy and would jitter this sweet moment. "I just need you. And some ice water, but mostly you. And a nap, but you." Dry laughter follows; a woman in the throws of pleasant exhaustion. Tomorrow, she'll hate life, but for now she's riding the high of those epic endorphins and all that mama-love. Lacing her fingers through his, she tugs him closer. "Just us."

"Whatever you want." Th'seus assures her, the kind of smile that's only displayed by a man deeply in love with both his woman and his child plastered on his face. He gives her fingers a gentle squeeze before he begins to untangle them, carefully shifting to move his weight off of the bed but not disturb them. "I'll get your ice water. Then I'm staying right here for the rest of the night." Even through the messy part of the breastfeeding, maybe he'll be helpful! But probably not. At least he can sit there and look more baffled by how it all works than Hannah. Etheran is given another gentle brush to the top of his head, a parting farewell for the temporary seperation while he leaves to get water.

The rest of the day and night (Hannah has her times mixed up) is passed in the wonder of new parenthood, shared by Hannah and Th'seus. It's a moment that's kept between them, whether it's the messy part of breastfeeding, the frustration when it doesn't work right the first time or the second, or the changing of Etheran's first diaper that leads into the second and third. The ups and downs are shared. The wonder never fading, even though sleep will come in fits. The baby's lungs are, indeed, very good for he'll bellow his cries of dissatisfaction until he's fed or changed or held. Yet, for all these details, the night is held in contentment. Everyone is healthy, and that's all anyone can really ask for.
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